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Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat

Nmeplad Cork Yoga Mat

Aura Cork Yoga Mat – The most comfortable yoga mat ever made.

This non-slip and double-sided cork mat gets more traction when it absorbs moisture. It allows more comfort, support, and safety during yoga practice and workout activities. This item is worth considering for yogis searching for portable, sturdy mats manufactured using toxic-free materials.

Whats more, it features a natural thick rubber backing so users can enjoy better stability and performance. It provides sufficient body support to sustain stability during pose transitions. Its wide, long, and unique style makes it roomy enough to move smoothly while practicing and working out.

This cork mat is one of the most preferred options because its ideal for all yoga styles. On the flip side, it is not as lightweight as other options out there. Luckily, its not that inconvenient to carry around since it comes with a yoga belt and shoulder strap.


Budget Pick: Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

If youre on a tight budget, then they dont come much cheaper than the Gaiam cork yoga mat. If youre just dipping your toes into the world of hot yoga, this is a good price for beginners.

Its 5mm thick although not as well cushioned as the others which isnt great for sore knees and being a cork mat means you cant regularly fold it over as with other yoga mat materials. However, its excellent for standing poses as its very firm.

Some people have problems with it not staying flat on the ground after being rolled up. So if youre looking for something to carry around, this probably isnt the one.

The mat is made from natural cork with a TPE base. Dont be confused by their use of rubber in the description as TPE is a synthetic rubber and not a sustainable rubber like the SNKUG and Yoga by Body mats.

Like all cork yoga mats, it is anti-microbial so it doesnt need cleaning all the time. The last thing you want to do after a yoga session is to spend time wiping it down.

The biggest downside to this mat is its size. At 173 x 61cm its the shortest length so its best for people around 52 or shorter .

Final Thoughts On The Gaim Performance Cork Yoga Mat

Image Hello! Heres a domestic, non-travel post because Im adjusting back to Austin! Since purchasing a cork pad, Ive had requests for analysis or general questions. So youre going, mates! I never used a cork yoga mat before buying it, but I attended a great Queer Yoga meeting in Austin and the teacher said they loved their cork mat. After a few years using Lululemons The Mat,

Gaiam makes a cork yoga mat with a beautiful mandala pattern thats my mats price and thickness. So if design is important to you, I can only hope this mat has the same grip, weight, and ~features that Im reviewing. It must be fresh because Gaiam has no feedback. I think Im stretching for things because Im generally pleased with how this mat works.

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Are Cork Yoga Mats Slippery

Youre more likely to slip on a cork mat if you dont add a bit of moisture to it. This is why some yogis utilize a spray bottle to solve this problem.

Most yogis practicing hot yoga consider cork mats ideal for their sessions because they become grippier when they sweat out.

The gist here is that dry mats and dry hands are not ideal when using cork mats. Slippage is more likely to happen if you dont moisten things slightly.

Top 5 Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

Cheap Yoloha Cork Aura Yoga Mat  72 x 26  6mm thick ...

If youre still contemplating whether to get a cork yoga mat or not, then let us convince you with these benefits.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

One of the reasons why many yogis are switching to cork yoga mats is that its eco-friendly. The cork is 100% renewable and naturally harvested from barks of old trees. No bark is misused during the manufacturing process and any residue is used for fuel.

Excellent Grip

Cork yoga mats are known for their superior non-slip grip. They get grippier even when you sweat making them ideal for hot yoga practice. Say goodbye to extra towels.


Unlike PVC and wood, cork has a soft feel that yields to your every action. This makes this type of mat comfortable for long hours of use.


Corks feature natural antibacterial properties that makes the mat easy to clean. It prevents bad smells and bacteria to proliferate in your mat. You no longer have to utilize harsh chemicals to clean the surface.


Cork yoga mats contain no latex or other harmful chemicals that you usually find in PVC mats. This makes the mat safe for your health, especially your sensitive skin.

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Cork Yoga Mat By Yoloha

Its easy to write a review about something when youre really excited about it. In this particular case its the Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat.

Its refreshing to see a company actually live up its claims of being eco-friendly and sustainable. Just because a company might call its product earth friendly, it doesnt always mean it actually is. Thankfully, Yoloha Yoga is making a cork yoga mat that is environmentally friendly and of exceptional quality.

The Yoloha cork yoga mat contains no PVCs or harmful chemicals. Thats not only better for the environment, its better for our bodies. The mats are made in the U.S.A., and lo and behold, in case youre wondering, yes, they are also quite comfy for your practice.

What I noticed immediately is that even in their packaging Yoloha used no wasteful shipping materials. Theres no plastic wrapping and not even any cellophane tape on the box. They keep it simple, as it should be. Of course, when opening the box be very careful. You would not want to slice this beautiful mat.

Yoloha Cork Aura Yoga Mat 72 X 26 6mm Thick Non Slip

  • COMFORTABLE AND SUTAINABLE: We designed the Aura Cork Yoga Mat with comfort and sustainability in mind.
  • WORKS FOR MOST PRACTICES: The Aura offers great comfort and support for most practices.
  • NON-TOXIC: The Aura Cork Yoga Mat features natural properties that make this highly sustainable material very easy to clean.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: The cork used in our yoga products is a 100% renewable and recyclable material that is obtained through one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting methods in the world.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are a small family business that firmly believes and stands by all of our handmade yoga products.

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How Are Cork Yoga Mats Made

Cork mats are derived from the outer bark of oak trees. Cork mats are considered sustainable because the bark grows back when you strip it to make mats. Manufacturers clean, treat and dry the bark to make it appropriate for the production process.

Cork mat manufacturers also utilize recyclable rubber materials that serve as the base of the mat. Meanwhile, they use plant-based inks when adorning cork mats to ensure that they are free from any chemicals.

Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat Review | SUP Yoga | Best in Hot Yoga Mats

This Mandala-designed cork mat gets grippier the more you sweat. It features a sustainable and renewable cork top layer. Its easy to clean and does not require high maintenance. You can clean it using mild soap and water and then hang or lay it flat to dry naturally.

Featuring a springy ride build, it can serve as a cushion that safeguards the joints. Likewise, this yoga mat is dependable in enabling yogis to have complete support and remain stable while practicing yoga. Its non-slip, convenient to carry around, and features a symmetrical design that provides guides for alignment.

Its a perfect mat that is ideal to use for home, gym, and yoga studios. On the downside, expect to encounter a slightly strong smell when you get this mat out of the box. Fortunately, the unpleasant smell disappears over time with proper use and care.


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Should I Get A Cork Yoga Mat

Yes, there are many reasons why you should consider a cork yoga mat over a typical foam or rubber mat, for example:

  • They retain traction when wet due to the compound suberin in cork.
  • Cork is naturally antibacterial and resistant to mold and mildew which means they do not need cleaning as often.
  • Doesnt absorb odors no need to worry about having a smelly mat and putting off other people in your class. Cork doesnt absorb odors and retains that woody smell.

See my dedicated article for a full list of the pros and cons of a cork yoga mat.

REMEMBER! A cork mat will become more grippy as you sweat, when you first begin a session, wet your hands a little to get some grip. Alternatively, do a little warm-up and your hands will get a little sweaty to help with grip.

Yoloha Native Cork Yoga Mat

The Native Cork Yoga Mat is made of 1.5-mm thick cork and rubber, which provides a non-slip surface, whether wet or dry.

The bottom surface is 3.5mm thick non-toxic foam which offers good comfort. Native, like the Aura version, is available in two sizes: 72" x 26" and 80" x 26".

This mat is 5mm thick, making it thinner than the Aura version. Its somewhat heavier at 4 lbs, but its still light for its size. There is a faint odour, but you wont detect it until you press your nose right up to the carpet.

If you prefer basic patterns, you'll appreciate the Native cork yoga mat's lack of bright colours. It is simple to clean because it dries quickly.

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Top 5 Best Cork Yoga Mats Ultimate 2022 Buying Guide

Have you heard about the best cork yoga mat? A sturdy cork yoga mat helps prevent slippage and is made with sustainable, odor-resistant, and antimicrobial materials. To avoid falling, tripping, and struggling while executing a specific pose, you may consider investing in one.

Unlike other mats, cork yoga mats are eco-friendly options, easy to clean and require low maintenance. When you sweat more while practicing yoga, a cork yoga mat helps you maintain balance and traction. Since this mat does not contain any chemicals, its ideal for environmentally-conscious shoppers.

However, more and more manufacturers offer cork yoga mats nowadays, so choosing the best option can be tricky. Dont worry we have some helpful buying guides that wed like to share with you below.

Continue reading the rest of this post to learn more about the advantages and versatility of cork yoga mats.


Our Analysis And Test Results

Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat Review

The Yoloha Native Yoga Mat wins the Editors Choice Award, as it offers up exceptional performance in all of our metrics, and is the most versatile of the bunch. We’re firm believers that the best yoga mat is one you don’t think about during practice and holds steady with any pose you throw at it. Cork is a natural cleaning agent, and for that reason, it was easy to maintain. It also doesn’t have a rubbery smell and has no break-in period. Quality was maintained throughout testing, and wet and dry traction was unmatched.

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Masdery Cork Yoga Mat Non Slip Naturel Rubber 72x 24 Body Line High Elasticity 4mm Thick Yoga Mat Upgraded Wear Resistant With Strap Eco Friendly Floor Exercises Portable Hot Yoga Pilates

  • Highest Quality Natural Cork -Masdery Cork Yoga Mat Is Made Of Eco-Friendly Organic Cork And Pure Natural Rubbernon-Slip And Odor-Less.
  • Extra Protection -The 72X 24Inch It Is Bigger Than Other Yoga Mat On The Market. The 4 Mm Thickness Shock-Absorbent Natural Rubber Layer Provides Maximum Support Empowering The Average Yoga Enthusiast To Pull Off Complex Yoga Positions Without Fear Of Injury Or Strain.
  • Most Powerful Non-Slip -Throw Away The Ugly Yoga Towelsour Yoga Mat Surface Can Absorb Water And Sweatin Addition To Superior Anti-Slip Performance.
  • Best Choice -This Durable Yoga Mat Is Designed To Withstand A Variety Of Fitness Exercises Such As Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Hatha Bikram Hot Yoga Pilates Barre Etc.
  • Sincere Service-We Send You A Upgraded Wear Resistant Carry Strapwith It You Can Take Your Yoga Mat Wherever You Go.

Spri Hanging Exercise Mat

  • HANGING EXERCISE MAT: Fitness mats are perfect for low-impact exercise, core training, and stretching for group fitness glasses in gyms and clubs when finished, mats easily store on the SPRI Wall-Mounted Hanging Exercise Mat Rack.
  • HIGH QUALITY FITNESS & EXERCISE MATS: Dense, high-quality closed-cell foam mats are built to a professional grade quality and designed for commercial gyms and clubs to be used 100 times a day versus 100 times a year in a home gym.
  • MAINTAINS SHAPE: Exercise mats will maintain their shape and lay flat on the floor whether you hang, stack, or roll them after use.
  • REINFORCED HANGING HOLES: Plastic grommets are rustproof and wont bend or deform when stepped on, and are reinforced to protect and prevent mat from tearing.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: Available in a variety of lengths and thickness to accommodate partial or full-body activities, and for all body types .
  • Dense, high-quality closed-cell foam mats
  • Maintain their shape and stay flat on the floor
  • Reinforced plastic grommets are rustproof and wont bend or deform when stepped on
  • Available in a variety of widths and lengths

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Benefits Of A Cork Yoga Mat Eco

In recent years, yoga has exploded in popularity to encourage physical and mental well-being. This yoga craze created a whole yoga gear industry, including yoga mats, yoga pants, and yoga socks. With increased emphasis on eco-friendly fabrics, manufacturers raced to make yoga mats more sustainable.

Consumers are no longer limited to non-renewable PVC or vinyl mats, they now have more sustainable alternatives including cotton, jute and cork. If youve never heard of a cork yoga mat, weve developed this guide to give you all the knowledge about this eco-friendly material to keep your feet planted and bacteria-free during your workout. We have included a few suggestions, including this Gurus cork yoga mat made to last.

Semper Sanus Large Cork Yoga Mat

Discover Cork Yoga Mats | Handmade by Yoloha Yoga

This long and wide cork yoga mat is spacious enough for tall men and women. Its designed with self-cleaning quality, so its not tedious to care for and maintain. Its skin-friendly and unrolls incredibly flat, so it doesnt bunch up.

Additionally, this durable Pilates and yoga mat is durable for strenuous activities and ensures a superior grip. In the same way, it features real natural, anti-skid, and eco-friendly rubber backing, so users remain safe and stable.

As a result, youre worry-free executing more challenging yoga poses and intensive workouts. This ultra-flexible, strong, and thick cork mat can be a great partner in yoga and other workout sessions.

Be that as it may, this mat is a little heavier to carry around. So, users might need a belt or bag to carry it more conveniently.


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Best For Classes: Shakti Warrior

Unlike most of the other brands here that have specialized in cork yoga mats, Shakti Warrior have a large range of different types of mat including this cork one.

At 3mm thick, it is an ideal size to choose if you need to regularly transport the mat to classes. However, mats at this thickness car wear more easily than thicker mats with heavy use, so youll have to make the trade-off. Its also reasonably light to carry around at 1.9kg and comes with a handy carry strap included.

Similar to the SNKUG mat above, this one is also made from a combination of natural rubber and cork which makes it fairly sustainable. They have several different designs. Personally, I like the Chakra design, however, there is also a Shivshakti and Samskara design.

Shakti claim that the mat is extra wide, however, this claim doesnt stand up as 61cm is about the minimum youd expect from a cork yoga mat.

Is A Cork Yoga Mat A Better Option

Yes. Cork mats are better options compared to standard mats used for yoga. What makes cork mats more excellent alternatives? Lets check out the following reasons:

  • Cork mats can resist sweat, odor, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Their natural properties make them ideal for impeding the buildup of microorganisms. As a result, they are not exhausting to clean and maintain, unlike regular yoga mats.
  • Cork mats are more environmentally-friendly options since they are toxic-free and made from oak tree bark that regenerates. Manufacturers harvest the bark in a responsible approach that avoids tree-cutting. Hence, theyre sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Its worth noting that harvested trees are excellent at taking in more carbon dioxide five times than non-harvested ones.
  • Cork mats have anti-slip and excellent support features. The cellular framework of cork mats serves as a natural cushion that provides maximum body support while exercising. This material is sleek, comfy, and gentle on your joints.
  • Aside from this, cork mats are sturdy and suitable for arduous yoga sessions and exercises. They also ensure better grip, particularly when you sweat out during yoga or workout sessions. Thus, if excellent traction is what youre searching for, cork mats can ensure you that. To allow the mat to stay in place, consider spraying a bit of water. Not using a towel while exercising or during yoga sessions is perfectly fine because cork mats absorb moisture.

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Best Rubber Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga Mat Review

A lot of big time yoga teachers use Jade mats. This mat has a strong foothold among yogis along with Manduka, though Jade mats are far superior when it comes to grip and traction.

Thanks to the environmentally friendly all natural rubber, Jade yoga mats excel when it comes to non-slip performance.

And Jade knows it.

Jade claims theyre the best slip-resistant yoga mat on the market because of this rubber material.

Aside from being non-slip, Jade also has what it calls compression set resistance, meaning that the mat is really cushy and soft at the same time. This gives it extra comfort for those tricky poses that put a lot of pressure on the knees.

The natural rubber is a renewable resource from rubber trees! Ive never heard of rubber trees, but apparently they exist. As a bonus, for every mat you buy, Jade plants a tree. And all that rubber texture that is exactly perfect to prevent slipping also naturally composts over time, making this an especially eco-friendly yoga mat.

There are no PVC chemicals in this eco-friendly yoga mat. So this mat is not hurting our ozone layer

A Jade mat costs about $80 so not cheap. Its a good investment though as these mats last forever.

Also, when you first unroll the mat, it has a strong rubber smell because, well, its made of rubber. But it fades pretty quickly so its not too bothersome. Just be sure to air it out before heading to a packed yoga class.


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