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Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

The Premium Yoga Mat By Gaiam

What is the Best Sticky Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands in USA 2021

Gaiam is yet another well-known brand in the yoga industry. In fact, it sells nothing else but yoga gear.

Nevertheless, it offers a wide range of yoga products, including yoga mats, mat bags, yoga towels, yoga apparel, and even yoga merchandise for children.

Its name, pronounced as guy-um, apparently bears the vision of the company.

It is a combination of the word Gaia and I am, which, according to the company, when put together translates to I am Earth.

This brand currently offers nine collections to match the different needs of yoga practitioners. The particular piece that we are going to feature today, though, is their premium yoga mat.

Honestly, their premium yoga mat is already a collection in itself with more than 70 different style choices, as displayed on their companys website.

Product Highlights

Most of us are not buying yoga mats for how it looks.

For instance, what were looking for right now are mat pieces that provide stability and non-slip features. So, the question is, does this piece have them?

Yes, it does. In fact, it is designed with a textured non-slip surface that ensures more traction and stability.

This is probably why this mat is labeled as extra-thick at six millimeters. Even so, it is still very lightweight and portable.

What we love best about this product is the care that Gaiam took in choosing and sourcing their materials.

It is 6P free, which means that it doesnt have harmful components known as phthalates.

The Good

The Bad


Gaiam Dry Grip Yoga Mat

Youll notice that the Gaiam Dry Grip yoga mat tickets many of the boxes regarding yoga mats for sweaty hands. And the reason for this is that not only is it a rather thick yoga mat, but it also has a stay-dry topcoat that promises to remove any moisture that is on the surface. In this way, they promise that you will experience the ultimate grip, regardless of how sweaty your hands are.

This mat develops a stickiness when damp. And so people who sweat a lot will definitely want to check this yoga mat out.

Features to love about the Gaiam Dry Grip Yoga Mat:

  • 5mm thick meaning that it will also provide you with a lot of cushioning
  • This is a closed-cell mat, meaning that it helps seal out germs, odor and bacteria
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes in 4 colors
  • The black mat is available in two lengths .
  • It has a beautiful pattern

One other point to note about the Gaiam Dry Grip Yoga mat is that it may release quite a strong odor when you first unwrap it. This is very common with yoga mats and the smell will slowly fade away. To the odor to leave, try unrolling it and airing it out for a few days before practicing on it.

What Is The Best Grip Yoga Mat

For now, lets look at the yoga mats reviewed, ranked from overall best to worst:

Yoga Mat

*One thing to point out about the Manduka Pro is that it offers superior grip. However, that is only once it has been broken in. If you would like more information, check out my YouTube video on how to break in a Manduka Pro.

Why these yoga mats?

Since yoga mat grip is so important, its no surprise that there are a lot of yoga mats out there that offer a non-slippery practice. Instead of trying to test every single non-slip yoga mat on the market, I instead decided to focus on 7 of the most popular options.

Narrowing the field means I left plenty of yoga mats out of this comparison. If your favorite yoga mat is not on the list, its not because I dont like it, but rather I had ran out of money by then! However, I did try to get a good selection of whats out there, some are more popular than others, but Im sure youll be familiar with most of them.

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Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

Anyone who has practiced yoga can understand the struggles of slipping around a yoga mat in the middle of a downward dog. Especially when you practice faster paced yoga like vinyasa and hot yoga, because lets face it – we all get a little sweaty sometimes! When youre in the market for a new yoga mat, you want to make sure that it fits your needs – so we put together a list of things to consider when shopping for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands.

How Do I Keep My Yoga Mat From Sliding

Top 6 Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands of 2020

There are two ways to keep your yoga mat from sliding. The first method is to use a yoga mat the is thick, has good grip , and is made of sturdy material. The other method is to use a non-slip rug gripper. This will help your yoga mat stay in place during your practice.

If you want a video on how to use a non-slip rug gripper then check out this video.

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Yoga Mat Grip: I Tested 7 Of The Most Popular Mats

HomeBlogYoga Mat Reviews & TipsYoga Mat Grip: I tested 7 of the most popular mats

Having a non-slip yoga mat is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a new yoga mat. The reason is that if your yoga mat provides sufficient grip, it may help make your yoga practice just that much easier as you wont be sliding in poses like downward-facing dog.

Given the importance of yoga mat grip, I decided to test seven of the most popular yoga mats for this article. In fact, I even made a Youtube video explaining how to choose a yoga mat, and grip is also mentioned.

Heres a quick preview of the best non-slip yoga mats that Ill cover:

For more information on how to find your ideal yoga mat, here is How To Choose the BEST Yoga Mat in 8 Steps.

I will cover the following in this article:

The Top 10 Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands And Feet

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If youve ever practiced yoga on a cheap mat, or with no mat at all , you know the struggles of slipping around in poses like downward dog.

This is a particular struggle if you practice faster paced styles of yoga such as vinyasa because, lets face it, were bound to get a little sweaty!

But fear not fellow yogi, here is my list of the top 10 best yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet so you never have to deal with this struggle again!

In this list you’ll find the grippiest and stickiest non slip yoga mats that will take you through the sweatiest of yoga classes.

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Adidas Thick Fitness Mat: Best Lightweight Yoga Mat

Popular for its fitness products, Adidas is here with a super light yoga mat that youll love carrying. Made from composite material, the mat is highly durable and is tear-resistant.

Furthermore, it is highly comfortable, and you wont mind using it for a plethora of exercises. The material is grippy from both sides, so it does not slip off while doing yoga.

The mat offers good comfort, and the padded cushioning creates a comfortable surface. Rolling up and folding the mat is easy, and it does not wrinkle at all.

This is one of the thickest yoga mats in the market, but that does not make it heavy. As the material is hypoallergenic, it protects you from allergies and irritations. It does not absorb the sweat, but you can sweep it off in a few strokes.

Lastly, Adidas provides a carrying strap with this mat, and it is available in three amazing colors, including red, grey, blue.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

Funny Yoga Mat Review – Lole Prima Yoga Mat and Strap – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands and Feet?

This yoga mat has been getting plenty of positive reviews from customers because its nicely designed, eco-friendly and the quality doesnt disappoint at all.

If youre a person that practices hot yoga or you really struggle with sweaty hands, then this is a mat that needs to be on your radar.

What you get from this mat is a towel like grip which is perfect for dealing with sweaty hands.

While there are so many yoga mats on the market already, this is one of the best to spend your money on.


  • Come with a carry strap
  • A very supportive yoga matIts absorbs moisture well which most users love especially when its wet
  • An eco-friendly productLove the sleeper function
  • Its perfect for having guests over


  • Some customers claim it does not have enough cushion/padding
  • The manufacturers could have done a better job on the dry grip

Overall Verdict: The Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat is a thing of beauty, especially with its design.

Whenever you sweat, you want a mat that will support you and this product does exactly that.

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Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

The Lululemon Reversible Mat is unique in that it features two different sides designed to be versatile for different styles of yoga. The cushioned mat contains an absorbent polyurethane top layer which absorbs sweat and prevents sliding. The mat comes in various different colours and designs, and there is the choice of two thicknesses depending on your preference!

Size: 26 x 71

Weight: 3mm: 3.87lb 5mm: 5.24lb


Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands: Faqs

1. What can you do for sweaty hands from yoga?

Yoga requires physical exercise, so its only natural that youd sweat as you do your poses.

Then again, not everyone enjoys sweating and would want to find solutions that would work.

This, then, begs the question: how can you lessen, if not eliminate, sweaty hands from yoga?

There are different layers behind the answer to that question. Here they are in easy bullet points:

  • Get a highly absorbent yoga mat with non-slip features, such as the ones we have mentioned here.
  • If the yoga mat itself is not enough, you can supplement your practice and gain more stability by using a yoga towel.
  • Consider refining your form.

Dont just lay your hands flat on the ground. Instead, use a cupping position for added support and stability.

Doing this will protect your wrists from unnecessary pressure, too.

2. Are you supposed to sweat during yoga?

Youre performing a physical exercise its normal to sweat.

In fact, even other yoga practitioners sweat, and its safe to assume that youre not the worst out there.

This only means that you are fulfilling one of the objectives of yoga in the first place, which is to cleanse the body from toxins.

3. How do I stop my yoga mat from being slippery?

Of course, as time passes and the more you use your yoga mat, it is only natural for its non-slip features to get rubbed away little by little.

Doing this will help absorb sweat and improve traction.

4. Is sweating in yoga good for you?

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What If You Really Sweat A Lot Here Are The Best Yoga Towels For Sweaty Hands And Feet

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions for you and most of them are useless:

  • yoga gloves: their slip in your hands and hurt your fingers, I find them useless

  • yoga socks: same

  • Non-sweat powder: full of harmful chemicals that caused me to have an allergic reaction

The simplest and most efficient solution is to add a towel on top of your already grippy mat. This will keep the towel in place while practicing.

You can use your good old bath towel, or, if this is not enough, try out this dedicated yoga towels:

Manduka yoga towel: The best yoga towel for hot yoga! Its made from recycled bottles and super grippy thanks to its anti-slip bottom, it is a bit of an investment but it is worthwhile if you are a sweaty yogi who loves hot yoga! Pro tip: spray the towel with water for increased grip!

Promising review: I would be lying if I said I didnt hesitate before buying this. Its the cost of a nice yoga mat, and its not even a mat. However, its a necessity in my eyes. It doesnt move, it doesnt slide, it wont budge. I needed something to allow me to focus on my practice without the fear of falling and sliding. This serves its purpose well.

Yoga mat vs yoga towel debate: You can choose to use one or the other. A yoga towel doubles up as a travel mat while a yoga mat can of course be used on its own. Of course, if you are very sweaty, it doesnt hurt to use both as it will be the ultimate slippery yoga mat solution!

Outstanding Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands A Hands


This page contains affiliate links.Im part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.

If youve ever found yourself sliding around in downward facing dog, then youll want to read this article! Today, were talking about the best yoga mats for sweaty hands.

Yoga mats have come a long way in recent years.

I remember rolling into my first class with my $19.99 yoga mat.

Shopping online wasnt a thing yet, and yoga-inspired brands hadnt become the athleisure lifestyle on every corner that they are today. So I just picked up whatever I could find at Target.

A mat is a mat, right? My most significant decision was whether to buy the purple mat or the blue mat.

Fast forward to yoga class. I was slipping and sliding to the point where it took away from my practice. Not only is sliding super annoying, but it can also set you up for injuries as you struggle to maintain your grip in a compromising yoga pose.

No need to pull a hammie skidding out of a wide legged forward fold.

Even if youre a stone-cold beginner, its worth investing in a quality yoga mat that will support your practice and create an inviting space to find your groove.

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Yogarat Hand Towel 100% Microfiber Hand Towels Place Beside Your Mat During Practice Wipe

  • Brand: YogaRat
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.0 Inches Width: 1.0 Inches Length: 1.0 Inches Weight: 0.26 Pounds `


  • YOGA HAND TOWEL 15 x 24: 100% Microfiber top for grip and moisture absorption, 80% Polyester/20% Nylon weave, 350 gsm thread count, thin but soaks up sweat, machine washable and dryable
  • KEEP HANDY DURING PRACTICE: When you start to feel sweaty, just wipe your face and hands with these towels theyll help you stay dry and have better grip
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: Dont this towels small profile convince you it cant absorb a lot of moisture it can, as much as you can toss at it
  • ULTRA-LIGHT & PACKS TIGHT: Roll up with your mat or keep it separate, this towel is easy to carry and will work with any style of yoga
  • PLEASE CHECK OUR YOGA MAT TOWEL OPTIONS: Sold separately on this listing, please see our Gummy silicone-backed yoga towel, as well as our Classic Yoga Towels

How To Do Yoga If You Have Sweaty Palms And Feet

Do you feel that having sweaty hands or sweaty feet frustrates your yoga practice, as you end up slipping on your mat in every Downward Facing Dog? Fear not. We found the best ways to do yoga if you have sweaty hands or sweaty feet, because hey, real people sweat! And there are many smart yogis who develop great tools to help combat such.

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Top 5 Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

How annoying is it when your sweaty hands and feet keep sliding all over your yoga mat? If only there were non-slip yoga mats designed for sweaty hands

Lucky for you there is!

The best yoga mats for sweaty hands have been specially designed to ensure that you dont slip and slide all over your mat during your practice yogis rejoice!

If youre a hot yoga enthusiast, theres a highly likelihood that youve had many sweaty yoga sessions where you just cant seem to stop slipping on your mat.

But a slippery yoga mat isnt reserved only for hot yoga there have been many times when Ive been practicing a slow yoga flow in an air-conditioned room and still found myself with sweaty hands that slide all over the place.

So whats a yogi to do? Read through this list of the best yoga mats for sweaty hands, choose the mat you like the best and start enjoying a grippy, instead of slippy, yoga practice

Want a sneak peak at my favorite non-slip yoga mat? This is the mat that I swear by its the first high-quality yoga mat I ever purchased and its still one of my most-loved.


Why Do I Sweat So Much During Yoga

Mission VaporActive Yoga Mat Towel and 2pack Hand Towels

Some hot rooms can get as hot as 110 degrees fahrenheit. This much heat is going to make anyone sweat buckets. Even if your yoga is only room-temp then theres other factors at play.

The most important factor in sweating is humidity. You can expect to sweat quickly if it is 77°F in a yoga studio with 100 percent humidity. However, it can be 90 degrees with only 5% humidity and you may be surprised with how little youll sweat comparatively.

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What Is A Sticky Yoga Mat

It is the best way to finally relax in a yoga class whether youre a beginner or experienced yogi! More seriously, it is a mat that doesnt move when you practice on it and where your hands and feet dont slip either. Everyones first yoga mat is always super slippery and dangerous.

As a yoga teacher, I have to stress how important having a grippy mat is, keep reading to know exactly why.


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