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Yoga Pants For Women Active

Sweaty Betty Gary Yoga Pants

Women With Control Active Tummy Control Yoga Pants on QVC

How much?£85.00

Why? We dont know who Gary is, but he sure can inspire a great pair of yoga pants. Every now and then putting on a pair of figure-hugging, leg-squeezing yoga leggings seems as uninviting as pigeon pose after a couple of days of HIIT training. On such occasions, these yoga pants will do the trick. With fabric that is sweat-wicking and stretchy but in a soft, more relaxed fit, youll still be able to tackle your yoga session just with the added comfort your body needs.

Wear for: Those days where taking a gentler approach to your practice seems like the right move for you.

Goodmove Go Balance High Waisted Yoga Leggings

How much?£25.00

Why? Its your lucky day! Not only can you get yourself a pair of yoga leggings for less than £30, but you can get a pair that wont let you down when youre giving it your all on your yoga mat. These yoga pants will keep you cool, comfortable and dry as you weave your way to ultimate serenity. Plus, with plenty of flexibility, youll have little trouble folding yourself into that pretzel shape youve been working towards, should your muscles allow it. Rather you than us

Wear for: Yogis looking to save some cash but still take their sessions seriously. These yoga leggings are both budget-friendly and performance focused.

How To Find The Best Workout Leggings

  • Check the fabric. Synthetic performance fibers like nylon and polyester are better than cotton for workout pants because theyre often moisture-wicking, more durable and have better stretch. Pick a smooth, shiny fabric to reduce chafing in high-impact activities like running. For studio workouts like yoga where there’s less friction, choose a soft fabric that looks matte.
  • Look at the construction. The seams on the inside should be flat, not raised they’re more comfortable and help reduce irritation caused by sweat and movement. You should also make sure theres a gusset . It prevents leggings from riding up, especially with lots of motion.
  • Do a DIY sweat test. Most activewear claims to be moisture-wicking, but not all fabrics passed our test. To see how a pair of leggings handles moisture, place a small drop of water on the inside of the legging it should absorb quickly and spread out wide instead of beading up.
  • Make sure theyre not see-through. Try on the leggings in bright light for best results. Bend your knee deeply if you can see your skin through the fabric, its not fully opaque. Check again in a few months because fabric can thin out or fade over time.

Here are the best workout leggings to buy in 2022:

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Beyond Yoga Tiger Spacedye High Waisted Midi Legging

How much?£85.00

Why? A bestseller for a reason. Beyond Yogas Spacedye yoga leggings are coveted for their especially soft texture and flattering fit. They are extremely durable and will maintain their appeal long after their first wash, convenient since we have a feeling you wont want to wear anything else after putting them on. Bonus UV protection means theyll also keep you sun-safe when good weather has you practicing outdoors.

Wear for: Indoor yoga, outdoor yoga, hot yoga, all-day-every-day yoga…just like the tiger stripes youve accumulated over the years, these are worth showing off.

Pangaia Move Stirrup Legging 30


How much?£75.00

Why? You may add these to the bag just because theyre mega stylish, but their yoga-specific features mean you wont have to worry about buyers remorse. Designed to see you bending and stretching through handstands, wheels and the likes, the high-rise waistband will support you as you flow, and the stirrups will keep your leggings where you want them, even when you spend more time in inversions than not.

Wear for:Fast-paced flows where the breathable organic cotton can be put to work keeping you cool.

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H& m Seamless Sports Tights

How much?£17.99

Why? For £17.99, do you even need to ask? Whilst not explicitly classed as yoga leggings, these sports leggings have all the qualities youd want from material covering your limbs during yoga, from the first pose right through to the last. The functional fabric is quick drying to keep you cool and comfortable, fewer seams have been used to ensure you have total freedom of movement without the fear of chafing or inadequate stretch to slow you down, and the wide waistband is there to ensure you feel supported throughout the sequence.

Wear for: Your first time at yoga. At such an affordable price, theyre perfect for when youre just starting out. Youll want to make sure you have a steady hand when getting your caffeine fix before or after though.

We Cater To Your Custom Yoga Pants Requirements

We know that the choice of the yoga lovers differ and business owners who want to cater to the needs of the single buyers will often look for the custom option and therefore, we have left an open field for you. Place bulk orders of custom yoga pants wholesale by stating the size, color, design, logo embossment or any other info that you require to update us for churning out your bulk custom yoga pants. If you want to launch your own private label clothing of yoga clothes or yoga pants, make the most of our custom clothing option and get the stock that you desire in tune with your exact requirements.

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Varley Century Stretch Leggings

How much?£87.00

Why? Lovers of all things print Varley sure know how to satisfy the need to look good while providing yoga leggings that perform. Figure-hugging soft fabric, a comfortable high-rise waistband and 7/8 length legs will have you snaking through all your favourite stretches in style.

Wear for: Low intensity yoga, barre or Pilates workouts.

Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Leggings

Womens Yoga Pants Active Running Workout Fitness Review

How much?£89.00

Why? Low on affection of late? These yoga leggings will hug you in all the right places thanks to the soft, supportive fabric and a triple-layered, ultra-high-rise waistband that holds you in without holding you back. You wont have to worry about feeling smothered either, as the Powervita fabric has been designed to feel like a second skin so that you can get your daily dose of feel-good yoga without distraction.

Wear for: Added support in Iyengar yoga where the poses are held for longer and precision and alignment are key.

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Kimjaly Reversible Dynamic Yoga Leggings

How much?£19.99

Why? These yoga leggings stand out for three reasons: affordability, size-inclusivity and reversibility. Thanks to their inner layer being just as appealing as their outer one, youll get two yoga leggings for less than the average price of one. And, those are just the qualities that make them exceptional. They still have all the features weve come to expect from a great pair of yoga leggings: a barely-there feel reliable coverage soft, breathable fabric sweat-wicking ability and ample stretch.

Wear for: Decisive days where picking the side for you will be as easy as tree pose on a good-balance kind of day.

Spiritual Gangster Love Sculpt Legging

How much?£80.00

Why? A brand designed to encourage a life of positivity, generosity, kindness and connectedness you wont just be buying a pair of yoga leggings, youll be buying into a new way of life. So, while your waistband wont be going anywhere, and the compressive fabric will hold you just right, the skies the limit when it comes to your spiritual growth whilst sporting these blue babies.

Wear for: A Vinyasa session that uses movement to cultivate mindfulness.

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Decathlon Seamless 7/8 Yoga Leggings

How much? £15.99

Why? Were big fans of Decathlon case in point their test-winning sports bra and these seamless low-impact leggings are no exception. Testers noted that the fit was secure, snug and comfortable, proving well-suited to lifting as well as mat-based sessions like Pilates. You shouldnt have to adjust them during your sessions either thanks to the waistbands supportive compression. There was a tiny bit of bunching at the front though for some, so wed style with a longer top for a mat-ready look.

Wear for: Days when you needseamless softness and leggings that flow with your body.

Bam Grace Bamboo Yoga Pants


How much?£44.00

Why? Sold on BAMs yoga leggings? Why not get yourself a pair of their bamboo yoga pants while youre at it? That way, youll be covered no matter the day, your desire for space or added support and the type of yoga you have in mind. Despite their relaxed demeanour, these yoga pants will be hard at work keeping things dry and breezy, and once their job on the mat is done, theyll allow you to transition from salutations to the sofa with ease.

Wear for: Soft sequences, where gentle fabric and a loose fit will enhance the overall experience.

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Lululemon Groove Pant Super High

How much?£78

Why? Lululemon’s much-loved classic has returned, and its just the addition our yoga wardrobe needs. Apart from giving us killer retro vibes, these wide leg yoga pants are as yoga-friendly as their slimmer counterparts, thanks to the sweat-wicking, extra soft Nulu Fabric Lululemon has so kindly blessed us with. With a phone-friendly pocket in the super-high rise waistband, youll be all set to take on both your studio yoga session and post-flow breakfast run.

Wear for: Slower peaceful practices like Hatha yoga where you can channel you inner hippie in spirit and style.

Reformation Ecostretch High Rise Legging

How much? £90.00

Why? Soft and stretchy with a high-rise, tight fit and double-layered waist, these Reformation leggings are the yoga-dream your practice needs. I put these leggings on before a very early virtual Yoga class and couldnt get over how soft they were. I test a lot of leggings and performance fabric isnt usually velvet-soft to the touch and able to stand up to the demands of Vinyasa and Savasana, says WHs digital fitness writer Morgan Fargo. They also come with a matching, super-cosy cropped tank which has become a permanent staple in my WFH wardrobe.

Wear for: Looking cute and feeling comfy no matter the position your practise puts you in.

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Adidas Elevate Yoga Flow 7/8 Tights

How much?£70

Why? As comfortable in childs pose as they were on the sofa, these leggings are real classics. They fitted our testers true-to-size and the fabric was flexible, taking squats and bends in its stride. There wasnt any bunching up or gaping either. They dont have a pocket though and didnt feel the best against testers skin when they started to sweat, so stick to gentle workouts. That said, we can see ourselves incorporating these into our WFH-drobes.

Wear for: These are ones to live in, whether you’re working from home, heading to the shops or venturing onto the mat.

The Best Athleisure And Activewear Brands For Your Lifestyle

Lover-Beauty Women’s Casual Activewear Skinny Yoga Running Relaxed Pants

Flattering cuts and sleek designs , standout fabrics , versatility and comfort that empower you to take over the world .

From the line behind the #DoingThings movement to celebrity athleisure wear, here are the best luxury activewear brands that you should know today. They are ideal for the gym, for out-and-about, and for everything in-between.

Beyond Yoga

Keep reading to discover the most stylish luxury activewear labels on the market that every modern trendsetter needs in their life.

Warning: Once you start buying these luxury workout clothes, youll be wearing them everywhere all the time.

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Women’s Active Flare Yoga Pants

  • Hidden waistband pocket holds small items
  • Antimicrobial finish helps keep fabric fresh
  • Pre-hemmed inseams: Regular 31, Petite 28.5, Tall 33
  • 88% polyester/12% spandex. Machine wash. Imported

Comfy with a little flare.

What takes yoga pants from “good” to “great”? How about a taller waistband for superior support? A hidden pocket in that waistband? Flat-lock seams that help prevent chafing? Amazing fabric with just the right amount of stretch? Style you can wear everywhere, from the gym to the curbside pickup run? All in a flattering fit with a little bit of flare? Yeah it’s safe to say these fall in the “great” camp.

Lululemon Align Hr Pant 25

How much? £88.00

Why? Consider this your go ahead to buy those Lululemons youve been lusting after because these leggings aced our testing with one of our panel describing them as the comfiest pair theyd ever worn. Though the fit varied between our testers, everyone raved about the seamless design and luxuriously soft fabric. If youre after a pair for hot yoga, just make sure to pick a darker colour so theyre sweat-patch proof. Overall though, theyre star sun saluters.

Wear for: Everything mat-based. Our best in test yoga pants are ones you won’t want to take off.

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Where To Find The Best Ladies Yoga Pants

You can find a variety of yoga pants for women made of great fabrics, online, on sites like Zivame. There are multiple size options, designs, colours and fabrics to choose from that are all priced affordably. You can use the size guide to find the perfect measurement for you. The products have a premium feel, and you will be spoilt for choice.

How Do I Keep My Leggings From Falling Down : Buy Women

Look for a high and wide waistband that lies flat on your torso, as well as making sure they have an adjustable drawstring to keep the leggings up.

As with most clothing, yoga leggings will stretch incrementally over time. It’s far better to get the size that fits well now rather than one that’s too big solely for comfort.

Phew so with that out the way, here are the 34 best yoga pants and yoga leggings to buy now. Whether youre flowing with dynamic yoga, recharging with Yin or sweating it out with Vinyasa, theres a pair here for you.

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Womens Health Lab Approved

For extra reassurance that your next pair of leggings will keep any VPLs at bay, look out for the ones that have our Womens Health Lab seal of approval. Shop the pairs that weve rigorously tried, tested and love now:

Wondering what the logo actually means? Well, a panel of testers got their sun salutations on, wearing each pair of leggings at least three times for a selection of low-impact exercise. Each pair of leggings was tested by at least four people, and everyone told us how they found the design and fit, as well as whether they performed well on the mat.

We also carried out wash tests in the WH lab to check that they will stay fresh after a spin in the washing machine.

Combined with our editors’ top picks, youll be sure to find a trusty pair. See you on the mat!

What’s The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Workout Leggings

While the best yoga pants and the best gym leggings should both have high waists and moisture-wicking properties, there are some key differences. Yoga leggings tend to be thinner and softer than running pants, while the latter are much tighter and compressive to support your muscles.

Its best practice to spend your money on a pair of leggings that have been specifically designed with yoga in mind, because theyll be breathable, moisture-wicking and able to stretch and flow as you do. Flexibility and comfort are key parts of yoga, after all.

In order to feel supported and comfortable, youll want a high and wide waistband that lies flat on your torso, doesnt cut in and, if possible, has a drawstring to offer further support. Its also worth remembering that yoga leggings, as with most activewear, will stretch over time, so avoid sizing up in anticipation of a tiny bit of loosening further down the line.

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Hush Thalia Stretch Leggings

How much?£59.00

Why? What better way to find some inner peace than with an after dark yoga session under a starry sky? Ok, before you get too excited, we havent found a way to teleport you from studio to star-lit field just yet, but we have found the next best thing: star-studded yoga leggings that rival the glory of the nights sky. Inhale, exhale and squint your eyes while your legs are somewhere in the vicinity of your head, and you may just believe you managed to teleport yourself to a countryside retreat after all.

Wear for: Those relaxing evening sessions where the essential oil spritzing is generous, and the number of candles present is greater than the number of blissed out bodies.

Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt High

COMFY FOREVER High-Quality Active Women’s High Waist Activewear Yoga Pants for Women

How much?£85.00

Why? This sculpting style was a design that even our testers whove tended to avoid wearing yoga leggings previously said theyd feel confident wearing out and about. They scored highly with both petite and plus-size testers too, proving comfortable to wear all day and stretching well during yoga practice. The waistband didnt fit snugly enough for everyone but the thick fabric is squat-proof and warm ones to wear while walking the dog this winter then.

Wear for: Those days where youre looking to tackle a Power Yoga class and could use the extra support and guaranteed comfort these yoga leggings provide.

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