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Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Online

What You Need For Training:

CorePower Yoga Virtual Teacher Training Review
  • Inner Tradition of Yoga Book required to complete assignments. Your studio may have options to rent as well.
  • Yoga Mat You will obviously need a yoga mat to practice throughout your training. The Lululemon mat is one of my absolute favorites with a sticky grip and perfect for the sweaty studios.
  • Water Bottle This hydroflask is one of my favorites to keep you hydrated throughout class and your water cool.
  • Yoga Clothes The Lululemon Align Leggings are some of my absolute faves which are perfect for sculpt and the comfiest pants you will put on your body. This crop top is one of my favorite tops for yoga and the material is SO SOFT. We were sculpting in a variety of trainings, so I would def bring a change of clothes just in case you do a full class.
  • Stasher Bags The trainings are long and snacks are allowed. Stasher bags are one of my favorite waste free ways to carry healthy snacks with me on the go!

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training Is Led By Nicole Duke And Meets The Recently Updated Yoga Alliance Rys Standards

Throughout the course, we offer sections on basic yoga philosophy, with topics including: Teaching techniques

Living the life of a yogi Meditation and Pranayama principles

Deepen and strengthen your yoga practice. Create positive change and discipline in your mind and body!Hot Source Yoga offers an extensive in-person Teacher Training program based in Aptos, California. This Yoga Alliance RYT approved course provides you with all of the materials and education you need to successfully lead your own 26/2 and Hot Yoga Fusion classes. Our mission is to provide each student with the necessary foundation to skillfully teach with love, safety, and integrity while honoring his or her individual voice and style. Whether you join us to become a teacher or simply to deepen your own practice, the Hot Source Yoga training will prepare you to leave your mark on the world.

Held at Hotsource Yoga in Aptos, CA

Apply To Get Certified

We would like to get to know you more. Please fill out the application below. By submitting this form youre agreeing to the terms and conditions on our website. FlowLIFT Fitness is a registered trademark and should you complete the certification process and maintain the online class support, you will be licensing the FlowLIFT name and format of the class for the purpose of teaching group classes. You will be required to sign a licensing agreement.

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Who Is This For

  • Certified yoga teachers and fitness instructors
  • You are either a certified fitness instructor or have at least a 200-hour yoga certification. You also qualify if you’re currently enrolled in yoga teacher training.
  • You love yoga but you want to mix it up and offer your students something unique and fun.
  • You want to pack your classes and make a sustainable income in the yoga/wellness world.
  • You are ready to teach something different but dont have time to travel or sit in a classroom for hours to get another certification.
  • You want the ease and flexibility of completing certification at home with the confidence of knowing that you will be fully supported throughout your training.

Through Our Teacher Training Program You Will:

Yoga Sculpt Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • Learn to teach a yoga class as an all-encompassing workout for the body, mind, and spirit
  • Explore the foundations and history of yoga in comparison to modern-day yoga
  • Learn proper alignment of poses, how to avoid injuries and basic anatomy
  • Understand how to sequence postures/asanas in a fluid manner and unite breath with movement
  • Receive the tools to create a successful, dynamic yoga class that draws your students in and expands your following
  • Hone your presentation and communication skills to inspire and deliver a class in a concise, effective manner
  • Learn to read bodies and give safe and effective hands-on physical adjustments that increase the power of your students practice

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Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

SOLO Sculpt Teacher Training is for current 200HR Yoga Instructors and/or non-200HR Yoga Instructors looking to take their practice to the next level and learn the skillset needed to teach a FUN, high intensity full body workout that benefits your body and mind! We offer two different learning routes: TRACK 1 and TRACK 2. TRACK 1 is recommend for existing 200HR Yoga Instructors who feel like they have a strong grasp on the building blocks of sequencing and teaching methodology. TRACK 2 is for non-200HR Yoga Instructors and/or current instructors that feel like they need more understanding or refresher on sequencing and teaching methodology.


TRACK1 SOLO Sculpt Yoga certification is designed for existing 200HR Registered Yoga Instructors looking to gain the skillset to teach Sculpt Yoga. The training format combines in-person, online and 1:1 learning that will focus on the following learning objectives,

  • Build blocks to sequencing a high intensity, fun and effective Sculpt Yoga Class
  • How to guide participants verbally and through demonstration in a Sculpt Class
  • The why behind the benefits of incorporating weights, resistance bands and additional props to yoga
  • Strength training terminology and exercises
  • How to make adaptations that work for a wide range of experience and ability levels
  • Similarities and differences when teaching and sequencing a Yoga Flow and Sculpt class



Hour Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

Allow us to come to YOUR studio to facilitate a teacher training program for your students and local community. We offer the following programs:Hot Yoga 26/2Hot Pilates/Hot Pilates SculptYoga Sculpt We provide all materials and education- you provide the studio and students! Contact us today to learn about this unique opportunity!

at your studio

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Why Teacher Training At Hot 8 Yoga


Training to become a yoga barre teacher with Hot8Yoga has been the highlight of my quarantine, who wouldve thought that an online training could bring a community together and change my life! Im so excited about the opportunities in the near future. My trainers were amazing and it was an experience Id highly recommend -Ursula Peña

“I went beyond my comfort zone and completed the Yoga barre teacher training, which ended up changing my life. Especially during the time of the pandemic, I thought it was just going to be something that I was going to learn to do. Little did I know, I was going to gain so much more. I gained knowledge from intelligent, passionate instructors, became a part of a barre community, and pushed myself beyond limits I knew I had. All this has done is create more of a hunger to be a part of the Hot8Yoga community. I want to learn more & more. Never did I think I’d be a certified instructor in two weeks but Briana, Maya, & Rachel provided the tools to help me be confident & now I am completing the mentorship program to continue my journey. I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else. Thank you Hot 8 Yoga for providing a virtual training & helping me find light at the end of this tunnel named Covid. I am forever grateful for this experience & it doesn’t stop here.” – Melissa Lee

How The Training Works

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Clip

Depending on your teaching experience, you can plan to spend 1-2 hours on each module for self-study/practice teaching. You and Jeru will also have video calls every week for you to practice teach, get feedback and ask questions. You will get self-paced access to online training to complete the self-study portion of training and weekly Zoom call time TBD .

The calls will be recorded and you will have access to a private FB group as well. You can also request 1 private call to practice teach 1:1.

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My Corepower Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Experience

Last April , I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for CorePower Yogas 5 Week Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. It was something I had thought about doing for a few years when I fell in love with yoga sculpt during my free week trial when I moved to DC. My sister Emily gave me that final encouragement to go through the teacher training and I am BEYOND happy I did it. Going in detail on my entire teacher training and post training experience in case any of you are contemplating embarking on your own CorePower journey.

Here is what I cover in full in this blog post:

  • Cost
  • Internship
  • Full Time Teaching

It might sound daunting to begin this journey on your own, but I could not be more happy I went through it myself and am so excited to return back to teaching once the studios open back up after the Covid shutdown.

Why Your Students Will Love Yoga Sculpt Classes

  • boost your metabolism to burn more calories
  • sculpt every muscle and increase lean muscle mass
  • improve your overall sports performance
  • increase your mental focus and productivity
  • increase your bone density to prevent osteoperosis
  • get centered & calm so you don’t “sweat the small stuff”
  • build core strength and lessen injuries
  • increase your flexibility and endurance


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Natalie Bachmeier Yoga Sculpt Teacher

“The bYogaStrong Sculpt training was a FUN, engaging, educational, and yes- life changing experience. I learned so much about my own body, mind, and spirit, while developing friendships with other amazing women. Empowering and encouraging a class full of energetic yogis is always a highlight of my week. I love watching my regulars grow to be stronger and more confident! The connection that I have built with my people is unmatched. I will carry the skills and voice that I developed through the Yoga Sculpt training with me in everything I do! “

The Flowlift Online Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Has Landed

The Best Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

You asked for it, and we did it! Most of 2020 has been spent filming videos, editing and coming up with new ways to make our FlowLIFT yoga sculpt teacher training program better. We converted our one-day, in-person training to an online format you can do in your own time. Youll have three months to complete the online portion of the program and then move on to the practical portion of cueing and practicing how to teach.

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Testimonials On The Ays Format:

“Marda challenges the body and mind”

“I have been doing yoga and yoga sculpt with Marda for close to a decade and there is a reason I keep coming back for the Namaste. Her power flow is designed to challenge the body and mind. She reminds yogis to be present, encourages errors and refocus and above all else, smiles and laughs because working out should be fun. “

-Brooke Clements

“Marda is true perfection”

“Marda is the definition of what yoga should be! She teaches from the heart with abundant kindness, athleticism, knowledge, strength, and relaxation. I find her classes to be athletic yet restorative…. no matter how Iââ¬â¢m feeling I always get what I need and feel relaxed and energized after! She teaches to all levels from beginner to expert and always provide the perfect challenge. The variety and intelligence she puts into creating her beautiful flow classes shows her passion and caring for all of her students. Whether itââ¬â¢s a gentle flow class or a yoga sculpt you will not be disappointed. Marda is true yoga perfection! As a fitness professional myself I have taken many classes but none compare to Marda yoga!!!! I have loved her in the studio and now cannot get enough of her online videos!”

-Kelly Devereux

“AYS Builds body strength and improves balance and coordination”

-Cherie Rex

The mission statement of AYS teacher training:

Wendy Oberg Studio Owner

One of the best moves our studio did was have bYogaStrong host a Sculpt Teacher Training at our space! Brandy is the perfect combination of fun, knowledgeable and professional. Every student that trained with her loved her and the training. The content was well organized and easy to digest. What impressed me the most was how after just one weekend they were ALL really good teachers, actually Rockstars. They were transformed into amazing, effective leaders.

Our studio now has multiple sculpt classes on the schedule and we have to keep adding more, as her group of teachers are so good they are wait-listed! As a studio owner I can 100% say make this move, your bottom line will thank you and your entire space will have a new life to it. Feel free to call me with any questions.

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Yoga Sculpt Training Faculty

Merry Beth is director of Green Lotus’ Yoga Alliance-certified school and a senior faculty member. She has been practicing yoga since 2000. She found the physical asana practice to be the perfect transition for her aging body that could no longer tolerate a classical ballet practice. She taught ballet for more than 15 years, then she began teaching Body Flow, Pilates, and yoga in 2002. Merry Beth also has experienced the more subtle benefits of yoga it has given her the strength and balance to navigate a full-time career in corporate America and to raise her children into adulthood. Now she devotes her work time to being a Green Lotus partner and teacher.

How Do I Start

Yoga Sculpt 30 Minutes with Amy O

Grab 2 sets of weights 1 heavy and 1 light for example a 3 lb. and a 5 lb. set or a 5 lb. and 8 lb. set. You may want to go heavier for something like rows or bicep curls and lighter for triceps kickbacks or flys. Set them at the top, outside of your mat. This way they are there when you want them. I always start my practice by warming up with Sun Salutations. What youll find is when you start adding in the weights and doing sets, youll quickly realize how often you can incorporate the weights in. Its simply a matter of being creative. The first couple of times I suggest having a journal on hand so you can write down what you did and even create some sequences. Youll be able to feel in your body what worked well and what could have been better. Use the weights as naturally as possible so the transitions become seamless and less awkward. This will come with practice and time. If youre looking to teach Yoga Sculpt I suggest saying the words out loud as you practice this way you can hear how it sounds. Dive right in, go with the flow and see where your practice takes you!

Here a some suggestions:

  • In warm up weight in hand while reaching right arm forward and left leg back then curling in to touch elbow to knee.
  • Bend your knees, take hold of your weights, sweep your arms up Utkatasana Shoulder presses .
  • Rows in Warrior 3.
  • Bicep Curls in Crescent Lunge.
  • Bicep Curls in Warrior 2.
  • Flys in Warrior 3.
  • Triceps kickbacks in Utkatasana.
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    Facebook Community For Support Ideas And Weekly Fb Lives For Q & A

    100% Risk-Free Money Back GuaranteeIââ¬â¢m confident you will be successful in learning the AYS format if you do the work and participate fully. Which is why Iââ¬â¢m offering a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

    Hereââ¬â¢s how it worksââ¬Â¦ Sign up today, complete the first two modules, and if youââ¬â¢re not happy with what youââ¬â¢re learning, you can request a full refund within the first 14 days of the program. All I ask is that you show up for the Live Teaching + Q& A Call and complete the homework assignments. If you do this and find the material doesnââ¬â¢t support you in any way, Iââ¬â¢ll gladly refund your investment in the program.

    Frequently asked questions:

    How long will this course take to complete ?

    AYS teacher training is a self-paced course with homework in each section. It will depend on your background and knowledge base to how long each section will take for you to complete. If you are a yoga teacher you will probably take more time in Module 3, whereas if you are a Group fitness instructor you will probably require more time in Module 2. You can complete all modules in several weeks or several months.

    What certifications do I need to be able to take the AYS teacher training ?

    You need to be a certified 200 hour or more RYT, Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor, Group fitness instructor or a personal trainer in order to get certified after taking this training.

    Will I get instant access to the course ?

    Curriculum / Course Information

    Earn your certification. Transform your practice and

    • Have students knocking down your door.
    • Offer a class that is fun and unique, and one that helps you stand out from the gazillion other yoga teachers.
    • Increase your class size and have a waitlist.\
    • Offer an amazing class that has the benefits of traditional yoga, strength training, and cardio.
    • Attract new clientele that usually goes to a gym or takes fitness classes and you get to be the one to introduce them to the yoga world

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    What Is Xen Strength Yoga

    Xen Strength Yoga classes combine creative yoga flow with full-body strength training and meditation. Sculpt, tighten, and challenge every major muscle, reduce stress and increase your confidence.

    Xen Strength Yoga helps you achieve the most effective results with the least amount of effort, by engaging you in full body moves that work multiple areas at once, all while boosting your heart rate and your metabolism, plus building muscle.

    Receive certification upon completion that can be used as CEU with yoga alliance and other organizations.


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