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Access To Yoga Material

Online Yoga Teacher Training | Yoga Alliance Certified

A Yoga Alliance certified course opens up doors to more learning for you. The Yoga Alliance certification helps you advance your knowledge of yoga by connecting with other yoga teachers and students from other parts of the world.

You also get access to industry-leading research material including yoga publications that keep you updated about any developments in the field of yoga.

Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

Ever thought to become a yoga teacher? Or, do you wish to go deeper into your yoga practice? Well, weve got you covered! Now you can learn the nitty-gritty of yoga by joining the best Yoga Teacher Training program, keeping your needs and proficiency in mind.

  • YTT course provides you the required skills to become a yoga teacher, under the direction of professional yoga instructors while attending each class.
  • Our yoga teachers are expertly-trained, passionate educators who make yoga learning accessible to one and all.
  • No matter what your yoga level is, youll be assisted by an industry-leading yoga teacher for simplifying your yoga learning process. Each member of our widely-respected team owns uncountable hours of experience, thus youll be headed by and learn from the proficient teachers.
  • Do I Need To Have A Strong Advanced Practice To Take Yoga Trees Teacher Training Program

    We recommend a minimum of six months of practice and you have the desire to teach others and deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga with our experienced faculty.

    You will not be evaluated based on your ability to hold certain postures.

    We believe that all levels of practitioners can benefit from our Teacher Training. Our programs are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery as well as teach yoga.

    All it takes is your willingness to learn and keeping an open mind to allow for growth.

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    Phd Kinesiology With An Emphasis In Exercise Physiology Ryt

    As a child who was raised among athletes, I have always loved playing sports and being physically active. Without hesitation, I studied Exercise Science for my undergraduate degree to gain more knowledge about human movement sciences. Then I went on to earn my Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology from Iowa State University. I have taught many courses in the field of Exercise Science. Throughout my education and career, I primarily focused on physical fitness, but truly felt there was a lack of connection and balance between the physical body and mind.

    Then I started wondering how to heal the distressed body, while also thinking about how to reconnect the body and mind. One of the solutions that I found was the study of yoga. As I started to practice more yoga, my physical body was able to start to connect with my mind, and ultimately, find the balance in between. Since then, I have loved practicing yoga, which lead me to earn the 200-hour San Diego Miramar College Certification of Performance in Yoga and the 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certificate to teach and spread the power of yoga to others.

    Lastly, I love spending time with my husband and our three kids. I love spending time outdoors, on the beach and in the nature in our sunny San Diego. I currently teach yoga activity classes at San Diego Miramar College. I hope you join the great journey of yoga with me and the rest of our program.

    What Styles Will I Be Prepared To Teach With Yoga Trees Yoga Teacher Training

    COURSE FULL: Vinyasa &  Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in ...

    Yoga Trees teacher training philosophy stems from three yoga traditions: Hatha, Asthanga, and Hot Yoga.

    Upon graduating from the program, students will have developed a personal teaching style, and comfort and ability to teach hot and non-heated Hatha-style classes. Hot Yoga training will not be held in a heated room. You will also gain familiarity with other styles such as vinyasa and gentle hatha, where you can choose to expand your knowledge further develop your practice as a yoga teacher.

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    Ms Exercise Physiology Ryt

    Yoga Professor – Christina Cooper

    Christinas passion for health and wellness stems from her days competing in collegiate track and cross country. She learned invaluable lessons after suffering the physical and mental effects of over exercise and following strict training programs. Learning to listen to her body, instead of following a one size fits all approach to fitness, lead her to find her passion for Yoga.

    Her yoga practice helped heal her mind and body, and the effects filtered into all aspects of her life. She was so inspired by the positive impact that yoga had on her wellbeing she decided to become an instructor. Christina completed her 200-hour certification in 2010 through Core Power Yoga, and has taught there ever since. In 2020 Christina completed her 300 Hour certification through Prana Yoga.

    Recognized as a senior Yoga instructor in the San Diego community, she is passionate about sharing the mind body connection, relaxation and inner peace which a balanced exercise routine can foster. Christina holds a B.S. in Kinesiology Public Health from California State University San Marcos and a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from San Diego State University.

    She is excited to share her knowledge in helping to create a balanced and sustainable yoga class for all fitness levels as well as her understanding of stress management and injury prevention.

    What Subjects Are Covered And In What Detail

    All the Yoga Alliance Registered Schools must have asana, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, pranayama, and meditation. However, every school covers it differently. Not every human is the same and their body types are different. Universal alignment of asana doesnt work on everyone. The Program must cover all possible alignments of each asana. The Program should be covering 8 Limbs of Yoga, Mudras, Mantras, Different Types of Breathing, Different Types of Yoga, all the major Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Chakras. Anatomy and Physiology should be covering Respiratory System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Digestive System, Cardiovascular System, and Endocrine System. Beyond all of these, there must be enough practice sessions for you to practice.

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    Best Yoga Teachers Training Program

    Deepen your yoga experience, increase your knowledge of yoga, and boost your inspiration by joining one of the best yoga teacher training programs in India. YTT is a foundation course based on the various aspects of Hatha Yoga. Moreover, the course aims to help students in developing a well-balanced approach to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Whether your objective is to teach yoga or simply discover new depths in your yoga practice, the YTT course will make you prepare for the journey.

    YTT provided here is more than just learning various yoga poses, instead is a lifetime experience. If you are all set to explore new depths of yoga practice, begin enduring connections and discover matchless opportunities for personal growth, our transformative YTT programs will motivate you to reveal the essential layers of yoga while finding the deepest layers of yourself.

    Live Positive Life! Share Positive Vibes

    We are a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, offering the best yoga teacher training program for 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours. We believe that performing yoga on a regular basis helps in greatly enhancing ones physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our school aims to spread Yoga Love to people from various walks of life worldwide! Master your yoga skills by joining YTT in India now! Get started to live a positive life and share positive vibes!

    Who We Are

    Start your yoga journey here!

    Highlights of Yoga Teachers Training in India

    Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It And Should I Do It

    200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training | Yoga Alliance Certified | Tulum 2022

    In this Covid-19 climate, online yoga teacher training is a safe way for you to get your YTT certification. The bonus is that it costs much less than it normally would. Good teacher training has made it possible to get the abundance of knowledge and insight you need. Youll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, with full support and opportunities to connect with yoga masters through Zoom.

    There is no better time to bring yoga teacher training into your living room. The quality of online yoga education and communication has improved a lot.

    No doubt, you will be missing the live adjustments from a teacher, but you might still form valuable friendships during your training. If you are disciplined, you can get world-class yoga training that works around your schedule and at a much lower cost.

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    How Do I Know If I’m Ready

    We recommend a minimum of six months of practice and you have the desire to teach others and deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga with our experienced faculty. We believe that all levels of practitioners can benefit from our Teacher Training. Our programs are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery as well as teach yoga. All it takes is your willingness to learn and keeping an open mind to allow for growth

    What Are The Yoga Teacher Certificate Requirements

    • Online programs are required to have a blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching .
    • Learning takes place according to the students pace.
    • At least 50% of the total hours must be taught by the lead trainer regardless of format.
    • Lead Trainer Maximum: A maximum of 5 LT per training.
    • Competency assessment: Must clearly describe methods of testing trainees competency in synchronous and asynchronous spaces.

    For detailed updated Yoga Alliance Standards for Online Yoga Teacher Training .

    When we started offering yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training courses back in 2013, we didnt think it would turn into Online Yoga Teacher Training. For those who have dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher, online is the best resource.

    Prior to Covid-19, it wasnt possible to get YTT certification Online through Yoga Alliance.

    Now you can get the same Yoga Alliance Registration with your Online Teacher Training, which you would receive on in-person training. This provision is up to , for Yoga Certifications to be completed online. They have given Online Teaching Exemption to existing RYS for the existing approved Program which was running onsite. Everything remains the same including the teacher certificate.

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    The More You Are Able To Hear


    Live Your Passion

    Our online yoga teacher training is curated to teach you all you need to know to become a certified yoga teacher & start leading your own classes.

    Get Started Today

    With a few simple clicks, youll be ready to begin your online yoga teacher training. You’ll gain unlimited access to a resources, videos & curriculum to help you begin your journey

    Community Support

    Enjoy access to our Facebook group with students, teachers & graduates from all over the globe.

    Study at Your Own Pace

    Our yoga teacher training program is online & self-paced. Work from the comfort of your home & at a pace that works for you.

    Your Success is Our Success

    We got you! Our faculty is dedicated to helping your throughout your yoga journey. Our support is just a click away, 24/7.

    Learn On Demand

    Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. It’s that simple.

    Affordable Payment Plans

    Accessible & affordable payment options are available to everyone. No student will be turned away if they show a desire to learn.

    The Kaivalya Yoga Method

    200 Hours Yoga Alliance

    This Online Yoga Teacher Training Course is run by Allana Kaivalya, Ph.D. who is the founder of this school and practicing and teaching yoga for the last 20 years. She had studied with many great teachers from the USA, India, Bali, and Europe.

    This is Yoga Alliance approved course and upon graduating from The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online certification program youll be able to register with the Yoga Alliance if you have completed your course before 31st December 2021. Here is what you will get:

    • Lifetime access to the course content.
    • Other than 200-Hour, 300, and 500-Hour options also available for higher education.
    • Optimization of your growth with accountability and assessments.
    • Individualized feedback from elite mentors.
    • Private Facebook group with 24/7 support and additional live content.
    • Certification upon completion and lifetime registry with TKYM
    • Duration: You will get 6 months to complete certification for the 200 and 300-hour programs, and 12 months for the 500-hour program
    • Cost: $397 when paid in full. $462 with installment payments of $77 for 6 months.
    • Yoga technique: Vinyasa

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    Do I Need To Register With Yoga Alliance To Teach Yoga

    You dont have to register but its recommended if youre looking to teach. You will be part of a worldwide directory, increasing your visibility. Its $115 for the first year and then $65 annually to extend it every year thereafter. At Siddhi Yoga, we have our own yoga teachers directory where you can register for free.

    Dual Ms Exercise Physiology And Nutritional Science E

    Yoga Professor – Sofie Blicher

    My first memorable experience with yoga was when I travelled to Goa, India in 2007. I instantly was drawn to the body and mind connection that yoga provides and as I returned to Denmark , I continued my journey with yoga. I evolved my understanding on the holistic human view as I completed my Bachelors in Psychomotor Therapy and Relaxation.

    My whole life, I have always been very physically active, horseback riding, sports, and competitive swimming, and I managed to make it my living sharing the passion for movement as I became a fitness instructor, and have been enjoying motivating people for the last decade. Fitness and exercise became such a passion of mine that I decide to expand my knowledge and completed my dual masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science at San Diego State University.

    All through my time as a fitness instructor and student, yoga was always with me. As yoga was always my sacred space for a physical challenge and increased body awareness, I decided to share that joy with others, and I completed my 200 hours Yoga Alliance certificate. I am eager to help others become physically stronger with a deeper understanding of their body and mind connection.

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    Watch A Complimentary Class By Each Teacher

    Sienna Caron

    Thank you for this program. The teachers are so inspiring. I enjoyed so many elements, and learned so much about holistic elements of yoga.

    I felt ready to teach and I am grateful for all your support. The community you have built is wonderful.

    I continue to stay in touch with the teachers and my peers when I need them, they are there!

    I hope to take my 300 Hour training soon!

    Natalie Wegenka

    My training forever changed me. I truly couldnt have picked a better program. I loved how it was broken down with the different teachers. Together, they were the most amazing role models.

    It taught me discipline and meditation. I am now studying Ayurveda and I wouldve never known about this ancient form of healing if it wasnt for Your Yoga Flow. The asanas are only a quarter of what yoga truly is. Yoga is union. This training truly felt so so special.

    Liz Bendele

    When I began looking for a teacher training in 2014, I slowly developed a list of necessities to find the right one. Your Yoga Flow met every one of them!

    Having discovered this program, my life has forever been changed. I now look at life through a different pair of eyes. What they offer are not just yoga lessons and a certificate saying you can teach, they help us open up our minds, bodies and hearts to another side of living.

    Watch an Actual Practicum Video Exam


    How Much Does Online Ytt Cost

    Yoga Teacher Training Experience Online Certified | YTT | RYT 200 | Yoga Alliance Q& A

    SiddhiYoga Online Yoga Teacher Training courses start from $350.00 USD. This compares to in-person programs where you can expect the cost to be between $1000 to $2000.

    If you are looking for a program that is less than $500 with full flexibility, then selecting a mix of Pre-Recorded videos and Live sessions is the way to go.

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    Yoga Studies And Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

    For those interested in the YTT program, please submit an interest form.

    • PAC 203: Observation & Assistant Instructional Practice
    • PAC 204: Lead Instructional Practice
    Required Academic Course
    • REL 433: Theory and Practice of Modern Yoga
    • PSY 495: Psychology of Meditation
    • REL 432: Yoga and Tantric Traditions
    • REL 434: Spirituality and Ecology: Green Yoga
    • PSY 486: Yoga and Mental Health
    • BI 231: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • BI 241: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
    • REL 435: Yoga Philosophy
    • REL 437: Advanced Yoga Teaching Seminar 1
    • REL 438: Advanced Yoga Teaching Seminar II
    • REL 410: Internship

    What Our Yoga Teacher Training In India Courses Include

    Our Yoga Teacher Training includes traditional teachings with the description of modern yoga practices whereyou assume teaching on the advanced level of Yoga Asanas, Deep Meditation, Chakra Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, and various otheractivities related to yoga.

    • Lessons on history, methodology, and philosophy of yoga
    • Beginner’s and advanced sessions on human anatomy
    • In-depth classes on different yoga bandhas, mudras, chakras, and other yogic concepts
    • Classes on advanced yoga techniques including Yoga Nidra and Meditation
    • Theoretical and practical lessons on different styles of yoga
    • Lessons on how to become the best yoga instructor and get Yoga Alliance certification

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    Yoga Courses Eligibility Criteria And Rules

    Our Yoga school has different levels of yoga courses that help you enhance your knowledge of this sacred art. The primary aim of all these courses is to help you move beyond the physical aspect of yoga and learn about its mental and spiritual aspects.

    However, each of these courses offers varying levels of yoga training to help you move from a beginner to an advanced yoga practitioner. Different yoga courses have their specific eligibility criteria which makes it easier for you to choose the right yoga course and get Yoga Alliance certification.

    200 Hours YTT Course

    For you to join the 200 hour YTT course, all you need to have is motivation and the drive to successfully complete this beginner-level course. Although having a minimum of 6 months of yoga knowledge is required for doing 200 hours YTT but it is not mandatory.

    300 Hours YTT Course

    You become eligible to apply for the intermediate-level 300 hour yoga teacher training course only after completing the beginner-level 200 hours YTT course. The 200 hours YTT course has to be done from a yoga school with a Yoga Alliance certification.

    500 Hour YTT Course

    The 500 hour yoga teacher training course is for both beginner’s as well as those with intermediate-level of yoga practice. Those from the medical field can also join this course to advance their knowledge of yoga and its related concepts.

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