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Yoga Pants With Gusseted Crotch

Real Quick: What’s The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings

Tutorial: Sewing a Triangle Gusset

The terms “yoga pants” and “leggings” are often used interchangeably and many pants fall under both categories, but they’re not actually the same thing.

  • Yoga pants are typically made of soft, matte fabric as opposed to the shiny, smooth materials that are used in running tights. Their purpose is to be comfortable and easy to move around in. There are a variety of fits available in yoga pants, including looser styles like joggers, bootcut or wide leg pants, and tighter fits like yoga leggings, which are the most popular right now.
  • Leggings,on the other hand, is a more general term to describe tight-fitting, stretchy pants. They can range from workout leggings to fashion leggings and are made of a variety of materials.

If you’re looking for a fun pair of yoga pants, these will add some sparkle to your look with the speckled metallic print. They come in different colors and metallic finishes so you have plenty of options, and the high waist is incredibly flattering. Just note that users say this brand runs small, so it’s best to size up if you’re in between sizes. Also keep in mind that this pick should be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

What Red Flags Should I Look Out For When Browsing Yoga Pants

As with any piece of clothing, there are several attributes you should be watching out for prior to purchasing a pair of yoga pants. One of them is the fit. The overly tight or loose pants are a no go regardless of your body shape and size. Yoga sessions require the freedom of movements which can be achieved solely if you feel comfortable and not limited to do even the most demanding yoga poses. Imagine having your blood flow restricted to the point where Halasana seems impossible to execute? Right, this better not be the case. If anything, a little too lose yoga pants are a whole lot better than those that are a little tight.

Another no go is the cheap built of the yoga pants. Low-quality synthetic will most likely not be breathable and moisture-wicking, which are the two essential features of a good pair of yoga pants. You will definitely work up a sweat during your yoga classes, and the last thing you want is for your pants to be clinging to your bare wet skin. To eliminate this possibility, be smart about choosing the yoga pants that are constructed from high-quality materials. This also means that it should not be transparent so that you wouldnt catch your underwear showing through in the mirror of your yoga studio. After all, its better to pay a higher price for your own comfort that will accompany you for at least a few years.

How We Picked And Tested

The rise of athleisurehigh-performance, sports-oriented clothing worn, well, just about everywherehas arguably changed the way many people dress. Workout leggings in particular occupy an outsize space in the athleisure-verse. Vice President Kamala Harris famously wore them on Election Day 2020 many of us donned them daily for the better part of that year, thanks to the pandemic.

When we Googled the term workout leggings, we got about 160 million results. To narrow the enormous field, I surveyed my own wardrobe of leggings, noting the brands I wore the most. I read numerous best-of lists from the likes of The Strategist, Who What Wear, Good Housekeeping, Runners World, and Yoga Journal. I focused on versatile, quality pieces that could carry you through a sweaty workout, a low-key yoga session, an afternoon of errands, or a day spent working at your dining room table. I did not consider high-performance compression leggings meant for recovery.

A quick note on vocabulary: We refer to these garments as leggings throughout this piece. Others, however, including Susan Sokolowski, PhD, an associate professor and director of the sports product design MS program at University of Oregon , told us that those in the sports-apparel industry call them tights.

For a better understanding of what goes into a pair of workout leggings, I took a closer look at some of their key elements:

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How Can I Make The Crotch Of My Pants Bigger

The first common and quick fix to try is to simply lengthen the crotch depth by slashing across the pants front at the hip and adding the appropriate amount of length. This simple pattern alteration maintains the shape of the crotch curve but just makes it a little longer.

British Dictionary definitions for gusset

gusset. / / noun. an inset piece of material used esp to strengthen or enlarge a garment.

Pudolla Men’s Cotton Yoga Sweatpants Athletic Lounge Pants Open Bottom Casual Jersey Pants For Men


Pudolla found the sweet spot where a lounge pant meets free-movement for asanas. These nice sweatpants are under $40. Theyre super relaxed and easy to move in. While they dont feature the sweat-wicking capabilities needed for sweaty yoga sessions, they are great for Hatha yoga or Yin yoga.

The Pudolla pants feature an adjustable drawstring, two deep side pockets, and a straight leg. We like the soft stretchiness of the cotton blend and the minimalist style.


If you thought capris were only for the ladies, think again. These are the perfect cropped yoga pants for men because they feature a nice athletic waist, loose fit, and three quarter-length leg. They wont slide up like shorts nor make you drip sweat down your legs like full-length pants. The capri-style ribbed cuffs sit just above your calves and wont slide around as you move.

The nice stretchable fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex for soft comfort and easy movement. We like that the extra deep 8 two side pockets can fit a full size smart phone and your wallet when on the move.


Last but not least, mens yoga leggings that look as good as they feel are hard to come by. This pair is a bargain for functionality, durability, and aesthetics.


  • May need to size down for full tight fit
  • Crotch may be too tight for some men

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Do I Need A Pair Of Yoga Pants If I Already Have Sweatpants/workout Leggings

It is true that nowadays the market is abundant with every type of clothing from harem pants to see-through plastic jackets. This raises the questions of what items you actually need to invest in and which ones you can leave behind. Although sweatpants and workout leggings have the 99% likelihood of already constituting a part of your wardrobe, a pair of yoga pants might be a smart addition for many reasons. While sweatpants are great for lounging around and running errands, workout leggings merely serve the purpose of gym training. Neither one of them is great for a yoga session that can transition into a coffee house meeting with friends afterward. Yoga pants, however, come in handy in these scenarios more than any other type of pants.

Their material is not as thick as one of sweatpants, and they do not have as much elastane as the workout leggings do that makes them look glassy. There is also no drawstring involved and thus no chance of your pants falling down from your hips. Stretching and yoga poses are easier done while wearing a pair of yoga pants due to their lightweight construction that fits like your second skin. You are able to execute more challenging poses and headstands without easily getting sweaty and then run your errands without having to change in a different pair of pants. So yeah, you do need a pair of yoga pants even if you already have sweatpants and workout leggings sitting on your closet shelve.

Let’s Talk About Crotch Gussets

Is a crotch gusset important to you when shopping for leggings? For me, it’s super important since I don’t like to wear underwear.

What is a crotch gusset?

A crotch gusset is a triangle patch of fabric that is sewn in where the leg inseams and the front and back seams all meet together at the crotch.

What is the purpose of a crotch gusset?

This humble piece of fabric helps eliminate the dreaded camel toe because it positions seams further away from the crotch region and provides a flat layer that smooths out contours in that area. A gusset strengthens the crotch of pants by redistributing the stress on a seam so there are no longer 4 seams coming together right at a point that sustains a lot of movement. This is especially important when using leggings as active wear.

Do our Mucho Wow high-waisted leggings for women have a triangle gusseted crotch sewn in?

Indeed they do! Our gusseted crotch design ensures a comfortable fit without exposing the very much undesired camel toe. If you prefer not to wear underwear when wearing your yoga pant leggings like as I do, you will love our Mucho Wow leggings.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, return them for a full refund or let us know how we can improve in that area or any other area.

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Comfortable And Chic With A Splurgeworthy Soft Feel: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging

How they fit: These leggings are stretchy instead of structured, with light compression. They were so comfortable that most of our testers forgot they were wearing them. Our panel consisted of four testers: a 5-foot-2-inch petite tester who typically wears a size 4 a 5-foot-2-inch plus-size tester who typically wears a size 1618 a 5-foot-9-inch tester who wears a size 2 and a 5-foot-10-inch tester who wears a size 68. The Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In the Midi High Waisted Legging is available in XXS to 4X and in one length, Midi . And the super-soft fabric has a luxurious, almost sueded texture.

Why theyre great: These leggings are the next best thing to being naked. Our testers unanimously agreed that they were the softest, most comfortable, super-luxe leggings they tried. Put them on in the morning, and you likely wont think about them again all day. The fabric is softer than that of any other pair we triedit feels almost like suede. Theyre thin and stretchy versus structured, and they provide light compression. This pair has a simple, body-conscious silhouette thats seamless down the outside of the legs and a subtler aesthetic that lends itself to daily wear.

I stretched and put these leggings through a 30-minute high-intensity kettlebell workout, and they felt cool, comfortable, and not wholly unsupportive. In fact, I didnt think about them at alla good sign. Another tester wore them for a full day of running errands and forgot about them.

Whats The Deal With Compression Yoga Pants

Do you call these yoga pants or flared leggings?

It is usually professional athletic wear that has some kind of compression integrated into it. The production of yoga pants, however, has come a long way since and now seems to follow the standards put on the clothing worn by athletes. Compression is well known for supporting muscle health during physical activity by preventing strain and lowering the chance of getting sore muscles. High-profile athletes tend to wear solely garments with compression as they are proven to provide them with the most comfort and strength recovery as opposed to regular clothing.

And although not a lot of yoga-oriented clothing brands have incorporated compression into their products, it is slowly but surely becoming a thing. For the most part, it is the mens yoga pants that have a built-in compression technology, but womenswear will catch up in the near future. This means that if you find a pair of compression yoga pants, dont hesitate to purchase them. You will find yourself grabbing your new piece of athleisure clothing more often than the rest of them.

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How Do You Tell If Youre Leggings Are Squat

If what you want is a cute leggings outfit with a long tee or slouchy sweater and your backside is covered you may not care if they are squat proof. If, on the other hand, you are actually going to be doing lunges, squats, or downward dog the last thing you want is transparency in your workout clothing.

You can do a simple test on the fabric. Stretch a portion over your hand and hold it up to bright light. If you can see through it then so can everyone else.

Dark fabrics tend to offer better coverage and lighter colored underwear tends to be less visible with leggings of any color. Panties that are more flesh-toned become almost invisible.

Ruby red panties under white yoga pants are gonna be like I see London, I see France. Yeah, you can see my underpants!

Images For What Are Gusseted Crotch Pants

Gusset is a panel, either triangular or diamond in shape, that is inserted into a garment to help shape and reinforce key points, like the underarms or crotch. You get gussets in modern tights and pantyhose they add breadth and breathe to the crotch seam.

In sewing, a gusset is a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing. Gussets were used at the shoulders, underarms, and hems of traditional shirts and chemises made of rectangular lengths of linen to shape the garments to the body.

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Features Of Good Yoga Leggings

You might love wearing yoga leggings for working out, for running errands, or as part of your new work-from-home uniform. You might live in them. Theyre soft and comfy.

If they arent opaque, or squat proof youll just be showing your ass each time you wear them. Literally, showing your ass. To anyone whos looking. For the best leggings look for styles that:

  • Specify 4-way stretch fabric
  • Are sweat-wicking and quick to dry
  • Have a gusseted crotch

You can spend a fortune on them if you want, but if youd rather not overspend on clothes, take a look at the list I have created of the best squat-proof leggings that are easy on the budget.

I may earn commissions if you shop through the links on this page at absolutely no additional cost to you. See my full disclosure policy.

How Do I Identify My Lululemon Leggings

Ready In Stock Butt Lift Yoga Pants For Women Sexy ...

Youll see the size dot inside the purse or wallet at the hip, depending on products that belong to Luon and Nulu. For Wunder Underpants/Crops and Align Pants, this is usually on the inside waist of the pantsuit.Technical fabrics can be purchased here.Luxtreme shoes) and Nulux shoes) most frequently conceal the size dot at the back pocket in the case of a zipper closure.

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Best Shorts: Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Shorts

Hate when shorts ride up and bunch around the thighs? Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts are designed to stay in place. Made with soft and flexible nylon and polyester blend, these performance shorts offer a four-way stretch that moves with the body. This means no more exposing the thighs during inversions, as these structured shorts are sure to stay put.

Complete with an odor-resistant, antimicrobial boxer brief lining, the shorts dont dig in, and they keep everything secure during your workout. Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts come in sizes 27 through 42 and are available in six colorsHeather Grey, Light Grey, Heather Green, Madrone, Heather Navy, and Black. The inseam ranges between 7 and 8.25 inches, depending on pant size.

Best of all, Yoga Crow makes Swerve Shorts with and without pockets to fit the needs of every type of yogi.

These shorts are a sought-after staple for hot yoga enthusiasts. Designed specifically for intense yoga practice, the JD Short is a fitted stretch performance short made from a recycled polyester blend.

The classic design hits mid-thigh and features a thick elastic waistband. Articulated side seams offer visual contrast and flatter the thigh. The prAna JD Short comes in sizes 30 through 36. Size medium shorts have an inseam of 6 inches.

Why You Should Trust Us

I cover fitness at Wirecutter and wear workout leggings nearly every day in anticipation of testing items like treadmills, indoor-cycling bikes, yoga mats, and GPS running watches. For nearly two years as a full-time personal trainer, my daily uniform centered on workout gear. I currently own more than 20 pairs of leggings.

To understand more about the textile side of workout leggings, I spoke with several textile and performance-wear experts, including Andre West, director of the Zeis Textiles Extension for Economic Development at NC State University Preeti Arya, assistant professor of textile development and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Susan Sokolowski, PhD, an associate professor and director of the sports product design MS program at the University of Oregon, who also worked at Nike for 20 years.

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Gusseted Crotch Yoga Pants

Contact SupplierAdContact SupplierAdContact SupplierGo

About products and suppliers: offers 1612 gusseted crotch yoga pants products. About 1% % of these are yoga leggings, 1%% are gym fitness sets. A wide variety of gusseted crotch yoga pants  options are available to you,  such as spandex / nylon, spandex / polyester.You can also choose from women, girls gusseted crotch yoga pants,As well as from pants, high waist gusseted crotch yoga pants.And whether gusseted crotch yoga pants is adults, , or . There are 18 gusseted crotch yoga pants suppliers, mainly located in Asia. 
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