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Yoga Pants That Look Like Dress Pants

Frequently Asked Questions About Betabrand Pants

Betabrand – Dress Pant Yoga Pants

Is Betabrand legit?

Yes, Betabrand is legit. I placed my order online using my credit card and received my items within 10 days. I’ve also ordered a back-ordered item that I received within the estimated delivery date.

Where to buy Betabrand?

Betabrand clothes are only sold online on the official Betabrand website or in their flagship store located in San Francisco, CA. If you order online, use this link to save 20% of your first order from Betabrand.

Are Betabrand pants work appropriate?

Absolutely! Betabrand pants are work appropriate. I now own over five pairs of Betabrand yoga pants and they look even dressier that regular work pants with the comfort of yoga pants / leggings. I wore the outfit pictured in this post to work with a pair of chic flats.

Does Betabrand give birthday gifts or discounts?

No, Betabrand does not give birthday gifts or discount. Their special student discount via UNiDays appear to no longer be available. More here.

How do Betabrand pants fit?

Betabrand pants fit amazingly well but the sizes run large. I ordered a size small, my regular size, but they were loose on the waist and slightly too long. I switched it out for size XS and this fits perfectly.

Can you dry Betabrand pants?

Yes, you can dry Betabrand pants in the dryer. But to ensure the longevity of your dress pant yoga pants, it is recommended that you hang to dry . I also have not noticed any shrinking with using a dryer.

Where are Betabrand clothes made?

Some Stripped Palazzo Pants Designed To Be Paired With A Crisp White Button Down For Ultimate Sophistication

Promising review: “I hate jeans. Like really really hate jeans but the weather is getting cooler so I need something on my legs. After reading some raving reviews, I purchased a pair of these and haven’t taken them off since receiving them. They are soft, stay up, look like real jeans, and are so flattering. And I feel great in them! I’m a homeschooling mom of four kids, 7- and under, so I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, running around, and climbing into the back of my car. These jeans can handle it all. As for the length, I’m 5’8 plus a smidge, and the longs fit me with a bit to peg .” Emileo

Get them from Amazon for $18.27+ .

Yoga Pants Make You An Instant Athlete

Yoga pants just seem to make a person look more athletic. Whether it’s the structure or the fit, anyone looking at you will think you’re in the midst of becoming a full-time Planet Fitness trainer even if youre just walking to a drive through. Yoga pants are built for instructors and fitness models so once you’re donning a pair you’re bound to be associated with fitness. A number of celebs swear by yoga pants including Zoe Saldana, Katy Perry and Arianna Grande just to name a few. As celebrities, they are constantly in the public eye so they need to keep up an ‘ideal’ image of constantly maintaining a fit bod. So seeing them in yoga pants leaves us to believe that their next stop is probably the big gym on the hill and not the Dairy Queen by their house.

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Kiragrace Perfect Wide Leg Pant

For the longest time, I would have said that yoga pants **needed** to have a skinny leg but recently I purchased a pair of wide-legged yoga pants and they are seriously amazing. Theyre so ridiculously comfortable and no part of my body feels constricted. While the ones I purchased arent office-friendly, this Perfect Wide Leg Pant from Kiragrace definitely is!

A Pinstripe Pair To Help You Earn Your ~stripes~ As The Most Fashionable One In The Office

Fusion Pant Yoga pants you can wear to work!!! They come in plus size ...

Promising review: “These pants are perfect! They look very professional for work. Thank goodness for the pockets! Why does anyone make pants without pockets?!?! These pockets are big enough for your phone and other stuff. I will definitely buy the grey pinstriped pair, and I wish they were available in a dozen different colors.” LeeTram

Get them from Amazon for $38.50 .

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Ministry Of Supply Kinetic Pull

This post gets updated rather frequently, which means Im always finding new styles to fall in love with myself. These Kinetic Pull-On Pants from the new-to-me brand Ministry of Style are perfection! Unlike most of the styles on this list, this pant features a relaxed fit! Granted, I dont love the current relaxed denim look, but relaxed dress pants for the office? Im all in! These are wrinkle-resistant and made using a four-way stretch material.

Best For Dog Hair: Zeronic Yoga Pant That Look Like Dress Pant

Zeronic is known for creating pragmatic and minimalist pants for people on the go, and its line of zeronic yoga pants that look like dress pants definitely falls in line with that reputation. Also, the zeronic yoga pants that look like dress pants are great for summer pants, It works for yoga pants with pockets and has a perfect style. The Manufacturer says: We run out of inventory quickly, so order now while colors and styles last. Also, the pants are ideal for your yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. Finally, the zeronic yoga pants that look like dress pants are available in 12 vibrant colors: pink, burgundy, black etc.,.

Almost all buyers opine that the pant allows you to pull them lower on your stomach, to make them appear longer. Further, a few strongly agree that the pants look great, have actual front pockets, and can pass for dressy-ish pants. Moreover, a few strongly agree that the pants look appropriate for work and also it is a good decision to buy them. With no doubts, this pant passed the test and had very satisfied buyers eager to share their experience.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is good for flat seams and it can be worn with pants for yoga.
  • This is a perfect fit and best value for the price.
  • This hold shape, is made with soft comfy, it lays flat and has pant styles.
  • This is used for dog hair, is wrinkle free and its material is great.

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Yoga Pants Make People Happy

Because they’re so roomy and spacious yet fitted they allow for movement whether active or of an expansive kind . But they’ll also prevent you from looking sloppy by keeping you all of you in place. So you don’t have to worry about having your great aunt ask you if you’ve gained a little weight at the dinner table. And when you’re not worrying about whether other people are thinking about you you’re happier. But more importantly when you get to stuff your face in the freedom of knowing that no one will say anything to you, that my friends is true happiness. Not only will they bring peace to your life but also yoga pants will lead you to more peaceful things like yoga. You see how we came full circle with that one.

Best For Side Pocket: Keolorn Yoga Pant That Look Like Dress Pant

Betabrand – Dress Pant Yoga Pants

Compared with other pants in this category, the clear yoga pants that look like dress pants have a convenient design. Also, the keolorn yoga pants look like dress pants too long and they are designed for a great price. You do not need to worry about your personal belongings falling out when youre doing exercises, yoga, workout, running ect. Moreover, the pants are made to fit well. are great for deep side pockets and they dry beautifully. Finally, the clear yoga pants that look like dress pants are available in 8 colors: burgundy, black, green etc.,.

Almost all buyers quickly discovered that the pant is great for spring/early summer weather. In addition, a few strongly agree that the pants are suitable for sports wear and office wear as long as they are not particularly formal places where formal wear is required. In addition, they also found that the pants fit juuusst a little tight , other wise, they fit. In short, for most buyers, the pant was most suitable.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is a nice heavier fabric.
  • This makes for really great equipment and I buy it again.
  • This is good for squeezing in all the tummy places.
  • These make for good pocket location, fits and it is perfect for comfy pants.

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Yoga Pants For The Office

Finally, you can wear your yoga pants to the office!

Because of their tight, form-fitting cut, exercise leggings are discouraged in many professional office environments. But, yoga dress pants feature classic, figure-flattering cuts including boot cut, straight leg, and wide-leg pants.

But, unlike a normal pair for trousers, made with inflexible fabrics and buttoned waistbands that cut into your middle, yoga dress pants are stretchy, flexible, and high waisted. Performance knits are paired with stylish colors and prints, including classic blacks, charcoal, plaids, and more.

The result is a beautiful, flattering, and luxurious pair of pants that you can wear to work or on the mat.

Yogipace Straight Leg Dressy Yoga Pants

If youre looking for a cheaper alternative to BetaBrands dress pant yoga pants, you might want to check out the Yogipace brand on Amazon. They have a couple of different styles that cost less than $40 each!

These pants have been reviewed more than 5,000 times and maintain a 4.5-star rating. The reviews, including this one, are so good that I think I need a pair in my life immediately:

They fit perfect, stretch in all the right places, they are light enough so they arent hot, so soft, unlike starchy, rough dress pants. If you have a job where you are required to wear black dress pants, I highly recommend these.

These straight leg yoga dress pants come with real pockets and are available in an array of lengths! These come in traditional, long, tall, and extra tall lengths and petite and short!

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Yoga Pants Are The Ultimate Concealer

Before there was make up concealer there was a yoga pant, which concealed way more than just a blemish, I’m talking about baby fat. Yoga pants have a way of sucking you in so once you put on a pair, all of your little wheels and tires flatten out assuring you a smoother ride. Nothing’s wrong with baby fat but for those trying to cover it up or lose it, yoga pants should definitely be your best friend. Despite the thin and lightweight aspects of yoga pants, they still manage to provide you with full coverage so you have a naturally slender look. Not even L.A. girl pro or Bobbi Brown concealer sticks can cover up these kinds of birthmarks. It’s the one product you definitely want to have on your desk mingled between all of your foundations and bronzers.

Best Shorts: Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Shorts

These Dress Pants Are Actually Yoga Pants and Extremely Comfy

Hate when shorts ride up and bunch around the thighs? Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts are designed to stay in place. Made with soft and flexible nylon and polyester blend, these performance shorts offer a four-way stretch that moves with the body. This means no more exposing the thighs during inversions, as these structured shorts are sure to stay put.

Complete with an odor-resistant, antimicrobial boxer brief lining, the shorts dont dig in, and they keep everything secure during your workout. Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts come in sizes 27 through 42 and are available in six colorsHeather Grey, Light Grey, Heather Green, Madrone, Heather Navy, and Black. The inseam ranges between 7 and 8.25 inches, depending on pant size.

Best of all, Yoga Crow makes Swerve Shorts with and without pockets to fit the needs of every type of yogi.

These shorts are a sought-after staple for hot yoga enthusiasts. Designed specifically for intense yoga practice, the JD Short is a fitted stretch performance short made from a recycled polyester blend.

The classic design hits mid-thigh and features a thick elastic waistband. Articulated side seams offer visual contrast and flatter the thigh. The prAna JD Short comes in sizes 30 through 36. Size medium shorts have an inseam of 6 inches.

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Yoga Pants That Look Like Dress Pants

While maintaining body shape and health, while retaining social desires, consumers are interested in indoor gyms and yoga pants that look like dress pants. The design object is changed from the elite top performance to those who are just starting to exercise and need physical help. Wrap tops, jumpsuits, knitted suits, stretch pants and cycling shorts are all tailored to a slim fit, inspiring the wearers confidence, incorporating comfort and fashion elements into each item, creating a sense of comfort and ensuring social fashion.

Yoga pants that look like dress pants features

  • Breathable mesh: Breathable mesh design, wick away sweat in time during exercise, keep the body dry and not sticky.
  • Slim tailoring: Three-dimensional tailoring, the visual effect is thin and slim.
  • High waist design: Provide sufficient support for the waist and hide the small belly.

We are sportswear manufacturer from China, Custom Production, New Fresh Patterns Stock Wholesaler, Drop shipping Door to door service are all available. Customized leggings are professional for UK,USACanada and Australia for few years, most of clients prefer to add their own private brand labels on leggings, it is welcomed always.OEM Design , Quality Control, Fast Shipping, Professional Sales After Service, are all can be Trusted.

A Straight Twill Pant That’ll Basically Match With All The Tops You Have In Your Closet So You Won’t Have Trouble Putting Together An Outfit

Promising review: “Very comfortable and great quality. These pants are great for working indoors and out. I ordered these pants a while ago, and I just ordered more for work. Pockets are deep enough to hold all my equipment for work. I usually carry two phones and two different walkies, keys, and whatever else can fit in them. Great pants!” sj808

Get them from Amazon for $27.99+ .

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Best For Great Looking Pants: Champion Yoga Pant That Look Like Dress Pant

The champion yogapant that looks like a dresspant is specially designed for your daily use and has all useful features. The champion yoga pants that look like dress pants are great for lounging, comfortable enough, They are really comfortable and have a great design. Grab your jersey jacket and go. And, this is truly comfortable, can go with light grey, it is quite comfortable and has a slimming design.

The pant comes with pretty color, it is good for lounging and has a roomy design. In addition, it is white, It is great for exercise pants and has a comfy design. Above all, the champion yoga pant that looks like a dresspant is designed for a great price, It buys more and has a good design.

Almost all customers quickly discovered that the pants are total lint catchers until they were washed about 3-4 times. Moreover, they say that pants make great lounge pants/pajamas in the hot weather.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is made from smooth cotton.
  • This has a slight bit of stretch to them, so theyre a bit more body-conforming.
  • It is super hot in Texas in the summer.
  • This is great for working outside in warm weather.

Can You Actually Do Yoga In Betabrand Pants

Dress Pant Yoga Pants

Sure, the pants are comfortablecompared to most pants youd wear in an office. But I wanted to see if they actually held up to the various yoga poses featured so proudly on Betabrands Instagram. So I put them on before the start of a virtual work day and gave them a try in a yoga class on my ownnothing fancy, just a 30-minute Yoga with Adriene video in my bedroom. And they were just fine. They stayed in place and allowed me to move to the full extent of my flexibility, even though their heaviness meant they retained more heat and restricted some more movement than my regular yoga pants. I wouldnt wear them to a high-intensity, high sweat workout.

But if you feel slobbish wearing sweats or leggings all the time and like to break up your day with some quick, gentle stretches between meetings and assignments, Betabrands are great to throw on at the start of the day. Whether youre giving a virtual presentation or taking a breather in a down dog, they look and feel appropriate for the occasion. On that note: Like most yoga pants, Betabrand pants are machine=washable. I washed mine like I do my favorite workout leggingson a cold, delicate cycle, followed by air-dryingand they looked impeccable afterward.

Valerie was a little more cautious due to the fit issues she had. I probably wont do yoga in them because mine dont fit me perfectly, especially on my waist, she says. But if I find a more fitting pair, then why not?

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Sizzling Hot Women In Yoga Pants

Who doesnt like those yoga pants? We women love it and to be honest, those men love it on us too! Wink! Mmm, those yoga pants hug your legs and butts in the best possible way and give you the chance to flaunt your curves. And you can check out these workout and diet tips to help you build a bigger butt. So there is nothing wrong with wearing them around for the whole day even if you are not going to do yoga or cant bend your body unless it is to pick that remote off the floor!

But do you know that you can wear these yoga pants outside as well? I am sure we all know it. But hey, do you know how to pair it with the items of your closest and make yourself look so sizzling that the ice outside will melt away? No? Well, then stop sweating chica and lets start making others sweat with these blazing yoga pants outfits.

They Are Super Comfy

Yoga pants are really soft like super soft and super comfy. Unlike skinny jeans that will hug your legs like a second skin, these yoga pants will embrace your legs with a touch of comfort. Jeans dont provide the super movability that the yoga pants do.

Yoga pants are made from the blend of the cotton, lycra, spandex, wool and similar fabrics that offers incredible flexibility and softness. Speaking of comfort, check out these cute sneakers outfits that are simply awesome.


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