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Yoga Mat With Grid Lines

Diy Projects For Yogis

Liforme Original – Yoga Mat with Grid Lines Reviews

Being active is an important part of life. It might not be as fun as hitting the mall or catching the latest Ryan Gosling movie, but not much is. The first step is trying to find an exercise that doesnt feel like flat out torture. Whether you prefer to zone out on the treadmill, get outside and hit the trails or do some yoga, the important part is that you do something. Your jeans will thank you later. If yoga is your game, than these DIYs are for you. And even if you arent a budding yogi, these projects will inspire you to get moving to the nearest craft store anyways. Hey, its something!

1. Patterned Leggings: Basic boring leggings are a thing of the past. Just because youre all doing the same sun salutation doesnt mean you cant stand out. This DIY project will make sure youre not forgotten about in the back of class.

2. Colorful Custom Yoga Bag: Now that you have your mat, youll need a bag to carry it in back and forth to class. And if you have to have one, it might as well be cute!

3. Lavender Eye Pillow: Too many downward dogs can leave you feeling exhausted. Relax after a long workout with this lavender eye pillow. Its said to ease tension around the eyes and throughout your entire face and is great for savasana.

4. Turban Headband: A chic turban headband not only will keep the hair out of your face, it will have you looking good enough to run errands after your class ends.

How To Choose A Yoga Mat Bag Or A Yoga Mat Carrier

Once youve settled on getting the right yoga mat for yourself, youll need to carry it around.

In most cases, you will roll up your yoga mat to carry it around. Except for travelling yoga mats that are very thin, so you can fold them.

To keep a yoga mat tidy and stop it from rolling out, you have 2 options: a yoga mat bag and a yoga mat carrier.

Yoga mat bags are of two types: hand-carried and over the shoulder. They come in a variety of colours, design and material. Yoga mat bags can be cotton, polyester, linen or nylon. And some are waterproof.

Yoga mat carriers are straps made of cotton and elastic. They can also be synthetic. You can use some yoga mat carrier straps as props to help you stretch.

Sometimes when you buy a yoga mat, it comes with a bag. But if it doesnt, then you can choose the one you like.

Tip: When you buy a yoga mat bag separate from your yoga mat, make sure its the correct size.

How To Choose A Yoga Mat Thickness

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat? And why is it important to choose the right one?

The optimal yoga mat thickness strikes a balance between comfort, insulation, and transportation.

Standard yoga mat thickness is 3-5 mm. This is ideal for doing yoga at home or in a studio.

Yoga mat thickness varies from 1.5mm to 10mm. Travel yoga mats are perfect to take with you on a trip. They are 1.5 mm thick, easy to fold and light to carry.

Consider a yoga mat of 6-10 mm thick if you have joint aches or for doing yoga on a stony beach.

Thicker yoga mats tend to be softer and more comfortable for sitting, laying or doing kneeling poses. Yoga mats that are 6-10mm provide more cushioning for your joints and better insulation.

Tip: Avoid thick yoga mats that are cheap. The thickness of a yoga mat complements the material. So a cheaper yoga mat may not be as cushy as a more expensive good quality one, which shouldnt be easily squished.

The right yoga mat also depends on the type or style of yoga that you choose. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga and Hot yoga are more intense and will make you sweat. So you want to make sure that when your new yoga mat gets wet, you wont slip away onto your neighbours yoga mat.

Restorative yoga, Yin yoga and Kundalini yoga are more relaxing. Youll be spending way more time sitting or laying down. So make sure you are comfy on a thicker mat.

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Geopathic Stress Is A Term Used For The Presence Of Unhealthy Earth Energies That Are Present In All Living Spaces What Exactly Is Geopathic Stress

From our extensive research, we have come to the following general and simple conclusion. Geopathic Stress is the imbalance of Positive Ion fields that are present in many different forms in a given space.

Positive Ion fields are depleted in oxygen levels and when life forms are subjected to the cell growth is negatively affected by this deprived level of oxygen. This eventually leads to unhealthy cell growth which compromises the bodys immune system, leading to varying ailments such as tumours, cancers, and leukaemia on the extreme scale. Then in a more subtle manner brain chemistry imbalances, manifesting in our serotonin and melatonin levels become depleted, thus creating a feeling of mental instability, varying from mild to high levels of anxiety and depression.

We need to live in a Negative Ion balance , which maintains healthy oxygen levels, promoting healthy cell growth, healthy states of mind and overall well-being. GS traditionally referred to as Positive Ion fields are created by noxious frequencies from underground flowing water and earth magnetic grid lines, seismic fault lines. However in the 21st Century with modern electromagnetic and WIFI technology, sewer and grey water pipes that run through and under our living spaces and a much greater understanding, the issues have now become a more complex problem.

So if we were to categorise the different aspects of GS they would be:

Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Electromagnetic Radiation

Seismic Fault Lines

Digital TV

Our Analysis And Test Results

Grid Lines yellow Yoga Mat by themagicstudio

If you are looking to get specific about your practice, the GuruGrid is a top recommendation. It’s similar to many non-stick mats, specifically the Lululemon Reversible, but utilizes eco-friendly material and a grid that helps with alignment. Rubbery smells aside, this mat is super easy to care for, and you’ll only need to wipe it down after practice. The traction is excellent when dry or wet , and we have no doubts that it’s durable.

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Should You Buy A Cheap Yoga Mat

You can get a basic, thin, solid-colour PVC mat for less than £10. If you’re not sure how well you’ll take to yoga, you could always try a cheap mat to start with, but bear in mind it may be less durable.

And try not to substitute price for truly important features if you’ve got dodgy knees, it could be well worth spending a bit more for extra padding.

This doesnt mean you cant find a bargain yoga mat. Just double check it has the features you need before investing. Reading customer reviews will help, though keep a watching eye out for potentially fake reviews take a look at our guide on how to spot fake reviews.

Keep track of all your fitness activities with the help of thebest fitness trackers look out for one that lets you track yoga as well as activities such as running and cycling.

Where To Buy Yoga Mats

As yoga becomes more popular an increasing number of retailers are selling mats, including both generalists and dedicated yoga shops. Popular shops that sell yoga equipment include.

Find out how popular retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis and Sports Direct, performed in our survey of the best and worst shops.

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Best Splurge: Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Another one of Beltchenkos picks, this is pricey, yes, but has a slew of features that justify the price. Longer and wider than many others, it gives you plenty of space to practice, plus alignment markers that are great for beginners or to help experts nail more challenging poses. The material is also super grippy, ensuring hands and feet stay put even when the mat gets sweaty, and its made of eco-friendly material as well.

Reasons The Liforme Yoga Mat Is Great For Hot Yoga

Review of the Gurugrid Yoga Mat – The Ultimate Alignment Mat

I may receive a commission for purchases made through product links on this page, but I always stand by my opinions and endorsements!

The Liforme yoga mat is developing quite a reputation.

Its a little on the pricey side, which makes some people raise an eyebrow at it, but its also incredibly distinctive looking with its alignment lines.

More and more people are buying and using these mats, and usually seeing extraordinary results.

But is the Liforme yoga mat a good choice for hot yoga or Bikram?

Yes, and heres why!

It has absolutely amazing grip under the sweatiest of conditions and is really, really easy to clean.

OK, before we go any further, two places to go from here:

Read my full Liforme yoga mat review.

Or . We bought from Amazon for the easy shipping, but the price is subject to change so hit the link to see the current price.

Now for a little more detail and why I love this mat for hot yoga, hot power yoga, Bikram, and all of that good stuff, read on!

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Best Yoga Mats With Alignment Lines

In my view, the best yoga mats with alignment lines are:


Liforme take the top spot as the best yoga mat with alignment lines thanks to their Alignforme alignment system which I would consider to be the original and best-in-class design.

It features end-to-end lines to keep your feet and hands aligned lengthways, reverse points for when youre on your back, a central line for keeping balanced width ways, and 45° lines for use in standing yoga poses to help keep your heels aligned. Theres also a large lotus design that shows you the central point on the mat.

I also like that they have a paired back alternative If you dont want all of the lines and prefer a simpler look, this is known as the Liforme Evolve range and would be better suited for someone with a little more experience.

The Liforme mat is made from a natural rubber base and polyurethane surface. I also featured the mat in my guide to the best eco-friendly yoga mats as natural rubber is a sustainable material and the mat is both biodegradable and recyclable.

The Liforme mat has an open-cell structure on top, this means that it absorbs some moisture so it will retain its grip even when you sweat a lot. However, these mats can also absorb odors more easily and can be difficult to clean. The rear of the back that is placed on the floor has a shiny surface that is super easy to clean.

This guide shows you the different lines on the Liforme mat and what they are for:

How To Choose A Yoga Mat Material

Choose the yoga mat material thats comfortable and will keep you warm on the cold floor. Cork and cotton yoga mat materials provide a good grip when wet. If you are planning to practice yoga in the park, choose a material like cotton, which is easy to wash.

If you are planning to walk or to jog to your place of practice, a lightweight yoga mat might be better. It folds well and is easy to carry. If you are driving or practising at home then you can prioritise your comfort with a bigger or heavier yoga mat.

With a wide range of yoga mats materials available, you can take your pick. The common materials for yoga mats are PVC, TPE, NBR, EVA, Cork and Natural Latex. They tend to be more comfortable for the skin, while fabric yoga mats like Cotton, Jute and Wool can be a bit more coarse.

One thing to keep in mind is that PVC, TPE, NBR, EVA and Natural Latex yoga mats contain one type of material. Whereas yoga mats made from Jute or Cork sometimes have 2 different materials one for each side.

So while the top part can be from a natural material, the bottom part is synthetic. This is to provide a good grip and insulation. You can get pure Jute or Cotton yoga mats.

We advocate for environmentally friendly yoga mats. These are non-toxic yoga mats from natural material and sustainable sources. Some yoga mats are recyclable or made from recycled material.

I came across this video that has a quick comparison of the top 10 yoga mats.

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Best Yoga Mat For Beginners: Liforme Original Yoga Mat

The Liforme Original Yoga Mat is a great mat on its own, not to mention fancy we love the smooth, almost silky top side and dense, 4.2-millimeter-thick natural rubber cushion. An investment, sure, but its alignment markers are a true highlight not found on most other mats. Giving cues to newbie and pro yogis alike, the subtle design of the mat works as a cheat sheet for beginners, making hand and foot placement much steadier during your yoga practices, especially for those of us who are getting our namaste on from home, without the positioning help from a live instructor.

Available in five happy colors , the mat features more than a dozen indicators from top to bottom, including end-to-end lines that keep hands and feet parallel lengthways, reverse points that keep your hands and feet even when on your back, central lines that keep you centered widthways and 45-degree lines that align your back heels when in standing postures. Having used these markers in our own workouts, we felt more confident as we glided through the motions, knowing that each of our poses was not only accurate but also safe, preventing any unwanted injuries that could occur when left to our own devices. Those lines also helped us to achieve optimal results and learn exactly where we should be on the mat and thus how our bodies should feel in those positions.

This Yoga Mat Teaches You Proper Alignment

Yoga Mat // Small Grid Pattern
  • 213SHARES

When it comes to product reviews, we dont mess around. All of the items we review are put through the ringer of everyday use. You can trust that our reviews are non-biased and completely honest. Full-disclosure, we dont publish negative reviews. If a product doesnt live up to our standards we wont promote it. Everyone has their opinion, this is ours lets get started. Gurugrid is an alignment yoga mat that we fell in love with at first asana. This high-quality mat is akin to Lululemons The Mat in terms of traction and durability, but with a lower price tag. In addition, it has a printed grid of numbers that create an effortless alignment system for any pose. This numbered alignment system is our favorite feature of the Gurugrid yoga mat. Lets check out what makes the Eco-Friendly Premium Yoga Mat by Gurugrid 100% YogiApproved.

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Why Choose A Non

Now, you might be wondering why should you choose a chemical-free yoga mat for your regular yoga practice.

In recent years, the yoga industry has seen a huge boom which has resulted in the increased production of yoga mats. Sadly, most of these yoga mats are made from cheap materials such as PVC, TPE, etc., which have a harmful effect on your health.

Generally, the manufacturers create the mats with metal dyes and yoga mat chemicals that are toxic to your body and then sell them for dirt cheap prices. But your health pays the price for this toxicity, which is the last thing you want when you practice yoga.

PVC is the most commonly used material in cheap yoga mats and is the most toxic plastic on earth. This is why it is important to choose a toxic-free yoga mat made from natural materials.

If you do yoga to recover from an injury or disease, then you should find a chemical-free yoga mat that is good for your health and the environment.

This should be particularly kept in mind when you are pregnant too. Why? Because these cheap mats have hormone-disrupting chemicals, they can have an adverse effect on you and your baby.

For getting back in shape or if you have a respiratory issue, choosing a non-toxic yoga mat is a must. We end up spending a lot of time doing breathing exercises or face down on our yoga mat so, you dont want to be breathing in the wrong materials.

Hop On The Mat With Bis

At BÉIS, we like to keep things balanced. Were professional packers, thats true. But were also fellow yoga enthusiasts. So, what do you get when you combine the two?

A balanced, traveling yoga mat.

Like most of our bags and travel accessories, its functional and super stylish. We think it could be the perfect companion for your next trip abroad or for practicing at home with your friends and fur babies if you want to take the step and learn how to stay fit while traveling. Make sure that you have the gym bag essentials for women. Whatever your mat preferences may be, whats most important is taking care of your body in a way thats right for you.

Frolic and flow with BÉIS. Well see you on the mat!

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    Four: Other Buying Considerations

    While the information above roughly covers everything you should know before buying a mat for yoga, there are still a few things that we have to get out of the way:

    • If youre short on space, you want to look for a mat thats easy to roll up and store. Naturally, if your mat is super thick, you might have trouble doing so. However, there are mats with secure straps that can hold the mat rolled up in storage.
    • Speaking of straps, theyre something you want to have if you want a mat you can take with you to a yoga class or on your travels. You should be able to find yoga mat models that come with adjustable Velcro straps that allow you to throw it on your shoulder and be on your way.
    • Establish and budget and try to stick to it, because a mat can cost anything between $10 to hundreds of dollars. Naturally, a $10 mat is probably made of plastic, has no cushioning, and emits a strange chemical-like smell. Rubber mats are more expensive, but theyre also eco-friendly and safe for you to use.


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