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Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh Nc

A Message From Midtown Yoga

My Carolina Today / WNCN – blue lotus Yoga for Beginners

Thank you so much considering the MY 200-hour Teacher Training program. This carefully curated program is designed to help you evolve into your best self. It will challenge you, push you past your comfort zone, and support you as you step into your own power. It is our promise that you will walk away from this training with a deeper connection to yourself, your life and purpose, and the true meaning of yoga. We look forward to meeting you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us to have a conversation about your teacher training journey.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

An Introduction to Teaching Restorative Yoga

This program is designed for those who are looking for an immersive introduction to teaching Restorative Yoga.

This two-weekend immersion is designed to offer an Introduction to Teaching Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga is the yoga of Non-Doing. We support the poses with blankets, bolsters and other props to restore balance and ease.

When the body is fully supported, in a soothing and trusting environment, it will eagerly let go, releasing tensions and toxins. Judith Lasatar

We are a very active, highly stimulated culture. While we may sleep, we rarely take time deeply rest. Many of us dont even know how to completely relax. During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited. A few of the measurable results include the reduction of blood pressure and the improvement of immune function, as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, and the reduction of muscle tension and generalized fatigue.

This workshop includes:

  • cooling pranayama: emptying breath, hissing breath, 3-part breath, square breath
  • physiology of stress and relaxation
  • sequencing restorative postures
  • integrating postures with breathwork and guided imagery
  • use of props: bolsters, blankets, blocks, chairs, sandbags, and eyebags
  • creating a restful environment

I Ended The Training Feeling Confident And Empowered In My Abilities As A Teacher But I Also Left With So Much More

Before beginning my teacher training at Midtown Yoga, I had researched many local and international programs in hopes to gain knowledge on the different types and styles of training before committing to MY. I personally had high expectations for whichever teacher training course I would choose, and I can say without a doubt, I know I chose the right training for me.

I am not sure I will be able to say enough kind words about how thankful and appreciative I am for this experience. The time, effort, and energy put into creating this training course were so thorough and thoughtful. The breadth of topics we covered included, anatomy, Sanskrit, asana, assisting, philosophy, history, business, and so much more. But more importantly I feel that I have come home with the experiences, literature, and resources I need to continue to cultivate my personal practice and also, continue learning and growing to become a more experienced yoga teacher, as well as a better version of myself.

I am so humbled and grateful for this experience and the personal growth it has brought into my everyday life.

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Always A Small Group High Quality Training With World Class Tutors And Ongoing Mentor Support

The last two years have changed the way we live life so we are changing the way we train, learn and teach yoga.

This year and next were doing things differently, were still running our very well respected and extremely effective 200 hour foundation yoga teacher training course as well as two other immersion options for you to explore your passion and potential with yoga. Read on for more details about all three offerings this year

Alongside our certified 200 hr programme for teachers we are offering a wonderful immersion into yoga, a five month long course to dive into all the practical, mindfulness, yoga philosophy, anatomy and alignment to really deepen your understanding and practice of this amazing, holistic practice we know helps us to live a more fulfilling life.

For the yoga curious and qualified teachers looking to relinquish their love for the practice and learn new skills, philosophy and sequences were offering a 50 hour immersion over 3 weekends from October, more details below..

The Immersion

Over the two months youll have 50 hours to explore both dynamic and restorative yoga practices including the creative flow state and several forms of meditation.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the deeply restorative practices of Yin yoga & yoga Nidra, the perfect antidote to stressful living. Each module youll be taught breathing practices and learning how to integrate these breath practices into every day life.

  • Yoga flows

Strength Stability & Respect


Introducing 110 Yogas Alignment-Based Core Yoga Vinyasa Training lead by Cristina Max , supported by Rachael Roykovich 200 E-RYT, Mike Vita PT, and Jon Paryz.

This 3-month Training Program offers a fresh take on typical teacher training courses through a comprehensive understanding of yoga as it relates to the way people live and move today. With a variety of pricing options, participants can work toward a full 200-Hour RYT certification or complete individual sessions for credit toward continuing education .

Understand the stigma of stereotypical yoga and get down to the concrete reasons why an alignment-based, core-focused vinyasa practice is valuable to the longevity of your health. Our Training Program includes a one-on-one movement assessment with Mike Vita PT or Jeff Vajay PT, in-depth lectures and practicum on anatomy and biomechanics of quality movement, plus an introduction to typical compensation patterns and how they can be corrected.

Be prepared to dive deep into your body and mind, and how these two relationships can empower your quality of life. Our program is heavily inspired by yoga and evolved for the modern day mover. We invite anyone – not just aspiring yoga teachers – who desires a more active role in managing their physical health to join us.

The way you move & think matters, come see why! This training will inspire:

Functional Strength // Conscious Movement

What sets our Core Vinyasa training apart?

Reputable training with In studio experience

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Are You Interested In Deepening Your Practice A Hopeful Yoga Professional Or A Current Yoga Teacher/fitness Pro Who Wants To Expand Their Offerings And Further Develop Their Knowledge And Training Our New Hybrid Yoga Alliance Certified Pro Power Yoga Teacher Training Is For You

Pro Power Yoga is not your typical yoga teacher training. Our program was intentionally designed to provide students with the highest quality yoga education possible. This is your chance to study with two highly trained and professional yoga teachers in a unique and accessible environment/format. We believe that yoga teacher training takes time.

Our Pro Power Yoga Teacher Training is a well-rounded training that includes anatomy, physiology, sequencings, postures, practical skills for teaching, professional business yoga and personal development, energy & chakra work, meditation, and exposure to yin/restorative yoga practices that promote inward focus and introspection, along with guided coaching exercises for journaling and tapping into awareness!

In all of our trainings we strive to help uncover our layers of misaligned thoughts and beliefs that prevent us from truly connecting with our deepest heart centered desires, yoga inspiration and an in depth understanding of how yoga applies to our own everyday lives.

This hybrid training experience was built around self-discovery, authentic connections, in depth autonomy & biology of yoga, philosophy, alignment techniques, intelligent sequencing and much more. The training experience will be held in Raleigh, NC at Barre Up Raleigh studio.

How To Get There


Please plan to arrive at Seven Springs no later than 1pm on the first day of your training. You can contact Jessi at to book an extra night before or after the course. We will complete our course together after breakfast on the last day of the course. Please be sure you arrange your flight to fly out the the late afternoon on the last day so you don’t have to leave us early!



Enter into your GPS or Google Maps: 120 Sweet Hollow Way, Maryville, TN 37803

BE ALERT! Our address isnt recognized by some systems, and others might send you to another location or to our inaccessible back entrance.

We recommend coming in via Montvale Road, State Route 336. From Maryville, travel 6.5 miles south on Montvale Road, turn left on Old Piney Road . Travel 1.1 mile and take your second left onto Galyon Rd. Travel 4/10 of a mile and you will see a large blue mailbox with 120 Sweet Hollow Way sign on top . Turn left immediately after the blue mailbox onto our gravel driveway and follow the signs to Seven Springs parking. You may drive to your yurt or camping space to unload, and you will then return to park your vehicle in our parking area.

If you get lost, please call +1 268-3913 or +1 441-6761. Verizon Wireless has the best service in this area.


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Become A Yoga Teacher

Serenity, balance, self-acceptance you can provide this for your students, build a community and help them find peace. Learn the skills and gain experience from knowledgeable instructors that will deepen your practice and create the foundation of skills you need to get certified and start guiding others.

Pro Power Yoga Teacher Training Pricing Options

My Carolina Today / WNCN – blue lotus Yoga for Busy Moms

Access to our trainings is very important so we have created 2 tiers and payment plan options to help make Yoga Teacher Training more accessible. We are currently offering Full 200HR Training for those wanting to become Yoga Instructors. We have also created limited space for if you are already a certified yoga instructor training for a discounted cost.

*Early bird discounts are only valid with Option 1 – 200HR Teacher Training Certification

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I Am Not Sure I Will Be Able To Say Enough Kind Words About How Thankful And Appreciative I Am For This Experience

MY Teacher Training is perfect for anyone who is trying to deepen their practice both on and off that mat, as well as share their practice with others through teaching. As a high schooler I was part of a dance studio that was my home away from home. Ever since then I have craved that bond with others…till now.

I found my family away from home and a group of women who love me for all that I am. I laughed, cried, and was vulnerable. At the end of this training, we all found our voice and our passion for yoga on and off the mat deepened.

In Studio Training Weekends + Virtual Training Dates

  • Training Weekend 1 October 21 – 23 2022 – In Studio Training Raleigh NC

  • Training Weekend 2 November 18-20 2022 – In Studio Training Raleigh NC

  • Training Weekend 3 December 16 – 18 2022 – In Studio/Virtual Option Training Raleigh NC

  • Training Weekend 4 January 13 – 15 2023 – In Studio Training Raleigh NC

  • Training Weekend 5 February 10-12 2023 – In Studio Training Raleigh NC

  • Training Weekend 6 March 10-12 2023 – In Studio Training Raleigh NC

All In Studio trainings will be located at Barre-Up Raleigh located in Raleigh NC

We believe that yoga teacher training takes time. We have methodically and intentionally created a program that fits into everyones lives but also helps optimize your training experience. Our training is based around the concept of providing a comfortable pace and plenty of time to immerse yourselves in your studies. This program offers dynamic and highly-rated content from experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping your develop your authentic teaching style, knowledge base, and putting you in a position to succeed.

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Tiffany A Neuroscientist By Day & Leah A Studio Owner And Professional Development Coach Worked Tirelessly To Create Pro Power Yoga We Don’t Want To Just Certify Teachers We Want To Give Our Students The Tools To Grow And Be Successful On And Off The Mat And We Believe We Do That Together

Pro Power Yoga is not your typical yoga teacher training. We have methodically created a program that fits into everyones lives but also helps optimize your training experience. Our program was intentionally designed to provide students with the highest quality and most well rounded yoga education possible. Tiffany and Leah bring over 20 years of yoga and mindfulness experience and the teamed up because their backgrounds were so diverse, but yet their values and yogi goals were completely lined up! These two professional yoga teachers have strived to build a unique and accessible environment/format for anyone looking to expand their yoga knowledge or career.

Our training focuses on the student and is unique as it doesnt focus on just one style of yoga. Our training was curated and built to emphasize alignment, sequencings, yoga history, energy, functional anatomy, asanas, personal and professional development coaching, neurobiology, the mind, body, spirit connection and most importantly, YOU.

With our certification, you will be ready to teach and have the foundational knowledge for:

Hatha – Vinyasa – Power Flow – Yin Yoga – Yoga Sculpt – Restorative – Myofascial Release Techniques

Yoga teacher training is a transformational experience and we are honored that you are interested in our program!

Come into training with an open mind, an open heart and ready to learn! Teacher training is for everyone!

Let us know your goals you hope to obtain from the training

Allison Broughton 500ryt + 200eryt + Yacep

About us  Raleigh Yoga Center

Allison came to yoga over 20 years ago for the physical practice, and stayed for the calm, clarity, and peace of mind she found there. She enrolled in her first 200-hr yoga teacher training primarily to deepen her own practice, but after completing the program with Amalam School at Outer Banks Yoga, she couldnt wait to share her newfound knowledge with others, and immediately began teaching.

In 2017, Allison attended a workshop with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy founder Michael Lee at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville, and was inspired by the Phoenix Rising method of tuning into the body to stay present and aware, allowing attention to temporarily shift away from the constant hum of the narrative mind and toward the present-moment experience. The method worked for her, and Allison enrolled in Phoenix Risings 500-hr yoga teacher training in January of 2018. She completed the program in August 2019.

Allison is a strong believer in the benefits of yoga as an adjunct to treating addiction, eating disorders, stress, and anxiety, as well as yogas overall benefits to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She has trained in Yoga for 12-Step Recovery and is certified in Restorative Yoga.

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Olivia Lifsey 200eryt + 500ryt + Yacep + Ayurveda Health Coach + Training Assistant

In 2013 Olivia attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where she received her Bachelors degree in Traditional Eastern Arts with a concentration in Yoga, as well as completing over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training. Upon graduation in 2015, Olivia registered with Yoga Alliance and began her teaching career while traveling throughout Central America, and in her hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Olivia came to the Outer Banks in 2016 to complete the Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Program, a program dedicated to educating yogis how to use their practice as service for others. After completing the Kunga program, through Village Yoga and Wilmington Yoga Center with her teachers Jess Moody and Kristin Cooper, Olivia was offered a full time teaching position at Village Yoga, in Duck North Carolina.

Since moving to the Outer Banks, Olivia has completed a year long Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching program led by internationally recognized Ayurvedic Practitioner Katie Silcox, offered a a yoga and ayurveda retreat, Svastha, as well as completed a SUP yoga teacher training.

Inspired by her own life long healing journey, Olivia is dedicated to educating and empowering others to learn how to heal themselves through Ayurveda, mindful movement, and self-love.

We All Found Our Voice And Our Passion For Yoga On And Off The Mat Deepened

This training was more than I could have asked for–plenty of guidance, encouragement, and feedback. I left the training more confident than when I started, and I’m filled with sadness knowing I won’t be seeing all of the smiling faces that I spent so much time with and the loving instructors who guided my cohort through these life-changing 8 weeks. If you sign up for teacher training, prepare to be forever changed.

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With So Much Uncertainty In The World Right Now One Thing Is For Sure Health And Wellbeing Is A Top Priority For All Of Us

Our graduates are working to help thousands of people feel better each day through practicing yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for the immune system in so many ways, everyone can be taught simple practices, yoga really is accessible and helpful to everyone, become a qualified instructor to share the practice you love and know that yours is an important job in todays world.

Ours is an inclusive training, post lineage, accessible and modern with great respect for the roots, history, cultural traditions and the evolution of modern yoga.

We dont care if you cant do a handstand! We are interested in your passion for the practice, perfect postures are not important to us at all, yes – if you practice everyday your physical fitness will improve but yoga is sooooo much more than the postures, we teach you how to instruct meditation, mindfulness, breath work, philosophy, history and the physical practice, our training sets you up to be able to offer the practice to everyone regardless of age, experience or physical ability.

From the practical to the mystical

Ancient wisdom in modern times.

Were also taking applications for the next 200hr foundation courses, our 10 month module UK based course in January 2023.

Beautiful Sun Studio in Mid Sussex UK

Dates for the 200hr Teacher Training starting January 2023


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