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Yoga Wheel For Lower Back Pain

Yoga Can Be A Great Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Yoga Wheel For Back Pain | Yoga Wheel Stretches

That’s where this flow of yoga poses comes in. The lower back, or the lumbar region, can be an area that often gets sensitive for most of us at some point in our lives. It allows you to use the wheel as a counterbalance so that you gently fall back. Low back pain is very common, especially as you age.

Is The Dharma Yoga Wheel Worth It

So the real question I had was, Does it work? Is it worth the price tag?

Heres what Ive been able to determine:

It really does help to watch the instructional video. It will teach you how to use the yoga wheel.

While it may appear to be just a plastic wheel that you are holding to make your backbends more accessible or deeper, it has many amazing benefits.

I wondered who on earth would need instructions. I mean, it was obvious how to use it. So I tried it and changed my mind, I realized the value of watching the instructional videos.

I thought that maybe I should watch them. So, I pulled up the Youtube channel and watched. Im really glad that I did.

I learned a plethora of information regarding the wheel and much of the information that I learned I wouldnt have learned anywhere else.

It depicted a variety of poses such as the bridge, the Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana which is a two-footed inverted pose. And an unusual pose called the Kapotasana .

It showed me how to make many of the poses easier and how to get some back support when doing the various poses.

Ive long struggled with this pose. Have I mentioned it as my arch nemesis? So when I saw this wheel, I had to find out more about it. Many use it when theyre doing the Kapotasana.

I waited for my wheel to arrive. I just knew Id be able to do the pose properly with that wheel. Ha! So, when I first used it, it was harder than I had anticipated.

My Chirp Wheel Review To Fix Lower Back Pain

Today I want to share my feedback and review the Chirp wheel.

When it comes to tools for back pain relief, I always recommend you keep it simple. But Ive gotten a few emails asking about what I think of yoga wheels. I decided to use the Chirp wheel for this post, try it for myself, and see how effective it is for back pain relief.

I got the medium 10 inch Chirp WheelI find this to be the perfect size.

I have the 10 inch Chirp Yoga wheel.

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The Best Yoga Wheel: Say Goodbye To Back Achesfor Good

Since the invention of the yoga wheel, it has been assisting both yoga enthusiasts, and average Joes alike to experience rest and relaxation.

Not only has the yoga wheel helped many esteemed and enthusiastic yogis perform hard to do poses and postures, but it has also helped beginners accomplish poses such as backbends and splits.

So if you are new to yoga and you need a little assistance in achieving those ambitious postures, then why not invest in a yoga wheel to get you through the process.

Ultimately, the yoga wheel also doubles as a back massager and helps you unwind after an intense workout.

Ultimately, it really is multifunctional and is worth every penny that you spend on it.

With over a decade of yoga classes under her belt, Janelle teaches at multiple studios throughout the greater Boston area. She acquired a BA in physical therapy to assist people through rehabilitation after accidents and surgeries, and continues to find new and exciting ways to incorporate yoga into everyones lives, regardless of their current physical activity level.

Yoga Wheel Mania: Is The Trendy Prop Really Worth It

The Best Yoga Wheel for Lower Back Pain

The yoga wheel is marketed to offer instant back pain relief, improve posture, bring versatility into the stretch routine, and help build core strength.

Since its creation back in 2014, the star yoga accessory shined its way through the Instagram profiles of celebrity yogis and even earned the title of the hottest workout prop of 2018.

I know what you think.

How can a wobbly plastic circle can be better than classic yoga straps, yoga blocks, and relaxing bolsters?

Im glad youve asked. Because today, I explore the new yoga wheel trend and lay out everything you need to know about yoga wheels:

  • what are the benefits of the yoga wheel
  • are yoga wheels safe
  • how to choose a yoga wheel
  • whats the best yoga wheel on the market
  • is a yoga wheel worth it.

Let’s dive in…

So what is all the hype behind this yoga wheel invention, and how is it unique?

For starters, the yoga wheel can qualify for being the most creative yoga prop ever.

It is pretty straightforward in use a yoga wheel shapes the contours of your body and helps with backbending and lengthening the hard-to-reach areas. Think neck, shoulders, chest, spine, hip flexors, etc.

With a little bit of imagination, you can use the yoga wheel for learning forearm stands, building your core, and even for challenging your meditation practice.

Secondly, the yoga wheel is useful for practitioners of any level.

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Back Roller Wheel Faq

What size yoga wheel should I get?

Each wheel size provides a different pressure. The larger wheels are better for beginners as they help ease into the stretch without overstretching tight muscles. The smaller ones are better for deep tissue and muscles that need extra pressure and for posture correction while you sit.

Can you crack your back using a yoga wheel?

Rolling on the yoga wheel and massaging the muscles around your spine can definitely help you crack your back. You may also feel your vertebrae pop back into place . This will be a good sign that your spine is flexible and getting movement.

Can you use a yoga wheel for neck pain?

Yes, you can use a small yoga wheel to roll over your neck muscles, massage, and stretch them while decompressing your cervical spine. The Excellent Chirp Wheel comes in 3 sizes, and the smallest one is perfect for neck pain release.

Whats your experience with back stretch wheels? Share with us in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,

The Back Pain Relief Products Team

Natures Integrity The Best Yoga Wheel On The Market

Featuring extra thick foam padding and a whopping 650 lb weight capacity, the Natures Integrity Yoga Wheel gets our top choice for the best yoga wheel in 2020. Whether youre looking to improve your yoga practice, stretch tight muscles, or reduce back pain, the yoga wheel from Natures Integrity can do it all.

Here are some of the ways that customers use this product:

  • Master new and challenging yoga poses, including backbends and inversions
  • Reduce back pain and muscle tension
  • Improve flexibility and stretching

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Massages Your Body & Relieves Back And Neck Pain

The easiest way to use the yoga wheel is to relieve all the kinks in the neck and back by gently rolling out your spine from the top to the tailbone. Thanks to its width, a yoga wheel goes directly between the shoulder blades the area which is impossible to reach with other massaging props.

Just 10 minutes a day of the back massage will help you alleviate tight shoulders, back or neck pain and reverse the hours of sitting and hunching over your desk.

You can use your yoga wheel for the legs massage as well. Similarly to a traditional foam roller, a yoga wheel can help your sore and tight muscles by increasing blood flow and speeding up recovery.

I personally think that when compared to foam rollers, the yoga wheel takes the upper hand. Its more durable than foam rollers, which tend to lose shape with use, and provides a full-body warm-up before the workout.

A fair warning.

Do not expect a miracle relaxation during your first use. Like with the massage, ironing out those tight knots in your neck and spine may feel uncomfortable and slightly painful. If flexibility is not your strong point, you might want to add some additional props to ease into a backbend and get more support, e.g., a yoga blanket or yoga block.

Squats And Lower Back Pain

Yoga Wheel for Back Pain – Stretches, Strengthening & Back Massage with a Yoga Wheel

If you are just starting your fitness journey, you may not be aware of how certain exercise routines impact the body.

Squatting, in particular, provides whole-body benefits. The exercise targets upper and lower torso and back muscles that are used in a variety of everyday activities, such as:

  • Walking.
  • Other athletic performances.

Ultimately, they can be especially beneficial in helping enhance and maintain a healthy body.

Each of the core muscles, along with the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves benefit.

When squatting, your lower back, however, is required to carry the majority of the weight.

Exercising these muscles has been proven to be beneficial and is a staple in most exercise routines.

Some individuals, such as myself, expected some discomfort and soreness after squatting. A painful lower back, however, is a relatively common side effect of squatting.

Often, it stems from weakened lower back muscles, prior injury, incorrect form, or even something as simple as ill-fitting shoes.

For most people, lower back pain often is the result of traditional soreness that we all expect.

If you are attempting to strengthen your muscles and are not progressing through weight loads too quickly, youre not likely to be injuring yourself.

Frequent squatting can often lead to chronic soreness when you primarily target the muscles in your lower back.

This way, you can continue to exercise and develop your lower back muscles.

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What Sizeyoga Wheel Should I Get

When choosing a yoga wheel, aside from the look and feel of the wheel, size is something you need to consider.

Yoga wheels are available in a few sizes ranges starting from 6 to 15 inches wide and about 5 to 7 inches in width.

Larger wheels provide more support, and inevitably, 12 inches is probably the most suitable and comfortable size for many people.

Yoga wheels are available in three different sizes. This is small, medium, and large.

The largest wheel that you will find is approximately 12 to 13 inches in height and around 5 inches in width.

This really is appropriate for deep back poses that require backbends and are perfect for both beginner and professional yogis and meditators.

The medium-sized yoga wheel is slightly smaller than the large and it ranges at about 10 inches in height and the same width as a large wheel.

They are perfect for more petite individuals who are learning to do deep backbends.

This is perfect if youre new to backbends, as it will make the process easier.

Small yoga wheels are approximately 6 inches wide and anywhere between 5 to 6 inches in height.

Perhaps one of the best purposes of the small wheel is to roll out sore muscles and help with balancing and stretching poses.

Small wheels can also be placed under the back of your thigh when youre doing lunges and can also offer front support in cobra when youre doing backbends.

Yoga Wheel Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain

For a lot of Americans the most favorite time of traveling and vacation. Most of us spend a good deal of time in cars, traveling, commuting, chauffeuring kids around, doing errands, or if were lucky, heading out to an adventure spot.

Take a moment and think about your posture? How do you sit, how do you drive? Do you round your back?

Round-backed bending is ubiquitous in modern urban culture. It damages the back. Recognizing this, many health advocates recommend bending at the knees. Done to excess or with poor form, this damages the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Surprisingly, poor bending form abounds even in fitness and wellness classes.

An insistence on touching the toes can be counterproductive and result in damage.

People sometimes equate being able to touch the toes with flexibility. An imprecise and insistent pursuit of this kind of flexibility causes disc damage, hyper-extended spinal ligaments, and a lot of pain. Lets examine dos and donts in bending more closely.

2. Maintain the shape of your back when bendingThe spine carries precious cargo – like all the nerves and nerve roots that exit between the vertebrae – and these are threatened by major distortions of the spine.In activities other than bending, some movement around a healthy baseline is healthy and desirable. Such movement stimulates circulation and helps maintain healthy spinal tissues.

How to bend forward healthy?

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How To Use A Yoga Wheel: 4 Easy Poses For Beginners

There are hundreds of poses to try with a yoga wheel.

Here are four beginner-friendly poses to get you started.

Build strength, improve balance & increase flexibility with this ultimate guide to using a yoga wheel that includes 33 awesome yoga wheel exercises for beginners and veterans alike. Try them today!

Urbnfit Yoga Wheel And Strap Set

Overcome Back Pain with a Yoga Wheel

Summary: The URBN Fit Yoga Wheel is a sweat-resistant, non-toxic yoga wheel with a 12-inch diameter. It is made with durable, anti-flex PVC and supports weight up to 550 pounds. This yoga wheel also comes with a 6-foot yoga strap which helps assist you in hard-to-reach poses.

Pros:The URBN Fit Yoga Wheek is durable, great quality, and the strap is helpful for stretches.

Cons: This yoga wheel is only offered in one size.

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Cons Of A Foam Roller

Using a foam roller is not unlike giving yourself a deep tissue massage.

Usually, someone else works the knots out of your back, and sometimes it hurts. With a foam roller, you can control your focus on the massage and hold back when it hurts.

Always take care when youre rolling on your back its easy to injure yourself, especially if youre already hurt in the first place.

For best results, roll the tube parallel to your spine slowly. Trying to push horizontally causes you to arch your back, putting unnecessary strain on it.

Its also a good idea to talk to your doctor or physical therapist before starting a rolling foam routine.

Although rollers can help with sore muscles, they do come with drawbacks:

  • Too much pressure can hurt
  • The benefits take a while to appear
  • Improper use can lead to an injury

What Is A Yoga Wheel

Yoga, traditionally speaking, consists of flexibility and core toning exercises. It consists of stretching muscles including the muscles in the lower back in a gentle and accessible way.

If youve ever attended a yoga class, you know multiple yoga propers are available for use during your practice.

These fitness accessories help both new and experienced yogis in deepening their stretches and supporting them during poses.

A relatively new piece of fitness equipment, the yoga wheel is excellent for providing deep and fulfilling back stretches.

There are a variety of poses professionals recommend for individuals who use it in their practice.

Typically these wheels are approximately 12 inches in diameter and are made from a variety of materials.

Most traditionally, yoga wheels are composed of wood or plastic. The design allows them to be malleable while also providing support for stretches.

Walls of the yoga wheel are often relatively thin to provide maximum stretching benefits. However, the wheel itself will likely be wide to ensure adequate support while you use it.

Since this piece of fitness equipment was created a few years ago, there have been plenty of ways to use it.

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Ways To Use A Yoga Wheel

Kristin McGee is a certified personal trainer and currently teaches yoga and meditation for Peloton. She is also certified in Pilates and by the National Association of Sports Medicine.

If you’ve ever graced the inside of a yoga studio, you’re probably familiar with yoga props such as mats, straps, and blocks. What you may not have heard of, though, is the yoga wheel.

This relative newcomer to the world of yoga practices is a cylinder made of plastic, wood, or a combination of materials that’s roughly 12 inches in diameter. Set upright, it’s used to deepen stretches to enhance flexibility, offer a more challenging balance practice, or provide support for difficult poses.

Once you’ve mastered the yoga wheel’s use, it can make for some pretty incredible Instagram photos, too.

The trick is understanding how to incorporate a yoga wheel into your practice in a safe and effective way. Rather than attempting a King Dancer Pose while standing with one foot on top the wobbly cylinder, you should start with poses that keep you grounded while testing the limits of your personal yoga practice.

Creators of the Yoga Design Lab yoga wheel offer the following poses that are appropriate for most beginner- to intermediate-level yogis.

What Is A Foam Roller

Why We Would NOT BUY a Yoga Wheel For Back Pain. Physical Therapist Opinion.

A foam roller is just what it sounds like: a cylindrical tool made of foam.

Self-myofascial release is the fancy term for a rollers function, which is a self-massage to relax tight muscles.

Applying pressure to points on your body allows you to assist your muscles in the recovery process.

Normal muscle function means you can do everyday activities at a reasonable speed and perform an action spontaneously without pain.

Professional athletes rely on this technique all the time, so we know theres something to it!

Foam rolling also works well as part of your warm-up and cooldown routines, even when you havent injured your muscles.

A small study followed eight physically active men who performed 20 minutes of foam rolling after their normal exercise routine.

This study shows evidence that rolling can reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.

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