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Yoga Mats In Bulk Cheap

Does A Cheap Yoga Mat Last Long

Review of 4 Cheap Yoga Mats = Pros and Cons!

Generally, a yoga mat is expected to be used for 12 to 24 months.

The useful life of a yoga mat depends on the quality of the mat and the frequency of how many times you use this.

If a yoga mat is manufactured from suitable quality materials, you will surely be able to use it for more than 12 months. But if you want to buy cheap yoga mat bulks, you have to sacrifice longevity. You have to clean the mat regularly to use it for some more days comfortably.

What Are The Important Features Of A Cheap Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are used to prevent injury while doing yoga. In yoga, there is a risk of slipping. Your hands and feet can easily fall if you dont use a good yoga mat.

Besides, a yoga mat also helps you to save energy. A yoga mat must have the following features:

A good-quality yoga mat must be thick and compact. It must be produced from high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

It must have enough texture in it to protect the user from slipperiness and injuries.

A cheap yoga mat wont ensure all these features. You should buy yoga mats from a good supplier at a comparatively lower price but not at a cheap price.

Figure 2: Thick and sticky yoga mat

Why Should You Avoid Buying Cheap Yoga Mats

There are expensive and cheap yoga mats. If you cant differentiate between a good and a lousy yoga mat, then only a higher price wont bring you the best yoga mat.

The factors that you have to avoid are as follows:

  • Avoid the slippery type yoga mats
  • Avoid heat-absorbing yoga mats
  • Avoid low-quality mats

On the other hand, you have to purchase quality yoga mats at reasonable prices. But there are a lot of options for you from where you can choose your necessary yoga mats.

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Is A Cheap Yoga Mat Different In Weight And Thickness

The standard weight of a travel yoga mat is around 2lbs, and the thickness is around ¼ inch. The normal weight of a regular yoga mat is about 7 lbs, and the standard thickness is approximately 1/8 inch.

There are many dishonest manufacturers who dont maintain these standards and use inferior quality materials in producing yoga mats.

So, buy a good quality yoga having these standard weights and thicknesses and avoid lucrative cheap yoga mats.

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    Where Can You Buy Cheap Yoga Mats In Bulk

    Many online and offline sellers sell different types of yoga mats. You will find a lot of expensive and cheap yoga mats online.

    Buying too expensive or too cheap yoga mats is not necessary for your organization. There are some shops where you can get the best quality yoga mats at a very reasonable price.

    You can buy affordable yoga mats with good quality bulk from a local shop but These mats wont be comfortable enough for clients.

    Figure 1: Affordable Yoga Mats

    Wholesale Yoga Mats Online

    The Internet is a terrific resource for finding wholesale yoga mats. The average price range for a single mat is $15-$100. Many wholesalers offer mat purchases in bulk for example, $13 apiece for an order of six mats. So, it’s important to shop around and strike up a relationship with suppliers. After all, you’ll probably need blocks and straps and other yoga equipment, too.

    Here are some options for wholesale yoga supplies.

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    Buy Eco Friendly Yoga Mats At Yoga King

    Our Yoga Mats that are made up of natural and renewable resources in Australia. We offer thick, durable, light-weight, and eco-friendly yoga mats, thus protecting the environment along with satisfying your needs.

    We always provide you with the original eco yoga mat. It is entirely environment-friendly and biodegradable. This is for those who care about and wish to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

    Mat Sprays are made up of natural products like Aloe Vera and Coconut oil protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. Mat Straps are designed for the transportation of mats and towels to your Yoga studios. Gift Packs come with different Yoga products like Belts, Mats, and Yoga Sticks.

    Travel with yoga mat with a beautiful bag!

    Take a moment to look at our products that support you in achieving a healthy, peaceful, and balanced life!

    Why Choose Speck Group

    Top 10 Cheap Yoga Mats

    Automated And High Efficient Production

    Our factories have been established successively since 1999. We embrace Industry 4.0, actively develop automated production, and invest a lot to maintain our competitiveness in the yoga and fitness equipment industry. By using the robot system to do labor work, the efficiency has been significantly improved and the labor cost has been sharply reduced. Speck is in a good position to handle your project in a short time and offer your fitness equipment of high quality.

    Strong OEM & ODM Ability

    Our design team consists of more than 20 domestic designers and a team of designers from the United States, and cooperates with several well-known artists and designers. Every year, we create more than 100 innovative designs for the market and apply for patents for certain designs. If you choose our products, there will be no patent issues. If you need to develop new products and apply for patents, we will work closely with you and sign a confidentiality agreement with you to protect the confidentiality of your OEM design.

    Quality Management System

    Custom Yoga Mat Manufacturer

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    Go For The Manduka Yoga Mat With Exceptional Cushioning And Comfort

    Manduka mats for yoga are specially made for comfort. We offer many Manduka Mats for you to choose from. One such product is the Manduka PRO mat. It is extra-long, extra-wide, denser and thicker. To top it, it has excellent non-slip surfaces too.

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    What To Look For In A Mat

    Often, the type of mat used for practice depends not only on the individual, but the style of yoga. Someone who enjoys the vigorous practice of Ashtanga Yoga might need a durable, absorbent mat. A yogi with knee or wrist issues may choose a mat with greater thickness for extra cushioning. Another person may want some versatility, making a combination rubber/fabric mat a good option.

    For wholesale yoga mat purchases, opt for longer length mats. That way, you’ll always have the right size for any practitioner. No yogi has ever complained about having too much mat! Also, make sure the mats are easy to clean and quick to dry.

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    What Are The Common Materials For A Yoga Mat

    There are a lot of materials that can be used to make yoga mats. Most of the available yoga mats in the local markets are made of PVCs.

    PVCs are not eco-friendly, and so these should be avoided. Standard materials for manufacturing cheap yoga mats are recycled rubber, jute, cotton, etc. these types of yoga mats are eco-friendly and comfortable to use.

    Figure 4: Jute yoga mats

    Making Your Wholesale Purchase

    Cheapest Factory Yoga Mat Set

    Once you have created and logged into your account, you may browse our catalogue for yoga mats and other yoga products. When logged into your account, wholesale prices will appear on each product page to the right of the product image. To qualify for a wholesale price, simply add the eligible quantity to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.

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    Wholesale Prices Premium Customer Service

    At The Mindful Mat, we take care of every detail. Were proud to provide a level of service that is superior to many online and overseas suppliers of bulk yoga mats.

    Create your own yoga mat design

    Our experienced designers can help with basic file fixes and general advice, or even create a custom yoga mat design for you. We offer a full design service that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

    Work directly with a designer

    A dedicated designer will guide you through the custom printing process. They can advise on the best products to suit your needs, recommend printing techniques, and even provide a print sample.

    Choose from an extended product range

    We print on a range of quality products, including yoga mats, blocks, bags, towels and tees. We source only the highest quality yoga mats, props and accessories from Fair Trade certified manufacturers.

    Get orders printed quickly

    We print everything in-house at our well-equipped workshop in Brisbane, Australia. This means your custom order can be printed and shipped quickly, without waiting for offshore manufacturing or freight.

    Place orders of any size

    We have no minimum order amount. Whether you need one or one hundred mats, weve got you covered.

    So Who Is Healthylifecycle

    HealthyLifeCycle also referred to as Healthy Life Cycle is the culmination of a collaboration by a bunch of like-minded people who truly believe that we are all capable of making healthy changes in our lives – and we have a passion for making these changes easier and more accessible to everyone.We manufacture and distribute the popular Yogavni yoga product brand as a yoga accessories wholesaler, yoga store and yoga online retailer, over and above other ranges of environmentally kind, top quality meditation and yoga aids, accessories and props we offer.

    Lets face it our world today is a strange and uncertain place, full of stress, distress, disease and conflict, but if theres one thing we can all agree on: we need to strive for better health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually now more than ever!

    At HLC, we are as passionate as you are about living ahealthy life in every way we can, and constantly look out for the best quality products from around the world that are kind to you and the environment, are free from harmful substances and have undergone strict quality control processes.

    It sounds like quite a stretch, we know and those cynics amongst us can dismiss these concepts as airy-fairy new age hippy claptrap* but we at HLC firmly believe in the proof-positive sharing of centuries-old wisdom and traditions from all over the world, which have helped generations and millions of people achieve a healthier state of being

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    Are Cheap Yoga Mats Free From Pvcs

    Most of the yoga mats nowadays are made of PVCs that are not eco-friendly and comfortable to use. To lower the price, manufacturers use PVCs to produce yoga mats.

    Non PVC yoga mats are expensive.

    You will find a lot of shops that sell non PVC cheap yoga mats. These cheap yoga mats are not non PVC at all.

    Figure 6: Non PVC yoga mats

    The Yogamatters Wellness Collection

    রাবার মà§?যাঠà¦à¦¿à¦¨à§?ন পাà¦à¦à¦¾à¦°à¦¿ দামà§à¥¤ বà¦à¦¶à¦¾à¦² সà§?রিà¦à§à¦²à¦¾à¥¤ Rubber mat! Best Yoga Mats! wholesale bd

    Fragrance has the power to soothe, transport and inspire. Dive into the therapeutic benefits of scent: clear energy in your sacred space and create olfactory ambiance in an instant. Our collection of signature roll-on fragrances, bath salts, candles and more are here to give you the relaxation you need.

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    Can Cheap Yoga Mats Absorb Heat

    Yoga mats are not only used to prevent yourself from slipping but also for saving energy. A yoga mat works as insulation between your body and the floor. Thats why your body doesnt lose much heat and power to the ground.

    Yoga mats that are made of good quality can absorb a large amount of heat. A good quality yoga mat can absorb heat and protect you from damage but if you buy a random cheap yoga mat, you may suffer further.

    Do The Color Of Cheap Yoga Mats Fade Away Faster

    Usually, the colors of cheap yoga mats dont fade away until you clean them with extremely hot water and excessive detergents.

    People love colorful yoga mats, and that yoga mats are available in various colors. If you clean a cheap yoga mat regularly and properly, its color wont fade away.

    Figure 5: Colorful Yoga Mats

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    Are Cheap Yoga Mats Comfortable Or Not

    Yoga mats are used to make your yoga experience comfortable and free from injury. There are different types of yoga mats available in the market. But not every yoga mat you buy is comfortable.

    Yoga mats must be comfortable but if you buy a cheap yoga mat that doesnt ensure better quality, you wont feel comfortable. A good-quality yoga mat will save you from slipping and possible injuries. It will absorb heat. It is easy to clean and durable.

    If you love to travel, you can buy a thick and compact yoga mat, and its less weighted, comfortable, and easy to carry.

    To ensure that the yoga mat you buy will be comfortable enough, you have to ensure that the mat is made of suitable quality fabrics. The mat you purchased is capable of absorbing heat. A cheap yoga mat cant ensure these things.

    There are enough grips so that your hands and feet dont sleep while practicing. You can buy good quality yoga mats from us at a very reasonable price.

    Figure 3: Comfortable yoga mats


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