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Yoga Teacher Training For Older Adults

Reiki Trainingw/ Reiki Grand Master Punnu Singh Wasu

Teaching Yoga for Older Adults, Part 2


Training and Certification All levels are welcome!9:00 am approx. 6:00 pm at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali

Reiki is known for deep relaxation, stress relief and natural healing. It is a simple and powerful laying on hands energy balancing technique which is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If ones life force energy is low, then we are more likely to become sick and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Feelings of tranquillity and peace are often experienced after giving/receiving Reiki sessions along with a renewed capacity to cope with the pressures of our busy daily lives. Join Punnu who has over 30 years of experience for Reiki training level I Reiki Grand Master. He teaches according to the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei. The training may be taken as a 1-5 day course, culminating in Grand Master Certification. You will receive a Reiki manual and a certificate for each level. Reiki Level 1 USD 250 Reiki Level 2 USD 300 Reiki Level 3 USD 350 Reiki Level 4 USD 450 Reiki Grand Master USD 600 Receive a 10% discount if you join 2 or more levels or bring a friend and get both a 10% discount for every level. Training can be booked as a package or individually.


Keep The Focus On Function

A lot of younger students come to yoga to get the physical perks of yoga arms or a tight bottom. But for the older student, the focus changes. Making space in the joints in the body is the most important thing, explains Rosen. More important than hardening the belly and the buttocks is keeping your movements fluid. Tightening makes them restricted and stiff. But creating space also increases strength at the same time.

Payne recommends reminding students of the intention of the pose to help them understand that the benefit is the most important element. For instance, the purpose of Uttanasana is to stretch the spine, and the hamstrings are secondary. If you soften your limbs, such as slightly bending the knees, its easier to stretch your spine, especially if you are tight or a beginner. He also recommends dynamic and static movement for older students, Moving in and out of the postures prepares the joints and muscles and links you with the breath.

Terms & Conditions For Online Courses

  • During the online Yoga Teacher Training/Course I chose to participate in held by Sampoorna Yoga, I voluntarily and willingly choose to participate in the classes offered as part of its curriculum, including but not limited to Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Chanting, Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, and any other yoga-related class.
  • I recognise that the online yoga classes in which I will be participating may require physical and mental exertion. I further understand and acknowledge that I will practice them under my own responsibility. I assume all risk of injuries associated with my participation in the training/course, including but not limited to injuries, strains, accidents, and all other risks being known and appreciated by me.
  • I understand that it is my full responsibility to consult a physician/doctor prior to and regarding my participation in the training/course, and I understand that Sampoorna Yoga has no medical obligation/responsibility upon its students.
  • I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and I have no medical condition, which would prevent my full participation in the training/course I have booked. In case if I have any injuries or medical condition, I am totally responsible for the outcome of my participation in the training or the course, and I dont expect Sampoorna Yoga, or any of its teachers to provide me any consultation, treatment or recommendation for my physical condition, at any given time.
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    Enjoying A Community Of Others Who Are In A Similar Stage Of Life

    Viva Fifty.- Why are 50+ women joining the program and what does a 50+ woman bring to the classroom as a yoga teacher?

    Ginny East.- Women often choose this program instead of the standard RYT-200 not because they cant handle the traditional path of training, but simply to enjoy the community of others who are in a similar stage of life.

    The conversations are deeper and 50 plus women dont feel pressured to keep up with the 30 year olds who have not yet learned to let go of their competitive nature.

    Women 50 and older are simply more rooted in who they are and what they know, and they are on a quest to develop self-knowing for themselves to understand their lives in retrospect.

    They are also ready to use their yoga to help others, because they recognize that they are not necessarily older, but more of an elder someone who has lived long enough to have a deeper understanding of the needs and struggles of others.

    Yoga is a tool to soften the struggles of life and learning to help others heal and be their best self is what yoga teacher training is all about.

    Women at 50 and over are ready to give back to the world and yoga is a powerful medium to make a difference in the lives of others.

    New Course Starting Soon

    Yoga for the Older Beginner: Essential Skills for Teaching in a Graying ...

    “The course was very enjoyable and opened up my eyes to exactly what can be taught on a chair and how. I am keen to add this into my current teaching schedule.” Karen Douglas

    • Do you have a desire to offer yoga to more people in your community who might be challenged by a mat-based class?
    • Are you ready to add a new modality to your yoga offerings, using the props you already have?
    • Would you like to add a new income stream to your yoga business?

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    Details Of Training Options

    About IYTA

    The International Yoga Teachers Association primary activity is to ensure the highest level of yoga teacher training and ongoing support for yoga teachers around the World. IYTA is managed by a dedicated group of members who are passionate about yoga and its professional and ethical yoga teacher training.

    The IYTA recognises and respects the deep and continuous connection to Country, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the traditional owners of this land, sea and sky. It is a privilege to be living and teaching on Country and we support Reconciliation to heal our nation.

    IYTA is a registered non-profit organisation.ABN: 24 402 376 251


    Expressions Of Yinthe Holistic Approachrewiring With Carlos Romero50 Hour Yin Yoga Deepening Online Program


    EARLY BIRD PRICING: $485.00 USDRegular Pricing $555USD8 weeks Self-Paced online journey


    • Expressions of Yin Manual
    • Unlimited Access to Expressions of Yin Online Videos

    During this program, we will be unfolding the subtle aspects of the healing journey by bringing awareness into the process of attunement & integration, acknowledging the power of stillness and deep listening as a very important aspect of the embodied healing practices we dive into with the Expressions of Yin.

    In this golden edition, we will be deepening on Embodied Yin Yoga, Sound journey Meditation, Nidra, Fascia Unwinding & Somatic movement as practices that will support, promote and create a new baseline of attunement as well as deep harmonization from the inside out.

    INSIGHTS The Breath… What Does it Mean to be Embodied? Elements of the Practice… The Integration Station Holistic Healing… Deepening into the World of Somatics Yoga Nidra… an Ocean of Stillness Embodied Yin & Pranayama Sound Journey Meditations

    A journey of embodiment and flow state!.An exploration into our subtle body in relation to somatic awareness and expansion of consciousness through the multi-layers of our bodies!

    Join Carlos with some of the most incredible musicians, ceremonialists, and sound healers worldwide into a Multi-sensorial, Multi-dimensional Yin Yoga Healing Training that will unfold the different Expressions of Yin.


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    What Are Advanced Study Modules

    Weve built our Advanced Study Modular Program around the drop-in concept. There are 11 required modules you need to take, each lasting anywhere from 2-5 days long, generally over a weekend. Modules are taught either by one of our experienced staff members or an international yoga teacher. We bring some of the biggest names in the industry to our studio and programs. In this very flexible modular program, you get to decide which particular module you take, at what time and taught by whom. And you have 5 years to complete 11 modules . Modules are generally open to the public as well, so you will be joined by experienced teachers as well as aspiring enthusiasts. Modules can be taken by someone not going after a 300 Hour Certificationthough if they decide later to pursue the 300 Hour Certification, they can retroactively include the modules theyve already taken in the past 12 months only.

    Twisting Cobra Pose Parvrtta Bhujangasana

    CE Workshop | Teaching Yoga for Older Adults
    • Step 1: Start in prone position, with belly and forehead on the mat, feet as wide as the yoga mat and palms by the side of the ribcage.
    • Step 2: Inhale to lift the chest and head up till arms are straight. Avoid shrugging shoulders
    • Step 3: Exhale to twist to the right. Stay here for 3-5 breaths.
    • Step 4: Inhale back to centre and exhale to come back down. Repeat on the other side.

    Variations: Try to lift the chest a little lower if this pose is too difficult. You can also place a folded thin blanket under the hip bones for more support.

    Benefits: This pose is great to increase flexibility of the back. Great to include as part of exercise program for people with constipation it massages and stimulates liver and kidneys

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    Palm Tree Pose Tadasana

    • Step 1: Start in mountain pose.
    • Step 2: Gaze at a steady point. Lift the hands up and interlock the fingers overhead, flip the palms up
    • Step 3: Inhale and lift both the heels off the mat. Stretch as much as possible without over arching the back.
    • Step 4: Stay here for 5-10 breaths. Exhale to rest the heels back down and return to starting pose

    Variations: To maintain balance, this yoga routine can be done by seniors next to a wall.

    Benefits: Good for stretching the arms, chest, abdomen, spine and the legs. It helps with concentration, focus and improves posture, increases awareness and steadies the breath. Practice this pose for longer to help with digestion, blood circulation and building strength in the abdomen and legs.

    A 20 Hour Teacher Training

    This training promises to be an innovative and interactive opportunity! The YFS Teacher Training will be on-line and will take place in Spring, 2022. Email us to get on the list to be informed of exact dates. In the meantime, check out our afternoon workshop on Adapting Yoga to Seniors in October, 2021


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    Seated Spinal Twist Pose Parivrtta Sukhasana

    • Step 1: Start in easy seated pose with the arms and shoulders relaxed
    • Step 2: Breathe-in to extend the arms up. Breathe-out to twist to the right, place the left hand on the right knee and right hand behind the back
    • Step 3: Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths
    • Step 4: Breathe-out to unwind. Repeat on the other side.

    Variations: Place a folded thin blanket under you if there is any discomfort in the lower back. Or try the chair yoga version of this pose. Take the assistance of yoga instructor if needed.

    Benefits: This is a great pose to improve flexibility of the spine, neck, shoulders and hips. It strengthens the lower back and is great for aiding digestion.

    Learn To Teach Yoga For Seniors

    Chair Yoga Dance

    Dates to be Announced | 2 Day Workshop | From $450

    Yoga for Seniors. As the body ages, there are many physiological and psychological changes. Some changes are Primary and some are Secondary changes . Yoga has a proven history of being able to support the person through this life stage, and to remain as independent as possible. The focus of this workshop will be on both primary and secondary changes that occur and the yoga modifications that must be considered for the older yoga practitioner aged over 65 years.

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    Soha Starlight 50 Hr / Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets Thai Yoga Massage


    • 5 Thai Yoga Massage Sequences
    • 5 Meditations and how to guide them
    • 5 Virtues

    …and an epic team of facilitators!!!Dive into this Universe with us. Learn the Essence of touch, embody your inner beauty with Thai Yoga Asanas for grounding and soul-nourishing, Breath and Shaking Meditation to release all tension from your body, Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra to rest and regenerate, Mandala Vinyasa and Movement as Medicine to activate your spirit, Visualization Meditations to grow into your dreams, and the exquisite experience of Ecstatic Dance that brings freedom and sovereignty to your being!Together with a prayer and ritual for the Elements as a closure of your Human Body recognizing your Earth Body.


    Training Instructors To Provide Yoga Classes For Seniors

    In order to teach seniors, its necessary to first receive your 200-hour yoga teacher training, then take an additional training course, often between 25 and 45 hours, depending on the class. In these classes, youll often learn about:

    • Anatomy and physiology of older people
    • Emotional and cognitive needs
    • Making sure each student is in the proper class
    • Communicating and connecting with senior students

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    Soha Seeds 50 Hr / Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine


    50 HOUR Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training

    • Experience the magnificence of the Elements and understand their qualities within your Bodys Subtle Anatomy.
    • Learn the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relationship to your Organs.
    • Learn the Emotions behind each Organ and the tools to reshape your Attitude towards life!
    • Learn the main Points within the Meridians and know what they are for and how to find them within yourself and another.
    • Practice Mandala Vinyasa, Elemental Yoga Sequences included with soothing Live Music for each one of the 5 Elements.
    • Learn Element Theory and Play Weekly Element Games, to motivate and refresh your Lifestyle.
    • Learn ways to Rebalance yourself, in the mind, on the mat. From your heart to the kitchen, and with your community.
    • with your students and your loved ones.

    Benefits Of Attending The Learn To Teach Yoga To Seniors Workshop:

    Yoga For Healthy Aging For Seniors, Older Adults, & Absolute Beginners – Trailer For Yoga Vitality
    • Learn from Liz Williams, leading yoga for seniors educator, healthy aging specialist and Yoga therapist
    • Learn practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately with your students and clients
    • Educate yourself about the safest and most effective way to teach Yoga to your older students
    • Connect with a network of yoga teachers and therapists working in this field
    • Deepen your knowledge of Yoga as a therapeutic practice
    • Yoga teachers are eligible for 14 Continuing Professional Development points

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    Encourage Students To Use Props

    The use of props becomes increasingly important as we age. Making props available to older students ensures they dont go too far, too fast, says Rosen. Props take a little bit of the stretch out of the stretch, and eventually students can adapt to it. Rosen regularly hands out blocks, chairs, and straps and encourages students to use them. If you make it commonplace to use props in class, people are more open to the idea.

    Sampoorna Yogas Refund Policy For Online Courses

    Applicable from 11th Apr 2022

  • I am signing up for the online course with full awareness, after having read and understood all the details of the course including the Terms and Conditions as well as the Refund Policy.
  • I understand that the course fee paid towards any and all the online course is non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • The course fee covers the cost of the online training provided by Sampoorna Yoga, and this includes the student manual and all other study resources available on the online platform, live sessions, interaction with the teacher of the course, and the certificate upon completion of the course.
  • I understand that I will have lifetime access to the material of the course, as long as the hosting e-learning platform exists.
  • I understand that all the course material and resources such as the TTC manual, documents in PDF format and audios and videos are ONLY for my own personal use, and I am not authorized to distribute, replicate, copy, share, or use them in any other way, unless I have a written consent from Sampoorna Yoga.
  • I understand that I have up to ONE year to complete the same to get the certificate of completion. I agree to fulfil the requirements needed to receive the certificate , within the ONE year after starting the course.
  • I understand that this course is conducted by Sampoorna Yoga, Costa Rica and any and all legal arbitrations are subject to jurisdiction and law of Costa Rica.
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    Yoga For Seniors Professional Training


    Learn strategies for adapting yoga practice to older minds, bodies, and hearts in a training that combines the traditional wisdom of yoga with the best contemporary, scientific knowledge about the physiology of aging. Seniors represent the fastest-growing sector of the population, creating an increasing demand for well-trained yoga teachers. Through this training, you will

    • Engage in a balance of lecture, movement, small-group work, and discussion
    • Practice yoga sessions geared toward older bodies
    • Learn about common ailments and complex medical challenges affecting older adults
    • Understand conceptual models for skillfully adapting postures and practices.

    In a safe and effective teaching environment, students earn Yoga Alliance CEUs and have the opportunity to integrate with a larger community committed to learning what it means to age well.

    Note This training is for yoga teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training or equivalent. Participants who are also IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists can earn Approved Professional Development continuing education credits from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

    Required reading Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff, Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six-Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Pain Relief. Please have this book in-hand for the first night of this program.

    Recommend viewing Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff, Relax into Yoga .


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