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Yoga Pants That Cover Your Heels

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    How To Wear Bootcut Yoga Pants For Everyday

    Bootcut yoga pants can be paired with different shoes and tops to match the persons mood and activity. Wearing comfy clothes is a must so we can carry on with our everyday activities easily and confidently however, we must take into consideration our appearance in the same way we value comfort in dressing up. Consider the following to create a comfortable but fashionable option on how to wear bootcut outfits:

    How To Wear Leggings With Sneakers

    But what to wear with your leggings and sneakers you ask? For a very casual errand run, you can opt for a windbreaker over a simple white t-shirt with your classic black or colorful sporty leggings.

    Pull on a trench or moto jacket if theres a bit of a chill in the air. A structured peacoat and colorful scarf, or a puffer coat are perfect for the winter months. Any cross body purse, shopper or chic backpack will complete your look. Shop the 4 looks above at Net-A-Porter.

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    Pull Together Your Yoga Pants Outfits

    Yoga pants aren’t just meant for the gym anymore. Even if a Montana state representative did try to outlaw them from public use in February 2015! In fact, Athleisure wear is a growing industry.

    Knowing what to wear with yoga pants can make or break your outfit.

    If you’re feeling confident, go for a tight top and an over-sized jacket. Bomber or denim jackets will dress up your yoga pants for a day look. But if you’re not ready to be tight all over, pair your pants with a tank top.

    And don’t ruin your outfit by wearing the wrong shoes with your yoga pants. Different styles go better with certain designs of shoes.

    Boot cut yoga pants are best with simple, understated shoes. Sneakers are good provided they aren’t too chunky. Or ballet flats won’t mess up the bottom of your pants.

    As well as sneakers, tight yoga pants look great with simple classic sandals. Remember, you don’t want your shoes to draw attention from your yoga pants.

    Tight yoga pants can also look good with boots. But always make sure you tuck your pants into the top of them. If the bottoms of your pants bunch up it’ll ruin the line of the leggings.

    Short yoga pants are less common as out-of-gym wear. But this doesn’t mean they don’t look good as day wear!

    Like tight yoga pants, these look good with athletic shoes, ballet flats or sandals. If you wear boots with them, make sure the top of the boot extends over the leggings. You don’t want an awkward chunk of leg on show!

    How To Wear Leggings To Work

    Yoga Leggings Extra Long Length Covers Heels Foot Warmer

    For year, people have said that leggings have no place in an office, especially a more conservative one, but I disagree. It all depends on how you style your leggings, the legging type chosen and of course, wearing the right shoes!

    Leggings should be ankle length, thicker than you average sports pair. They should feel more like a pant, preferably in a solid color, such as charcoal grey or black. Opt for a legging that is a thick cotton, suede or ponte knit. Stay away from flashy patterns, perforations, shine or any sport logos,

    Ankle boots with a low or low/medium block heel will look great, but so do knee boots. Keep the heels under 4 inches tall. Of course, loafers and brogues are the office-chic go-tos!

    Combat boots can be a contender, but it depends on the workplace and boot style chosen .

    If pumps are your preferred shoe style, keep them kitten heeled, if you can, or chunky heeled if higher. Depending on your office, stay away from sandals, sneakers, high shine metallics, patent, sky hight stilettos, red or too-bright colors.

    Add a 3/4 length shirt, sweater, poncho, cardigan and/or structured jacket to your look. Make sure these fall mid/under your derrière to be most appropriate but also most trendy! Complete your work leggings outfit with a structured shopper bag, or handbag.

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    Holure Believe Yoga Is A Practice That Encompasses All Aspects Of Life Not Just The Physical It Includes Philosophy Breath And Spirituality

    Ultra-Stretch Fit

    Featuring the super soft and skin friendly material, the Workout Leggings are moisture wicking with four-way stretch material that promotes both compression and support.

    Wide-Waist Elastic Waistband

    Wide-waist elastic waistband to cover navel which provide tummy control and would not fall. Suitable for Capri ,workout ,fitness.

    BUTT Lifting

    While the peach hip design of our yoga leggings, lift and shape your curves, fully wrap your hips to make you more charming, accentuates your feminine charms and beauty.

    Never Using Them For Anything Remotely Sport

    Its rare that we ever use our yoga pants for…say…yoga? And you know that the most heart pumping thing you do in them is shopping. Why make something that is so comfy and great to wear and expect us to wear it when we have to do actually exercise, right?! Well, as comfy as they are, try to take them to the gym at least once or twice. Do you really want to be known as the girl who only lives in yoga pants but never actually uses them? Pathetic. Plus, there are some great matching sets available like Adidas sport tops and pants …Maybe that will give you the extra motivation you need. Yoga pants were made for the gym, so at least break a sweat in them to say you’ve used them for their intended purpose.

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    Ankle Boots With Leggings

    Ankle boots with leggings are a classic pairing. And with so many ankle boots styles to choose from, the only issue will be settling on one pair!

    Wear your leggings casually with western style ankle boots, or add a punk vibe with black studded booties. Kitten heel ankle boots and mid-height block heeled leather boots are office chic. High heeled stiletto bootie will take you from desk to dinner.

    Whether to pick lace-up booties or slip on booties, thats your choice! Black or white chunky leather chelsea boots, classic and western-inspired ankle boots are all the rage right now. As are snake print ankle boots!

    Your low-cut ankle boots will pair best with leggings that end just above the ankle. Dont be afraid to show some ankle skin! However, avoid cropped leggings with ankle boots at all costs. If you have longer leggings, you can tuck them into your boots. Have your socks peek out above the boot if youd like.

    Wearing intricate or printed leggings? Go for a simple ankle boot. Opting for a fun, busy boots, like an animal print? Choose simple leggings.

    Shop Ankle Boots for Leggings:

    Yoga Pants Are A Load Off

    Like your favorite yoga pants. But for your feet.

    Yoga pants are loved for thousands of reasons but best of all, its because they’re easy. Yoga pants are easy to get into and easy to get out of. Theres no constriction or pressure when wearing yoga pants. Yoga pants aren’t a commitment. You dont have to worry about being too big or too small, every pair will uphold to and fit your body type. You don’t have to think hard about whether or not you want to wear yoga pants. There are way too many benefits to not want to wear a pair everyday. You’ll feel good in them and those are the best types of clothing you could wear– things you will feel good in. There are way too many reasons to love them and way too many ways to get your hands on a pair. So indulge in one if you havent already.

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    Combat Boots With Leggings

    Combat boots Doc Martens in particular have been a staple in alternative wardrobes for years. However, theyve since become a mainstream style stape.

    The current trend? A higher lug soled flatform combat boot with large treads. All the cool kids are wearing them and they pair amazing with any pant.

    Combat boots with leggings especially simple black cotton, leather or suede leggings you can tuck inside, are best. Pair them a longer cardigan or khaki jacket over and a simple tee is a no-fail look. Add some gold hoops to punch up your look! But you can really wear them anyway you like.

    Shop Combat Boots for Leggings:

    Realizing Too Late That They’re See

    Okay, it’s fine to wear your most see-through pants inside your house where you know no one is going to comment, and if they are…you’re at home! But please don’t ever think that it’s acceptable to leave the house in them. Every single girl checks themselves out before leaving the house, so there really is no excuse! If you really wanted to show off your undies though, your pants is not an acceptable way to do it!! If you’re already summer-bod ready and need to flaunt some stuff, hit your local public pool in a new bikini. Yoga pants are revealing enough without having to add another element to it! And if you see your friend falling victim…for goodness’ sake help a sister out. Don’t be that person to just watch them suffer.

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    Don’t Wear Them To Work

    This should be a given. Yes, yoga pants look great out in the day but they’re not office wear.

    The only time you should wear them near the office is if you’re going to the gym before or after work. They don’t double up as dress pants. And you won’t impress clients by showing up to meetings in them.

    A laid back, preppy look is much more office friendly.

    Getting A Muffin Top Because You Bought A Size Too Small


    Yoga pants have to fit. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking because they’re a stretchy pant that they will magically slim you down…They’re not Spanx! They will not make you look as though you have lost weight even though you haven’t. The magic way of doing that is by wearing them…to the gym. Get on a treadmill, skip the potato chips, or simply face the cold hard truth and size up. Once we face reality, our clothes begin to fit better. I assure you, respecting your body and finding the true size that fits you will make you appear much more attractive and stylish. A lot of people are in denial about their size, which sucks. Believe us, just because you think you should wear a certain size doesn’t make it right. When a woman wears properly fitting clothes, she looks a whole lot better! Buh-bye muffin top.

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    Not Wearing The Appropriate Panties

    With the advantage of having your bottom looking great in yoga pants come with a price. Suitable underwear must be worn to avoid a VPL . This is not to say that you should or shouldn’t wear a certain type of underwear with yoga pants, but some tend to be more forgiving than others, and we all know it. Just like yoga pants are intended for exercise, there’s also fitness underwear which are hella comfy! They’re all pretty much thongs or invisible cheekies, but they are a much better alternative to your granny panties. You may think that your new cute lace number from Victoria’s Secret is a good idea, but the lace can come through that Lycra too. You know that yoga pants are made to make your bum look great, so why in the world would you pair them with undies that leave lines? It’s defffff not comfortable to look at!

    Getting Little Holes In Your Favorite Pair But Wearing Them Anyways

    We all know we’re not supposed to keep testing the strength of yoga pants, but some girls can’t resist. If you’re one of these chicks who wear them literally every damn day, a little wear and tear is only expected. A little rip is not going to stop you from throwing on a hoodie and meeting a friend for a coffee now is it? WELL, IT SHOULD! Ripped jeans are in, not ripped yoga pants . What’s worse is that these days it’s so easy to get your hands on an affordable new pair to run around in. Clothes that are in bad shape are only made to be worn around the house where no one can see you! Don’t think that you can wear them out and not get caught by some eagle-eyed person…because you will.

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    Yoga Pants Will Give You A Great Butt

    I know we’ve all seen hundreds of women in all different sizes riding the train wearing yoga pants and all thought the same thing, “her butt looks great.” Nothing is smoother, holds your body tighter, and conforms to your every curve like the yoga pant does. Which is why everyone who wears them has a butt you can’t help but stare at. You’ll have every girl watching thinking they play for the same team if you know what I mean when donning a pair of the pretty pants. The tightness of the pants and thin material outlines the curves triggering a sexual response. Don’t act all innocent we all totally look at each other. So yoga pant yourself to a better butt or just admire yourself in them, either way it will give you the butt lift you’ve been dying to have.

    How To Wear Yoga Pants That Fit Properly

    How I Style: Leggings / Yoga Pants / Petite Lookbook

    This should be a given with any clothes you wear. But yoga pants are especially unforgiving when it comes to fit.

    Yoga pants that are too tight will dig in on your hips and bum. And because of their material yoga pants are great at creating muffin tops that you don’t have.

    And tighter yoga pants also increase your chances of visible panty lines. This destroys the chic, streamlined look.

    This might also mean they sit lower than they’re meant to. To look flattering your yoga pants need to sit high on your hips. But if they don’t fit pulling them up will create dreaded camel toe!

    But you also don’t want your yoga pants to be too baggy. Lots of retailers’ yoga pants fit slightly differently. So you might need to try a few different retailers before you find your perfect fit.

    You also might want to play around with different styles of yoga pants. When asked ‘what are yoga pants’ you probably think of the tight style. But boot-cut and short yoga pants are also great options.

    The style and fit also affect your comfort. The beauty of yoga pants is that they’re comfy and stylish. But without a good fit, you can kiss goodbye to that comfort!

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    A Look At $900 Leggings And The Women Who Buy Them

    This spring, singer Iggy Azalea showed up to a star-studded music awards show in her paparazzi finest: sky-high heels, a sexy mesh top and a pair of zebra-striped leggings. Thats right. The 24-year-old rapper rocked workout pants. At night. In public. On the red carpet.

    While it may seem like a fashion risk, Azalea is one of countless celebrities and NYC women ditching jeans for high-tech, crazily printed and often crazily priced leggings.

    While high-end leggings have been on the rise in recent years thanks to popular $100 Lululemon yoga pants, now Lycra is coming out of the locker room and into the spotlight. Women want stretchy looks that work for spin class or a Saturday night out and theyre willing to pay big money.

    Luxury sites like Net-a-Sporter and new dedicated boutiques like Bandier in the Flatiron District hawk couture leggings that can cost upward of $400 and are printed with everything from kale motifs to emojis. According to the NPD Group, a consumer tracking service, leggings are becoming such a force that womens jeans sales dropped 8 percent in 2014. Even high-end designers like Fendi are jumping on the stationary bike, selling $900 leggings to the fit and fabulous.

    I dont think theres ever too much to spend , says Jennifer Bandier, founder of the 5-month-old eponymous shop.

    Our clients come back wearing their leggings with heels going out at night, says Bandier, 46.

    In fact, some New Yorkers have given up on nonelastic pants entirely.

    Onlypuff Yoga Pants For Women Leggings With Back Pockets Tummy Control High Waisted Workout Running Sports Tights

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    • High Rise Waist with Tummy Control: Women yoga leggings with high waist make your tummy look flatter and won’t dig in
    • Design for: You can wear them to do yoga, to run and any types of outdoor exercises and indoor fitness
    • Hand Wash with Cold Water. Please carefully refer to our detailed size chart on the left picture before you purchase

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