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Yoga Teacher Certification Costa Rica

Cabuya Lodge 200 Hour Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

At Cabuya Lodge 200hr yoga teacher trainings are led by Mandy Lawson, who has been living in Costa Rica and teaching yoga for almost a decade now. Her approach to teaching is that everybody comes to yoga with different abilities, bodies, goals they want to reach, and it`s all about giving a gentle way to EVERYBODY to find their ways into this practice on their own level. No previous experience is needed to attend this training, you just need to be open to receive and open to learn.

You`ll be provided 3 healthy meals per day at Cabuya lodge during your 3 weeks of training.

Attention! People travelling with their families, you might want to keep an eye out for Cabuya Lodge trainings! Your children under the age of 6 can stay and eat for free here for the duration of your training!

Functional Human Movement Philosophy

In addition to her studies with AT Still University | Osteopathic Medical School, Stacy is a Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Every class Dave & Stacy teach incorporates elements of functional training. This makes classes variable, fun, and educational. They have both gone through their share of injuries in their early days of yoga and now consider long-term sustainability a priority with their students. Stacy is the author of Embodied Posture: Your Unique Body and Yoga. It is an in-depth structural anatomy text that emphasizes structural variability and its implications in postural alignment. Their goal is to empower others with a heightened awareness and ability to take personal wellness back into their own hands.

Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Curriculum

Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Lifestyle and Ethics

  • In-depth study of the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical guidelines for living a healthy and more peaceful life
  • Study and learn how to incorporate the philosophy of India’s medical system, Ayurveda, into your life and teaching
  • Create a diet and lifestyle that will create optimal health in your life based on the gunas and Ayurveda
  • Study the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the founder of modern yoga
  • Discuss ethics of being a yoga teacher, including the teacher’s role as a community leader, the value of selfless service, and practicing honesty and non-harm
  • Learn how to live a healthy, vibrant, and spiritually-aligned life that benefits yourself and the relationship in your life

Techniques, Training, & Practice

  • Safely practice and teach yoga postures
  • Learn the therapeutic and healing benefits of the various asanas
  • Explore modifications for poses and the use of props to make yoga safe & accessible to all students
  • Identify and cue proper alignment
  • Offer safe and consentual hands-on adjustments and assistance
  • Practice and teach various breathing exercises and meditation
  • Create balanced, safe, fun and meaningful class sequences that emphasize your talents

Teaching Methods & StylesAnatomy & PhysiologyPracticumThe Spiritual Entrepreneur – The Business of YogaBeyond the Yoga Alliance – Additional Areas of Study:

  • Teaching silent and guided meditation
  • Basics of Sanskrit & Sanskrit names of asanas
  • Sound Healing Mini-Course

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Hr Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training programs offer the unique opportunity to explore ancient yogic wisdoms while restoring harmony and balance into your daily existence. Our close proximity to the ocean offers the opportunity to explore the art of surfing, another flow-based spiritual practice that allows one to tap into a deep sense of connection and find oneness and peace with all that is. The ebb and flow of the waves teach us to flow with grace in this ever-changing journey of life. We find stillness within the movement, peace permeates our being.

Known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity, Costa Rica is a nature lovers paradise! A quarter of the land is made up of national parks and protected jungle, the largest in the world as a percentage of the countrys territory. Home to a rich variety of flora and fauna and diverse wildlife including spider monkeys, the quetzal bird and the three-toed sloth, Costa Rica has only 0.03% of the worlds landmass, but is estimated to contain 5% of the worlds biodiversity. Costa Rica offers a variety of landscapes, microclimates and something for everyone. Whether it is adventure, enjoying some of the best surfing, hiking or relaxation that you are seeking, this path is sure to lead to a wildly wonderful experience.

What We Learned During Yoga Teacher Training In Costa Rica

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica

After almost four weeks of yoga, day in and day out, it was time to teach our first yoga class. Each student was required to plan their own 90-minute yoga class and teach it to a group of 3 or 4 students. This component was a necessary part of the course and was required to complete the training.

Although nervous in the days leading up to it, once I began teaching my first class I realized that I was more prepared than I anticipated. The most interesting part of the whole experience was noticing how each individual personalized their class.

Some students led vigorous power-yoga type classes to upbeat soundtracks, while others focused on the importance of community by setting up the mats in a circle rather than facing the front of the studio. Although the skills we learned from Yoga Teacher Training were clearly on display during our first official yoga class, we all learned so much more than could be expressed in any 90-minute yoga class.

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El Sabanero Eco Lodge

El Sabaner Eco Lodge is very well-known in Guanacaste as the place to do yoga. They do a great job of combining their yoga studio and yoga school with their luxury resort-style retreat center. Just a quick shuttle ride from San Jose, and located in prime tourism territory outside of Tamarindo, El Sabanero is a great place to combine your training with vacation.

Sampoorna Yoga And Goddess Garden Terms & Conditions And Liability Statement

  • I voluntarily and willingly choose to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training, course, yoga retreat, or any similar yoga-related event, that includes, but not limited to, Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Chanting, Philosophy, Hands-on adjustments, and any other yoga-related class, exercise or activity , hereinafter referred to as Yoga Classes, offered/held by Sampoorna Yoga.
  • Applying for this course means that I -the applicant agree to release all the teachers, staff, organisers of Sampoorna Yoga, The Goddess Garden and Yoga Alliance from any and all responsibility for any injuries, sickness, diseases or any other type of emotional, physical or mental losses which may be sustained during or as a result of stay, classes or program sessions.
  • I recognise that the Event and the Yoga Classes in which I will be participating may require physical and mental exertion. I further understand and acknowledge that, despite the great amount of care that Sampoorna Yoga and its staff is taking, the Event and the Yoga Classes may expose me to many inherent risks, including accidents, injuries, illness, and so forth. I assume all risk of injuries associated with my participation in the Event and the Yoga Classes, including but not limited to injuries, strains, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather , contact with nature/animals/insects, local food, and all other such risks being known and appreciated by me.
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    Costa Rica Closing Retreat

    Onsite, May 21-30, 2021

    After 6 months, and with a solid basis of connection and practice that builds up to our journey in Costa Rica, we get the richness of the immersion experience with a daily routine that is filled from beginning to end, but theres also time built-in for self-reflection, lots of laughter, and restoration.

    The schedule onsite in Costa Rica will generally follow the following format:

    • 5:00 am 7:20 am Morning Sadhana
    • 7:30 am 8:00 am Breakfast
    • 8:00 am 12:45 pm Class
    • 12:45 pm 2:00 pm Lunch
    • 2:00 pm -6:00 pm Class
    • 6:30 pm 7:30 pm Dinner
    • 7:30 pm 9:00 pm Study/Reading, Evening Activity or Reflection Time
    • 10:00 Lights Out

    We have half days set aside with free time to walk on the beach and in the surrounding area, enjoying the property of the magical venue in the Nosara jungle or just soaking in the elegant accommodations that are in complete harmony with nature.

    • Heal yourself in the vibration of the wonderland immersed in the jungle and kissed by the ocean
    • Soak in the waters at the beach
    • Explore the property
    • Seek inspiration from the nature around
    • and much more

    *In your free time you may wish to adventure on your own or with classmates. These outings are often generated among participants and any related costs are not included in the program nor is transportation provided by KRI. If you wish to do any sight seeing, please schedule yourself to stay a day or two extra before or after the program.

    Health + Safety Protocols

    YOGA TEACHER TRAINING – Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Starting June 1st, all participants who are not vaccinated will begin a phase of social distancing. During this period, contact with anyone outside your household will be limited to either outdoors at a minimum of 6-feet apart, or indoors with no physical contact + both partieswearing masks. If you are vaccinated, we still ask that you practice minimal contact with others.

  • All participants are required to take a COVID test on June 7th. Waiting for 7 days is essential to be sure you have the time for antibodies to develop + respond to testing. Please send us your test results when you receive them, and continue to follow the same social distance guidelines until we arrive together on June 11th in Nosara, Costa Rica.

    Should you test positive before our training, we will transfer your entire payment to a future training with Shivakali!

  • In Nosara, there is a clinic only a 5-minute walk away should folks need to get further tests. Tests in Nosara cost $140, and there is a clinic there with excellent doctors if needed. Easy 🙂

  • For those looking to teach, this Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica will provide a vast, comprehensive tool-kit for teaching physical postures, breathing techniques, alignment, adjustments, as well as pranayama, mantra, meditation, and more. The principles we instruct can be applied to any style of yoga you feel compelled to offer.

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    Holistic Yoga Psychology & Intuitive Wisdom

    Location: Indigo Yoga Resort, Mal Pais, Costa Rica

    Gather on the shores of Costa Rica for this incredible 300 hours yoga teacher training offering! Expand the levels of consciousness within the greater whole and access the yogic view on the psyche along with intuitive wisdom that brings unity and peace in cultures and societies around the world!

    In this 300 hours yoga teacher training, you will learn how to hold space for yourself and for diverse groups of people using the principles and tools of holistic yoga psychology. Through embodied movement, breathwork, and emotional release techniques explore what wants to be revealed here and now, while diving below the surface to access self-reflection and soul growth. In this process, learn how to identify psychological barriers, limiting beliefs, and held pain responses in the body. Become your own self-healer and assist others to release old patterns and bring light to the unconscious material so that you will be free to create and live your dream life.

    When Is The Best Time To Visit

    Costa Rica is separated into two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

    The dry season begins mid-December and runs through January, February, March, and sometimes April. This doesnt necessarily mean its the best season though as prices are usually a lot higher during this time.

    If youre making a trip to the Caribbean side, where you will find yourself in a slow, tropical paradise, then you mostly just want to avoid hurricane season. While the driest months are actually September and October on the Caribbean coast, hurricane season begins in June and continues through July, August, September, and October.

    The biggest pain, truthfully, is trying to secure transportation during the rainy season.

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    Yoga Teacher Training Certification Requirements

    If you want to become a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, a non-profit membership trade and professional organization for yoga teachers, there are a number of things you must do.

    • An RYT must complete their training with a Registered Yoga School
    • be confirmed by the RYS, and
    • keep up-to-date with continuing education and annual fees.

    A program that meets Yoga Alliances standards must be taught by teachers who are qualified to train teachers.

    The following categories must also be covered in a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

    • Techniques, training, and practice
    • Yoga philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle
    • Practicum

    The time needed to complete a 200-hour course varies but a destination Yoga Teacher Training program is usually completed in less than a month. If you are taking a Yoga Teacher Training course that is part-time, it will often take between three to fivemonths to complete, sometimes longer.

    Many yoga studios require their teachers to be certified as an RYT through Yoga Alliance upon completing their training. Benefits for those teachers registered through Yoga Alliance include

    • a credential that is internationally recognized
    • free access to online workshops, and
    • invitations to community events, among many others.

    Are You Able To Disconnect And Be Fully Present In The Moment

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica

    his is probably the most important question to ask yourself. For me, Yoga Teacher Training was about being completely present in the moment. When I spent my month at Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat, I did not have a smartphone or even internet access 23 of the 24 hours a day. I was not on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

    If I wanted to speak with loved ones back home I had to hike 2 miles roundtrip, hoping that the wifi connection on that particular day would be strong enough to connect. If you are someone with a demanding job you may not be able to take 4 weeks off from work and even those with flexible careers may still find themselves stressed out about disconnecting for such an extensive period of time. Of course, its worth noting that I did complete my Yoga Teacher Training 5 years ago and am aware that many retreats now probably offer wifi in common areas.

    Even so, it is important to note that a full-time intense Yoga Teacher Training Course will take up a lot oftime and that completing your training in a foreign country may make you feel distant and lonely at times.

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    Most Popular Locations In Costa Rica

    Now that youâve decided on which type of training, which retreat centers, and which time of year fits into your schedule itâs time to look into which area of Costa Rica will harness your bliss bubble.

    Weâve made a list of the eight most popular yogic destinations for yoga teacher trainings just for you. From the dry, arid Northwest to the humid and wet Southeast, youâre bound to find an area in this blue zone that fits all your goals and wishes.

    Day Lakshmi Rising Intensive 200

    Last but certainly not least is this short and sweet 200-hour intensive that focuses on personal transformation that has over 200-hours of teaching. While the in-person training is only 14-days, you will leave with coursework that can be completed at your own pace, within a year. Together, you will have completed 280 hours of training and be well versed as a yoga instructor!

    This training not only includes the basics that cover the 8 limbs of yoga but also dance, wellness, and self-care, which makes this in-person course stand out from all the others. Your accommodation is an environmentally friendly retreat centre with the option to stay in a jungle loft or a studio house, both of which immerse you into nature.

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    Bienestar Life 200 Hour Yoga Training

    At Bienestar you`ll enjoy Costa Rica and the training in the most serene environment! A hilltop little private hut will be your home for the duration of the training where you can listen to the sounds of the jungle. You`ll be eating locally sourced organic food every day. You`ll be practicing yoga and attend classes from sunrise to sunset. Need I say more?! In these 24 days you will have the chance to transform your life thoroughly through self-inquiry, time allowed for yourself, closeness of nature, studying in a group with like-minded people and learning from the best teachers!

    Day Swadhyaya Yoga School 200

    Nature Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

    As amazing a destination Costa Rica is, I encourage you to also look at the countrys equally beautiful neighbour, Panama. Here there is a yoga course that I couldnt resist adding into this article because the training, location, instructors, and accommodation are truly worthy of consideration. Traditional Hatha is whats taught on this 200-hour yoga teacher training in Panama, hosted by Swadhyaya Yoga School in collaboration with Well Daily, a holistic wellness brand.

    For 22 days youll wake up in a dreamy space, nestled between the tropical jungle and a picturesque beach where you can choose to spend your free time between in-depth training modules. Your daily schedule will consist of 2 yoga classes a day, as well as pranayama and mantra chanting practices, detailed lessons, and even library time for self-study during the day. The evenings are mostly for you, with some scheduled events such as moon or cacao ceremonies, and even sound baths.

    Your instructors are a pleasure to learn from as previous students rave about their dedication and passion for yoga, nutrition, and a holistic approach to yoga, learning, and business. Stunning location aside, this Panama YTT is an excellent opportunity to not only learn about yoga and take your practice to the next level, but to also have instructors who will help you elevate your yoga business , and connection to yourself.

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