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Yoga Retreats For Young Adults

Spiritual Retreat: Insight Meditation Society

Young Adult Cancer Yoga Surf Retreats

Insight Meditation Society holds the honor of being one of the first meditation retreat centers in the Western world and continues to give visitors guidance on Buddhist meditation through retreats. There are 240 acres of secluded woods surrounding the Forest Refuge and Retreat Center, with the first offering programs for experienced meditators while the second has courses of all levels and durations.

There are three dorms at the Retreat Center with single rooms containing a closet, chair, and sink and shared bathrooms, while the Forest Refuge offers similar accommodations. At the Retreat Center, there are meditation instructors offering daily guidance and instruction to help with compassion and awareness, as well as individual and group interviews with teachers. Retreats there can last between a weekend and three months, while those at the Forest Refuge must be at least a week. There are also work and meditation retreats available.

Three vegetarian meals are included each day during every retreat with the ability to accommodate food allergies. If you are looking for meditation retreats on the East Coast, Friday-to-Sunday retreats start at $205, week-long retreats from $475.

1230 Pleasant Street, Barre, Massachusetts 01005, Phone: 978-355-4378

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You’re Repeating Destructive Patterns

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Or maybe you bottle up and lash out?

Or continuously choose the wrong partner?

Whatever it is for you, awareness is a great first step. But then what to do about it?

Changing habits and patterns are in our hands. We can work on this by learning techniques and using them when we catch ourselves in the loop.

Same action, same result.

Even when there aren’t any actual loud noises, everything is magnified.

Fear takes over.

Crowds, social situations, driving, elevators, the thoughts in your head…


Anxiety doesn’t need to be crippling. It doesn’t need to take over- but left to your own devices, it can be easy to feel that way.

Learning how to manage triggers and symptoms in a supportive environment is a great way to get a head start.

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Blooming Lotus Yoga: A Peaceful Sanctuary In The Heart Of Ubud

Well-known for its emphasis on classical yoga, this dreamy retreat center offers yoga programs, yoga teacher training courses and silent meditation retreats throughout the year.Inspired by a spiritual approach to the practice, their retreats focus on empowering students with an integral and comprehensive understanding of both the theory and practice of the deeper aspects of yoga. While yoga asana is definitely a priority, those ready to dive deeper in a more integral and comprehensive way will find their retreats a rare gem of clarity, lucidity and deep knowledge. They also feature workshops on a diverse range of subject matter including diet, healing, yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, chakras, how to integrate yogic ideals into daily life and more.

For more information click here.

Day Couple Surf And Yoga Retreats In Lisbon Portugal

Yoga classes for Teens and Young People in Stroud

Starting from: $2,163

Perhaps youre a dedicated yogi, but your partner is more into watersports. If thats the case, you can combine your hobbies on this surf and yoga holiday in sunny Portugal. The retreat lasts 8 days and 7 nights, with plenty of time to do your own thing as only five of the days include yoga and surfing.

On those five days, youll start with a gentle yoga session to wake up the body before heading out to the nearby beaches for your surf session. Then, theres a second yoga class in the evening. During the retreat, youll practice Hatha, Iyengar, and Power yoga for a wide variety of styles, and youll stay in a lovely pool villa where you will enjoy a welcome BBQ upon arrival.

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Aqua Wellness Resort Nicaragua

The retreat: TheAqua Wellness 3-Day Refresh Program at Aqua Wellness Resort, situated on Nicaraguas Emerald Coast.

The itinerary: A personal wellness reboot inspired by yoga, massage, water activities, and lush, tropical surroundings.

The dates: Offered year-round.

The price: $605 for the four-day, three-night program, which includes massages and/or a facial, private yoga sessions, a branded tank top, private ground transportation from the airport, and more. Accommodations are extra and start at $100/night.

The Healthy Nutrition Retreat

Learn how to fuel your body correctly withSHA Wellness Clinic

For those that want to try something different on a nutrition-friendly retreat, the world’s first macrobiotic wellness resort, SHA Wellness Clinic, is the ideal place to learn about lasting healthy habits. Located near Spains El Albir beach, with stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains, this Spanish retreat offers the ultimate luxury. Feel renewed and uplifted whilst detoxing on a macrobiotic diet that is personalised for each individual.

The concept of Macrobiotic is an ancient diet rooting back to the era of Hippocrates who believed in living a long and healthy life by eating a simple balanced diet. The concept then passed through the hands of a few and most recently the notion was taken up by the Japanese. Today, macrobiotic is about cutting out meat and eating whole foods, such as grains, vegetables and fruit. In some cases, the diet may be completely vegetarian or even vegan, but in most cases fish is eaten. Most importantly the food needs to be balanced and chewed slowly, for better digestion.

Boost your metabolism at Vilarara Longevity

You might think weight loss is a battle that will never be defeated or perhaps you feel exhausted thinking about how much work it will take to get your ideal body. The best way to start a weight loss regime is to seek expert advice on a weight management holiday where you will receive the support and guidance to start approaching weight loss positively.

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Beautiful Yoga Retreats In The Us

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Searching for serenity? Sign up for a yoga retreat to discover true inner peace.

Built against scenic natural backdrops and established for the exact purpose of fostering tranquility, yoga retreats provide the quietude and relaxation necessary for discovery, reflection and rejuvenation.

Check out our list of the top eight yoga retreats in the United States and sign up now for a sojourn into deep, calming peace.

Central + South America

Shalom Retreat for Young Adults

22. The Sacred Valley, Peru

Traditionally, travelers here head straight to historic sanctuary Machu Picchubut culturally immersive retreats nestled in the heart of the Sacred Valley offer a new draw of their own. Splurge on a stay at Sol y Luna boutique hotel knowing a portion of the hotels profits fund an adjacent school that provides education, art, and sports for the valleys youthand take advantage of outdoor yoga classes. Travelers seeking a more immersive experience should consider eco-retreat Willka Tika, which incorporates Andean traditions and Qero healers. Portions of retreat proceeds support childhood education in remote villages. Organic gardening, sustainable living, and acts of generosity are all woven into the fabric of Willka Tika. For a more holistic experience in Peru, consider volunteering at Eco Truly Park in Lima. Volunteers participate in teaching yoga classes, organic gardening, and cooking.

23. El Salvador

24. Guatemala

Travelers looking to escape the growing yogi crowds in Mexico have set their sights on the emerging yoga scene in Guatemala, where, in the Mayan village of San Marcos la Laguna, the Yoga Forest Conscious Living Retreat Center is setting the stage for responsible tourism, funding community projects such as shoreline restoration via reed planting and midwife education. Drop in for a class or embark on a personal or group retreat to study Jnana, Ashtanga, Bhakti, and Karma Yoga with their pros.

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What Is A Youth Retreat

On a broad scale, a youth retreat is a collective string of activities that have oodles of outdoor activities for youth of all age groups. There are various themes for youth group retreats and they can be through a youth ministry, summer camp, after-school activity, club, or sports organization.

Most youth retreats will involve overnight accommodation , shared meals, various event schedules, and provide an overall home away from home experience. Adults of different skill sets not only run these retreats but also act as mentors to the students that attend.

Mental Health Retreats Bali

One of the most Googled yoga destinations in the world, Bali alone is a pretty great treatment for any mental healthdisorder.

If you’re looking for excellent yoga classes, meditation, Ayurveda spa treatments, inner peace, mental clarity, healing, and recovery from a hectic everyday life in warm weather with good food and like-minded people, put Bali on the tip-top of your list.

There’s a lot of people in Europe, which is probably why there’s a lot of psychology study, group therapy, addiction help, assistance for a mental health problem, and a mental health retreat experience there as well.

Get some residential treatment in the Italian Dolomites or cognitive behavioral therapy by the coast of Portugal.

Women’s retreats, healing retreats, and self-care are also really popular categories for retreat and rehab in Europe.

You deserve a little luxury in your life. Which is why we have a whole category of retreats to amp up your mental and physical wellness luxury style.

From Brisbane to Bombay, check it out.

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Best For Mindfulness: Miraval

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat focused on mindfulness, Miraval has just the package for you. During September, aka National Yoga Month, both their Arizona and Austin locations offer a chance to explore your body, mind, and spirit through a curated selection of their classes.

A core tenet of Miraval is its “Life in Balance” mission, which focuses on inspiring a sense of mindfulness that participants cultivate on-site and continue to nourish after leaving the resort.

With a digital device-free motto that’s strictly enforced, you can unplug and thoughtfully focus on yourself. While there are designated areas throughout the property where you can use your devices, if you need to, the resort encourages you to be mindful of the choice to do so.

Whether you’re a new, intermediate, or advanced yogi, you can select from a wide range of offerings that include morning yoga and slow flows to New Age, celestial sessions, and inversion-focused, aerial yoga classes. Since most sessions are included in the cost of booking, you can participate in as many or as few as you want, therefore, trying out several different options.

The rates are higher at Miraval, Arizona, at about $829 per night, including meals, complimentary workshops, access to the fitness center, three pools, and hiking trails.

Amazing Yoga Retreats For Singles

Teen Yoga Classes in Stroud, Cheltenham, Brimscombe and ...
24 August 2017 24 August 2017

As well as being an established practice to improve strength, mobility and overall physical health, yoga aids mental well-being and mindfulness. Far too often we cruise through life without paying attention to the presentyoga cultivates a kind of spiritual awareness that opens the mind to a higher level of consciousness. The same could be said for travel. Taking time out of your busy day-to-day lives to travel and experience the world opens your eyes to the little beautiful things in life. Journey to the most amazing , from Europe to Asia, and combine your love for travel with your passion for yoga.

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How Do You Plan A Youth Retreat

Step1: Set an intention to define the purpose of the retreat. It’s like planning a vacation to open up the moldable minds of our world’s youth. Is this for spiritual purposes? Athletics? Ministry? High school students? Middle school? Kindergarten?

Step 2: You’ll need help. So once you’ve set the intention define the skill sets that need to be filled by qualified adults.

Step 3: Where should you hold this retreat? Think about the activities you’d like to include. For example, if you want to kayak you probably should be near a river or lake. Also, take into account what season will make the retreat the most functional.

Step 4: What will the expenses of the retreat be? That will define the price participants need to pay upon registration.

Step 5: Invite everyone!

Step 6: Get together a good packing list for the parents and guardians.

And voila! Just like that you’ve planned a youth retreat!

The Raj Ayurveda Center

The Raj centers on a facility covering 36,000 square feet and 100 acres of land among the woodlands and rolling meadows in Iowa. Here guests can attend treatment programs that help them restore balance so the body can return to homeostasis and tap into its natural healing mechanisms. There is the option of staying in a room with a queen bed, a king bed, or two queen beds.

The unique Taste of the Raj program lets you customize your activities during your stay, including wellness consultations, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, and various treatment options. These treatments can include ten-step facial therapy, anti-stress massages, Abhyanga-Shirodhara, Shirodhara, and/or Abhyanga. Guests can also attend the Transcendental Meditation program to learn meditation and improve healing.

Each room comes with a continental breakfast and the Raj Restaurant offers a range of vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner. The restaurant includes the option of traditional family-style meals or private dining as well as a Sunday buffet. Single occupancy rates start at $108, Double from $123. In-Residence Panchakarma Packages are $660 per day and include 2-3 hours of Ayurvedic Spa Treatments, Yoga classes, Evening Lectures, all meals and more.

1734 Jasmine Ave, Vedic City, Iowa 52556, Phone: 641-472-9580

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Romantic Yoga Retreats For Couples

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Vacations are a brilliant way to strengthen your bond with your partner and reignite the fire in the relationship. Opting for a couples yoga holiday is even more beneficial, as you dedicate time to nourish yourself and each other in a peaceful, reflective environment. By doing yoga, meditation, and other bonding activities together youll quickly feel the passion coming back or growing deeper.

You can find yoga retreats for couples worldwide, including on secluded tropical islands and in tranquil mountain towns. Here are ten of the best retreats for lovebirds around the globe.

The Adventure Fitness Holiday

Stretch Heal Grow Yoga Retreat 2014 -for young women with breast cancer

Get your adrenaline pumping at Zighy Bay

Its no surprise that many of us seek an adventure holiday packed with thrill seeking fun and inspiring adventures after long days of repetitive work or unfulfilling routines. Zighy Bays Sense of Adventure holiday is filled with activities and adventures that will get your heart pumping and your senses enlightened.

You will get an adrenaline rush climbing the spectacular mountains and paragliding on arrival into the resort on the secluded bay of Oman. Activates include mountain biking, kayaking and boot camp training. The adventure doesnt stop there, Zighy Bay also offers a variety of more mellow outings that are equally as exhilarating. You can charter a Yacht and cruise the sea and watch the vibrant sunset. You can wake-up doing sunrise pranayama, then try a mediation, nutrition or holistic class and end the day with sundown Yoga.

There is a spa packed with wellness treatments such as massage, facials and body scrubs so you can unwind and relax. There is no place that offers so much variety and luxury and you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on any challenges that may come your way.

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Family Getaway In Canada

Canada is refreshingly simple in that the people are kind and happy, the amenities are first world status, yet nature still rules the land. Its a popular destination for families looking for some space and fresh air. Head to British Columbia for some of the best views you will find in all of the world . Or head to Toronto for an amazing fusion of cultures and big city entertainment.

Europe & North Africa

Nefeli Nine Retreats, Attica, Greece

Greece is definitely high up on my list of 2022 yoga vacations! Dreamy turquoise water, cozy sand-washed stone buildings, mild climate, a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables those are pretty much the only prerequisite for a great yoga retreat in Greece, am I right? I hear Athens is also a top vegan location, so Im really dying to go. Nefeli Nine invites you to join them for a week-long, no-nonsense, luxury yoga retreat. Located in Dikastika not far from Marathon, with expansive views over the Mediterranean, come and unwind amid the wild olive trees perched along the cliffs, the sweet smell of Jasmine, and the explosion of color from the bougainvilleas. The personal retreats are fitness-oriented and include on the class calendar, as well as daily yoga sessions including yin yoga, daily outdoor activities like hikes, and fitness classes such as HIIT, boxing, functional training, kettlebells in their fitness center. To top this up, fresh local food is served and massages are available.

Duration: 3 to 7 days Price: from $660 Closest Airport: Athens Airport pick-up included? No

Yoga with Perumal, Imlil, Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is high on my list for 2022 and Perulmals yoga retreats are my top pick! With small groups and direct flights between Berlin and Marrakesh, I think those could count as yoga retreats near me, whatcha think? Im dreaming of immersing myself in the local culture and local community

Fykiada Retreats

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