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Yoga Teacher Training Oaxaca Mexico

Samadhi Yoga Ashram 200

Yoga Teacher Training Mexico

Immerse yourself in a true yoga ashram when you embark on your teacher training course at Samadhi Yoga Ashram. Samadhi offers yoga teacher trainings in ashrams worldwide, but their Mexico training is special. Certificates are recognized by Yoga Alliance, and the training is organized in an evidence-based results-oriented manner.

Program: At Samadhi Yoga Ashram, students will complete a rigorous course that covers yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, practice teaching sessions, and more.

What we like: The program also includes extra treats such as weekend excursions, an ayurvedic massage, and daily vegetarian meals and fresh juices.

Cost: $1490, non inclusive of accommodation which is an extra $250

Bhakti & Mantra Module

May 1 to 11, 2022

Yandaras Bhakti Module is an elective part of our 300hr Teacher Training Program. You are also welcome to attend just this module as a regenerative retreat or continuing education course. During these 9 days we will explore the practices and philosophy of Bhakti Yoga and the art of Kirtan! This retreat-style training will be healing and nurturing for the body, mind and heart. We will prioritize the cultivation of a calmer state of being through daily regenerative practices and activities.

Get Yourself To Mexico With Shantiboom Yoga Retreat

17TH 24TH MARCH 2018

Due to the huge success and popular demand of our annual ShantiBoom Yoga & Surf retreat in Mexico we decided to host another one for you to save those winter blues of 2018.

This retreat really is a heartwarming experience and some have even said A life changing journey that is seriously not to be missed so early booking is strongly advised.

Come and join us on this epic yogic journey of sun, surfing socialising and a whole lot more.Please email Charlotte for a full holiday brochure and for all further retreat information on Lots of love and ShantiCharlotte & Liz xxx

About Puerto Escondido

The ONE LOVE in Puerto Escondido is a beautiful hippy complex of bungalows situated just moments from La Punta and Zicatela beach in Oaxaca Mexico. Surrounded by nature, this rustic but high end boutique hostel offers you everything you could possibly need. It is a unique barefoot and boho chic experience ! The accommodation boasts its very own in house Yoga Shala overlooking the sea and is just a few steps from La Punta & Zicatela beach where one of the most internationally renowned surf beach breaks in Mexico is held!

Puerto Escondido is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, practice yoga and get your surf on. Failing this you can just totally relax, maybe have a massage with our amazing on site therapist and just soak up the good vibes and great atmosphere.

A life changing journey that is seriously not to be missed

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Intercambio Cultural Y Oportunidades De Aprendizaje

– Learn how to earn passive income with your yoga teacher skills.- Learn everything you need to know about internet marketing for yogis “Youtube, Instagram, Online courses, Websites”- You get our digital training course for yogis for free, once finished. – A trip to visit magical places around Oaxaca.

Host Your Own Affordable Yoga Retreat At Zazil Retreat Center

Handpicked Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico 2021/2022 ...

At Zazil Retreat we can offer you accommodation for up to 16 yoga addicts. You will get a fully equipped yoga studio at your hands, with everything you need to teach some amazingly inspiring yoga classes! As our yoga temple is completely embedded in nature, the only thing you will hear while practicing is the chirping of birds and the sound of waves coming into San Augustinillos beaches.

In the morning and evening hours, the yoga studio is immersed in the golden light of the rising and setting sun. Combine this with the sound of the sea and the sounds of the surrounding nature, and you have without a doubt the perfect setting for a truly inspiring yoga experience!

Our studio has complete yoga equipment available for up to 16 persons. You will find yoga mats, straps, blankets, blocks, bolsters, chairs and meditation cushions for your entire group!

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Well Daily Chacala Nayarit

Wake up to the sounds and views of the ocean while training to be a yoga teacher on a quiet beach. Well Daily offer an amazing 22 day 200 hour yoga teacher training in Mexico, located in a lovely family run boutique jungly beachfront retreat on the quiet beach of Chacala, less than 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta.

This YTTC is run by passionate and experienced international teachers and is sure to be a transformative experience. Youll learn Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga asanas as well as yoga philosophy, anatomy, alignment, teaching methodology and practice, pranayama, mantras, kriyas, yoga nidra and meditation. One of the highlights of this course is that youll also learn holistic business and marketing skills to give you to the tools to create a successful yoga brand and make a living teaching yoga!

The beachfront retreat location of this course is one of the best, many rooms have sea views and 3 plant-based, organic, locally grown meals are included. In the evenings you can participate in special ceremonies like sound baths, Temezcal, cacao, and moon ceremonies. Theres also included excursions to ancient Mayan sites on your days off.

Hr Beachfront Yoga Teacher Training In Oaxaca

About this program: In this training, you will acquire theoretical knowledge practices that will facilitate you to create habits that help you deepen your practice of Conscious Hatha so that as a teacher you can transmit the great art of Yoga with foundations and clarity. Participants will address different aspects that enrich each other.In the area of Kinesiology, you will be given precise, practical and applicable bases on functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This knowledge will give you the tools to practice any style of yoga with awareness and in a safe way with less risk of injury.You will be taught to use different types of props which will make you a more complete teacher.You will be guided so that you can observe and detect common trends and errors in the most used asanas in Hatha Yoga.You will learn the art of putting together and designing your classes, how to find verbal clarity, know how to organize your students with their props, the objective and the reason for your class, how to choose between so many options and at the same time not be repetitive and mechanical. Where to look for inspiration and creativity.

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Schedule Food And Accommodation

HTTC classes are held six days per week, Monday to Saturday, approximately 8.5 hours per day. During the two silent meditation retreat periods, the schedule is approximately hours 10 per day for 10 days straight.

Vegan food is served in our dining room daily at a reasonable price. The communal eating area is open for everyone to enjoy meals together.

There is a variety of accommodation on-site at Hridaya Yoga France. We are offering a 30% discount on our accommodation and food prices for the HTTC:

  • Dormitory : 775
  • 1,430
  • Private single room: 2,500

Iyi 30 Hr Rocket Immersion

Mexico Yoga Teacher Training

Get to Know the Its Yoga System

Its Yoga International has an amazing history and an even more amazing evolution. This will be an opportunity to dive deeper into the Rocket®, the tools that make it accessible, and the mastery that Its Yoga® offers.

One of a Kind Experience

All IYI Immersion & Retreat events are designed to be unique as we will have the inputs and guidance of different IYI trainers as well as different focuses on the many facets of the Its Yoga System. Open to everyone.


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Find The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings In Mexico

Looking for a peaceful retreat hidden in the countryside?

Or perhaps a beach getaway with bright blue water and unlimited sunshine to fuel your yoga practice?

Maybe you want to escape to a jungle retreat where nothing but the sound of nature envelopes you.

Swim in underground cenotes or climb ancient ruins. Eat amazing food or explore colorful museums.

Whatever you want, Mexico has it. Truly. Most of it is at a pretty affordable price, too.

So why not get certified as a yoga teacher down in one of the best countries that this side of the hemisphere has to offer.

Why Attend Our 200

  • 1. You become more controlled.
  • 2. You will have more understanding in your life.
  • 3. You become more emotionally balanced.
  • 4. You become a Certified Yoga Teacher.
  • 5. You will be able to teach Asana, Pranayama, Meditation etc.
  • 6. You gain knowledge to help you run your own yoga centers.
  • 7. You develop a stronger personal practice.
  • 8. You will be connected with the ancient Yoga tradition of India and you will receive the guidance whenever you need it.
  • 9. You will be welcome at any time to come stay in our Ashram in Rishikesh and participate in our daily program on a donation basis.
  • 10. Your family and friends can also join our Ashram and stay like a family with us.

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Discover The Great Mexican Atmosphere And Practice Yoga In Oaxaca

Oaxaca is known as the cultural capital of Mexico and its very easy to see why. The city is a creative hub, filled with ancient traditions and colonial architecture. The culinary experience is also one of a kind in Oaxaca, so expect to savor some unique smoothies and meals as well. We bet you will also be surprised by its warm hospitability. In fact, this region is said to have the friendliest people in the country. So, pick a yoga retreat here and return feeling more energetic and joyful than ever!

Vy Vinyasa Yoga Tulum Quintana Roo

24 Day 200

Tulum is fast becoming the next yoga hot spot, so it makes sense that its also one of the best places for yoga teacher training in Mexico. VY Vinyasa Yoga offers a 200-hour YTTC surrounded by nature, where youre free from any distractions and can really focus on your training. The retreat is held at Santosha Sanctuary Yoga & Retreats located right in the middle of the Riviera Maya jungle, with both the yoga shala and accommodations being glamping tents.

Ors Gutiérrez and Marina Porras will guide you through the 30-day course, which includes learning about asanas, yoga alignment, yoga philosophy and asana alignment. On top of that, you will get three meals a day and two snacks, all made with love using healthy ingredients. For more info, photos, reviews and to book your place, click here.

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Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra Module

A sound bath is a dreamy experience where gongs, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, shakers, chimes and other instruments are played to induce deep relaxation. In this module we will also explore Yoga Nidra the practice of conscious deep sleep. In Yoga Nidra, we learn how to shed muscular, emotional and mental tensions through guided relaxation techniques. This module will bring a contemplative inner awareness of the now and help to open the bodys energetic systems. Enjoy and learn to create a deeply relaxing and transformative experience for your students.

What Do You Need To Participate

A true commitment to learning and motivation to become a tantra teacher. You must be able to read, speak, and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency. A certain degree of open-mindedness is needed to practice all the exercises in this Tantra Teacher training. However, there will be no explicit sexual demonstrations and we are committed to providing a safe container for men and for women, with reciprocal respect and clear boundaries.

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Cuntos Voluntarios Puedes Hospedar

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Yoga Navan Tulum Quintana Roo

200-hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico – 2016/2017

The yoga teacher training course offered by Yoga Navan is one of the best, teaching both Hatha and Vinyasa to future yoga teachers. At the end of this 21-day course you will leave with a 200-hour YTTC that will give you knowledge in asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy and the chakrasand much more.

Accommodations for this YTTC are included and are just a five-minute bike ride away from the yoga studio. Youll be staying in a Mexican style house thats surrounded by beautiful gardens with plenty of places to relax in a hammock in between your classes and lectures. Food is not included, but being right in Tulum Centro means that there are plenty of dining options to explore at your doorstep.

Did you do your yoga teacher training in Mexico?

Id love to hear about your expereinces in the comments below.

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Yoga Adventures Worldwide 60

For those who are already qualified yoga teachers, but would like to advance their practice in an international setting, Yoga Adventures Worldwide in Tulum is the answer.

Program: During the 60-Hour advanced yoga teacher training course in Tulum, teachers will learn advanced skills such as scientific foundations of sequencing and adjusting, as well as detailed lessons on energetic and structural alignment. The seven-day course includes practicums, lectures, yoga practice, and free time for homework and exploring.

What we like: This yoga teacher training course may be advanced, but it will also feel like a vacation thanks to the stunning private villa it is held at. The villas design draws on classic Mexican architecture. Students will be treated to an on-site pool, and a short walk to the beach.

Cost: Starts from $2,285 and varies depending on room choice

Studies And Practices In Classical Tantra

Kundalini Shakti: the fundamental force of your being. Learning different techniques to master the capability of awakening and channeling this powerful energy through advanced hatha yoga, pranayama, bandha, mudras etc. Deepening your knowledge and practice on the chakras: bija mantras and the use of related elements.. Mantra and Yantra: using the keys of the tantric way for the awakening of the consciousness. Learn the pillars of the ancient Tantric philosophy and practice:Kashmir Shaivism practices from the Vijnanabhairavatantra, Shiva Sutra, Spandakarika, Tantraloka and other texts. The Tattvas, a journey through the resorption toward the Source using elements, senses etc., tantric Buddhism and Taoism. Shiva and Shakti: study of the polarities and their tendencies. Tantric rituals: deep understanding and practice of all the elements of this powerful path.

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The 10 Best Yoga Retreats In Mexico

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Pachamama in Todos Santos Desert meets the SeaWe love Pachamama in Todos Santos because theres something magical about the way that the desert meets the sea here. Cactus, palm trees, dry desert air, misty ocean beach, it all comes together in such harmony and beauty here we just cant get enough. Plus you get to see whales every single day when you go in January!

You can join us on our annual yoga retreat in Todos Santos, January 7-13, here!

Yogascapes in Oaxaca Food and Culture

Youre in for the best week of eating of your entire life paired with Mezcal, nature and one of the best yoga/movement teachers in the world. This city is amazing and you dont want to miss this once in a lifetime retreat.

You can join us on our most exciting yoga retreat of the year, our Oaxaca Yoga Retreat, January 14-20, HERE!

Hostal De La Luz Tepotzotlan- Healing

Just an hour south of Mexico city, this gem of a healing center is surrounded by an epic mountainscape and wisdom from the local indigenous cultures.Go for the weekend or go for a weeklong retreat and treat yourself to something special in a magical place.

Haramara Yoga Retreat Sayulita Disconnect

Xinalani Yoga Retreat Quimixto Jungle

Xinalani is one of the hands down coolest retreats centers weve been to. You can only arrive by boat and each casita is nestled into the side of the mountain. Theres an incredible temezcal on the beach and the food is incredible.

Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training In Mexico


Even though India, Bali and Thailand are still the top destinations for an exotic yoga teacher training experience, Mexico also has all the ingredients for a unique and life changing experience great weather, tropical vibes, stunning locations and a rich, colourful and spiritual history and culture.

Plus, Mexico is a lot closer for North Americans and most nationalities dont need a visa for stays of up to 180 days giving you plenty of time to travel and explore the incredible sights of this colourful and enigmatic country once your yoga teacher training in Mexico is completed.

People from all walks of life and all levels of experience take yoga teacher training in Mexico you dont need to be an expert yogi! Doing a YTT is a transformative experience whether you want a complete career change or even if you just want to deepen your yoga practice, learn about yogic philosophy and anatomy and simply take time out to find out more about yourself.

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