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Yoga Poses For Good Sleep

Advanced Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

3 yoga poses for better sleep

Plow Pose

The plow pose is a posture in which you start in a lying position with your back on the floor and raise your legs up behind your head. If the tip of the tipped toe does not touch the floor, you can use a chair or the like to maintain the posture.

Supported Shoulderstand Pose

Start in a lying position with your back on the floor, raise your legs behind your head, support your back with your hands, and slowly lift your legs and spine straight upwards.

The shoulder standing posture and the plow posture are full-body exercises that help metabolism and relieve stiff shoulders. In both postures, the completeness of the movement can be improved through continuous practice. Again, for women, you should avoid these poses during a period.

Breathing Techniques For Sleep

Something as simple as breathing can also have a hugely relaxing effect on your central nervous system. We often breathe rapidly and into our chest, particularly when were stressed and we need more oxygen.

But by trying to slow our breathing down, and thinking about breathing all the way into the belly, we can once again turn on that parasympathetic nervous system, instantly calming the body and preparing it physiologically for sleep.

The great thing about breathing is that it can be done anywhere and any time it can easily be incorporated into your routine, such as when youre getting ready for bed, or you can use it as a tool if you wake up in the night or are struggling to get to sleep. When youve been practicing yoga for sleep for a few weeks, youll really start to notice the benefits.

Read on to discover Kates yoga routine for better sleep

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How To Change Your Routine

Make small, simple changes to your nighttime habits. Design your yoga practice around a few attainable goals based on the amount of time you have available and the main improvements you aim to make.

If you live with others, let them know what to expect of your nighttime routine. Be easy on yourself if you slip from your routine. You can always commit to starting again the following day.

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Legs Up The Wall Pose

This simple yet effective pose, that is performed against a wall, incredibly offers evening relaxation and relief from anxiety. For best result, it is suggested to stay in the pose for as long as 5 minutes, with the eyes being shut and making use of a calming eye pillow if required. The moment the legs are flipped upwards, it enables the blood to rush back down to the heart. This yoga pose has a calming quality.

The Butterfly Pose Badhakonasana

The 9 Best Yoga Poses For Sleep: Stretch Your Way To A ...

This pose got its name because the movement of the legs resembles the flapping of butterfly wings. It also opens hips and is a good stretch for the inner thighs.

Sit upright.
Bend knees and bring feet in.
Legs should form a diamond shape with feet touching.
Repeatedly press your knees gently downwards in a butterfly effect.
Cup both feet with hands and keep spine straight throughout.

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Maybe It’s Not What You Do That Keeps You Awake At Night But What You Don’t Do These Three Stretches Can Help Fix That

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We all know what its like to lie awake in bed at an indecent hour and try to will ourselves to sleep. Futilely, of course. Its as if the more we attempt to doze off, the more elusive sleep becomes. You could blame that double espresso you had after lunch. Or the backbend you did at yoga class earlier in the evening.

Or perhaps whats at fault with your insomnia isnt something you did but rather something that you didnt dobalance your yin and yang energies. If thats the case, Yin Yoga can help you get better sleep.

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Yoga Eases Muscles And Joint Pain

Stretching before bed is a fantastic way to ease muscle and joint pain. Many people experience night time aches after a long day at work, especially those that work on their feet or sit at a desk the entire day. Without being able to ease muscle and joint pain it will be hard to have a sound sleep. A major benefit of doing yoga before bedtime is that you can release muscle tension right before your head hits the pillow.

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What The Research Says

Research also supports the use of yoga as a sleep aid. For example, studies have found that:

  • Pregnant women who practice yoga experience fewer sleep disturbances.
  • Older adults who practice yoga report having a higher quality of sleep.
  • One study that analyzed the results of past research concluded that yoga had a beneficial impact on women who were experiencing sleep problems.

Some evidence also suggests that yoga might help relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome , a disorder that causes compulsive leg movements that often interfere with sleep.

Stress & Sleep: A Complex Cycle


Sleep or the lack of it and stress often go hand in hand. And, stress can be the culprit behind an array of other health issues, wreaking havoc on your mind and body, including stress-induced hair loss. Fortunately, yoga also helps to stop stress in its tracks and may even help with hair growth. A pre-bedtime yoga routine will help quiet the mind, quell anxiety and induce the calm, relaxed state needed to drift off into a good nights rest.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, the hours between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. are governed by the Pitta dosha. The Pitta dosha helps to recalibrate and renew all major systems of the body. As the Pitta dosha allows the body to digest everything from food to information to emotions, when you skip sleep during this precious four-hour window, you miss out on this vital opportunity to heal.

A good nights sleep is essential in how your body responds to the external world. Other benefits include:

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Chandra Bhedana Or Moon Activating Breath Or Simply Called The Left

Sit in Siddhasana and relax your mind. Now do Chandra Bhedana Pranayama in which you have to inhale from your left nostril and exhale from the right one. This means the inhalation passes through the Chandra Nadi and exhalation passes through the Surya Nadi. And this balance in sleeping yoga asanas creates an equilibrium between the two magnetic forces in the Universe in tandem with your body. Thus, detoxifying you via Yoga in bed for sleep!

We would like you to shut off lights or dim the lights before you practice the above sleeping yoga poses. Most importantly keep your gadgets, especially your smartphone away from the body and on silent mode to allow the least radiation and disturbance when you practice yoga before bed. Always remember, man-made gadgets and not vice versa, so do not allow them to govern you. Focus on your self-care not just while practicing Yoga for good sleep but also beyond, in life. A mentally healthy body stays physically healthy too!

Can Yoga Help You Snag Extra Sleep

One way you may be able to snatch some extra shut-eye is by adopting a nightly yoga routine.

Harvard University researchers recently discovered that a regular yoga practice helped people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and improved the overall quality of their rest.

Previous studies have also linked the ancient form of exercise to improvements in sleep efficiency for post-menopausal women, cancer survivors and those suffering from osteoarthritis.

According to Brent Brandow, director of operations at Parkway SleepHealth Centers, using yoga to lose weight and learning proper breathing patterns can be particularly helpful for those suffering from weight-induced sleep apneaa condition where a person experiences abnormal pauses in breathing while sleepingperhaps even allowing them to be weaned off of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines.

These findings come as no surprise to long-time yoga devotees.

“Yoga facilitates sleep by relaxing both your mind and body,” says Rina Jakubowicz, yoga instructor and founder of Rina Yoga, “It forces you to be present, slowing down all the worries that collect throughout the day.”

Yoga also helps improve body alignment and flexibility, two things that contribute to physical aches and pains that may rob you of precious rest time.

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Bear Hugs And Snow Angels

These two exercises open the chest, release tension in the back and shoulders and counteract posture problems poor posture has been shown to affect stress, mood, breathing and circulation.

Come down on your back and place two tennis or massage balls in between your shoulder blades at the top of your spine. Keep your knees bent and feet on the floor. Rest your head on the floor and take your arms out to your sides like cactus arms. Take three to five breaths here. Then, give yourself a hug crossing right arm over left and switch, crossing left arm over right. Repeat these bear hugs a few times. Then, take your arms back out into the cactus shape. Inhale and slowly extend your arms overhead. Exhale and bring the elbows into your waist. Repeat three to five times, trying to keep the arms on the floor throughout the movement. Lift your hips and roll the balls down your spine a few inches and repeat. Keep rolling the balls down your back and repeating the bear hugs and snow angels until you get to the mid-back .

Legs Up The Wall Viparita Karani

Best Yoga Poses for Sleep

In one of the simpler poses in the chart, all you need to do is lie on the floor next to a wall and stretch your legs up it so your body is at a 90-degree angle. Attempt this pose for five minutes maximum.

This move is said to have powerful healing qualities, as having your legs so high allows blood to circulate to every part of the body.

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Standing Half Forward Bend At The Wall

This is another modification of the pose, standing forward bend. Video available here.

  • Place your mat perpendicular to the wall.
  • Stand about a foot away from the wall.
  • Your feet should be hips width apart and parallel to the edges of the mat.
  • Press your hands against the wall with your palms spread at the height of your hips.
  • Step back with your feet hips width apart and lower your torso until you come into a flat back position, so that your torso is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Use your palms to press the wall away from you to lengthen your back.
  • Press into all four corners of your feet.
  • Keep your ears in line with your arms.
  • Adjust your distance from the wall to make sure your body is at a 90-degree angle . If you are too close to the wall, your back and arms will not be able to be fully extended. If you are too far from the wall, you will not be able to bend forward enough.
  • Continue to breathe deeply as you press the wall away from you with your palms.

Figure Four Against The Wall

Figure four body stretch helps relieve lower back tension and strengthen the muscles of the hips and buttocks. However, figure four pose is unsuitable for individuals with knee and hip pains.

Practice steps

  • Lie on your back with your hips facing the wall.
  • Rest your foot on the wall at 90°
  • To stretch your right side, lift your right ankle and cross it on the left knee. Hold this position for some seconds and breathe deeply.
  • To stretch the left side, raise your pelvis, lift your left ankle, and cross it on the right knee. Hold this position for some seconds and breathe deeply.
  • After completing the stretch, bring your legs down gently.

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Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Home> Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Trying a couple of yoga poses for better sleep may be a good way to wind down at the end of your long day.

You also may be interested in the results of a national survey regarding yoga. The survey was about how helpful people found yoga was in dealing with their sleep as well as their stress.

According to this, over 55% of people who did yoga thought that it helped them improve their sleep at night. Over 85% said yoga helped reduce stress.

Stress is a big part of sleep-disrupting factors, so in conclusion, the survey above shows that yoga is good for our sleep in many ways.

In this article, you can learn about yoga poses for good sleep, and also get to know how to do those poses and maximize the effect of yoga poses for good sleep.

Tips To Ensure Better Sleep

Top 3 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep | Bedtime Yoga for Beginners

1. Avoid eating late

Not only is eating a late dinner bad for your health but it also reduces the quality of sleep. Eating past 8 or 9 pm can make you bloated. Also, the body’s metabolism will be working through the night causing disturbed sleep cycle. Also, choose a light dinner.

2. Digital distancing

Staying up using your phone or laptop can cause people to skimp on their quota of sleep. Not only is this bad for your eyesight but it can affect your sleep cycles. When there is lack of sleep, it can make one feel moody, restless and agitated. Hence, the better you sleep at night, the better your mood will be in the morning also making you more productive through the day.

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Muertasana Or Another Version Of Savasana

The easiest among the sleeping yoga poses. Simply lie at the back with your arms in a position that makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Close your eyes and try to focus on your breath minging with the quietness of the room. Feel that life in you, in every inch of your body take a mental scan of your body from head to toe while you lie down calm and this will further relax you. Slowly allow your brain to drift into a deep sleep. No need to change the posture. My most favorite and easiest asana of Yoga for good sleep.

The Plow Pose Halasana

This is a handy pose for opening your shoulders and relieving any back pain. It also helps with blood flow around the body.

Lie on your back and extend legs over your head.
Place feet onto the ground behind you with toes touching the floor.
Hands can be placed on your back or flat on the floor, depending on which is most comfortable.

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How Yoga Can Help You Sleep Better

According to Chloe Kernaghan, co-founder of Sky Ting yoga, yoga helps you sleep better in two ways: It helps still a racing mind and it helps calm the nervous system. “Yoga as a practice is centered around finding stillness in the mind, which more often than not is the opposite state the mind is in when we’re having sleep issues ,” Kernaghan says.

Yoga includes elements of mindfulness, but it’s also a physical practice that’s known for helping calm the body’s physical stress response, or the nervous system, through breath work and doing poses. “The physical practice can help calm the nervous system and switch you from sympathetic mode to a parasympathetic mode, ideal for resting and deep sleep,” she says.

If You Have Sleep Deprivation You Must Embrace A Few Yoga Asanas To Get Rid Of This Problem

The 9 Best Yoga Poses For Sleep: Stretch Your Way To A ...

Try these amazing yogasana for better sleep

There are many of us who find it challenging to get sleep and many-a-times we find ourselves tossing and turning while we try to catch up on slumber. Various studies indicate that more than a third of Indians tend to suffer from occasional spells of insomnia, which is nothing but difficulty in falling asleep. The good news is that the humble yoga workout can help in regulating your sleep patterns. Yoga does not necessarily have to be an energetic, get-your-blood-pumping physical exercise. In fact, some of the most advantageous facets of a gentle yoga practice done at home are the very subtle and minute alterations brought about by the poses to your body.

Taking out a couple minutes when you call it a night, making yourself and your body feel comfortable for bedtime is vital while you unwind towards the end of a busy day. If you would wish to sit and gather a sense of calm prior to going off bed, you could always relax with a rejuvenating meditation practice. Try the below mentioned simple yet sleep inducing yoga postures that will get you into the routine and facilitate you to peacefully say goodbye to the day.

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