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The Importance Of Attending Multiple Classes

My Yoga Teacher Free Classes

What is the value of attending multiple classes in comparison to going here and there? It’s about a lifestyle change and knowing you have to go to class on a set day every single week. This adds structure , and your body begins to learn the movements.

Were you able to drive a car in one day? Ride a bicycle in one minute? It takes time, and you have to perfect yourself by going to these classes and moving up the ranks one by one as you get better.

This is the beauty of going to a series of classes and taking your time to learn what is needed. These are the reasons why yoga has become an essential part for a large segment of the population and continues to win people over.

For those who are intrigued, it’s time to go through this site and find the best yoga resources locally in your area. The right option will be vetted and provided to ensure you are getting all that is required to become a better person physically.

Yoga is the answer to your physical and mental well being and its time to take the first step in the right direction.

How Do I Become A Yoga Instructor Or Teacher

Before you formally begin your yoga journey, it’s useful to know if you have the right qualities. The best yoga instructors and teachers have strong communication and observation skills, sensitivity and empathy, a commitment to their own practice and expert knowledge about all that yoga encompasses.If you feel that’s you to the letter, the first thing you’ll need to do is complete accredited yoga teacher training. This can be done one of two ways, either the face-to-face Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga or the online yoga instructor course. Both are the same in terms of course content and support, it’s just a case of deciding how you’d like to complete your theory and practical assessments.Alongside individual yoga courses, we also have a trio of career packages to choose from. These combine the entry-level yoga course with other qualifications such as Level 3 Exercise Referral and Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Exercise Instructor. It’s the perfect way to make a flying start with your yoga teaching career.If you’re keen to discover more about the world of yoga, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to becoming a yoga teacher. Our career guides and articles also cover things like the history of yoga, essential books for yoga teachers and a look at yoga instructor jobs and opportunities.

How To Earn More As A Yoga Teacher

If you are looking to bring your earning potential to the next level, there is no shortage of ways to do it.

The highest earning yoga instructors recognize the need to earn a good living to sustain a yoga instructor career. Good business skills are essential and pay yoga teachers back tenfold. Proper insurance is particularly important for yoga instructors as yoga-related injuries are rising .

Once you have purchased insurance and gained a little business knowledge, you can really launch your teaching career and maximize your earnings.

There are endless opportunities for yoga instructors to grow their income. Try these five avenues for starters:

Yoga instructor pay can vary. Although teaching yoga is among the noblest of callings, it is like other careers in many ways. The most successful teachers work hard, invest in themselves, build a community and approach their work with sound business principles.

BizInsure combines cutting-edge technology and licensed agent support to provide expert insurance advice, affordability, and ease.

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Sawin, T. and McGwin, G. . Yoga-Related Injuries in the United States from 2001 to 2014. Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine. Volume 4. Available at: .

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Yulady Saluti: Yoga Instructor And Breast Cancer Survivor

It is rare to find someone whose positivity shines as strongly as Yulady Saluti’s. She’s battled a serious colon rectal medical condition and was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at 32 years old.

My husband and I started our practices at a local studio,” she says. “Before long we felt at ease and a sense of community.

I have been sick the entire duration of my yoga journey. I was, however, sick before I found yoga as well. Ill take sick with yoga any day!

Yulady Saluti

Yulady unifies her practice and her lifeshe is just as likely to post a beautiful yoga pose on social media as she is to post a video of a painful hospital stay. Sharing her truth makes her a beacon of hope for anyone looking to try yoga.

What is Yuladys personal mantra?

The Saluti family mantra is Be kind all the time! When you are helping someone else out its very hard to think about yourself.

Yoga Class Helps Relax Mind And Focus On Present

Teaching schedule

The mind has to be in a state-of-peace for you to enjoy your life. Too many people get lost in the stresses of tomorrow and forget to live now.

It’s important to realize “tomorrow” will never come. It is always ahead of you out of reach.

Yoga nearby lets you enjoy the moment during class.

This is the power of a session where you get to learn about your body and how it moves.

There isn’t a better way to become comfortable in your skin and realize you have a lot of physical potential that’s left untapped.

Yoga brings this out for you and reveals it in the most magnificent manner.

“What a handy way to find classes for yoga. Great Idea.” Michaela Wells

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The mind has to be in a state-of-peace for you to enjoy your life. Too many people get lost in the stresses of tomorrow and forget to live now.

It’s important to realize “tomorrow” will never come. It is always ahead of you out of reach.

Yoga nearby lets you enjoy the moment during class.

This is the power of a session where you get to learn about your body and how it moves.

There isn’t a better way to become comfortable in your skin and realize you have a lot of physical potential that’s left untapped.

Yoga brings this out for you and reveals it in the most magnificent manner.

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How Much Do Yoga Classes Cost

The average cost of single group sessions at yoga studios across the country is $15 to $20. For private yoga training, you will likely spend between $30 and $70 on each lesson. Yoga classes mostly take place in a group setting, and the price per class depends on the location, yoga teachers knowledge and experience, and years of teaching.

Pick A Pricing Model And Set Your Prices

Yoga instructors often struggle with pricing. Its often hard to translate what you ask for in the studio to the online world.

Lets start by briefly looking at how you can sell your videos. There are three conventional models you can use:

AVOD Ad-Based Video On Demand

AVOD is when you dont take a payment for the video, and instead place adverts before, during, or after your video. Like how videos on YouTube and 4OD work.

I dont recommend you use this when you teach yoga online. Its an unreliable and unpredictable income stream, at least at the start.

TVOD Transactional Video On Demand

TVOD is where you charge viewers to access a single video. You can either sell them unlimited access to the video, or have them rent it for a specific period of time.

This model can be useful if youre selling access to a specific course. Say, if you have an hour-long athletic yoga routine with lots of downloadable educational material.

The plus side of this model is that you can charge a higher price. The downside is that payments are not recurring and require constant marketing.

SVOD Subscription Video On Demand

SVOD is the pricing model yoga instructors use to create strong, community-driven membership sites. Its a model similar to what Netflix uses.

Your customers pay a monthly or annual fee for complete access to your videos. They can login to your site and access content as long as they make their payment.

  • $15 for a monthly subscription
  • $150 for a yearly subscription

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What Is An Online Yoga Studio

Online yoga studios are online membership sites where you can offer premium yoga content to your followers for a recurring fee.

Simply put:

You create a video streaming service that works as an online studio. Its a website where you can upload all of your yoga flows, tutorials, and ideas.

This video hub will let you:

  • Provide easy-to-follow courses
  • Build an online yoga community
  • Connect directly with your students

Because everything lives online, you can scale this type of business model infinitely. You connect with and motive with any number of students, from anywhere in the world.

Adriene, the YouTuber I mentioned earlier, used Uscreen to launch her own online yoga studio called Find What Feels Good:

Since launching, she has built a community of 20,000 paying members! All of which can access all of their favorite content, anytime, anywhere:

Youd struggle to find a local studio that can cater to that many students.

Even Wanderlust festivals, with their global appeal, only average about 1,500 attendees. Thats part of why they too launched their own online yoga studio!

Its safe to say that teaching yoga online provides the most profitable way to grow, help, and motivate your community.

Lets take a look at how you can launch your own yoga studio

Best For Experienced Practitioners: American Viniyoga Institute 500

My yoga instructor course in Bali

American Viniyoga Institute 500-Hour Teacher Training

Why We Chose It: For advanced yogis yearning for deeper, broader knowledge, the American Viniyoga Institute utilizes a comprehensive approach that covers multiple facets of yoga often taught in separate courses. Its also a stepping stone to a clinical yoga therapy certification.

  • Comprehensive coverage is challenging even for advanced yogis

  • Allows students to advance to clinical yoga therapy for more career opportunities

  • Highly qualified faculty

  • Tuition cost doesnt include accommodations

  • Significant emphasis on physical and structural components of yoga, which may not fit with those looking for more spiritual instruction

The American Viniyoga Institute applies an approach that combines the elements of yogaasana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, history, and literatureinto one advanced training. This program is quite intensive, requiring a significant financial and time investment, so its best for current or soon-to-be instructors serious about advancing their careers.

The institute runs the program at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, Texas, and each session runs for 12 nights. Tuition costs $3,250 per session . So, if you opt for the complete 500-hour training, expect to remain on the campus for 48 nights and spend $13,000 plus some for lodging, travel, and food.

The American Viniyoga Institute expects students to have a consistent yoga practice of six to 12 months under their belts.

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Dana Arnold: Acro Yogi And Instructor

Danas interest in yoga began as she worked a front desk job at her local yoga studio and got to take free classes. Since then, she’s grown stronger, which is evident by her yoga of choice: Acro-yoga.

I fell in love with the way it made me feel. I was the fittest and strongest I had ever been.

Dana showcases jaw-dropping and graceful routines, as she transitions between complex poses while suspended in mid-air by her partner. They build harmonious sequences showcasing their muscle, flexibility, and mutual trust. Check them out for some suspenseful entertainment.

Whats Danas advice to yoga newcomers?

You decide for yourself and do your best to stay positive. There are loads of different styles, teachers, and studios… keep trying them on until you find the best fit for you.

What Is A Yoga Teacher Training Program

A yoga teacher training program is a training program for people who want to become yoga instructors. Specifically, a yoga teacher training program allows you to become a registered yoga teacher of 200, 500, or 1000 hours .

RYTs register with Yoga Alliance, the accrediting agency for yoga teacher training programs and schools. Yoga Alliance provides curriculum standards for yoga schools to abide by, ensuring quality instruction across programs.

According to ZipRecruiter, full-time yoga teachers make about $46,000 to $64,000 annually, depending on the state. Part-time yoga teachers can expect to earn an hourly wage of about $20 per hour to about $31 per hour, according to the ZipRecruiter data.

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Best For Vinyasa Yoga: My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice

Why We Chose It: This training dedicates 30 hours of the 200-hour curriculum to Vinyasa sequencing while still providing ample time to the history of yoga, yoga anatomy, the business of yoga, meditation, and more.

  • Offers one-on-one mentorship at no additional charge

  • Great option for yogis who want to focus on Vinyasa

  • Flexible learning environment

  • Vinyasa focus isnt for everyone

  • Limited in-person enrollment due to COVID-19

This standard yoga teacher training provides you with everything you need to know to start as a yoga instructor with an emphasis on Vinyasa yoga. Notably, My Vinyasa Practice guarantees job placement after graduation. The school is registered with Yoga Alliance, and students qualify to register as an RYT after completing the 200- or 300-hour yoga teacher training.

The 200-hour syllabus covers the yoga sutras, history of yoga, meditation, yoga anatomy and physiology, sequencing, restorative techniques, and business training, as well as a practicum at the end. The 300-hour training builds upon these elements and introduces RYTs to clinical yoga practice concepts, including advanced anatomy, advanced sequencing, and working with special populations.

All course study materials are also included in the cost of tuition.

Why Time For Yoga Is Important

Featured Teacher: Martine Hamers

There are several reasons why its very important that you set aside time for yoga. Sometimes when life gets too hectic, a session can easily bring you back on track and ease your stress. This is what makes private classes so helpful – you get to have it on your own time and terms.

Private classes let you think about yourself without having to worry about anybody else. The only catch is you have to be the one to set aside time for yoga. So check your schedule, prioritise your private yoga class, and let things fall into place.

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Heidi Kristoffer: Yoga Instructor And Creator Of Crossflowx Yoga

Heidi Kristoffer got into yoga by accident, stumbling upon a studio while searching for gyms in her local neighborhood.

While my Google search was for something physical, what hooked me was the mental and physical aspect of yoga, Heidi says. She has used yoga as a healing and strengthening tool after sustaining severe spinal injuries after a car accident.

I practice finding ease in every posture so that I can find ease no matter how uncomfortable life gets.”

Heidi Kristoffer

Where does Heidi hope to see the future of yoga?

I think some of the newer brands have stripped the spiritual aspect out of yoga completely, and it is sad because it has the power to change peoples’ lives. I would honestly hope that some spirituality comes back into mainstream yoga in the U.S.”

What Are My Payment Options

If you’re certain that yoga teacher training is the right career move for you, why let anything stand in the way?We treat all our aspiring yogis the same. There are no special discounts because you’ve booked before a certain date, no flash sales or anything like that, just a transparent and open pricing model.For those in a position to sort everything upfront, we can offer you a 5% discount if you pay for your yoga instructor course or career package in full.Spreading the cost is also something you’re able to do. We have 0% 6-month and 12-month payment plans available and you can secure your place with a small deposit.For serving personnel or service leavers, select yoga courses and career packages have also been military approved. If this applies to you, please contact our Careers Team on 0800 612 4067 to learn more about the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme .

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Prepare A Student Information Form

If you find a job teaching in a studio, it will likely keep student information forms and waivers on file. If youre teaching independently, its a good idea to create your own file. The form should include relevant information about each student, such as whether hes practiced yoga before, what other physical activities or sports she pursues, and any medical or physical conditions, including chronic or previous injuries. The waiver for students to sign should say, in essence, I agree to take full responsibility for not exceeding my limits in the practice of yoga and for any injury or discomfort I might experience. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses are helpful in case you need to reach students in an emergency. You can also ask permission to add students to your mailing list for future classes and workshops.

New Yoga Teachers This Checklist Is Your Friend Find Your Yoga Nicheby Thinking Beyond The Studioand Begin Planning To Build Your Classes

My Setup for Filming and Streaming Yoga Classes

For exclusive access to all our stories, including sequences, teacher tips, video classes, and more, join Outside+ today.

If youre like many new instructors, you decided to teach yoga because you love the practice and want to share it with others. However, you may finish a yoga teacher training having an in-depth knowledge of teaching but very little knowledge about where to begin to build your yoga business. Even the best teacher-training program cant give you one of the most important elementsstudents. So heres a checklist of ideas to help you plan, start, and build your yoga classes.

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