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Yoga Teacher Training Big Island Hawaii

Hatha And Vinyasa 200

My Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training || Day in the Life! ðâï¸?ð´

About this program: Join this teacher training for a life-changing adventure. This 200-hour teacher training that follows the standards of Yoga Alliance will take you beyond into a loving immersion that will shift you and lift you. Not only will you leave this training lighter, stronger, and ready to take on life in a new expanded way, you will also learn self-love, presence, connection, and it will set your soul on fire. Most of the students experience a total transformation of body mind and spirit as Full Circle Yoga School offers much more than simply a yoga teacher training and looking forward to share this journey with you. Bringing knowledge and experience directly from the heart, the advance teachers at Full Circle simultaneously allow upward expansion and deep-down grounding in the dynamic and spirited energy of this training. Come and be inspired!

Experience A New Culture

Love to travel? The programs at Sadhana Yoga School are all located in beautiful, diverse areas of the world, giving you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and see the world through a different lens. Our programs are strategically hosted in locations that allow students to fully experience the local community, people, traditions and culture. Some of our upcoming programs include Bali, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Sri Lanka and more.

Teacher Training Course Oahu

Oahu is is the most robust island, offering access to more adventure and more amenities than some of the smaller islands. You will find Waikiki in Honolulu, which is one of the most popular beaches in all of Hawaii. Whether you take your vinyasa flow to the local yoga studio or you hang back with other students from your training program, Oahu is a beautiful place to study yoga.

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Welcome To Yandara Yoga Institutes Hawaii Location

Your yoga teacher training in Hawaii is set in the scenic wonder on the island of Kauai and is encompassed by the big hearts of our loving, like-minded Yoga community. Combined with the wisdom and warmth of an accomplished Yandara staff, your Hawaii retreat serves as a beautiful awakening of mind, body and soul coupled with a dedication to your yoga training journey.

Your yoga teacher training takes place at a beautiful a beautiful Balinese style retreat center near Maloaa Bay on the North Shore of Kauai, in Hawaii. This secluded retreat space envelops you in its lush tropical setting placing you just a 10 minute walk to the nearby beautiful beachfront.

Enjoy the beauty of colorful rainbows, lush green forests, stunning beaches and fragrant flora while you connect and learn with fellow students and teachers. In this naturally inspiring setting youll find the blissful harmony between mind and body as you practice yoga with aloha .

Yandaras goal is to open new doors of yoga and spiritual awareness. By interweaving a natural and communal experience, youll find the scenic wonder of Hawaiis surroundings matches the inner-beauty of your fellow students and Yandara staff.

Grushenka Wolfgang Phd Dabt

21 Days 200

Throughout her life Grushenka has been an active person, initially with dance classes, then as a competitive ice skater, ice skating coach, and more recently with yoga practice. As a graduate student in Pharmacology and Toxicology and as a practicing toxicologist for 25+ years Grushenka gained knowledge and appreciation of the bodys ability to function and repair. As a scientist, she has been particularly drawn to the precision-based teaching of traditional alignment-based yoga at Big Island Yoga Center.

Having been introduced to yoga at BIYC and having had the opportunity to attend workshops with well-known Iyengar instructors, Grushenka decided to study Iyengar yoga with Ray Madigan and is currently certified at the Introductory I& II level. From her years of coaching ice skating and more recent yoga training, Grushenka discovered that a major part of the learning process is overcoming fear and having someone to challenge you in a safe environment.

She is committed to sharing the many benefits of yoga with her students at BIYC.

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What Type Of Yoga Will Be Taught In A Kula Ytt

Kula Collective trainings draw from a broad foundational understanding of the vast tradition that is this 5000-year-old approach to self-realization.

We thread the four traditional paths throughout our training programs, encouraging a holistic and experiential approach to practice and teaching.

We also weave together diverse understandings of various wisdom cultures and infuse a shamanic connection to the Earth and her elements.

In regards to Asana practice, the Kula Flow is a slow vinyasa-based sequence with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, meditation, and alignment.

Since vinyasa is not derived from any one lineage, as a collective we have come up with a creative sequence rooted in multiple traditions.

The Kula Flow has roots in Ashtanga, Sivananda, Kundalini, Hatha, and Iyengar. The intention of the flow is to give students an opportunity to access the stillness of the mind, preparing the body for meditation the foundation of yoga.

As the program progresses, variations on the Kula Flow will be offered for different levels of experience.

The first round of teaching will be the Kula Flow the second round will be a beginners or intermediate level class where students are required to create and sequence their own class holistically around a theme of their choice and will be mentored throughout this process.

You Will Create New Healthy Routines

Our 21-day immersion programs are rooted in nurturing Sadhana, a Sanskrit word meaning devoted practice. Often times, our regular life at home gets in the way of starting new, healthy routines. Or, we start a new practice but drop it quickly because of time, lack of energy, family, work obligations, etc.

However, an immersion yoga teacher training is a wonderful way to plant the seeds of Sadhana into your life. Each day of your training is a new opportunity to practice new, healthy routines that will benefit you for years to follow. During an immersion yoga teacher training with Sadhana Yoga School daily practices include morning meditation, pranayama , yoga asana , group study, community events, organic vegetarian meals, Ayurvedic wellness practices and so much more.

Whether or not you choose to carry on all of these practices, we guarantee that you will conclude your training with a more devoted outlook to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Yandara Yoga Institute Certification

The Yandara Yoga Institute recognized as one of the largest, most established Yoga Schools, offers a unique and fulfilling experience for teaching and personal evolution. The Yandara Yoga Institute with over 20 courses each year, ranging from a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified program, Yin Yoga, 300-Hour Advanced Training, and Life Coaching is the perfect choice for you to enhance your life or start your career as an instructor. One of the highlights of the Yandara program is the variety of yoga styles offered you will experience Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini Yoga, and more.

The 200hour yoga teacher training is hosted at the Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center, a tranquil tropical setting nestled in nature offering lush greenery and integration with nature. In this naturally inspiring setting of the beauty of colorful rainbows, stunning beaches and fragrant flora, youll find the blissful harmony between mind and body as you practice yoga with aloha . The goal of this training is to open new doors of yoga and spiritual awareness to you.

  • Price: $3,250 USD Full Tuition
  • Duration: 3 weeks intensive
  • Yoga style: Multistyle

Recommended Readings For Before Or After The Training:

Full Body Yoga Warm Up!
  • Yoga Sequencing by Mark Stevens
  • Yoga Adjustments by Mark Stevens
  • One Spirit Medicine
  • Yoga Sutras: The Means to Liberation-Translated and commented by Dennis Hill
  • 2100 Asanas The Complete Yoga Poses
  • Power of Now-Eckhart Tolle
  • Autobiography of a Yogi
  • The Science of Breath

The last day of the course is your graduation ceremony and you will have to wear white. Full Circle Yoga School prefer to end the journey in the purest ascended form and all in white. It can be yoga clothing or something dressy.

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Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

Come join us for our Hawaii 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to find your yoga teaching potential. Whether youre looking to enhance your understanding of yoga or change your career path, our 200 hour yoga teacher training will give you the tools and confidence to become a great yoga teacher.

Our certified 200 hour yoga teacher training course will help you develop a strong understanding in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our trainers are highly experienced and will give you the skills to thrive as a yoga teacher.

Our YTT is recognised and accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

Gain A Fresh Perspective And Outlook

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Our views of the world, ourselves or others can become tarnished or we may feel like there is something more. An immersion yoga teacher training provides a unique opportunity to expand your perspectives and outlook via the practices of yoga. The philosophy of yoga is rooted in finding connection and deepening self care and self study. When these elements are practiced in tandem, we often experience a more positive, wholehearted outlook on life and the world around us.

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Incredible Yoga Teacher Training In Hawaii

This post contains affiliate links which I earn a small commission from and are at no additional cost to you. See my disclosure policy for details.

With its beautiful nature, healing energies, and laid-back vibe, Hawaii is an incredible destination to become a yoga teacher. Its also a convenient location for yogis who are state-side, as you can study in paradise without the long-haul flight and jet lag. So, if a Hawaii yoga experience sounds as blissful to you as it does to me, check out this hand-picked selection of the best yoga teacher training in Hawaii.

Deposit & Tuition Payment Schedule

5 of the Best Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in Hawaii

A $500 USD deposit will reserve your space and will be applied to the full tuition price listed above. Retreat costs are due three months prior to the start date of the program or within two weeks of registering and your final tuition payment is due no later than one month prior to the program start date. If you would like to discuss alternate arrangements, please feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to work something out.If cancellation is necessary due to covid related travel restrictions, students deposit, retreat expenses and tuition will be fully refundable. In all other circumstances, due to the logistics involved in planning residential programs in retreat settings, we regret that we are unable to issue deposit/tuition/housing refunds 60 days or less prior to program start date. In the case of an emergency, with written documentation, we will gladly apply all payments, minus the deposit, toward a future retreat/training with Soma Yoga Institute.

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What Style Is Shivakali Yoga

We equip teachers to guide alignment-based vinyasa classes, while learning about restorative postures, meditation and pranayama. Our practice serves first to awaken the body and move energy, and then to soften the mind and nurture our inner being. Uniting the masculine + feminine aspects of practice, we find freedom in movement, drawing awareness from the mind to the heart, allowing insight to arise naturally.

The Best Yoga Teacher Training Retreats In Hawaii

Hawaii is the ideal destination for yogis and yoginis looking to deepen their practice in natural surroundings. The islands are known for their healing energies that offer spiritual rejuvenation for anyone who seeks it. Joining a yoga teacher training retreat in Hawaii will give you a special connection to these mystic energies that you will be able to share with others on their journeys through yoga.

Tree pose by sea

Choosing a yoga teacher training program is choosing a community to join. The people you meet on your retreat will be your friends and colleagues throughout your journey and beyond. Thats why we have compiled 5 of the best yoga teacher training retreats in Hawaii, based on quality, reviews, and diversity of styles.

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Mangala Yoga Teacher Certification

Mangala Yoga is dedicated to the creation of auspicious beginnings for all who grace them with their presence. Mangala Yoga is designed to provide a safe, inviting, and inspiring platform for students to do their inner work.

Yoga Alliance Accredited 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings program will immerse you in the philosophy, technique and sequencing behind unique and highly sought-after Vinyasa Flow style of Mangala Yoga. In this life-changing journey of transformation, you will reveal your true potential through the study and application of yoga philosophy. Dive deep into the art of effective yoga instruction and leave with the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to embark on your yoga teaching career.

  • Price: $3,300 USD Full Tuition / $2,950 USD Early Bird
  • Duration: 3 weeks intensive
  • Yoga style: Multistyle

Shambava Yoga Teacher Training

Imagine Yourself at Konalani Yoga Ashram

Shambhava Yoga offers a few Yoga Teacher Trainings which will teach you how to focus your mind, open your heart, and ride the waves of your life with grace. Through asana, meditation, and a balanced yogic lifestyle, Shambhava Yoga has been teaching people how to work and grow from the challenges of their life for the past 40 years. Shambhava Yoga ashrams and affiliate centers are run by gifted and dedicated practitioners who use the practice to grow and improve their lives. Each center has been given the blessing of Sri Shambhavananda to pass on the teachings of the lineage under his guidance.

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training of Shambhava Yoga will transform your yoga practice and life. This course is based on small class sizes and is focusing on hands-on workshops, core-based alignment, 21st-century teaching techniques. Everything you need for the personal transformation youre seeking. You will study ancient and powerful lineage-based meditation techniques, cooling and effective pranayama exercises, sacred arts and so much more to revitalize your spirit from the inside out.

  • Price: $2,749 USD Early Bird / $4,249 USD Full Tuition
  • Duration: 21 days intensive

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H Hot Yoga Teacher Training In Oahu

About this program: Evolation Yogas 250hr hot yoga teacher training includes yoga teaching essentials designed to empower you as a registered yoga teacher while gaining a better understanding of the practice and its true benefits. Participants will learn together and grow together, practicing yoga and meditation as a group with live teaching practice and feedback included.Train with Evolation Yoga in Oahu, Hawaii for a life transforming experience guided by certified instructors who will support and assist you through the entire training program.

Dates: September 14th -October 9th & November 23rd-December 18th

Instructors: Zefea Samson & Mark Drost

Cost: $3,950-$5,050

Find The Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Hawaii

If you’re looking for an adventure-packed retreat for your upcoming certification course, then head to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a beautiful set of islands that offer incredible views and ideal climate. You can find Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools dotting the islands, each with their own yoga teacher training programs. Deepen your yoga practice and become a certified yoga instructor in Hawaii.

If you’re not sure about whether or not you are ready for a yoga teacher training, consider what it might be like.

Imagine daily yoga classes under the canopy of the lush jungle. Or imagine getting an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, meditation, Ayurveda, and all of your favorite topics.

Meet incredible yoga instructors from all around the world. Deepen your asana practice by deepening your understanding of yoga.

Just because you become a certified yoga instructor does not mean that you necessarily need to teach at a yoga studio. You can continue being the student, just take your study further.

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Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training In Maui

About this program: The Maui Yoga Shalas 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training takes you deeper into the art, science, practice, and discipline of yoga providing the skills and insights to take your teaching to new heights throughout the world. This 5 week Hawaii immersion on Maui is designed for the practitioner to develop an advanced understanding of how to effectively teach asana, pranayama and meditation to all levels and abilities of students. The intensive nature of Maui Yoga Shalas program will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle and the warm Aloha spirit of Hawaii.

Welcome To Your Hawaii Yoga Experience

Past Retreats

Leave all of your stress behind and settle into the calm, restorative beauty of Kauai. Enjoy practicing and learning yoga in the beautiful jungle setting of the on-site Yoga Shala. After classes take a moment to meditate and illuminate in the beauty of the onsite Balinese Meditation Pavilion, open 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation or a quiet gathering space for individuals or groups. Your all-inclusive Hawaii yoga experience will include:

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Reading Materials Mandatory To Bring To Training:

  • Teaching Yoga-Essential Foundations and Techniques by Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students, 3rd Edition
  • The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book

Please order these books at least two weeks prior to coming to the training to ensure their arrival as it is essential to the course. Arrive to the training having already read Chapter 1 of the Teaching Yoga Book ready to discuss on day 1.

Homework is nightly consisting of one short writing assignment, reading the following chapter, and working on class sequencing each night based on asana learning.

Transformative Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

Join this teacher training for a life-changing adventure. This 200-hour teacher training that follows the standards of Yoga Alliance will take you beyond into a loving immersion that will shift you and lift you. Not only will you leave this training lighter, stronger, and ready to take on life in a new expanded way, you will also learn self-love, presence, connection, and it will set your soul on fire.

Most of the students experience a total transformation of body mind and spirit as Full Circle Yoga School offers much more than simply yoga teacher training and looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Bringing knowledge and experience directly from the heart, the advance teachers at Full Circle simultaneously allow upward expansion and deep-down grounding in the dynamic and spirited energy of this training. Come and be inspired!

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