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Yoga For Preschoolers Lesson Plan

Can Preschoolers Do Yoga

Kids Easter and Spring Yoga Lesson Plans and Activities

Many preschools are adding yoga as part of their enrichment programs and curriculum. Yoga classes for little ones are also popular in yoga studios and gyms. And, the recent pandemic created high demand for online yoga classes for preschool kids.

So, can preschoolers do yoga? Are they too young for yoga? Will adding a yoga class to the childs routine add any value?

The answer is Yes! Preschoolers can and should practice yoga? Yoga in school offers numerous physical and mental benefits. It also helps with their socio-emotional needs and instills self- confidence in growing children.

Lesson Plan Template Lovely 8 Step Lesson Plan Template Guided


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Check Out Yoga Ideas For Toddlers And Preschoolers

This book contains 20 fun and easy yoga themes with 5-pose sequences for toddlers and preschoolers!

This colorful downloading and printable PDF ebook includes:

  • a getting started guide
  • an index listing the twenty 5-pose yoga sequence themes
  • 5 best toddler/preschooler poses with detailed instructions
  • 20 illustrated 5-pose sequences showing the postures
  • 20 matching detailed descriptions for each pose within the sequence
  • yoga teaching tips

The yoga poses for each theme are sequenced specifically to invite flow from one pose to the next. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out which pose to do next.

The yoga kids featured in the illustrations are multicultural and from a variety of countries.

Ages 2-5

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How To Use Yoga Curriculum & Lesson Plans For Preschool Students

With just a little bit of planning and preparation ahead of time, teaching a preschool yoga class can be fun, easy and rewarding. Here are 3 tips to get started with preschool yoga lesson plans.

  • Prepare yourself by understanding the age and abilities of kids in the group you will be teaching. Each child is different and has different abilities. So being inclusive in your teaching is always appreciated.
  • Be prepared to create a yoga lesson plan based on the duration and length of the class. For example, adapt your lesson plan to a one-time class versus a recurring series. Or, write a yoga lesson plan geared toward whether the class is online or in-person.
  • Plan your themes. Theming is a key component when it comes to how to write a preschool yoga lesson plan. Little ones need to feel connected. So, come up with fun and creative themes they can relate to. Once you have narrowed down different themes, write down and print out your lesson plan in a step-by-step format. While writing a lesson plan, consider reading books about mindfulness for kids, adding props, and incorporating yoga games and music to keep the sessions fun and engaging. Preschool kids also love coloring! So, consider coloring pages or yoga printable activities for kids.
  • Kid Friendly Yoga Videos

    Ambassador Planning Pack

    Alphabet Yoga, by Cosmic Kids Yoga VideosAdd a little alphabet practice to your daily yoga routine.

    Sport Yoga, by Namaste KidIf your kids are interested in sports then you wont want to miss this one!

    Clap it! by Bari KoralI just adore Bari Korals beautiful yoga videos, and so will your kids!

    Windy Day, by Jodi the Yogi

    Aquatic Animal Yoga Poses, by Smile and Learn EnglishThis one would complement an ocean animal unit nicely!

    Spring Yoga, by Cosmic KidsDo you learn about seasons in your classroom? Add a little yoga into your spring lesson plans!

    Cobra Pose, by Nick Jr.Another super fun video for your little PAW Patrol lovers!

    Yoga for Kids! by StoryhiveAnother great place to start if youre a yoga newbie.

    Stretch Safari, by Cosmic Kids YogaCosmic kids is the most popular yoga channel for kids on YouTube, for a reason! Everything they do is high-quality, fun, and engaging.

    Fly Like a Butterfly, by Bari KoralThese beautifully animated kids yoga videos with enchanting music are sure to be a big hit with your kids.

    Yoga for Beginners, by Yoga Ed.Dont know anything about yoga? Start here!

    You can show these videos to your class on a smart TV, or by using an LCD projector and computer screen. Remember, you dont need to be a yoga pro yourself to use these in your classroom!

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    Start With Basic Poses

    Just because children can do a Hanumasana without breaking a sweat doesnt mean you should teach them that. Advanced yoga poses require a higher range of motion, mental concentration, muscle strength, and endurance. Children are naturally flexible and can extend their tendons and ligaments much faster than adults.

    However, since their bones are still supple, they are more prone to injuries. Preschoolers sense of body awareness is also not fully developed yet. If they get hurt and do dangerous movements, they may not notice it right away.

    Avoid too much pressure on their little bodies. Start with basic poses that they can do and enjoy.

    Teaching Yoga To Preschoolers: What Works Best

    It was like magic. In a room crowded with more than 100 families, music blaring, pizza and popcorn booths scattered throughout, invariably, the kids would find us at the 50th anniversary celebration of Portlands Head Start program. Our booth was simple, unadorned, but on our table was a Hoberman sphere.

    The kids were drawn to it like a magnet.

    We discovered the sphere over 17 years ago, at an asthma workshop for adults. The instructor used it to demonstrate relaxed, diaphragmatic breathing, and we knew it was just the thing to teach kids this important nervous system regulation technique.

    Since introducing it to our yoga classes for children and to thousands of school teachers, counselors, therapists and parents in our college courses countless others have been just as entranced by it as we were.

    One by one, the children came up and wanted to play with it. Without saying a word, a quick demonstration showed how synchronizing breath with the spheres movement helps calm kids and adults alike.

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    Which Yoga Is Best For Mental Health

    Although all types of yoga can be beneficial in improving mental health, hatha yoga has been proven to have the most significant impact on reducing anxiety and stress. It improves chronic fatigue, general self-esteem, general wellbeing, and quality of life .

    Unlike other types of yoga that are more vigorous, hatha yoga focuses on simple positions with lots of time for breathing and meditation. Due to its simplicity and ease of integration for individuals of all fitness levels, this type of yoga is the easiest type to integrate into different settings.

    When practicing hatha yoga with children, there are some non-movement-based strategies that can be integrated into daily practice, such as the following :

    Why Is Yoga Important In Schools 6 Benefits

    Free Snowball Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

    Practicing yoga daily in school facilitates improvement in mental, social, and physical wellbeing, minimizing self-destructive behaviors in the classroom and reducing stress among students .

    Other positive outcomes that daily yoga practice offers are listed below .

  • Improved concentration and memoryPracticing daily yoga can help children, specifically those with attention issues, have increased focus. As a result, their concentration, memory, and academic performance can improve, as yoga requires you to focus heavily on the moment.
  • Respect for peers and othersSince yoga requires you to be aware of your surroundings, it can help facilitate respect for others, as everyoneâs practice is unique and self-directed.
  • Self-regulationImproving self-regulation can help children with their emotions. The pace of yoga allows for children to take the time to identify the emotions they are experiencing and implement strategies to regulate them.
  • Self-confidenceSince yoga focuses on deep breathing and other breathing exercises, it increases a childâs ability to remain calm by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. This makes it more likely that children can stay calm, which can result in increased self-confidence, since it is less likely they will be dominated by negative emotions.
  • Feeling of wellbeingAs yoga increases a childâs self-confidence and ability to self-regulate, children are more likely to experience higher levels of general wellbeing.
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    A Sample Yoga Lesson Plan For Kids

    By Camille Dodson | Last updated March 30, 2022

    Family | Lifestyle

    When it comes to creating a yoga lesson plan for kids yoga classes, Ive found that consistency and creativity are key. Each of my classes follow a basic structure to include a breathing exercise, a handful of poses, a game and/or activity, and a guided meditation.

    Depending on the theme that day, each of those elements will tie into a bigger topic or idea. Coming up with a theme for each class will make it easier for you to create a dynamic and logical class that engages your students.

    The following lesson plan is ideal for students in the 6-10 age range. I created this class with an animal theme to celebrate the Spring as the season of birth and renewal. This would also be a perfect lesson plan for the first class in a series because it uses a familiar topic to pique students interest in yoga, and allows them to get creative and active in the design of the class.

    If your students are a bit older, you can encourage them to sign-up to our free 30 Day Yoga Challenge. With classes designed for all levels, this is a good opportunity for them to improve their practice and learn new poses.

    How Do You Write Yoga Lesson Plans For Preschoolers

    Writing a yoga lesson plan comes with practice. Theming allows you to be organized, creative and bring structure to your class.

    Remember that preschoolers have a short attention span, so a themed 30 to 40 minute class is more successful than a freestyle one. Themes can be chosen from your yoga curriculum and can be vast, like nature or animals. Or, it can be more conceptual, like love, friendship or sharing. From here, you can take the kids on an imaginary journey by weaving yoga poses for kids and breathing exercises that fit your theme.

    To get started, practice writing the 9 steps below on a piece of paper.

  • Introduction: Introduce your theme for the day.
  • Breathwork: A simple breathing exercise to allow kids to settle down for the session. Write down the name of the specific breathing exercise you will be teaching
  • Warmups: Write down a simple warm-up fitness routine like stretching, jumping jacks, or other stretches to help kids prepare for upcoming yoga poses.
  • Sun Dance: A typical yoga class isnt complete without sun salutes. Write down a simple sequence suitable for little kiddos or you can pick a sun salutation song and do the poses together.
  • Yoga poses/story or games: Here you can read a yoga story from a book or do specific yoga poses related to your preschool lesson plan. You can also play simple yoga games for kids.
  • Fun break: Do some more cooling poses to bring kids to a state of rest.
  • Closure: Thank them for coming!
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    Pick A Theme That You Can Stretch Out To Fit Several Classes With Books Games And Activities

    Choose something that you are interested in, so you can let your passion shine through!

    Themes help keep kids engaged because its often something they can relate to and feel connected to. They contribute and have good ideas when they know the topic, too!

    Themes also help ME when I teach because I remember the plotline of the story better, or I just generally stay on task better. #winning

    Breathing Exercises For Preschoolers

    Gratitude Yoga Sequence: The Secret of Saying Thanks lesson plan ...

    Pranayama is an essential part of yoga. Here are three pranayama exercises that preschoolers will love.

    Bubble Breath

    Use bubbles to teach deep belly breathing. Prepare a container with soap and water. Ask the preschoolers to inhale deeply and exhale slowly to blow big bubbles.

    Bunny Breath

    Ask the kids to breathe like a bunny. To do this, guide the kids to inhale by taking three sniffs and exhale through their mouths once.

    Birthday Cake Breath

    This breathing exercise is perfect if someone in the class is celebrating their birthday. To do this, have the kids imagine they have a birthday cake in front of them. Then, ask them to inhale deeply and exhale by blowing the candle slowly.

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    Breathing Is My Superpower: Mindfulness Book For Kids To Feel Calm And Peaceful Alicia Ortego

    This book is an excellent aid for both parents and educators looking to teach children the power of mindful breathing.

    It presents different breathing techniques to help children regain control of emotions when faced with challenging situations.

    Beautifully illustrated, this book is suited for children up to 12.

    Find the book on .

    Kid Yoga Videos For Preschool And Pre

    posted by Vanessa Levin|filed under songs, teaching tips|affiliate disclosure

    Do you use yoga in your preschool or pre-k classroom? Yoga is a great way to help your little learners refocus and get out rid of extra energy. Here youll find 14 of the best kid-friendly yoga videos to use in your classroom.

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    Avoid Using Complicated Terms

    In an adult yoga class, you can use Sanskrit words and give elaborate verbal cues. Avoid doing this in preschoolers yoga classes. Their vocabulary is not as vast as adults yet, and they will only get confused.

    You can use anatomical terms for body parts, but always show them which body parts you are talking about.

    Purchase Our Toddler Yoga Books Pack

    Yoga lessons plans for children. Yoga teacher vlog. Theme: Birthday Yoga!

    Six yoga books for toddlers!

    Say good night to the animals of the world through calming yoga poses for kids. Join Maria as she explores the ocean with her granddad. Say good day to the magical island of Bali through energizing yoga poses for kids. Learn the alphabet by acting out Australian animals or count to 15 with African animals on the savanna. Learn gratitude with a grateful giraffe.

    Fun interactive yoga books perfect for toddlers!

    The Toddler Yoga Books Pack includes:

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    Prenatal Yoga Sequencing Lesson Plans

    Prenatal yoga is for women who are pregnant.During the time of pregnancy the body goes through a number of physical and emotional changes primarily due to hormonal changes.Some women experience discomfort, uneasiness, restlessness, lack of sleep, problems related to digestion, and loss of self confidence.With prenatal yoga sequencing lesson plan, the goal is to keep the body and mind in a positive state with a sense of confidence and acceptance.The prenatal yoga sequencing lesson plans given below are sample guides for yoga teachers.

    Why Do You Need A Yoga Lesson Plan

    A lesson plan makes your class meaningful. When you follow a theme and write down a lesson plan based on that theme, every move and pose is intentional. Yoga breathing for kids is designed to fit into your class as well. This leads to structure and keeps the kiddos engaged.

    Having a lesson plan ready will also give you peace of mind. You dont have to worry about what to teach on the day of the class . You can simply follow each step you have already written down and have fun. Lastly, a yoga curriculum helps you become a better yoga teacher as you instill yogic values into young hearts and minds.

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    Introduction To Teaching Yoga In Pe Yoga Foster

    The four-hour training course offered by Yoga Foster provides a comprehensive introduction to yoga as a form of physical activity, consistent with Americaâs national standards for student fitness.

    The course trains educators to:

    • Deliver a week-long yoga unit to their students
    • Articulate the benefits of yoga for students pre-K through fifth grade
    • Lead a variety of basic yoga-based movements
    • Adapt techniques to accommodate different fitness and ability levels

    This training offers professional development credits and is delivered entirely online. To learn more, visit the PE Central website.

    Representative Yoga Use Props That Are Inclusive

    YOGA BINGO for kids.

    I created Yoga Man vs. The Stressor in 2009 because it was hard to find yoga materials that appealed to the older boys I taught. There were plenty of images of animals, fairies, and happy endings. But where were the action heroes that many of my students wanted to see?

    When I developed the Frog Yoga Alphabet, I chose frogs to do the poses rather than children so that everyone could relate to the images.

    And the strategic use of props can get more children engaged, like the way bubbles help everyone figure out yoga breathing.

    Fortunately there are more inclusive resources available now. I would like to update the Yoga for Boys video I made to include more boys, not just my nephews. Id like to include images of children wearing a head coverings or using walkers doing yoga!

    Out of convenience groups can get overlooked and you can feel like you dont exist when you never see yourself represented. So teachers need to think about whether everyone is represented in the images they use in yoga class too.

    Heres our yoga for boys video that needs an update, the boys in this video are young men now so we are ready for new kids to fill our video:

    Yoga Man does the sun salutation on colouring pages that kids can colour in the way they like.

    If you find that your boys are not engaged in your yoga classes, I recommend learning more about Boy Culture from this article.

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    Teaching Yoga Beyond The Poses: A Practical Workbook For Integrating Themes Ideas And Inspiration Into Your Class Sage Rountree And Alexandra Desiato

    This book provides a detailed look at the philosophical foundations of yoga. It covers 54 complete themes instructors can use to develop their own lessons, where students come away learning not just poses but lessons for better living.

    With practice, teachers can adapt these themes to create their own unique lessons using the templates provided.

    Find the book on .


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