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Yoga Six Carmel Valley Schedule

About Sculpt Fusion Yoga

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The heat curls around the stretching bodies inside Sculpt Fusion Yoga as students hug the slightly padded floor and sink deeper into their poses. Within this red-walled studio, expert instructors lead classes that bring together the muscle-opening aspects of yoga, the core-strengthening postures of Pilates, and the detoxifying power of heat. Classes might also incorporate cardio exercises such as jumping jacks and downward-facing dog races.

Bringing Balance To Upbringing

Our studios are designed for todays modern kid to breathe, celebrate, and thrive through yoga and expressive activities.

We offer IN Studio, Outdoor and Virtual classes and camps. We provide classes for Family, Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Youth & Pre Teen Yoga & Art classes as well as Suspension Aerial Yoga classes for Youth and Pre Teen ages.

We focus on family to teens with beginner to advanced class structures. We provide an exciting platform for kids to learn and classes are crafted to advance through all the developmental stages to teen years.

Yoga Six Carmel Valley

Working out is something that I enjoy, but truthfully I have fallen off a little bit. So, it’s time to get it back together!! I got invited to the grand opening of Yoga Six in Carmel Valley and I was really excited, because yoga is something that I started taking a couple of years ago and I love it! I had heard of Yoga Six before, but had never been to any of their studios until now. They have 5 locations in San Diego!!

There were several brands to get goodies from during the opening!!! There were some that I love and purchase often, like Suja and I also got to try several new ones. It’s always a treat to try new things at different events. Perfect example I tried Koia, which is a plant based protein drink. It is so good!!! I use to not be a big fan of protein powders and snacks, but since I have tried different ones that are plant based… it has been a game changer!!!

Time to take a look inside!!! The Studio is pretty small in size, but they offer quite a bit. They have gear and different apparel for purchase. There is a women’s and Men’s side for changing and showering as well. There is only 1 yoga room at this location. The staff is very welcoming and makes sure that you have everything that you need to get ready for class.

Are you looking for a new yoga studio to go to? Give Yoga Six a try!!! )

Thank you so much Katalyst PR for the invite. I will be back at Yoga Six very soon to try out more classes.

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Yoga Six Acquires New Carmel Valley Yoga Studio For Its 13th Location

SAN DIEGO—-Yoga Six has acquired an existing yoga studio in Carmel Valley which was previously known as Sculpt Fusion Yoga. This newly converted Yoga Six studio is located in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center at 4639 Carmel Mountain Rd suite 102 in San Diego, CA.

Yoga Six will be aligning this new studio to coincide with the Yoga Six brand and mission over the coming months. It will approach the transition from the prior Sculpt Fusion slowly to ensure all patrons have time to adjust to the change.

“We feel that the Yoga Six studios are truly unique, and it’s important to us that we preserve that as we grow and expand,” said Peter Barbaresi, Yoga Six CEO. “We quickly realized that the location and community Sculpt Fusion Yoga had was special, and we became very excited as the conversation with the studios ownership progressed regarding our mutual interest to make it part of the Yoga Six community. This studio will be a great addition not only for our brand, but for the yogis that feel at home being a part of Yoga Six.”

Patrons of this new Yoga Six Carmel Valley studio can expect to continue to see the familiar teachers as well as added new Yoga Six staff and yoga teachers. Additionally, the Carmel Valley Yoga Six studio will undergo a significant makeover to upgrade the locker rooms, bathrooms, and front desk/reception/lobby areas. In addition, new weights, blocks, straps and bolsters are already in place for client use.

Why Students Love Yoga Gal Classes

Yoga Six Carmel Valley Class Schedule

Hi Janice is the best Yoga instructor! She really cares about each person she is working with. At the start of each class she asks if anyone is having issues and incorporates that into the practice for the day. She follows up at the next session to make sure it worked. Janice also shows alternative poses so it does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro you will get a good workout. I love that it is zoom classes, if you have a meeting it is recorded so you can do it later. D. Rauscher

Janice tailors everything to individual needs. She keeps things moving, light, and fun. There is no intimidation factor with Janice, and I get such great workouts out of the classes. I have taken basic and sport yoga with Janice, and even had my children join me on occasion, as we all enjoy her so much! N. Magalnick

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We Are Currently Offering In

In-Person Classes

In-Person Classes are hosted at the Yoga Del Mar studio like the old days! Class numbers are still limited, so please do your best to make a reservation in MINDBODY Online. If a class is full, add yourself to the WAITLIST, you will be automatically added to the class if someone cancels and notified by email.

San Diego County is following the State of Californias guidance that recommends everyone wear a face covering in all indoor public settings, whether youve been vaccinated or not. If you are vaccinated, a mask is not required. Please refrain from attending in-person classes if you are feeling unwell at all. See you at Yoga Del Mar!

Livestream Classes

Online classes are now called Livestream classes. This is partly because we have switched from using Zoom to MINDBODY Live Stream software to conduct the classes, but also because its a more accurate description. Livestream classes are broadcast LIVE during the scheduled time and the teacher is teaching exclusively online . You will receive the link to join the class in the 30 minutes before class .

Note: Roger Coles Iyengar class will continue to be hosted as a live Online class through Zoom. Registration in MINDBODY Online is still required and Zoom links will be emailed in the hour before class begins.

Outdoor Classes


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