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Yoga Teacher Training New England

Atmananada Yoga Teacher Training

Top 5 Reasons To Take Yoga Teacher Training

Atmananda Yoga is a group of open-minded teachers who understand the ancient teachings and will help you to incorporate it in our modern lifestyles. Their course is a month-long intensive course for a very affordable price, also they offer a payment plan for those who wish to pay in monthly instalments.

The course price not only includes all tuition, and a manual, but unlimited classes at the studio and unlimited observation of classes. If youre ready to spend a life-changing month with a fantastic group of teachers and make lifelong friendships in a supportive family of yogis, head over to their website and book for an open house event to see if this is the course for you.

  • Price: $3000 $3300
  • Yoga Style: Hatha

Sivananda Yoga Ranch Teacher Training

Sivananda Yoga Ranch was founded in 1969 and launched in upstate New York in 1974. This course is the oldest yoga teacher training course in the West, educating over 40,000 teachers around the world to date.

Nestled in the beautiful rolling Catskill Mountains, just 100 miles outside New York City, the Sivananda Yoga Ranch is a peaceful haven where people of all walks of life come together to practice yoga, meditation, and get in touch with their true divine self. Here you will have several options to choose your accommodation.

You can bring your own tent, you can share a room, or you can rent a room for yourself. Vegetarian meals will be served on the Ranch twice daily. With Sivananda Yoga, you can expect very spiritual training that will guide you to a whole new way of living apart from a deep understanding of yoga asana. Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, you will receive certificate affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

  • Price: $2400-$3900 depending on the type of accommodation you choose and if you pay in advance or last minute
  • Duration: 29 Days
  • Yoga Style: Hatha, Karma

Does Yoga Teacher Training Guarantee A Job

Earning a yoga instructor certification certainly improves your job prospects, but it does not guarantee you a job. Your ability to get a part-time or full-time job as a yoga instructor depends on several factors, including your certification, your skills and knowledge, yoga teacher openings in your area, and whether or not you can find a studio thats a good fit for you.

Remember, though, that becoming a registered yoga teacher also opens up self-employment possibilities. Many yoga instructors make money by creating content online for Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogging platforms. You can also create your own website to host live yoga classes or sell yoga courses and programs.

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More Options For Yoga Teacher Training Or Yoga Studies:

Yoga Teacher Discount!Have you previously completed a yoga teacher training program but feel like you could use a refresher? We are opening up our fall 200-hour teacher training at a 50% discount to those who have already completed a 200-hour training.With all of the information that is presented in a 200-hour training, it can be difficult to retain it all while also learning how to prepare for and teach a class. You may realize you need more information to become a supportive teacher or to hone your teaching skills. Perhaps youve realized that you assimilate information differently now and that you would benefit from seeing the information again, presented in a new way. If you are not quite ready to commit to an advanced level training, this course will be a great refresher and will offer you a different perspective on yoga philosophy, history, anatomy and the art of teaching yoga.YTT Refresher – $1500


Yoga History and Philosophy

The Roots of Yoga The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Advanced Study of Asana Body Structure and Anatomy

Subtle Body

Science and Art of Teaching Yoga:

Creating space

Ashtanga Yoga – The Primary Series

The Science of Ayurveda

The Business of Yoga

About Michelle

Dharma Yoga Teacher Certification

8 Day Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

The lead teacher at Dharma yoga is Sri Dharma Mittra, who has been a celebrity yoga teacher in New York for decades. Hes been teaching yoga for 50 years and his knowledge and dedication is exceptional.

The 200-hour YTT at Dharma Yoga has a very special system and is almost like a lifestyle, not just a course. To begin with, all applicants will be required to have had at least 50 hours of Dharma Yoga instruction without this, you cannot apply for the course.

You will have to submit pre-training homework assignments and there will be assignments during the course as well. You will have to attend every session of the contact hours during the actual program, and youll need a passing grade on both the written and oral exams given.

You will even be expected to begin shifting over to a vegetarian diet. If you are ready to have your life turned around in less than 2 weeks and gain a knowledge that will guide you through life, this is the place for you!

  • Price: $3995-$4495 depending on paying in advance or last minute
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Yoga Style: Multi-style

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Hour Professional Teacher Training


We are planning for this to be a mostly IN PERSON TRAINING. We may have some virtual sessions as needed.

This 300-Hour Teacher Training builds on the foundation of your 200-Hour Teacher Training certification to become a 500-Hour Teacher.


– Build confidence in your teaching

– Find your authentic teaching voice

– Become an expert in the area of yoga you are passionate about

– Grow as an individual personally and professionally

– Connect to community through yoga and seva

– Find how yoga fits into your vision for the future

– Upon graduation, you will be able to register as a 500-Hour RYT

The evolution of a yoga teacher is multidimensional coming through a combination of teaching, life experiences, yoga practice and study of both the self and the timeless traditions. If you are looking to dive deeper and distinguish yourself as a teacher, this program is for you.


Wednesdays 6-9 PM Online or 5:30-8:30 PM In Person

1 Weekend per month for total immersion learning: Apr 2-3, Apr 30-May 1, May 14-15, Jun 4-5, Jun 11 Cape Cod Retreat, July 9-10, Aug 6-7, Sept 17-18, Oct 1-2, Nov 19-20, Dec 3-4 Graduation!

For Curriculum and Pricing:

+hour Yoga Leadership Training And Retreat

All this begins with you, for you. What we have for ourselves is always what were able to share with the people we lead, the people all around us. So to begin, this is a place to connect with your self, release stress, and discover practices for creating harmony and ease in your body and mind, and your life.

These trainings can be taken simply as a retreat, just for you. And if youre looking to share this as a teacher of Strala or any kind of practice, we also have additional sessions for you during the week. Each week gives 100 hours of material and credit, so you can take two weeks for a Strala 200+Hour Yoga Training Certification, or three weeks for a Strala 300+Hour Training Certification.

Its not always complicated, but its also not easy. It takes some slowing down, simplifying, subtracting the noise around us and in us. From here we see where we are, and discover who it is were meant to be. What are you good at? What do you love? Its in these simple practices to find this, and grow stronger, more capable, in who we really are.

Get ready to make space in your life for inner peace, and unlock your energy for creative power and inspirational leadership.

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Kripalu Yoga Tools And Techniques

Your training starts with an introduction to some of the hallmarks of the Kripalu methodology, including

  • A grounded approach to the ancient practice of yoga adapted for modern practitioners
  • Natural alignment based on safe movements of the joints and muscles for all the asanas
  • Breathing exercises and the philosophy of pranayama
  • An overview of the ancient traditions that most strongly influenced Kripalu Yoga: Vedanta, Sankhya, Tantra, and Tantric Hatha Yoga.

As an approach, Kripalu Yoga emphasizes

  • Safe alignment in warm-ups, postures, and pranayama positions
  • Empowering students to determine their own limitations
  • Off-the-mat applications of yoga practice, including skillfulness in action
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy specific to the asanas and pranayamas taught in this program
  • Self-awareness.

Minimum content hours include

Techniques: Instruction in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation 100 hours


Is the curriculum different for the online versus the campus training?There is no difference in the curriculum. However, there is additional one-on-one mentoring with Kripalu Faculty made available to our students taking the training online.

How will the trainings be shared?All sessions of the training will be held by Zoom video call. Links, passwords, and more information will be shared once you are registered in the training.



Still have questions?For more information about Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, call 866.200.5203 or email .

What Should I Make Sure To Bring With Me

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Lost in the Forest – www.unitedmind.co.uk

You will be practicing yoga six days a week, so make sure to bring enough comfortable options. But no need to over pack, there are laundry services where you can get your clothes washed.

It is advised to pack light, breathable clothing, but as we are in a coastal town it can get windy and chilly in the evening. So bring some warm clothes as well.

There are convenience stores and pharmacies that sell toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellent and over the counter medicines. But it is recommended to come prepared, especially if you have particular requirements.

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Why Does Strala Yoga Feel So Special

We get asked this one a lot. Mostly we talk about how it feels great. People get happy! They get super-healthy. They make their own rules, and their own yoga. They make their own incredibly inspiring lives. But where does all this begin? Its in our minds. Strala Yoga psychology is extremely expansive, freeing, creative, intuitive, never stuck. Its in our bodies. Were everything we are body, mind and spirit, all one whole and we care for all of it happily & intuitively. Its in our world without rules or correct ways. Its people finding their own ways into their own bodies, and into a world without limits. The magic is in the breath, movement, ease, and fun.

Youll learn the tools to deliver an inspiring and energizing experience, whether youre leading Strala Yoga, or simply adding what you love about Strala to the style of yoga you already lead. Feeling great in your body and calm in your mind is the goal. With this process, hard things become easy. Challenging poses and movements become simple. When you can lead these concepts by example, with clear instruction and class structure, youre all set to inspire a lot of people, beginning with your own personal journey.

Get ready to deliver magic and help people feel fantastic!

This is important work youre choosing to do. Helping people feel great helps yourself and the world.


Tara is married to Strala co-founder Mike Taylor. They live in Brooklyn with their one year old daughter Daisy.

Additional Admissions And Certification Requirements

200-Hour Foundations of Ayurveda

  • A telephone interview or online conference call
  • Certification CriteriaThis program does not offer professional certification. In order to receive a letter of completion and continue on to the Ayurvedic Health Counselor training you must complete the following:
  • 100% attendance
  • At-home assignments completed on time
  • 70% or higher on final exam
  • 300-Hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

    • Admissions Criteria
    • Minimum of two years of experience practicing yoga
    • Successful completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training from a Yoga Alliance-registered school. Must provide proof of completion with either a copy of your 200-hour certificate or a copy of your RYT-200 Yoga Alliance registration card
  • Certification Criteria
  • Successful completion of Foundations of Ayurveda, Uniting Yoga and Ayurveda, and one of the approved 300-hour electives, either Teaching Pranayama and Advanced Asana or Guiding Meditation for Transformational Yoga Teaching. These modules can be taken in any order but must be completed within five years.
  • 100% attendance in all modules
  • Active class participation
  • At-home assignments completed on time
  • Demonstrate teaching competency and proficiency
  • Maintain safe space for teaching and practicing yoga
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and ethical conduct
  • 650-Hour Ayurvedic Health Counselor Training

  • Certification Criteria
  • 100% attendance in all modules
  • Active class participation
  • At-home assignments completed on time
  • 70% or higher on final exam
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    The Complete And Comprehensive Yogafx Lifetime Yoga Teacher Training Reference Manual

    This exceptional, comprehensive 250-page manual has been carefully crafted to include among others:

    • The complete Hatha yoga series of postures and benefits
    • The complete Ashtanga sequence of Hatha yoga postures
    • The complete Bikram beginners series of Hatha yoga postures
    • The secrets of the Kundalini
    • The keys to success in life

    It is from these two Hatha yoga series Ashtanga and Bikram, the worlds most popular yoga sequences, and after developing a significant, confident, and strong posture dialogue, you will have complete freedom and enthusiasm to explore any other yoga class sequencing or styles including Vinyasa, Yin, and flow. Other topics covered in this comprehensive yoga manual are:

    • The importance of yoga
    • Monday 8th March 2021 and Graduation on Friday 26th March 2021
    • Monday 5th July 2021 and Graduation on Friday 23rd July 2021
    • Monday 6th September 2021 and Graduation on Friday 24th September 2021

    Best Overall: Yogaworks 200

    21 Days 200

    YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training

    Why We Chose It: YogaWorks offers in-person and online formats, 30 years of accreditation, locations around the world, and more than 15,000 alumni.

    • Students can choose from the online format or in-person courses around the globe

    • 5-star status with Yoga Alliance

    • Comprehensive curriculum

    • Doesnt offer accommodation assistance for traveling students completing weekend or week programs

    • Requires purchase of additional reading materials

    The YogaWorks 200-hour training can benefit true beginners as well as advanced students whove decided to finally dip their toes into teaching. The course covers asana, pranayama, anatomy, bodily mechanics, sequencing, adjustments, props and modifications, history, philosophy, and business best practices.

    One notable feature about the YogaWorks RYT program is that it offers several course formats, making it easy to select one that works for you. YogaWorks hosts weekly training in which students attend training Monday through Friday for six weeks weekend-only training in which students attend lessons on Saturday and Sunday for three to six months and all-inclusive, global training that lasts four to five weeks.

    The pricing varies depending on which course format you choose, and attending in-person comes with additional travel costs. The current calendar includes training with costs ranging from $2,500 to $4,000.

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    Apply Now: 200 Hour Application

    The only thing we can count on is changeand our yoga practice, of course! Take the past year+ for example it was a year of uncertainty for many, and when we are faced with any kind of shift, there is growth. Whether we were looking for change or not, we got it, and what better time to deepen your own practice, as well as to bring more yoga to the planet than right now. Every human can benefit from yoga and meditation, and we need emissaries like you to practice yoga and to share it far and wide! Are you ready to step deeper onto the path?

    At Dragonfly Yoga & Ayurveda, the practice of Yoga is so much more than asana it is a lifestyle. Here, yoga is built on the sturdy foundation and tradition of Patanjalis Eight-Limbed Path, allowing you to cultivate a deep self awareness and encourage you to grow as a disciplined and well-trained practitioner, to deepen your practice, and then to blossom as a compassionate, insightful, inspired and inspiring teacher.

    What started as a small, flickering flame inside me has transformed into a full-blown fire! Katie and her team have a sweet, gentle, and steady way of guiding wannabe yoga teachers to their greatness. This program is not about learning how to teach yogaits about finding your strengths, your voice, your gifts, and learning how to share that bright light with those around you. Simply put, the Dragonfly YTT program is a gift!~ Natalie

    Yoga Instructor Courses And Qualifications

    Breathe new life into your career with our internationally-recognised yoga teacher training courses and qualifications. Our content is written and delivered yoga teachers who are not only highly experienced but have also taught classes and retreats worldwide. It’s time to learn from the best with HFE.

    Internationally-recognised yoga qualifications

    Highly sought after by UK health and fitness employers

    Yoga courses are fully CIMSPA approved

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    What Learning Resources Are Available While I Study

    Our yoga courses and teacher training utilise the blended learning model and we believe this offers aspiring yogis the most flexibility with their studies. Essentially, this involves a period of home study combined with practical weekend attendance at one of our nationwide venues.To ensure you’ll have guidance at every stage of your journey, as soon as you enrol you’ll be assigned a dedicated Learner Support Tutor. Your tutor is an expert in all things yoga and they’ll be on hand Monday – Friday via phone or email to answer all your questions.Alongside tutor support, you’ll also have access to LES, Learner Engagement System. This easy-to-use online platform is available 24/7 and it’s where you’ll find a range of resources to further your learning. These include mock quizzes, workbooks, video lectures delivered by experts and step-by-step video demonstrations of a range of asanas .The online resources are used in conjunction with our bespoke training manuals and they are available in print and digitally via the HFE app.

    Hr Yoga Teacher Training New York

    Jo in England shares 2 creative Chair Yoga Vignettes in her Chair Yoga Certification Teachback
    It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.
    The Bhagavad Gita

    Karma Yoga was created to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. At $2295, our program is the most affordable, certified and high quality RYT 200 yoga teacher training program available in New York, New York.

    Regardless if you are an aspiring to become a yoga teacher or grow personally this program will enlighten you and give you the tools to become a solid yoga teacher.

    All of our faculty are certified and highly experienced and respected. Training with our faculty will give you the knowledge and understanding to excel on the mat and as a yoga teacher, as well as to help you make a positive impact on your students and your communities.

    Our New York 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training meets and exceeds the industry requirements set forth. Upon successful completion of our program, students will receive a graduation certificate and which will allow you to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-Hour level.

    We welome you to our supportive and inspiring community of teachers, guest faculty and awesome fellow students to dive deep into the study of yoga.

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