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Yoga Surf Retreat Costa Rica

Surf Yoga And The Science Of Happiness

Thrive Fitness and Adventure Retreats in Costa Rica! Surfing, Waterfalls, Yoga, & More!

Surf and yoga are both important elements of our science of happiness retreat here at Paradise Found. Each plays an important role in cultivating body, mind, and spirit, ultimately enhancing emotional development and relational harmony as well. Its all connected. Both activities work the body and help the brain transition into alpha waves, the relaxing light trance-like state we also enjoy when we meditate or take time for ourselves and to enjoy nature. Both encourage sheer joy and cultivate bliss. Both contribute to well-being and happiness.

Day Mindfulness Yoga Retreat At Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Become more mindful with this fantastic yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Your eight days will be spent reconnecting with yourself and learning tools to reach your full potential. Learn to incorporate yoga and meditation into your days to make you more self-aware.

  • Meals: You can enjoy three daily meals that are home-made with organic ingredients. The options include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and kosher.
  • Experience: The retreat is great for all levels and includes daily yoga classes, excursions and meditation. You can enjoy luxury accommodation as well as access to the onsite amenities in your free time.
  • Location: The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is located in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Full Package Girls Only Shared Accommodations

Includes:Airport Transfer to/from Tambor Airport to Blue SurfShared accommodation Lodging for 7 nights at gorgeous Blue Surf SanctuaryDaily breakfast at Florblanca resortUse of services: Wifi sparkling pool shared kitchen and relax areaUse of equipment during your entire stayDaily surf lessons with experienced instructors5 Yoga sessions1 hour full body massageBlue Surf Adventures rash guard for you take home!

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Adult Education At Its Best

When looking at surf and yoga camps around the world, there are none quite like Bodhi Surf + Yoga. We take our jobs very seriously and we want our guests to really learn. For us, this means going beyond the pop-up method or doing a quick headstand. We aim to provide adult education in the sense that we want our guests to leave with a new, deeper understanding of what surfing and yoga entail.

Our certified surf instructors will teach you the basics of oceanography so you know how waves are formed. They will teach marine conservation and introduce the biggest issues facing our oceans, how to ride and carve on a wave, and yes, how to stand on a surfboard. Our instructors want guests to take what they learn and continue to practice and improve no matter where they go.

Similarly, our yoga instructors teach our guests about the philosophies of yoga and give modern day context to these ancient teachings. They perfect a flow for each class and slowly introduce more and more challenging poses as the week goes on. Their goals are to open your mind and body to both the strength-building and the restorative aspects of yoga, all while maintaining an understanding of the spiritual philosophies behind the practice.

Womens Surf & Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica Yoga. Surf. Retreat.

Join us in the community of Pura Vida!

Most of the PVA team started surfing when there were still very few women in the water. This is why we are SO passionate about teaching the beautiful, transformative, and amazing sport of surfing to women from all over the world.

With every group of women who come to our retreats in Costa Rica, we see the incredible way that surfing and yoga can empower, energize, and enliven peoples lives. Whether youre in your first year of college or first year of retirement, surfing and yoga will help grow your strength and joy in your body and soul.

Come experience the adventure of travel, the joy of new friends, the beauty of paradise, and the incredible way surf and yoga can transform your body, spirit, and life.

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Yoga And Surf Holidays In Portugal

Portugal has some spectacular landscapes that fall right into an ocean that reliably rolls out waves, day after day. Naturally, surfers from all over the world flock to its coastline for what is sure to be the most memorable surf trip of their lifetime. If you need private surf instruction, you can easily book surf classes with one of the many instructors on the beach. But if you like to combine surfing and yoga, then you will easily find your dream vacation in Portugal. Most yoga packages will offer surf lessons of some kind. Likewise, any surf camp in Portugal will also offer daily yoga classes for you to deepen your yoga practice after riding the waves all day. It’s a match made in heaven 🙂

Day : Classroom Session & Night Market

Head to the beach early again and warm up for another epic surf session with perfect waves and all your new surf sisters cheering each other on! After todays surf session youll no doubt be beaming with the improvements in your skills, and the walk to the hotel will be with a smile on your face, knowing that a big Costa Rican buffet breakfast will be waiting for you. Take some free time to cruise around the quiet little town of Playa Grande to the surf shop, local brewery or to one of our favorite little coffee shops.

We will meet back up for a fresh lunch After filling up we will head over to the yoga studio for our classroom surf session where we will talk about the history of women’s surfing, surf lingo, etiquette and other interesting topics helpful for any surfer to know. As the day wanes, well meet again at the hotel bar to grab a drink and head down for sunset on the beach. After saying goodbye to another day in paradise, well head right from the beach over to the local night market. This super fun weekly event attracts visitors and locals alike who gather up to share amazing food, drinks, artisanal crafts, live music and good vibes. A favorite night for all every time! Dinner will be worked into the evening when it suits.

Meals: B, L, D

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Looking For A Womens Surf Retreat In Costa Rica

Surfing can be an aggressive sport but it doesnt have to be. That depends on the kinds of waves we get ourselves into. Usually the ladies prefer things a little calmer than the guys, which is probably not exactly a surprise. Our instruction moves at your pace while challenging you to push forward. We work within your comfort zone and encourage you to push those limits, always safely and well-supported. Upon registration we will provide you with exercises you can do to stretch and strengthen the muscles you will need, as increased strength and flexibility in certain muscles will help you have all that much more fun out there.

An Experience Off The Beaten Path

Surf Yoga Adventure Retreat in Southern Costa Rica

In need to disconnect from the busy modern life?

We will explore the most beautiful waves of the south pacific coast of Costa Rica, deep in the jungle and which still remains forgotten by main stream tourism.

Treat yourself with a perfectly balanced mix of high quality surf coaching in small group, yoga sessions in front of the ocean and delicious nutritious meals prepared with love in a natural paradise.

Some down time is included in the daily schedule to live in the present, play with the dogs, collect your coconuts or just have an afternoon nap.

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The Sanctuary At Two Rivers

The place is ideal for those who are into transformation of their physical and spiritual aura, while also being one with nature, practicing yoga and meditating. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a quiet, luxurious and contemporary eco-estate rental property and Yoga Retreat hub that has all the amenities for a world-class wellness holiday. This retreat sanctuary features 100% off-the-grid solar powered private residences that are located minutes away from Costa Ricas first National Nature Preserve, The Cabo Blanco Reserve.

The Sanctuary EcoQuest Retreat This week long retreat has been created to combine the spiritual wholesomeness of Yoga and the goodness of surfing. Meditation sessions, a significant component of the retreat, will help visitors gain a sense of balance. Richard, Elijah Guy and Lynda Carre, the trio master yoga instructors and meditation authorities will guide yogis through the sessions and help them earn a perfect mind-body-spirit posture.

Another great retreat offered by them is the Detox, Transform, Evolve with Sylvia Mordini and Jacob Young. This transformational retreat, hosted by Silvia, a celebrated yoga instructor who is known for living, breathing and exuding yoga every step of the way. She is the owner of a successful yoga studio that offers more than 50 weekly classes and boasts of a team of 15 teachers who have trained more than 8,000 students in 8 years. The other host of this retreat is Jacob Young, an experienced and affable yoga instructor.

Essentials For Yoga Practice

Yoga clothing: Pack your favorite lightweight tops and yoga pants. Since Costa Rica is quite humid, we suggest packing dry quick clothing. Even if youre in a tropical destination, consider packing long-sleeve shirts because youll find evenings are cooler. We would also recommend bringing rain friendly layers just in case.

Yoga mat: Yoga retreats provide yoga mats, but they are usually very used. Youll feel more comfortable doing yoga on your own mat.

Towel: Costa Rica is hot, and theres nothing worse than slipping on a mat covered in sweat. Bring a small towel that you can put on your mat to avoid unwanted slips.

Journal: Yoga retreats usually are life-changing experiences. They help you think more clearly and change your perception of life. So, bring a pen and a notebook to write about your experience.

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Days Rainforest Yoga Holiday In Lake Arenal Costa Rica Essence Arenal Wellness Center

Availability: All year

From $954

Essence Arenal Wellness Center is located in the heart of Arenal National Park, one of the most incredible places in Costa Rica. With Essence Arenal Wellness Center youll learn to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This retreat, based on nature, offers a program with daily yoga classes, hydrotherapy, and a 60-minute massage. They teach Yin and Vinyasa yoga twice a day, as well as breathing techniques. Additionally, you can join guided meditation sessions.

At this yoga retreat, youll definitely enjoy a quiet environment, deepen your yoga practice and change your perception of life. During your time at Essence Arenal Wellness Center, youll also get plenty of time to hike the many trails on the property, swim or simply read a book.

Day Bodhi Sessions Adult Surf + Yoga Camp In Costa Rica

Yoga Retreat Costa Rica May 2019

The pinnacle of Bodhi Surf + Yoga is our holistic surf and yoga camp a week-long, semi-inclusive vacation that invites you to surf, stretch, breathe, and sweat while learning about the environment, engaging with the community, and having lots of fun! During your Bodhi Sessions week, you will go through surfing and yoga curricula that are designed to complement one another and to facilitate your learning process physically, mentally, and spiritually. Bodhi Sessions will provide you with a unique travel experience, one that leaves you feeling enriched and rejuvenated after a one-of-a-kind adventure in a pristine area of the world. In the spirit of experiential learning, you will both learn and do, be active in an outdoor classroom, and achieve personal goals.

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Day : Welcome To Playa Grande

We recommend arriving to Liberia airport before 4pm in order to join us for our first sunset together and a delicious Welcome dinner. There will be a shuttle awaiting your arrival for the 45 minute drive from the airport to our hotel. Upon arriving at our boutique accommodations, youll be welcomed with open arms, given time to settle in and early arrivals will get a chance to explore the full lay of the land. Before sunset well gather for meet and greet cocktails and walk to the beach together for the best show in town after which well enjoy the chance to get to know each other over a lively dinner full of local flavors.

Meals: D

Shaka Beach Retreat / A Boutique Surf And Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Shaka Beach Retreat is a beautiful boutique surf and yoga retreat at Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

Located on the northern coast of Costa Rica, Shaka Beach Retreat is surrounded by lush Costa Rican jungle a few minutes walk to Playa Hermosa, a wide golden beach framed by warm rolling waves and towering palm trees.

If youre a beginner surfer, Playa Hermosa offers perfect conditions for learning, while intermediate and expert surfers will find fun waves at Playa Hermosas beach break and right point break.

This charming beachside hideaway is chock-full of friendly people and good vibes. The amazing staff has a talent for making guests feel at home, and while all rooms and villas are private, there is a community atmosphere, as guests gather for meals together in the communal palm-roofed rancho.

Intimate small-group surf lessons, top-notch yoga classes, and healthy delicious food are just a few things to look forward to at Shaka Beach Retreat. Whether you want to explore the abundant activities or indulge in the art of relaxation, Shaka excels in making surf trips nothing short of awesome.

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Keep Your Surf And Yoga Trip Eco

Once youve booked your surf and yoga retreats, you might be wondering what some of the best tips to create an eco-friendly trip are. You likely already have booked a stay that will ensure some eco-friendliness, but here are some ideas to help you take advantage of the opportunity to be sustainable.

  • The first tip is to book a direct flight. Not only will this cut down on your waiting time before you arrive, but it will also lessen the carbon emissions that you might release from your trip.
  • You can also buy locally, which may turn out to be more cost-effective during your trip. This will be key during your trip to experience all that Costa Rica offers, support the local markets, and cut down on shipping costs.
  • Finally, we also recommend bringing a reusable water bottle. In the heat of Costa Rica, you are likely going to find yourself to be thirstier than you have been back home! So prepare by packing your own reusable water bottle to save yourself some trouble and stay hydrated. Dont forget to empty it before you board the plane!

Best of luck, and we cant wait to see you on the waves or on the yoga mat soon!

How Much Does A Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica Cost

Costa Rica Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat for Women | Pura Vida Adventures

The average cost of a yoga retreat in Costa Rica is between $700 and $1,500 a week. Most yoga retreats weve selected for this post are in this price range. If youre on a really tight budget, you can find yoga retreats in Costa Rica for less than $500 but they usually only last a few days. Of course, there are also luxury yoga retreats that can cost up to $5,000 for a couple of weeks of relaxation.

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Why Go On A Yoga And Surf Retreat In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the reputation of being one of the favorite destinations in the world to combine yoga with surf. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife, and the Pura Vida mantra, Costa Rica is home to numerous surf camps.

Almost every beach town in Costa Rica will offer you surf spots for all levels of practice as well as gorgeous beaches to strike a few yoga poses combined with a unique happy feeling.

Some of the most popular places for a Yoga and Surf Holiday in Costa Rica are Nosara, a leading yoga hot spot with excellent surf spots for beginners, Santa Teresa, a surfing destination that has been hailed as a world-class surfing spot, and Tamarindo, the capital of surfing on the Northern Pacific coast.

What’s Included In This Package

  • Welcome drink
  • Surf lessons with our instructors
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • Parking
  • 3 Yoga Lessons at Ocean View deck
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • Pre and post retreat support from our team
  • Course manual
  • 4 hrs Apnea Training in a swimming pool
  • Transportation during the retreat

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Budget Package Girls Only Shared Accommodations

Includes:Transport coordination to and from our Surf Camp Costs of transport not includedShared accommodation Lodging for 7 nights at gorgeous Blue Surf SanctuaryUse of services: Wifi sparkling pool shared kitchen and relax areaUse of equipment during your entire stay5 surf lessons with experienced instructors4 Yoga sessions1 hour full body massageBlue Surf Adventures rash guard for you to use and take home!

Day Yoga Retreat In An Eco

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats with Five Parks Yoga in Nosara

Availability: All year

From $450

Nestled in the rainforest, La Flor De La Vida retreat promotes human and environmental consciousness. This retreat is truly amazing and will help you connect with body and mind, enjoy silent moments, and experience a deeper inner connection.

The house of La Flor De La Vida is located in an oasis of tropical gardens. During your retreat, you will be served three delicious meals per day made using organic local products. This retreat includes daily yoga classes with a qualified teacher, four nights of accommodation in a private room, and access to the gardens on the property.

This is one of the most popular yoga retreats in Costa Rica, and its a great option for those on a budget. This retreat is perfect for you if you want to rest, take some time for yourself, and share an incredible experience with a wonderful community.

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