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Yoga Training For Mental Health Professionals

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy: 50hr Training + Practicum

30 Minute Relaxing Yoga For Mental Health | All Levels – Slow Seated Flow

Alex Bauermeister Join a cohort of amazing individuals to study Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy in this engaging online training. Youll learn the defining elements, benefits, and applications of yoga therapy, and gather tools that you can immediately apply to your work and life. Details and registration here.

The Art & Science Of Yoga Therapy

Joseph LePageWhether you are a student on the path to becoming a yoga therapist or a yoga therapist already working with clients, this course will integrate and deepen your understanding of the Yoga therapy process, models and methodologies needed to help empower clients and be successful in the profession.

Based on Joseph Le Pages experience of over three decades in the field, this course will cover essential areas of Yoga therapy including: Yoga Sutras as a Foundation of Yoga Therapy The Twenty-five essential qualities of a Yoga Therapist Developing multi-week programs for individual clients Developing multi-week programs for therapeutic groups Pranayama and Mudras and Yoga Therapy for depression and anxiety.

Commited To Your Life

CAMH supports highly skilled professionals who embrace a commitment to continuous learning and to sharing and applying new knowledge. Our continuing education programs are designed to build capacity for mental health care across the entire health-care system. Armed with our specialized tools and knowledge, you can stay on the leading edge of prevention and treatment and, together, we can help deliver better outcomes to patients and their families everywhere.

CAMHs continuing mental health education courses and events offer family physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health-care providers award-winning interprofessional mental health education through live and online interactive lectures, small group discussions, case reviews and conferences. Courses and events are accredited for family physicians and psychiatrists by the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.CAMH also offers a wide range of online and classroom courses aimed at professionals in all health-related disciplines, including community-based professionals such as police officers, firefighters, teachers, armed forces personnel and counsellors. These courses provides the specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to better handle on-the-job situations involving people with mental health

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Build Cognitive Emotional And Physical Resiliency

Join us 10/15/21 10/17/21 for a two-part evidence-based curriculum for Frontline and Mental Health Professionals, facilitated by Lillian Lennox LMHC C-iRest ERYT 500 of LifeBreath Trainings.

Program begins at 2:00PM 10/15/21 and ends at 2:30PM 10/17/21.All Necessary COVID-19 Safety Requirements & Precautions will be Observed.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket is for Yoga and iRest Meditation Immersion Training for for Mental Health, Frontline and First Responder Professionals. The price of the ticket includes 4 vegetarian meals. This ticket excludes lodging expenses at Milldale Farm Center for Wellness. If you need accommodation, you may book directly through Milldale Farm: Or, explore off-campus accommodation options HERE.

  • 1st CURRICULUM To acquire skills / resources to increase resilience and protect against compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout and post trauma injury in the workplace and in daily life
  • 2nd CURRICULUM For Mental Health and Frontline Professionals to increase knowledge and skills to bring meditation, breath practices, the Polyvagal Theory and cognition balancing based resources to their clients in clinical settings in a safe, effective and relevant way
2-Part evidence-based curriculum for Mental Health and Frontline Professionals offered byLifeBreath
LifeBreath is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for specialized traditions and CAM-based, trauma-informed clinicians, instructors and first responders.

Journey To The Centre Of The Soul: 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training With A Focus In Mental Health

Yoga Therapy and Anxiety: A 4 Day Professional Training ...

This yoga teacher training is certified by the Yoga Alliance.

What is yoga? In the Yoga Sutras, Pantajali defines yoga as:

yogascitta vritti nirodhah .

This translates to English as, “Yoga is the restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff”.

It took me several years of teaching yoga to come to the realization that this definition means that yoga was always about mental health – even thousands of years ago. In a simple way: we can be peaceful and happy when we learn to control the mind. We learn to control the mind by practicing and studying yoga. If we don’t learn to control the mind, the mind will control us.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illness is experienced by 19% of U.S. adults. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, approximately 31% of all American adults will experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their life. And the World Health Organization reports that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. The WHO expects depression to be the biggest health problem on earth by 2030.

Everyone has mental health. Everyone experiences emotional imbalances from time to time. And In 2014, the Society for Neuroscience reported that 60% of Americans feel they are under a great deal of stress at least once per week.

Here’s what I can guarantee:

What You Get:

What You’re Learning:

1. Annamaya Kosha Physical Body

2. Pranamaya Kosha Energy Body

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Module : The Pranamaya Kosha

The second body is the energy body. During the second module, we will begin to understand the breath as a purveyor of energy. We will review subtle body anatomy , and also review respiratory anatomy. We will explore the nervous system and trauma, stress and PTSD. We will look at trauma-informed yoga, as well as inclusivity in yoga. We will study how the breath can be a tool in managing mental health.

The practice of pranayama involves breath control and helps train the mind for meditation. During this unit students will be exposed to pranayama philosophy, foundational pranayama techniques, including Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Khapalabhati, Bhastrika, Agni Sara and Brahmari. Students will explore incorporating pranayama into their teaching and design an asana and pranayama practice with a goal in mind related to mental wellbeing.

Subtle Yoga Trainings For Behavioral Health Professionals

The courses listed below are a unique offering of holistically oriented, mind-body behavioral health care. You are welcome to take any of these modules in any order or individually, except for the Subtle Yoga Teacher Training Certification for Behavioral Health Professionals: Teaching Yoga to Individuals and Groups which begins in September 2020. If you would like to attend this training, you must fulfill the prerequisites listed as 1, 2, 3 and 4 below, before attending 5, which is the completion of the full training. The combined hours of the trainings listed below will qualify participants to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher .

1. Any of the following one day Introductions:

  • Subtle Yoga for Trauma Recovery: A One Day Introduction
  • Subtle Yoga for Chronic Pain or
  • Subtle Yoga for Positive Mental Health: Brief Interventions
  • 2. Applying Subtle Yoga in Clinical Practice

    3. Subtle Yoga for Behavioral Health Intensive: Anxiety and Depression

    4. Subtle Yoga for Behavioral Health Intensive: Trauma, Addiction and Recovery

    5. Subtle Yoga Teacher Training Certification for Behavioral Health Professionals: Teaching Yoga to Individuals and Groups

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    Ali N Haji Ncc Ctp Ryt

    Born in Canada and with roots coming from India, Kenya, and Tanzania, LISPY co-owner and COO Ali Haji brings an international and diverse perspective to everything that he does.

    A former TV and Film producer working for the likes of HBO and Martin Scorseses Sikelia Productions, Ali is a firm believer in allowing ourselves to grow into the person that we authentically are and sees yoga both on and off the mat – as the perfect vehicle through which we can do so.

    A current member of the Lifeologie Institute staff and the leadership team of the LISPY school, Ali works through an LGBTQIA+ affirming lens that ardently speaks to multicultural and feminist perspectives.

    Ali graduated at the top of his class from Northwestern Universitys Family Institute and serves as a member of the Northwestern University Counseling Program Advisory Committee and a member of the Dallas Resource Centers Young Professional Advisory Council.

    Ali is a classical pianist of over 20 years and an avid yogi for over 10. A graduate of the LISPY school, Ali is passionate about bringing the YogaZama mission to the world. Ali lives in Dallas, TX, with his partner, Scott, and basset hound, Louis.

    Financial Policy Cecs & Scholarship Information

    Mental Health, Brain Science, and Yoga


    The total cost of tuition for the certification program is $3,500 USD.

    An initial deposit of $1,500 is due within 2 weeks of your acceptance into the program to secure your spot. The remaining balance may be paid in up to 2 additional installments or all at once prior to August 15th.

    Please note, all payments must be received in USD in order to be processed.

    Continuing Education Credits

    This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers in the United States for 24 continuing education contact hours. Check here to see if your state accepts these credit hours.


    If a candidate withdraws from the certification program prior to June 15th we will issue a full refund.

    After June 15th, we must be able to fill your spot before issuing a refund less a $250 administrative fee. If we cannot fill your spot by August 31st, JRI will retain 50% of the initial deposit.

    There will be no refunds after August 31st however, a candidate may defer to the following year subject to a reinstatement fee. Full details will be provided upon acceptance into the program.Please see the financial policies document for additional detail.

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Scholarship

    Please refer to this document for more detailed information:Purpose, Description, and Requirements

    Please review the general TCTSY program and application information before applying for the DEI.

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    And Lets Not Forget The Importance Of Your Own Health

    BeyondBlues National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students revealed doctors had higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide compared to the general Australian population and any other Australian profession.

    Yes, others lives can depend on you and your skills and judgement but you are human too. More than 1 in 3 medical personnel use a form of exercise to cope with stress .

    Open your mind to a new form of exercise Laughter Yoga for your own physiological and psychological wellbeing.

    Laughter Yoga Australia can arrange and run regular laughter sessions in your clinic, hospital or other health facility. We can train you in the skills to run your own or to incorporate elements of Laughter Yoga as part of a therapeutic approach to better well-being. Contact us.

    Professional Yoga Therapy Studies

    The Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program focuses on offering yoga therapy training for licensed health care professionals. Founder Ginger Garner created the program for licensed health care providers to help bridge the gap between western and eastern medical modalities and further the integration of yoga therapy in a clinical setting.

    The Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program combines yoga therapy with the study of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural medicine, to provide students with the tools necessary to treat and heal patients on a more holistic level. The program incorporates multiple disciplines of yoga and prepares health care professionals to use yoga as therapy for muskuloskeletal, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as a host of other chronic ailments ranging from back pain to anxiety. The aim is to enable health care professionals to draw from both eastern and western medicine to offer their patients a more multi-faceted approach to healing and wellness.

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    Physical Health Series Courses

    Optimal State Physical Health 1: Anatomical Assessment and Therapeutic Planning Course Starts in September each year! Who this is for: P.T.s, O.T.s, Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Nurses that want CEs in area of therapeutic yogaThe purpose of this 100-hour online course is for healthcare providers who want to add holistic yoga and musculoskeletal assessment and therapeutic planning yoga therapy skills to their toolbox.

    Optimal State Physical Health 2: Physical Health & Yoga Case Studies Course Starts in October each year!Who this is for: Yoga Teachers & Yoga Therapists who want CEs in the areas of therapeutic yoga and yoga therapyThe purpose of this 20-hour online training program is to create an opportunity for yoga teachers and yoga therapists to go over physical case studies with an expert in the field of yoga therapy.

    Optimal State Physical Health 3: Physiological Assessment & Therapeutic Planning Course- Starts in March each year!Who this is for:Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists & Ayurvedic PractitionersThe purpose of this 100-hour online training program is to teach the Yoga Teacher or Yoga Therapist to assess the human being on the pranamaya layer .

    Design And Teach Therapeutic Yoga For Groups And Individuals With Specific Needs Or Health Challenges


    The Professional Yoga Therapist Program is a modular training program. As a complete professional program, students are prepared to design and teach therapeutic Yoga for groups and individuals with specific needs or health challenges. Students develop knowledge and understanding of the philosophy, theory, process, and application of Yoga therapy using the Integrative Yoga Therapy model, based on the Five Koshas. Modules 1 and 2 provide the essential foundation for integrating the knowledge and skills required to be a Professional Yoga Therapist.

    Module 3 is a mentored practicum to provide clinical experience as well as personal and professional growth. Modules 48 are advanced courses designed to further your skills in working in complementary settings, integrating Ayurvedic principles, and adapting classical Yoga practices for specific conditions and populations.

    Kripalus 800-Hour Professional Yoga Therapist Program is accredited with IAYT.

    Our accredited yoga therapy training program is in line with the current IAYT Educational Standards.

    Module 6: In-Depth Anatomy of Asana

    This module is a comprehensive exploration of physical asana as it relates to the practice of yoga therapy. With instruction in concepts of motion as well as advanced study of anatomy and physiology, you learn

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    Trauma Informed Yoga Certification Levels 1/2

    Genevieve YellinLEVEL 1 This training is designed to teach Trauma Informed Care practices as they apply to teaching public Yoga classes. Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching requires cognizance of the consequences of trauma and adversity, as well as the potential for Yoga practitioners to re-experience post-trauma symptoms while practicing Yoga. The focus of this training is creating a safe space, prevention of negative responses to Yoga practice in a public setting, recognition of issues and troubleshooting if such an event occurs. Time is also dedicated to an introduction of Interpersonal neurobiology, neuropsychology as it applies to Yoga practices, self-care, and deepening personal practice. Format: In-Person Offered Worldwide. Details, locations & dates of this elective offering.

    Training Setting & Location

    The setting for our training is in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and part of each training day is spent outside in intentional contact with nature when the weather permits. We have access to a private 20+ acres of forest that is directly adjacent to a 2,500 acre state park. Rustic weekend camping is available at a reduced rate for training participants. Our main training site is at Ease Mountain Yoga & Nourishing Arts in Ben Lomond, California, a 10 minute drive from our outdoor classroom. There is a full-service grocery store and a coffee shop within walking distance of the yoga studio. We are located 60-90 minutes from the western & southern San Francisco Bay Area, about 70 minutes from SFO & 60 minutes from the San Jose Airport.

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    Yoga For Grief Relief Professional Training Levels 1/2

    Antonio Sausys

    In the current state of the field of Grief Counseling and Therapy little is dedicated to the body related symptoms of grief and how they can be addressed. The proposed model for a healthy resolution of the grieving process rests on the goal of generating newer, healthier, attachments. While this model offers certain releif to the pain associated with grieving, it also ensures future pain for those objects of new attachment will, inevitably, too dissapear. Yogas phylosophie and practice offers a different relationship to attachment and therefore to resolving suffering its methods and concepts can be applied by any professional, regardless of credo or theoretical work phrame. This training is suitable for Health and Mental Health Care professionals and Yoga Therapists interested in adding Yogic techniques to their existing toolbox. It is also beneficial to those interested in deepening their personal knowledge of how yoga can aid the grieving process. CEUs are available for MFT, ASWB, NBCC and BRN.

    Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program

    Get rid of negativity – Yoga to encourage mental health

    The Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program is designed to help participants gain skills and knowledge to better identify, assess and provide treatment to people with concurrent disorders.

    I have implemented many aspects of my increased knowledge and understanding into my practice. I have found these courses to be a valuable resource to increase services provided to our clients with the confidence that added knowledge and understanding brings.

    Continuing Education Participant

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    Online Yoga Therapy Training

    Accessible from anywhere in the world and led by experts in the field of yoga therapy, discover our online yoga therapy training courses.

    Including everything from in-depth continuing professional development courses to introductory lectures, The Minded Institutes remote yoga training options are designed for both yoga and health professionals. We are dedicated to sharing cutting-edge research and evidence-based techniques in the use of yoga as an adjunct therapy for various physical and mental health conditions, and you can explore our comprehensive range of courses below.

    Train With Leading Figures in Yoga Therapy!

    Our online courses are designed and delivered by experts from across the globe, giving you the unique opportunity learn from and connect with some of yoga therapys most experienced practitioners and researchers. All our yoga training programs are informed by high-level research and held to a world-leading standard.

    Whether you wish to develop your career with a week-long course or simply learn more about a subject that interests you in an afternoon lecture, our online yoga therapy training will help you to widen your skillset and increase your knowledge from your own home.

    Discover Our Remote Yoga Therapy Training Courses


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