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Yoga Teacher Training Santa Barbara

Are You Ready To Embody The Teachings Of Yoga And Transform Your Life

Santa Barbara Yoga Studio | Power of Your Om – Hot Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Join us for a Yoga Teacher Training designed to awaken the authentic heart of the practice. This is a high-quality dogma-free training with innovative teachers all of whom are dedicated practitioners and thought leaders in their fields.

Our training is truly transformative Youll experience teachings that ask you to examine your perception of yourself, dive deep into your own personal practice and become empowered to teach from a place of skill and authenticity.

Space is limited to ensure individual attention for maximum learning. We encourage you to apply early to reserve your spot. This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.

What You’ll Get When You Join

This training includes:

  • Live training with a team of experts on accessible yoga: 21 hours of live virtual classroom time
  • Video resources: 6 additional hours of required pre-recorded videos
  • Connect with other teachers: 3 hours of study groups
  • Practice teaching: 5 hours teaching practice and reading to incorporate concepts you learn in the training
  • Graduates of the program become certified Accessible Yoga teachers and will receive a digital certificate
  • Connection with a huge network of teachers and practitioners around the world dedicated to sharing this ancient practice with everyone
  • Free six-month membership in Accessible Yogas Ambassador program
  • 35 contact hour CEUs from Yoga Alliance or International Association of Yoga Therapists

Rooted But In The Flow

One of the beautiful and essential cornerstones of the yoga tradition is its ability to be both timeless in its response to the human condition, while also being able to evolve. This practice has always evolved to meet the current needs of the practitioner, and now is no different. We believe that we can honor the roots, the philosophy, cosmology, mythology, the heartfelt teachings of the yoga tradition, while also holding space for what is needed so this practice can continue to meet us where were at.

Intuitive Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Alliance Registered School weaves foundational techniques, history, cosmology and philosophy, subtle body exploration, chakra activation, meditation, pranayama breath work, Ayurvedic self care, self study, and movement rituals with innovative sequencing techniques, modern science, and applied anatomy, bio-mechanics, strength training & myofascial release techniques so that this practice can continue to inspire, challenge, serve and evolve with the modern yogi.

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Yoga Teacher Training In California

California is a top destination for yoga teacher training travels within the USA. From Southern California and Central California beach style locations like Los Angeles, San Diego, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica to Palm Desert towns like Joshua Tree, Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs then up to Northern California in the Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Ramon and further upward into NorCal wine country with locations in Sonoma and Humboldt counties like Santa Rosa, Ukia, Humboldt and more, the state of California is covered from top to bottom with yoga teacher training programs.

Book California yoga teacher training available all year with popular yoga schools like Jennica Joyce Yoga School, Ratna Ling Retreat Center, The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, Shivakali Yoga, 11Exhale Yoga, Retreats-2-Go Yoga School, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, True for You Yoga, Evolation and more. Train in California with Yoga Alliance accredited schools and receive RYT certifications upon completion.

Request more information about California Yoga Teacher Training with more schools, trainings and schedule with pricing and availability.

Request more information about yoga teacher training available in California

Santa Barbara Yoga Teacher Training Faq’s

Santa Barbara 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Are you thinking about doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Santa Barbara? We’ve put together a few FAQ’s to help you make your decision! Its time to take your practice & your teaching to the next level.

Q: What is yoga teacher training? What is the promise of the program?

Yoga teacher training is a hand-on training program designed to leave you ready to lead a power vinyasa yoga class.

You will leave the Power of Your Om Yoga Teacher Training being a natural leader and an effective educator of the principles and practices of the PoYO teaching methodology as a natural expression of who you are. You will have the ability to powerfully and naturally alter what happens in your classroom environments and in all areas of your life, moment to moment, using the tools of physical yoga , meditation and inquiry as a means to positively contribute to the planet and be up to something bigger than ourselves. As a team, we will empower you and anyone willing to push, play, and expand into their fullest potential and to give you access to leave a life- affirming footprint of your own legacy in the world.

Q: Is this teacher training affiliated with an RYS? What sets this program apart from other similar ones?

We are a registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance. Not all schools are registered through yoga alliance, in your search for a school, this quality check can be helpful.

Q: What is the certification that I will be granted once graduated?

Q: What is the style of the training?

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What You Will Get From 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Santa Barbara California

There are some details of what you will be studying during the course. So please read it to get the idea.

  • The foundations of a healthy and in-depth yoga class.
  • How to teach and also provide fundamental hands-on and hands-off corrections.
  • Significant variations in motion ordering, music selection, discussion points, and positions.
  • Contributions from a conventional and varied range of seasoned professors who share their knowledge, vision, and perspective.
  • The distinction between a class that is self-centered and a class that is self-centered.
  • General anatomy: How the system functions effectively, the hurdles it encounters, and the various techniques available to overcome these barriers.
  • Exposure to Yoga literature and philosophy in their natural form and via the thousands of modifications.
  • A look at how practicing yoga relates to life and present social causes.
  • Its time to put your teaching skills to work, create a series, and refine your personality.

For any information on the 200 hour ytt course, you can contact us through our provided number. So make your mind and get yourself register in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Santa BarbaraCalifornia.

The Radiant Passage200hr Onlineyin Yang Yoga Teacher Training


PRICING: $950 USDSELF-PACED YOGA ALLIANCE APPROVED TEACHER TRAININGDuring the course of this fundamental Hatha Yoga-based teacher training, we will be discovering the roots of your inner essence with the emphasis on the holistic approach of a YIN & YANG practice.

Through establishing a foundation, combining a traditional linear practice with non-linear ideology, to awaken the subtle messages within this intelligent bodily system, creating yoga as a way of living in the modern world we live in!PROGRAM INCLUSIONS: 4 Modules: five days of content per module Pre-recorded sessions: Sadhana – Pranayama – Kriyas – Mantra – Mudra – PujaPhilosophy – Teaching Methodology – Posture Clinics Instructional Guidance in Self-Care x2 Weekly Live One-on-One Zoom Calls Final Review & Feedback Live Zoom Call 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate

Learn More:


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What Makes This Program Unique

While most programs ask you to memorize their trademarked set sequences, Intuitive Vinyasa Flow teaches you how to offer from the heart and from your own unique, authentic experience in the flow. You’ll learn Rachel’s signature techniques for open flow sequencing and theming, how to teach from a place of self-inquiry and investigation, and know how to offer your own inspiring, accessible, soulful practices.

This program will teach you how to honor your edge, how to develop your own practice and to trust in your experience so you feel empowered to create your own unique offering.

Due To The Intimate Nature Of This Training Space Is Limited

Yoga Beach Retreat in Santa Barbara at RussaYog Ashram
  • Intuitive Vinyasa Flow Sequencing & Theming

  • Pranayama & Meditation Techniques

  • Intro to Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle Practices

  • Mudra, Mantra & Chanting

  • Cultural Appropriation, Social Justice & Seva

  • Inclusivity & Accessibility in Yoga

  • Trauma Informed Yoga for Stress Management

  • Alignment & Adaptations for Every Body

  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology

  • Business of Yoga & Building Your Brand

  • The Art of Holding Space

Intuitive Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Alliance Registered School weaves foundational techniques, history, cosmology and philosophy, subtle body exploration, chakra activation, meditation, pranayama breath work, Ayurvedic self care, self study, and movement rituals with innovative sequencing techniques, modern science and applied anatomy, bio-mechanics, strength training & myofascial release techniques so that this practice can continue to inspire, challenge, serve and evolve with the modern yogi.

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Soha Starlight 50 Hr / Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets Thai Yoga Massage


  • 5 Thai Yoga Massage Sequences
  • 5 Meditations and how to guide them
  • 5 Virtues

…and an epic team of facilitators!!!Dive into this Universe with us. Learn the Essence of touch, embody your inner beauty with Thai Yoga Asanas for grounding and soul-nourishing, Breath and Shaking Meditation to release all tension from your body, Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra to rest and regenerate, Mandala Vinyasa and Movement as Medicine to activate your spirit, Visualization Meditations to grow into your dreams, and the exquisite experience of Ecstatic Dance that brings freedom and sovereignty to your being!Together with a prayer and ritual for the Elements as a closure of your Human Body recognizing your Earth Body.


Expressions Of Yinthe Holistic Approachunwinding With Carlos Romero50 Hour Yin Yoga Deepening Online Program


Self-Paced | Study Anytime – Anywhere!

PRICING: $555.00 USDDuring the course of this program, we will be unfolding the different Expressions of Yin, across Yin Yoga, Fascia Universe, Functional Approach to the Practice, Somatic Embodiment, Sound Healing Meditation & Yoga Nidra to support the unwinding of mental habits, emotional fluctuations and physical tensions that rest within our bodily systems.

This Yin Deepening Program will be full of embodied practices in relation to Fascia, the Soma and ways to drop our nervous system to the minimum as a doorway for healing.


Online Yoga Teacher Trainingwith Daniela Garza Rios

This Online Yoga Teacher Training with Daniela’s SOHA ELEMENTS consists of 2 parts: Seeds 50hrs and Starlight 50hrs.

You can take both individually or together as 100hrs towards your 300HR Yoga Alliance Certification. If you haven´t completed your 200hrs, these can be taken as Immersions and count as Yoga Alliance Continued Education Hours YACEP.

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Yoga Is For Every Body

Well learn and explore applied anatomy and biomechanics so that well intimately know energetic and physical alignment. In our asana labs and applied alignment workshops, well look at what alignment works best on different bodies and how to offer in a way that supports students listening to their body, and moving from their personal somatic experience.

What makes this program unique is that for every pose you learn, youll also learn how to adapt and offer for different bodies and needs. We do this in a way that takes away any better or less than, any hierarchy in poses, so that this practice is inclusive, accessible and empowering. Learn to teach and offer in a way that will truly meet your students where they are and their current needs.

Sadie Gets You More Health & Fitness Results In Less Timeso More Time For Happy Hour With Your Friends

class schedule  evolation yoga Santa Barbara

Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced flow yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a High Intensity Interval Training fitness style based on more mindful yoga alignment and Western anatomy for safer, stronger results.

Both styles optimize your movement in fun and powerful ways, so every 30 minute practice is like doing 2 hours worth of other classes. Saves you time, money and energy!

Her online subscription Yoga & Fitness studio, has unlimited yoga and fitness classes you can do at homeand its is free to try out for 7 days! No obligation.

Sadie is an Anatomy of Yoga-Certified instructor and is an online leader in at-home course sales, creating high-quality virtual yoga/fitness/teacher tools trainings and courses. Her social media reaches over 1-2 million viewers a month between Facebook, Instagram and more.

She is also the lead singer for the rock n roll band Sadie & The Tribe, and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Meet her at The Fit & Fierce Club, and on and for more great yoga, fitness and real-world inspiration.

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Elements Of Power Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainingw/ Byron De Marse & Paul Teodo

EARLY BIRD: US$3,300 Regular Price: US$3,600Learn to Teach & Embody the Practice of YogaBecome a well-prepared Yoga Alliance 200-hr Yoga teacher, or simply deepen your own personal practice. Train with Byron, Paul & and guest teachers.Dive into all aspects of yoga & instructing. The training includes two nutritious meals during on-site training days, friend connections for a lifetime and 23 days of immersive training in:

  • The Foundation of Vinyasa and Power Yoga Practice
  • Asana, Safe Alignment and Smart Sequencing
  • Energy Awareness, Pranayama and Chakras
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga
  • The Art of Instructing and Presence
  • Building Your Personal Yoga Business
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

About Your Teachers:Byron & Paul have taught thousands of classes at the world-famous Bryan Kest Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, and The Yoga Barn in Bali. Byron has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Paul studied under Yogaworks and was named #1 Yoga Instructor in LA in 2016 by Culture Trip. Their skill is in helping you take your practice to greater heights than ever imagined.


What Should I Expect

This program is a progressive immersion into the heart of yoga and this evolutionary practice. Well explore yogas roots through philosophical and historical discussions, workshops introducing us to Ayurveda and the subtle body, how to activate and engage lines of energy, chanting, ceremony, open circle discussions, along with daily practices designed to take you out of your comfort zone and towards an open space of liberation.

We’ll spend each day exploring the full spectrum of what it means to be a yogi: dropping into self-study and inquiry, open dialogues about ethics and how to live your practice, anatomy and alignment labs so you intimately know how to embody the asanas and safely lead others. click here

This was a life-changing program!!! I am so incredibly grateful for this experience led by Rachel. The program pushes us to dive deep into the history of yoga, coming to know what yoga truly is. In-depth, heartfelt, rigorous, intuitive, and soulful. Rachel was encouraging the entire time, supporting us and holding space for us. Rachel is an incredible yoga teacher and still always actively learning herself. She sets a good example of being true to yourself and owning your voice!! 10/10 recommend this program.

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Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga

We believe we have the power within ourselves to live our best life the one our 4 year old self wanted for us and the 90 year old us is proud of. We believe that working it out on the yoga mat in a heated environment with people around us is one of the ways to do it. So here we are to serve you!

All Yoga classes are HOT and taught in an infrared heated studio with passionate teachers who love guiding each student through their own journey of power and discovery.

Our company will not ask for nor share medical information. Please be healthy upon arrival.

This place has impacted my life and the way I view myself and the world.

Have Questions Chat With Us Live

White Lotus Foundation

Don’t miss out on our live online info session and webinar with Jivana Heyman, January 14th, 2022.

Teaching Truly Mixed Level Yoga Classes

Many yoga classes are called Mixed Level or All Levels and yet they may not be accessible to all students. In this FREE mini-workshop, Jivana Heyman will share skills for teaching multiple levels of students at the same time.

Jivana will explore topics such as

  • ways to teach students who are practicing in a chair and on a mat simultaneously
  • creating a rich environment full of learning potential in mixed level classes
  • accessibility and inclusion beyond the buzz words
  • and more!

Jivana will also discuss the curriculum for his upcoming Accessible Yoga Training Online, January 24th-February 7th, 2022. And he’ll give away a copy of his new book, Yoga Revolution: Building a Practice of Courage and Compassion, as well as one free spot in the training!

  • Date: Friday, January 14th, 2022
  • Time: 12pm-1pm Pacific // 3pm-4pm Eastern
  • Location: Live online via Zoom
  • Cost: Free

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Thirteen Weeks Provides Time To Unpack Both The Foundations And More Subtle Aspects Of The Practice

We will meet every other week:

Friday 6:30-8:30pm

Sat & Sun 7-10am & 12:30-4:30pm

for a look at our more detailed 200-hour course timeline.

Tuition is $2,800. Payment plans are available. Please for more information or to inquire about our scholarships.

A completed application and $500 deposit will secure your spot in the program.

Please click on the buy now link to make your deposit:

Lighting The Path200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainingw/ Pete Guinosso

The Lighting the Path Teacher Training program is a life-changing course of study for dedicated yoga students and aspiring teachers.

Pete Guinossos signature 200-hour training prepares you to be an authentic and heart-centered yoga teacher, offering compassionate and accessible vinyasa classes for all levels of students. With a focus on alignment, intention, sequencing, and assisting, LTP graduates leave the training prepared to teach dynamic and accessible vinyasa classes for all levels of students.

Vigorous morning yoga intensives guide you deeper into your own practice and afternoon instructional sessions cover an extensive yoga teacher curriculum, including cueing, sequencing, hands-on assists, working with injuries, demonstration techniques, vocal presence, yoga philosophy and history, the business of yoga, ethics, and anatomy.

Over the course, you will learn how to:

  • Inspire students by teaching from your own hearts wisdom
  • Effectively sequence for, and safely adjust, an all-levels class
  • Incorporate themes and intentions into your teaching and practice
  • Cue and instruct so your students stay present in their practice
  • Feel confident working with common conditions and injuries
  • Create a supportive and caring environment in your classes
  • Be emotionally intelligent and present with your students

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