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Yoga Poses To Reduce Anxiety

Why Its Good For You

Yoga To Reduce Anxiety | 5 Calming Yoga Poses (All Levels)

Yogas been around for centuries. But over the last couple of decades its popularity has hit global levels. With yoga studios dotting every other corner, yogas def gone mainstream. And with good reason!

A 2016 review found evidence that Hatha yoga helped reduce anxiety, especially for people who experienced more anxiety than average. Thats great news for folks prone to panic attacks.

Yogas benefits affect anxiety in less direct ways as well. A 2014 study on breast cancer survivors found that a regular yoga practice boosted mood and increased energy. If you have more energy and feel happier, you might be in a healthier mental place overall.

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Yoga can help with this too. A 2017 review found that yoga could help reduce depression symptoms. In this review, people with chronic back pain, pregnant people, and people with substance use disorder all benefited from a regular yoga routine.

Keep in mind that yoga comes with some risk you could get injured if you push yourself too hard. So dont try to flex it out like Simone Biles in your first sesh. Just listen to your body and you should be A-OK. Better yet, find a certified instructor to help you get started safely.

Your body isnt the only thing that can hurt during a yoga session yoga may also stir up your emotions. Some people experience intense emotional release while doing yoga. Feelings that have been suppressed may surface. This is totally normal!

Yoga Pose #4 Bhujangasana: Cobra Pose

It is a highly effective yoga pose for stress reduction. Along with it has many physical health benefits to offer like bringing relief in asthma.


Lie down on your stomach. Place your hands near your shoulder. Now, slowly inhale and lift your chest from the floor with your hands placed in the same position.

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This yoga pose provides with immediate relaxation
  • It eases our breathing process by opening up our chest
  • Pain in muscles is also reduced by this yoga pose

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: 30 seconds are good enough to relax yourself.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety

The Good Body Updated: March 21, 2020Fitness, Pain Management, Sleep, Yoga and Meditation

When anxiety takes hold it can be difficult to find a way to refocus your mind. Yoga has been shown to do amazing things for people living with anxiety, as well as depression.

There are a number of particular poses that can be good for anxious feelings, take a look below at 17 of the best yoga poses for anxiety:

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Yoga Pose #12 Halasana: Plow Pose

Although a comparatively difficult pose for beginners this yoga pose does reduce stress and stimulates various glands.


Lie down on your back. Now, inhale and slowly lift your legs and hips up towards the ceiling.

Slowly lower your toes to the floor . Hold this position for as long as you can and release it back to normal.

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This pose reduces stress and fatigue
  • It is therapeutic for body aches and insomnia
  • Along with stretching muscles, it also stimulates the thyroid gland

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: Initially 5-10 seconds will help you experience this pose.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

Yoga Combats The Struggle With Anxiety

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When you learn various yoga poses, you will learn how to calm yourself without the need for harmful self-medication tactics. You will also learn how to increase your focus, improve your balance, and obtain a relaxed state. Yoga is one of the best exercise methods for effective stress relief, and once you learn how to use these poses properly, you will learn how to be more positive.

If you struggle with anxiety, then you should know that yoga can help you in the following ways:

  • Sends your breaths to the areas where most of the attention is needed
  • Lowers your pulse
  • It helps to regulate your stress response.
  • Improves your body image
  • It helps you understand how your body works.
  • Enhances endurance
  • It puts you on the path to being healthier.

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A Little Bit Of Anxiety Is Okay

Stress, fear, anxiety if we start counting all those instances in life when we have experienced these emotions, we may lose count! Anxiety and nervousness over passing an important exam like the SAT, a first date or a job interview, catching an early morning flight, trying some extreme sports, a flat tire, a rainy forecast, or a parking ticket we have all lived through moments like these.

A little bit of fear is normal. In fact, just like salt in food, some small amounts of fear can be good, helping us stay disciplined, focused, and dynamic.

So it is very important to remember to be gentle on yourself. Its ok! Just as you experience happiness sometimes, experiencing anxiety is also natural.

Yoga For Anxiety: Try These 5 Easy Exercises To Beat Stress

  • Looking for some calming poses to deal with anxiety or stress disorder? Check inside for the steps and benefits of 5 easy-to-do Yoga asana at home to get promising results

Meditation, good sleeping routine and stretching helps one to focus and relax but when anxiety starts to creep in or during times of stress, many people turn to Yoga. It might seem contradictory but by exercising and putting physical stress on ones body, mental tensions can be relieved.

Yoga is a form of exercise that combines stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation and has various asana or body postures that include sitting meditation pose, reclining, standing, inverted, twisting and balancing poses to overcome all kinds of sufferings and lead to ‘the state of liberation’ or ‘freedom’ and self-realisation. Studies have often suggested that Yoga can enhance mood and according to some researches, it may even be as effective as antidepressant drugs at treating depression and anxiety.

Yoga practice helps lower stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, improving sleep pattern and self-image. Hence, people who do Yoga regularly are less likely to experience anxiety as compared to those who dont since benefits of the asana are strongest when one performs them regularly.

Looking for some calming poses to deal with anxiety or stress disorder? Check below for the steps and benefits of 5 easy-to-do Yoga asana at home to get promising results.

1. Sukhasana or easy pose

4. Vrikshasana or tree pose

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Try These Simple But Very Effective Yogic Mudras

Mudrashave been used for thousands of years to help ease the mind and body, providing relief from a number of different conditions including dealing with common anxiety issues.

Take a comfortable seat and practice any of these mudras with slow and gentle breaths for 5-10 minutes.

  • Gyan Mudra

Join the tips of the index finger and thumb and keep the other 3 fingers stretched, relaxed, and joined.

  • Kalesvara Mudra

Touch tips of middle fingers. Touch the first two joints of the index fingers and touch your thumbs. Bend the remaining fingers inward. Point your thumbs toward your chest and spread your elbows to the outside. Observe your breath and lengthen the pause after inhalation and after exhalation.

  • Uttarabodhi Mudra

Hold the hands in front of the solar plexus. Interlock the fingers. The index fingers and thumbs of both hands should be joined together. While the index fingers point to the ceiling, the thumb points to the floor.

  • Apan Vayu Mudra

The tip of the index finger should be pressed gently against the root of the thumb and the second and the third finger should touch the inner tip of the thumb.

  • Agni Shakti Mudra

Touch the fingers of both the hands to the palms and join both the tips of thumbs together.

Why Yoga Can Help

3 Yoga Poses to Reduce Anxiety, Worry & Stress

Often, we feel instilled with fear and reluctance, and find that there is no way out of our stressful situations. A regular yoga practice incorporating the right poses can help to alleviate some of this anxiety.

Yoga involves deep breathing, focusing on postures and stilling the mind. Its a practice tailor made specifically for you. Its not listening to outside noise or competing with anyone else. The aim of your anxiety alleviating practice is to choose movements that calm you, keep you in the moment and not feeling rushed and are not extremely challenging to you.

The following movements are helpful to ease anxiety and are possible for nearly everyone to attempt and practice. Make sure you have a comfortable mat and clothing, enough space, no distraction, peaceful music and essential oil and adequate time . Without the right place and set up, your yoga practice will not bring you the comfort you require. Remember to always take full, long deep breaths as you practice.

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Yoga Pose #14 Ustrasana: Camel Pose

This yoga pose works effectively well for stress reduction and emotional balance.


Kneel on the floor with your hands resting on the back of your pelvis (fingers pointing towards the floor. Now, lean back and place your hands on your ankle, with your face towards the ceiling. For beginners holding the pelvis area and leaning back a little will also do the needful.

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This pose helps in chakra healing and releases energy.
  • It is a powerful yoga pose for stress relief.
  • It helps us to regulate our emotions effectively.

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: Even 30 seconds in this pose will help you release stress.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

Yoga Pose #10 Bridge Pose: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

It is a wonderful yoga pose to relieve stress and anxiety. But, thats not it! There are various mental health benefits that it has to offer.


Lie down on your back, with your feet placed flat on the ground, and arms alongside. Inhale and lift your hips and chest from the ground .

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This yoga pose has a therapeutic impact on the high level of blood pressure.
  • It works as a gentle stretching for the back and legs.
  • This pose helps in the reduction of anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and backaches.

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: 30-60 seconds are good to start with.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

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Yoga Pose #6 Ananda Balasana: Happy Baby Pose


Lie down on your back. Now bend your knees towards your belly and stretch your hands to hold your feet. Now open your knees wide and stay in this position.

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This pose enhances our mood and improves our sleep
  • It will help your mind and body be calmer
  • This yoga pose reduces stress and fatigue as well.

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: Try to be in this pose for at least 60 seconds.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

It Can Be Hard To Feel Grounded And Calm In The Midst Of Uncertainty And Chaos Here Meditations Pranayama And Asana Sequences To Help You Let Go Of Fear And Find Peace

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With social distancing and temporarily shuttered yoga studios, now is a good time to lean into your home yoga practice. These 11 sequences, breath and movement practices, and meditations will provide a refuge and real health benefits.

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Final Thoughts On Trying Yoga To Beat Your Struggle With Anxiety

Yoga is excellent for all skill levels as it can be modified to fit your needs. It can bring you relief from your anxiety and stress and promote an overall good mental wellbeing. This art has a history of using meditation and breathing exercises to lower cortisol levels and get the body some much-needed relief.

To enhance your session and further lower your struggles with anxiety, try burning some candles or incense during this time. Some even create a small altar with these items where they lay down their troubles.

Its also common to use essential oils to help induce a calm state. Oils like lavender, bergamot, patchouli, valerian, and lemongrass help ease stress and anxiety.

Your struggle with anxiety doesnt have to win. You can learn practical coping skills that can help you overcome this widespread mental health issue.

Can’t Get Into Meditation Try These 4 Breathing Exercises Instead

If youve ever been stressed or anxious, youve probably been told to take a deep breath. Deep breathing techniques are often used for relaxation and stress management and can be a great way to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety.

Whether youre feeling anxious about a big event coming up or youve just had a hard day, breathing exercises are an easily accessible tool you can keep on hand to cope. Yoga breathing has also been known to improve quality of sleep and mindfulness, both of which can help to improve mental health.

In fact, I became interested in getting my certification in yoga because of the positive benefits yoga had on my sleep and anxiety levels. I no longer needed my anxiety or sleeping medication once I started practicing yoga regularly! I attribute that mostly to the breathwork that I learned in my yoga classes and practiced daily.

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Vrikshasana Or Tree Pose

Standing tree pose is one of the easiest yoga asanas to enhance stability and energy flow throughout the body. The pose boosts awareness while working on the core to coordinate the upper and lower body. If your body needs balancing and stability, you should try this pose. Be sure to practice one side at a time.

Yoga Pose #15 Sukhasanan: Easy Sitting Pose

Yoga Poses – How to relieve stress and anxiety – Part 2

This yoga pose will help you achieve inner peace and happiness.


Sit down with your legs extended in front of you. Now, bend your knees in a cross position, so that your left foot is under your right knee and your right foot is under your left knee. Keep your palms on your knee .

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • It promotes inner calm.
  • This yoga pose eliminates stress and anxiety .

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: Stay in this position for 60 seconds and then switch your legs.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

Time for you to try these yoga poses to reduce stress. Do share with us which yoga pose did you try for yourself.

Also, if you know someone whos battling with day-to-day stress, help them by sharing this write-up. After all, we rise by lifting others!

Now, you are all set to combat stress in your life and lead a happy life.

To add in your stress-busting gears we have a small gift to share with you

PS: Next time when stress overwhelms kick it out by a great yoga pose!

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How Does Yoga Help Alleviate Stress And Anxiety

Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. The physical postures promote flexibility, relieve tension, and alleviate pain.

Yoga poses may help you release physical blockages like muscle knots, helping release emotions and tension. They also promote the release of mood-boosting endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that can positively affect how you handle stress.

Focusing on the present moment during your yoga practice enhances your awareness, boosts your concentration, and centers your mind.

As you become aware of the transitory nature of your bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings, you may find it easier to let go of attachments to positive, negative, and neutral experiences. You may also learn to cultivate feelings such as love, joy, and serenity.

Yoga Pose #11 Garudasana: Eagle Pose

If you need unwavering concentration, endurance, and stress reduction this yoga pose is best for you.


Stand in Tadasana. Bend your knees slightly lift your left foot up and, cross your left thigh over the right. Then hook the top of the foot behind your lower right calf. Fir hand to press the right hand to the right and the left hand to the left, such that the palms are now facing each other.

Why is it a Great Yoga Pose for Stress Relief?
  • This pose improves your concentration.
  • It strengthens and stretches our body muscles.
  • This yoga pose reduces stress and fatigue.

Required time for this Relaxing Yoga Pose: 30-60 seconds of holding this yoga pose are beneficial.

Video Guide of This Yoga Pose to Reduce Stress:

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How To Use Breath To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

So what exactly is yoga breathing? You will breathe in through the nose for a few-second count and then out through the nose, keeping the mouth closed. This is supposed to gather your prana, or energy, and make it more focused. Its also calming and allows the nervous system to relax.

Ive prepared a list of my favorite yoga breathing exercises for you to try when you need a break from your daily routine. Whether you perform them in the morning, before bed or throughout the day, youll feel a release of unneeded stress and a sense of calm.

Virabhadrasana I Or Warrior Pose 1

Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Stress and Tension

Warrior 1 is a strength-building and foundational yoga pose that helps develop a strong core, strengthen leg muscles and prepares one for advanced postures such as Warrior Pose 2 and Warrior Pose 3. It is a great pose to test your bodys flexibility and stretch your lower as well as upper body. This will help you stretch and tone muscles of the chest, shoulder, abdomen and back.

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