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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Online

Benefits Of Yoga Nidra Training Courses

Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Intro

Yoga Nidra benefits are immense. At Vedic Yoga Academy, you will learn Yoga Nidra as a spiritual practice to help release old burdens and find your own strength and your true potential. As you spend more time inside your mind you will learn to align your conscious mind with your powerful subconsciousness. Therapeutic applications of Yoga Nidra are used by doctors and healers in our modern world. With the increasing cases of Insomnia, sleep deprivation and emotional suppression, Yoga Nidra has become the most important practice. Yoga Nidra said to work with:

  • Cure insomnia
  • Working with negative habits and thoughts patterns
  • Strengthen observation

With the help of Yoga Nidra training, you will be able to rest, restore, de-stress, increase awareness and reach higher states of consciousness. Likewise, you will learn how to guide and teach the same in your own Yoga workshops and classes.

What People Are Saying

Deb Phelps | 200 Hour

“The program provided me with fundamentals of yoga philosophy and asana and the confidence to teach. If you’ve had this dream then I encourage you to enroll as well – I am glad I did. Namaste.”

Cydney Smith | 200 Hour

“I found the program to be a wonderful mix of yoga philosophy and asana which helped me to strengthen my own practice and bring yoga philosophy into my daily life but it also helped me to do so in my classes.”

Tiina Kivinen // Online Nidra Training Mentor

Tiina is the founder of the School of Living Yoga 200 & 300 hour teacher trainings, and has been teaching yoga for over 18+ years in Canada and abroad. She loves leading trainings, retreats and workshops that tap into the deeper practices of Yoga. She has acted as Assistant Director and has been on faculty of teacher trainings at the Nosara Yoga Institute, and Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health. See has studied Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Ayurvedic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Dance, Trauma Sensitivity, and more. It’s an honour to have Tiina as resource & mentor inside of the training!

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What Will You Learn In Yoga Nidra Teachers Course

  • Practice Yoga Nidra in proper way
  • Fundamental principles and science behind the Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra traditions and technique
  • Benefits of Yoga Nidra practice
  • Yoga Nidra & brain waves
  • How to teach Yoga Nidra to others
  • Write Yoga Nidra script
  • Use right voice and tone
  • Prepare safe environment for Yoga Nidra practice

Such A Strong Sense Of Community Love And Passion Through My Laptop

Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training  Scott Moore Yoga

I never thought I could feel such a strong sense of community, love and passion through my laptop! The courses are well organized and very complete.

I have learned so much. The challenging part for me was to deconstruct what I had learned in my own yoga practice, in order to teach in a safe way for my future students.

My life has been turned upside down with the COVID crisis. This training not only gave me new future perspectives, it also helped me go through a difficult time and listen to myself. I can only recommend!

Héloïse Lambert Santosha Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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Why Choose Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Not all yoga nidras are the same. People may lead any sort of lying-down relaxation and call it yoga nidra. Recently, lots of teachers have jumped on the yoga nidra band-wagon, with trainings popping up all over.

  • Jennifer developed Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra in 2005, and has been leading this training since 2008, over 90 times in 12 years, with more than 1800 graduates world-wide.

This training has been a featured program at Kripalu Center every year for 12 years.

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra CDs and mp3s have been the best-selling recordings at Kripalu Center, across all categories of yoga and meditation, for over 15 years. People love this creative, inviting, accessible yoga nidra.

Jennifer is an experienced, knowledgeable and authentic teacher who has led hundreds of workshops, trainings and retreats to audiences large and small.

This training is 100% live-online for a reason live is better. A training presented in real-time requires dedication, skill and organization to lead successfully and gives you more skills, practice, experience, and supportive community.

You will finish with the confidence to lead beautiful and inviting yoga nidra sessions!

Sampoorna Yogas Refund Policy

  • I understand that the initial booking amount of 400 is non-refundable in any circumstances whether its due to travel restrictions, lockdowns, or any similar or non-similar reasons due to covid or anything else of the similar nature, any act of god or any other unforeseen circumstances by either parties.
  • I understand that even if I have to cancel or reschedule my participation in the training or the event I have signed up for, my initial deposit of 400 will always be safe with Sampoorna Yoga and I can use it anytime in future for any in-person or online courses offered by Sampoorna yoga.
  • I understand that the initial 400 also covers the cost of the pre-study non-contact hours training provided by Sampoorna via online module. Which means that with the initial deposit of 400 I am not only confirming my place in the course but also getting an online course in return.
  • I completely understand that the full course fee is non-refundable if I am choosing to pay the entire course fee now to avail the special flat discount of 500 before the advertised date.
  • Balance course fee: The remaining fee which is towards the in-person training in Goa is be paid upon arrival to Sampoorna Yoga, Goa by Card/Cash.
  • I understand and agree that once I have joined the course physically, Sampoorna yoga is not be liable to refund me the course fee if I chose to drop-out of the course due to my personal reasons or circumstances.
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    Yoga Nidra Techniques You Will Learn

    • Pranayama practice for diaphragmatic breathing
    • The faculties of the mind
    • Sleep and dream states
    • How to guide Yoga Nidra
    • Preparation for Yoga Nidra

    The benefits of Yoga Nidra course

    When we face challenges in life, we need to rely on our stability and peace within. Yogic practice develops those virtues and becomes an everyday application. As our inner states are reflected in the external happenings, we are responsible and able to create a state of calmness and focus within. A relaxed mind can face any situation with ease. A happy mind can create a beautiful reality! Let´s allow our body and mind to recover fully and find deep and healing relaxation. With the practice of Yoga Nidra, we can heal our body and mind from unconscious and harming programs and find the strength within to heal and expand our awareness.

    What Is Yoga Nidra Sleep

    Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Learn to Guide Yogic Sleep

    Yoga Nidra is referred to as the Yogic sleep. This is a state of being between sleep and awake in full consciousness. In contrast to our normal sleep or awake states, this is immensely favorable to deep emotional and physical healing. A brain mapping study found that Yoga Nidra practitioners brains show that they are in a deep resting state, which is seen in deep sleep while being completely conscious. In those states self-healing processes are initiated, trauma and emotional as well as physical stress can subside.

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    Quotes From Past Participants

    Yoga Nidra has deepened my meditation practice to a level I did not think possible for me. Christianne ValdesThe best thing about this course was the teacher. I am going to ask my two daughters and their husbands to attend this course. Shanti KumarBeing able to trust Dr. Halpern made it easy to learn quickly and easily. Sheila MillerThis was a high beneficial program on yoga nidra by a conscious and compassionate teacher. Angeline GalwayIts extremely difficult to put into words how incredibly amazing this course and Dr. Halpern were. Thank you so much. Danielle Champeau

    $789 Payment Plans Available Please Email Me For Information

    Perfect for yoga and meditation teachers, parents, teachers, therapists, reiki practitioners and more.

    Ive been teaching Yoga Nidra since 2008. I believe the world needs more Yoga Nidra and more Yoga Nidra teachers. Thats why I created this online Yoga Nidra teacher training because I want to share with you whats taken me years to discover and help you become an effective, engaging, and authentic Yoga Nidra teacher.

    I recommend this Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to absolutely everyone- and I have! Whether or not you plan on actually teaching- this practice is something that everyone needs. We all need to tune in deeper and into our true selves. I have found peace and an uncluttered mind in this practice- it is the most beautiful thing. Scotts passion for Yoga Nidra is evident in the careful construction of the information as well as the organic flow of the conversation that he facilitates. The information and training was so easy to follow, which isnt always the case in an online training scenario. He brought up engaging and provocative points and always applied the information back into everyday life. I left the training feeling very confident in my ability to lead classes and to help individuals get to a point where they can truly discover themselves. This training is 100% life changing and totally worth it.

    This intensive will be available through audio recordings and through a manual in the form of a 60+ page PDF.

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    The Scripts Included With The Purchase Of This Training Are As Follows:

    • Yoga Nidra for Grief

    • Yoga Nidra for Sankalpa

    • Basic Yoga Nidra Practice: Body

    • Yoga Nidra for Energy and Chakras

    • Yoga Nidra for Anxiety Management

    • Full Yoga Nidra Practice

    • Yoga Nidra for Heart Energy

    • Yoga Nidra for Stress

    • Yoga Nidra for Relaxed Alertness

    • Yoga Nidra for your Trinity Nature

    • Yoga Nidra for Compassion

    • Yoga Nidra to Start Your Day

    • Yoga Nidra for Bliss

    • Yoga Nidra for Happiness

    • Yoga Nidra for Inner Wisdom

    Live, Virtual Yoga Nidra Classes Wed. 6 pm, Sun. 9 am MST

    Mentor Program: Make and Impact AND a Living

    Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

    Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course Overview

    200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training [Online Course]

    The traditional Yoga Nidra teacher training will be held in different stages. After this first-level course, you can go on with your personal practice or apply for advanced training. Later you will learn how to teach Yoga Nidra to others. The training encompasses theoretical background and lives practice of various techniques. Over the time of the training, we go deeper into the scientific background and the practices intensify bit by bit.

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    Learning Via Online Was Easy With Santosha

    The online material was so thorough and informative that I never felt I was lost or missing something. Learning via online was easy with Santosha because their online platform was well organized. It took the doubt of online learning completely away.

    The teachers were also amazing! Sunny is a very well trained and knowledgeable yogini. That care and intellect carries on with the teachers of Santosha. My experience of training with Santosha gave me a whole different understanding of yoga. The mental, spiritual, meditative side of yoga was so beneficial to my life and especially in these crazy times we are in currently.

    My many, many thanks to Sunny and the entire Santosha team for all your love and support!

    Elisa Santamaria Santosha Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

    How Does This All Work

    When you purchase your course, you will receive a license key that allows you to register on our Student Dashboard at . From there, you will be able to access your syllabus and course curriculum. Your course syllabus provides a breakdown of course objectives and structure, as well as information on how to complete assignments, which include quizzes, journals, an essay related to the textbook, and a final exam.

    Your lead instructor throughout the duration of this course will be Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500. Should you have any questions, there are experienced teachers, on staff, who are ready to offer assistance. You are never on your own, if you do not want to be support is a phone call or email away.

    Upon completion of the course and exams, please submit them online. Within a few weeks, your exams will be graded, and you will be notified by email.

    The average student completes this course in only 1 month or less!

    Once your exams are graded, your Certificate, with the official Aura Wellness Center logo, signed by Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, will be available for you via your Student Portal as a digital copy. This can be printed, kept as a digital copy, and used to present during a job interview, to a present employer, or submitted to most organizations for CEUs.

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    Hr Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Foundations For Teaching And Practice

    Join Sagel Urlacher for her new enhanced Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Foundations for Teaching and Practice to explore the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra! This practical, inspiring, and engaging 35hr online teacher training program is the perfect opportunity for yoga teachers and practitioners alike to deepen their understanding and personal exploration of this profoundly transformative and holistic healing practice and learn how to offer safe, effective, and compassionate Yoga Nidra sessions for themselves and others.

    Never has there been a greater need or a better time to connect with and live from our hearts deepest intentions, or to deeply connect with others in service to this world, so Sagel has transformed and enhanced her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Level 1 curriculum she delivers in person to students across the United States into an accessible, affordable, and inspiring online teacher training program thats available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, able to be enjoyed in best alignment with your own personal schedule. With more than 2500 teaching hours, Sagel offers insight and inspiration throughout with her heart-full approach and warm, welcoming energy. This program is open to all, no 200hr yoga teaching certificate is required.

    Joy is your blueprint and your birthright! Come explore and experience this life-changing journey of limitless possibilities for pure joy, well-being, and transformation!

    Program Curriculum

    Focus Of The Certification Training:

    iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher Training

    This training is for teachers and seekers who want to explore Yoga Nidra beyond a technique — as a state of consciousness. Our emphasis will be on:

    • Sacred Self Care, Creativity, Intuition, Healing, Ritual, Nature as Teacher and Sankalpa Shakti

    • Understanding the difference between Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation

    • Creating your Yoga Nidra Nest

    • Learn restorative poses to support the body for Yoga Nidra practice for pregnancy, trauma, exhaustion etc.

    • Perfect Sankalpa and Sankalpa Shakti

    • How to lead yourself towards the state of Yoga Nidra

    • Ritual practices including mantra, yantra, likita japa and Sankalpa rituals

    • Preparatory and Post Practices: Pranayama, Joints and Glands, Point to Point, Moon Bath

    • Creative exploration as a means to process the experience of yoga nidra practice

    • History and mythology

    • Certification upon completion of the full program and final exam

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    Megan Marie Gates // Sound Meditation Guide

    Megan Marie has been working with sound & teaching sound meditation for the last 6 years but her sonic education started a long time ago as a professional musical theatre performer and the study of sound + music in a theatrical setting. She has studied sound therapuedics with teachers throughout North America as well as India . It is deeply important to be educated on the gross and subtle aspects of sound meditation and to have a solid foundation to work with vibration for yoga nidra specifically and we are lucky to have Megan Marie as a guest teacher inside of the training.

    Tarryn Cothill

    little souls yoga

    “Ally and her authentic way of being shines through every session and her teachings. The structure of the course is so beautifully delivered in right timing with digestible portions…. and easy methods to start implementing straight away! Allys knowledge of the processes and scientific proof is astounding! She is up to speed with all the latest research. Her training sets us up to be successful practitioners to be able to bring this magic into the world when we are finished! Im so blessed to have taken part in this journey with Ally and her team!”

    Tara Shaw

    200 ryt grad

    Cherish Yuke

    What Folks Are Are Saying About Seven Seedsyoga Nidra Training :

    Spending the weekend immersed in Sheila’s Yoga Nidra YTT is amazing. Sheila is a fountain of knowledge in her area of expertise, and she shares it with great skill and clarity. I felt deeply rested, totally prepared to teach, and beautifully connected to my sankalpa and to my nidra community. The dance breaks were a blast too!

    If you are considering exploring and understanding the very special practice of Yoga Nidra, I highly recommend Sheila and her training.

    ~ Heather E Sheila has created a wonderful program, thorough info & inspiration packed training course with her Seven Seeds YNTT

    Her website videos and preparation work were very informative and great background prep as well as reference as you start out teaching YN or simply to ground your own practice solidly. Her passion and research over the years is apparent and she creates such a loving, safe group learning environment suitable for anyone with an interest in learning more about this incredible practice.

    This was one of my favourite continuing education courses ever and as an RMT I’ve done many!

    I highly recommend taking this course with Sheila/Seven Seeds Yoga Nidra .

    ~ Doris J BA, RMT Toronto

    ~ Jane EW M.S.W. RSW

    ~ Elizabeth R, Artist, Seven Seeds YN teacher

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