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Yoga In The Park Houston

Fitness Events Around Houston: Core Focused Yoga And Run In The Park


Virtual 17th annual Run in the Park

Hermann Park Conservancys annual event is taking place virtually, now through Oct. 3. Participants can run or walk a 5K or 10K at Hermann Park or from the comfort of their own area, while still supporting the park. hermannpark.org/calendar/17th-annual-run-in-the-park.

Social Distancing, Walk, Run or Ride

Families are invited to walk, run or ride their bikes around Tom Bass Regional Park. Masks are required. 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Oct. 3 15108 Cullen Blvd. .

Bollywood & Bhangra Dancing Class

Fitness dance class is set to the rhythm of Bollywood music. Open to all ages and skill levels. 10 a.m. Oct. 3 Levy Park, 3801 Eastside levyparkhouston.org. This program will also debut on and will be available for 24 hours.

Zumba by Tiny Fitness

This 45-minute Zumba fitness class will have participants grooving, shaking and toning to salsa, hip-hop, samba and bhangra beats. Open to all fitness levels, no equipment necessary. 9 a.m. Oct. 4 Levy Park, 3801 Eastside levyparkhouston.org.

Core Focused Yoga

Strengthen your body, relax your mind and find your center with this dynamic flow yoga sequence led by John Tran. No preregistration required. Participants mustbring a towel, water and a yoga mat. Masks are not required while exercising circles painted on the lawn will help ensure 8 feet of distance. 6:30 p.m. Oct. 6 Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney discoverygreen.com.

Meet Fellow Spanish Language Learners At The Empire Caf

The historic Hyde Park neighborhood of southwest Houston dates back to the late 1800s. Here, the second President of the Republic of Texas, Mirabeau Lamar, established his summer farm and a community grew around it.

Nowadays, Hyde Park is home to unique haunts like the Empire Café, a popular spot for coffee and big plates of American classics inside a renovated gas station. On Thursday, November 18, you can enjoy some delicious food and old-school coffee shop ambiance with the Houston Heights Spanish Language Meetup Group. They have nearly 120 members who welcome all levels of language learners to meet for lunch conversaciones.

Check Out Friday Game Night At Cidercade On The East End

East Downtown is a trendy and multicultural part of Houston where a fun night out is never far away. On Friday, November 12, the Houston Introverted Womens Social Club will head to Cidercade, a huge arcade bar with a mix of classic and modern games, plus house-made hard cider and kombucha.

This Meetup group of nearly 500 members is for women who are on the shy and quiet side, but arent antisocial and want to meet fellow introverts. They regularly gather for fun hangouts at coffee shops, museums, restaurants, bars, and more.

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Enjoy A Night Of Karaoke And Games At Ars Entertainment Hub

ARs Entertainment Hub in Baytown is one of the areas most popular destinations for family-friendly fun. On Wednesday, November 24, the Houston Karaoke Meetup will grab a table and take turns singing on stage in this electric, pop star atmosphere. With nearly 2,500 members, this Meetup group describes itself as a happy go lucky group of people that just like to have fun. They welcome all people and all skill levels.

While not singing, eating or drinking, you can play blacklight mini golf, go on a laser tag battle, ride the bumper cars, go skating, or play some awesome arcade games.

Happy Thoughts From Texas Yoga Center Clients

Free Community Yoga at Peacock Park

It has been a year since my back surgery and all is pretty good with the exception of nerve pain / numbness in my left thigh, calf, and foot. That is the main reason I have been attending your yoga classes. Dan

Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. When my husband passed, my youngest daughter suggested yoga. After three months I had more energy and enthusiasm. Then, decided to eat healthier. Three years into my new lifestyle, I am happier, my family is happier, and my doctor is amazed. I am stronger and more flexible, but the biggest surprise is the inner peace. Still have to remind myself, “Yoga is not competitive.” Plan to continue yoga practice for many years. Barbara and yoga are exactly what I needed at this stage of life. She is a kind and patient instructor who takes personal interest in her students and encourages their physical and spiritual growth.Judy F.

When I started yoga 5 months ago, I had some foot problems going on I was ignoring and also still had frozen shoulder left over from my neck surgery. Now I have forgotten about the foot stuff completely, it is gone. My shoulders are getting stronger and yoga keeps my neck loose and unstiff like it use to get every couple of days. Thanks!Lynn

I have been practicing yoga for 2 years. I can do things now that used to seem impossible. Practicing yoga has strengthened my left knee . I really like the spiritual aspect of yoga and the acceptance of our bodies as they are.Ann

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Try A Class At Hot Yoga Houston To Begin Your Transformation Today

Showing up for class can be the hardest part, but we know that the more you come, the more you will love the way you feel! For optimal results, we suggest coming at least twice a week or doing 10 classes in your first month. Consistency is key!

To make booking classes easier, feel free to check out our app.

Play Golf With A Pro At Quail Valley

About 30 minutes southwest of Houston by car, Quail Valley is a stunning locale with two golf courses and a beautiful 25,000 sq. ft. clubhouse thats regularly booked as a wedding venue. The first course is El Dorado, a modern layout with numerous lakes and creeks that make it a visually striking golf course. The second is La Quinta, a classic tree-lined golf course designed to make the most of the warm and occasionally rainy climate.

On Sunday, November 21, you can meet Women on Course Golf Houston at Quail Valley for an afternoon of play among these splendid environs. This Meetup group has nearly 450 women who connect professionally through the game of golf. At Quail Valley, theyll receive instruction during the first two hours on the links from Graham Brannon, a pro golfer wholl share swing tips and course strategy.

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What Is Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic Yoga is the ancient Egyptian system of Yoga enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.

The science of Yoga was a science of Divine intent and its presence in the various cultures where it was founded created spiritual glue that helped the fusion, expansion and evolution of empires.

Yoga was born and evolved in two of the greatest civilizations of the ancient worldEgypt/Kmt and India. These were the Two Towers which disseminated this Supreme Science, carrying it into surrounding areas such as China, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Eventually it made its way across the Atlantic where its been found in the spiritual practices of Meso-American cultures such as the Olmec and Tajin.

Your instructor, Jill Minard brings a unique blending of both Towers or systems of Yoga. The Kemetic/Egyptian and the Indian. A unique blending of Yin & Yang energy, a vision of hope born from a single intention, which is the need for Spiritual Abundance, Unity & Peace between the races of mankind on the brink of a new millennium.

Houstons New And Newly Redone Urban Parks Will Make You Want To Get Out And Get Movingyes Even On Those 90

Yoga for Knee Pain and Daily Living with Cindy Huston

Buffalo Bayou Park

  • Where It Is: 1800 Allen Pkwy. and Memorial Dr., River Oaks
  • Why We Love It: This park is the beating heart of the citys main artery, Buffalo Bayou, a 160-acre greenspace built along 10 miles of waterway in a $58 million undertaking.
  • What to Do: Explore the water in a kayak or on a pontoon boat, walk the Kinder Footpaths, take kids to the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area, and ride bikes on the Sandy Reed Memorial Trail.
  • Who You’ll Find There: Every stripe of Houstonian, but particularly young Inner Loop denizens thrilled by great recreational opportunities so close to town.
  • When to Go: It depends on what youre looking for. Weekends and weeknights, the park is a scene, with lots of foot, bike, and dog traffic, but weekdays, its quieter, perfect for quiet contemplation.

Bellare residents love the new Evelyn’s Park.

Evelyns Park

Levy Park doubles as a cultural destination.

Levy Park

The newly renovation Emancipation Park will look like this.

Emancipation Park

Image: Katharine Shilcutt

Buffalo Bend Nature Park

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Go For A Walk In Bayland Park Or The Boulevard Oaks Historic District

On Saturday, November 6, you can join Walk in the Park for a delightful morning stroll in Baytown, about 30 minutes east of downtown Houston by car. This Meetup group of more than 900 members has a simple goal of making friends while going on beautiful walks and hikes. At Bayland Park, theyll walk a trail along the water with scenic views of the bay and nearby marinas.

On Saturday, November 13, you can take a more urban hike through Houstons iconic Boulevard Oaks Historic District. Located between the gorgeous Rice University campus and U.S. Highway 59, many homes in Boulevard Oaks were built a century ago. The neighborhood also contains some of Houstons most giant oak trees. Go on a pleasant evening stroll through this picturesque area with Houston Urban Trekkers, a Meetup group with nearly 1,100 members.

You Are Vital To Discovery Green

The park is a vibrant green space thanks to donations from patrons like you. If you are able, please consider giving generously today.

Simone Oliver of Four Dragons Institute teaches the Chinese internal martial art of Tai Chi which focuses on slow, meditative movements.

Sign up for the Discovery Green newsletter and never miss out on the fun!


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Zumba And Other Upcoming Fitness Events Around Houston

Zumba with Cida Fitness

Class combines Latin and international music with a fun, effective workout system. 10-11 a.m. Aug. 20 Sugar Land Town Square, 2711 Plaza Drive, Sugar Land sugarlandtownsquare.com.

Tai Chi

This tai chi class, led by Simone Oliver of Four Dragons Institute, focuses on slow, meditative movements for increased health and mental well-being. 10:15-11:15 a.m. Aug. 21 Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney discoverygreen.com.

Bilingual Yoga

Instructor Yuri Amor Perez gets us up and moving with free, bilingual yoga in the outdoor setting of MFAHs Cullen Sculpture Garden. Participants must bring a yoga mat. 11 a.m.-noon Aug. 22 1001 Bissonnet mfah.org.

Body Barre

A full-body, low-impact workout that incorporates the science of Pilates, yoga, core strengthening and ballet. All fitness levels are welcome. 6-7 p.m. Aug. 25 Levy Park, 3801 Eastside levyparkhouston.org.

Houstons Shadiest Spots For A Stroll

Yoga by Courtney Group Class in Houston Texas at Memorial ...

Summertime in the Bayou City: Unless you go walking at night or in the wee hours of the morning, youre going to need the protection of a thick canopy of trees. Under the leafy oaks and tall pines of our three favorite walking paths, youll be hard-pressed to tell youre in the city at all.

Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary | 440 Wilchester Blvd.

A little over 17 acres along Rummel Creek is what remains of Edith Moores original 180-acre homestead in west Houston, along with a restored log cabin built in 1932 from the native loblolly pines that still shade its meandering paths. Quaint wooden bridges over vine-shrouded bayous lend a fairy-tale feel to the landscape.

  • Look For: Carolina chickadees, downy woodpeckers, green herons, and more this is prime bird-watching territory.
  • Look Out For: Truncated hours the sanctuary gates are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. .

Terry Hershey Park is massive and has plenty of shaded paths.

Image: Katharine Shilcutt

Terry Hershey Park | 15200 Memorial Drive

Bordering both sides of Buffalo Bayou from Beltway 8 all the way to Highway 6, this massive park sprawls across 500 verdant acres. Paved asphalt paths that follow the tree lines are popular with both joggers and bikers, while walkers and hikers favor the dirt paths tucked along the bayous scenic, shady banks.

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center | 4501 Woodway Drive

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Fun Things To Do In Houston For November 2021

Explore Houston by gaming and getting house-brewed drinks at Cidercade, walking in Boulevard Oaks, and more with a Meetup group.

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, home to millions of people and probably just as many ways to have a good time. If youre looking for fun things to do in Houston, Meetup can help you discover new activities and do them with new friends. Whether youre a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, you can get professional golf tips on the links at Quail Valley or go to karaoke night at ARs Entertainment Hub.

With Meetup, you never have to do fun things alone. Check out the following Meetup events happening around Houston during the month of November 2021, and have a great time with new friends!

Do You Find It Difficult To Disengage These Spots Are Perfect For Finding Calm

Broken Obelisk by Barnett Newman by the Rothko Chapel on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, in Houston.

Are you prone to overthinking? Do you find it hard to quiet your mind even at a museum, park or yoga class?

Me too. Wandering in nature, I feel compelled to deep-dive into earth science. Looking at artwork, my mind goes into a tailspin about techniques. Doing stretches on a lawn, I find myself overthinking in a quest for proper form.

But our spirit benefits from diversions that let us disengage the brain and simply be.

Here are seven admission-free places to power down your overactive mind, simply flow and ponder…absolutely nothing.

American Artist James Turrell’s Skyspace changes color with the setting sun near the Shepard School of Music on Rice University’s campus in Houston.

Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion at Rice University

Hours: All day Wednesday through Monday closed Tuesdays.

Made of grass, concrete, stone and steel, this open-access two-level pyramids LED light sequence is projected onto the ceiling and through a portal in the knife-edge roof. As the lights change, so does your perception of the skys natural light.

Tip: The Sunrise light sequence begins 40 minutes before sunrise. The Sunset light sequence begins 10 minutes before sunset. Each sequence lasts about 40 minutes. Find sunrise and sunset times here.

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is popular for prom, wedding and engagement pictures.

2800 Post Oak Blvd.

Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

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Internations Houston Yoga In The Park September Event

Your health is important to us! We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in all our communities around the world and, according to local authorities, certain in-person activities are permitted in your community. Please make sure to follow the latest official health guidelinesand restrictions in your area. We hope you stay safe and enjoy the event!

Let diving into yoga breathing movements poses to center yourself. Become fit, active & pain-free and most important network with people from all around the world in an amazing view on Houston Skyline.

All levels of yoga accepted, especially the beginner…if you are new to yoga try it!!

Our teacher is a programming neuro linguistic, bilingual , and experience yoga Alliance teacher that would energize you.

This session will make a better yourself and connected with your environment and others.Aurelien Mangano & Bina Benavides

What Requires A Permit

Dahn Yoga’s Official Response to CNN 1

Groups with more than 10 people, classes that use park exercise equipment or bring their own equipment, and/or classes that charge an entrance or program fee must obtain a permit.

To apply, download and complete the Group Exercise Permit below and send to . To inquire, or email . Permit requests will be considered based on the impact to the Park and park users, safety, availability, and past use of the Park. Once approved, the class will be added to our calendar.

Questions? 713.863.8403×0 or .

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