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Yoga Mat For Outdoor Use

Best Yoga Mats For Outdoors

5 Reasons Why I use Manduka ProLite Mats

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat: available at

Our take: This light, 2-millimeter mat folds up into a 10 x12-inch rectangle for easy portability.

What we like: It’s thin and lightweight and grips well. The perforated folding lines can also serve as alignment guides. Users commented on its durability on outdoor surfaces like grass and sand, and one even praised its ability to withstand the cleaning needed after a session of goat yoga.

What we dislike: It may be too thin to be comfortable on harder surfaces.

Jade Yoga Travel Yoga Mat: available at Campsaver and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Our take: It’s lightweight and easy to clean, and its natural rubber construction is combined with non-slip technology to help prevent hands and feet from slipping.

What we like: At 3 millimeters, it strikes a good balance between providing cushion and letting practitioners feel grounded.

What we dislike: Its grippiness might make it attract more dirt and dust, making it more of a chore to clean.

Nomadix 59 Parks Collection Towel: available at

Our take: One side is a soft, high-performance towel, the other is a moisture-activated slip-resistant surface.

What we dislike: It doesn’t offer a lot of padding and some users found its texture unusual.

B YOGA Traveller Mat: available at

Our take: Available in multiple lengths and colors, this mat makes it easy to express yourself in your practice. It also folds well for travel.

What we dislike: At 2 millimeters, it might be a little thin for some environments.

Magic Carpet Young Yogi

The Kids Mat

Heres the scenario: You get up before dawn to sneak in a few quiet minutes of yoga before the little ones know youre awake. The next thing you know, someones draped over your back while you do cat cow or wriggling under your stomach while you do downward dog. If this sounds familiar, your kid needs her own mat. MagicCarpetsChilds Mat downsizes its glam designs, inspired by global textiles, into a smaller package for kids under eight, but it doesnt skimp on style. Nontoxic, plus latex- and lead-free, the 24×48-inch mats have a traditional puckered surface that grips well without slipping and could easily pass for an ornate rug until you get up close. The adult mats are just as sophisticated, but one tester found that the intricate patterns were so lovely to look at that they distracted her from her practice.

Best Beginners Budget Mat

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  • How did we get started?

    Milazul, registered in the USA in 2020

    Our company was founded 9 years ago, but has been manufacturing inflatable gymnastic mats for 10 years.

    Before the epidemic of 2020, we were only manufacturing, but the epidemic made it impossible for us to cover the high costs and forced us to sell online, looking for a way out.

    What makes our products uniqueï¼

    Every inch of stitching is checked by hand, we believe in “Quality is power”.

    Still at home,we hope every mat will bring laughter!

    Milazul, Make it better!

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    Compare Prices Of The Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat

    Material: Heavy metal & phthalate-free PVC

    Length : 68

    Thickness : 3.2

    Weight: 2.4 lbs

    The Hugger Mugger Tapas claims to be the original sticky mat and is the first US-made yoga mat, where it has been manufactured for almost 30 years. The word tapas is a Sanskrit word used in yoga with roots in Indian religions. The Hugger Mugger is a budget PVC yoga mat that is competitive in price with the True Blue budget mat we recommend as our Budget Winner, as well as with the Gaiam yoga mat. The Hugger Mugger Tapas contains no heavy metals or phthalates. It’s what many people think of when they think of a “standard mat.”

    However, customer reviews were among the lowest wed seen of any of the mats we considered. Since we started working on this guide, the original listing and its customer reviews have been deleted, but we dont think the mat has been updated. We also think that for the price, the True Blue Non-Slip mat is a better option.

    Make Sure You Choose The Best Yoga Mat For Your Needs

    Meditation Yoga Mat

    The most important criteria for choosing a yoga mat are size, thickness, firmness, texture, and material.

    However, even if you need a mat thats thick and firm enough to be supportive, it still needs to be thin enough for you to be able to carry it around easily.

    Also, you need a mat that will absorb moisture easily.

    Here, weve gathered the best yoga mats available today on the market today!

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    Who Needs A Yoga Mat Anyway

    Lets be real here. A yoga mat is definitely not a necessity for a fulfilling practice. You may as well practice on a bare floor, carpet, rug, or if you wish so.

    Plus, if your hippie grandparents happened to do yoga in their younger days, theyll even tell you that these modern sticky yoga mats are no good because nothing is better than practicing barefoot on the green grass in the woods. .

    It sure sounds great. But I grew up in a big city in Europe where the grass gets green about 2-3 months a year, and it takes me at least an hour to get to the woods.

    So I myself chose to buy a yoga mat for a few reasons, both practical and not so much.

    First of all, hygiene. This is a huge factor if you attend group classes in a studio. Before COVID-19, I dont believe free studio mats were cleaned very often, and it wasnt uncommon to get a yoga mat that smelt like someones feet. Skipping the yoga mat altogether is also not an option because as clean as your yoga floor studio is, theres always a risk of foot diseases.

    Second, safety. Unless youre going for a restorative or Yin class, youll sweat at least a tiny bit at some point . A good yoga mat is your number one friend that will save you from slipping and falling flat on your face.

    Third, comfort. Your sensitive knee joints and protruding bones will undoubtedly feel much better with a cushion of a yoga mat. Plus, an extra layer is also great for insulating your body against a cold or hot surface.

    Get the freebies!

    Best Yoga Mat For Exercise

    One advantage of The Reversible Mat is it is comfortable enough to use as a yoga mat and exercise mat. Naomi not only uses it for yoga, but she also uses it for HIIT training and weight exercises. The 5 mm cushion is enough for lunges but not too much for burpees. She did not need an extra cushion under her knees for intense yoga poses, such as pigeon pose. Weve found that some yoga mats, like our winner for Best Natural Rubber mat, the Jade Harmony, are too thin for general exercise.

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    Naomi also likes that it rolls easily and stays rolled up. She lives in a small home where everything has its place. Having a yoga mat that takes up minimal space in the home is a must-have feature. To take up less space, Naomi stands The Reversible Mat up vertically on its end. Unlike some other yoga mats, The Reversible doesnt come undone. When unrolled, its the perfect size for her space at 26 x 71 .

    A common complaint about The Reversible Mat is that sweat stains are hard to get out. Naomi found the opposite to be true — she easily removed stains with a damp microfiber cloth and a little muscle. As a result, toxic cleaners are not needed, which she thinks is a bonus. However, its best to keep it clean rather than let the stains build up.

    The Reversible Mat also has an “antimicrobial additive” which is supposed to “prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi.” We havent noticed any odor issues in more than a year of use.

    Thickness : 4.75 mm

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    What Materials Should My Yoga Mat Be Made Of

    Some mats contain rubber or latex, which can cause an allergic reaction for some people. Rubber mats–even natural rubber mats–are not a good option if you have allergies.

    But if you know you have an allergy, theres plenty of options that are allergen free. We note whether each mat we suggest is suitable for someone avoiding rubber.

    In addition, customer reviews show that yoga mat users prefer eco friendly materials, so we dedicated a whole section on that below.

    Balancefrom Gofit High Density Equipment Mat

    Aerial yoga mat doubles as a portable hammock
    • Materials: polyvinyl chloride materials
    • Size: available in 5 feet × 2.5 feet and 6.5 feet × 3 feet
    • Weight: not provided by the seller

    Price: $$

    If your home gym includes an exercise bike, elliptical, or treadmill, youll want to consider this high density mat from BalanceFrom GoFit.

    This mat is made to protect your floors and keep your equipment from moving. It also helps absorb vibrations and reduce noise.

    In addition to being one of the more affordable options, its easy to keep clean with just soap and water.

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    I Want To Buy A Yoga Mat Where To Start

    So whats a good yoga mat?

    Easy-peasy. Its the mat that perfectly suits your needs.

    I strongly suggest that you carve out some time during the day, take a piece of paper and write down answers to these questions:

    • How often are you planning to practice? Once a week, twice or every day?
    • Where are you planning to do yoga most of the time? Inside of the studio, outside in the park, maybe on the beach? What surface soft or rough?
    • How often do you get itchy feet? Are you planning to travel with your yoga mat?
    • What kind of yoga will you be doing most of the time? Restorative yoga with passive exercises and breathing, or maybe youre an ardent hot yoga fan?

    These are just some of the basic questions you have to ask yourself when choosing a yoga mat. Write down anything else you feel is important.

    And lets get into the nitty-gritty.

    How To Recycle Or Reuse A Yoga Mat

    If you care about the environmental footprint of your mat, we think its important that you think about what you do when your mat is no longer usable for yoga. Manduka works with the Renewal Workshop to take-backany companys yoga mat made of any materials. While this is something we support, Manduka will only take back your old mat if you buy a new mat from them, so were not convinced it isnt at least partially a marketing gimmick..

    Unfortunately, the New York Times reports that other companies have ended their take-back practice because of the large transportation footprint of recycling. One reason, they suggest, is that yoga mats arent as easy to recycle as we may think.

    Rubber recycling is a long process with a lot of players involved. A roadblock of just one of those steps can stop the whole cycle.

    Notably, recycling centers need a certain volume of goods coming in to make the scaling profitable. They also need consistent uniform quality in what theyre recycling. Yoga mats have so many added dyes, plasticizers, and foot gunk that its hard for recycling companies to melt the mats down into a new, quality rubber.

    Even if recyclers were to grind up the mats and turn them into home insulation and running tracks , there just isnt the volume of mats coming in to make it worth most recycling companies time. We see commercial recyclers turning old rubber tires into playground matting. But people just dont go through yoga mats like they do through car tires.

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    Back To Nature: Taking Yoga Outdoors

    For exclusive access to all our stories, including sequences, teacher tips, video classes, and more, join Outside+ today.

    Within the confines of a studio, yoga teachers do their best to create an ambience of soft lights and pleasant sounds, and even an aromatic experience. But striking a mood is perhaps just an attempt to evoke a natural settingthe great outdoors. Why settle for a replica of natural surroundings when you can have the real thing? Taking your class outdoors can be just what you need to invigorate your class and pluck students out of a stale studio routine, especially if theyve been loyally attending your class through the winter months.

    Outdoor classes add a different dimension to ones practice and pare yoga down to its original link with nature. Yoga means union, and when its practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt, says Hilary Kimblin, a Vedic hatha yoga teacher and owner of Yoga Under the Trees in Beverley Hills, California.

    What To Look For In An Outdoor Yoga Mat

    Outdoor Supplies Yoga Mat Tpe Beginner 8mm Thicken Widen ...

    If youre buying a yoga mat especially for practicing yoga outdoors, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

    • Well-padded Depending upon what surface youll be using outside, youll want enough padding to support your body. The typical size of a yoga mat is 4-5mm, but if you have sore knees, you may want something thicker at the expense of it being bulkier to transport around.
    • Easy to clean This is important no matter where youll be practicing outdoors, youll want to be able to easily wipe mud, sand, gravel, or any other dirt off your mat easily.
    • Non-absorbent When practicing outdoors, you are unlikely to sweat as much as indoors so having an absorbent mat is not important. Instead, look for a closed cell mat as this wont absorb smells and odors either.
    • UV resistant If youll be practicing in the sun a lot, youll want a mat that is UV resistant so it doesnt fade over time, especially if you have alignment lines printed on it.

    Of course, youll also want to consider all of the other things that are usually important when buying a mat such as durability, sustainability, size, and more. See my full guide to buying a yoga mat for some tips.

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    Skip The Vinyasa Flow

    The wrists are most vulnerable to pain and injury when practicing on a soft service. The heels of the hands have a tendency to dig into the ground, collapsing the wrist and putting pressure on the ulna bone where it connects on the outer hand.

    To relieve the wrists, stay away from too many down dog holds or vinyasa flows. Opt for salutations to warm the body if desired, but after your initial warm up, simply choose to step back into postures from tadasana .

    Do You Need A Yoga Mat Outdoors

    No, you dont have to use a yoga mat outdoors. If youre able to practice on soft ground such as grass, it can provide enough cushioning for knees and helps you feel close to nature as you practice. Im a big fan of practicing outside without a mat.

    However, its not always practical. If the ground is hard, it can be tough on your knees and dangerous if youre still building up strength. Plus, when its wet it can get very dirty.

    So there are definitely situations where youll want a mat. I know yogis that practice outdoors with a mat and some that practice without so its fine either way. If you do want a mat, keep reading to find out my recommendations.

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    Best For Kids: Merrithew Kids’ Yoga Mat

    Yoga isn’t just for adults. Kids can get in on the health and wellness benefits, too, and this cheery mat is just the thing to get little ones excited about doing yoga. It comes in a bright green color with arcs and circles designed to help kids find proper alignment, and its cushioned material will keep kids safe and comfortable.

    Available at, $29

    Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

    What Yoga Mat Do I Use?

    Starting strong with Lululemons Reversible Mat. I love Lululemons yoga mats because theyre high quality, come in a variety of different colors, its thick, and its grippy.

    Its made out of a natural rubber base that gives you a lot of cushion and it has a textured grip. Theres also a polyurethane top layer that helps with absorbing moisture during your workout so you wont be slipping around.

    You dont have to worry about cleanliness and germs since Lululemon includes antimicrobial additives to prevent mold and mildew on the mat. You should still wipe it after every workout, but at least the additive helps.

    Im obsessed with their color options, the chalky Rose and white are my personal favorite because I love pastel pink. I think finding a yoga mat with a fun color helps motivate you during your workout more.

    Lululemon also sells some additional accessories for your yoga mat like a mat strap for easy on-the-go access and a yoga mat bag.

    Catch me outside in my backyard with this yoga mat doing my outdoor practice.

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    Manduka Eko Yoga Mat 5mm

    Manduka has another really great yoga mat line called eKO and they have so many options to choose from.

    First, the color choices are super versatile and there are some fun designs. Second, you have the option to pick the level of thickness you want in your mat.

    Personally, Im a big fan of my yoga mats being on the thicker side because it gives you more cushion. So, I would go with the 5mm mat.

    Youll also love that this mat is environmentally friendly. Its made with biodegradable materials and the rubber is non-Amazon harvested tree rubberso cool.

    Its also on the longer side, so youll have plenty of space to practice yoga, take your workout class, or just meditate.

    Since the mat has thin look to it, its so easy to carry around especially if you decide to take an outdoor yoga class.


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