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Yoga For Parkinson’s Teacher Training

Yoga And Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Exercises: Pilates & Yoga

Preliminary research shows that study participants with mild to moderate Parkinsons disease show modest improvements in balance, functional mobility, mood, and sleep as a result of practicing yoga.

To enhance yogas value as a therapy, and in keeping with the latest research, those with Parkinsons disease and their teachers could foster neuroplasticity by upping the intensity of practice. Those with mild or moderate PD should challenge themselves even if they fatigue quickly, Reif says.

Reif would encourage those with mild Parkinsons disease to participate in yoga classes for as long as possible, sharing their diagnosis and the advice theyve received from their doctors with their yoga teachers.

For those with mild PD, classes, in addition to being boons for strength, flexibility, and balance, can offer social connections, which seem to be important for cognitive functionality and even longevity.

A crowded, fast-paced class isnt usually appropriate for someone with Parkinsons disease, in Reifs estimation, but a smaller, slower-paced class that allows for the use of a wall and/or chair may be just the thing.

Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training For Special Populations

PRE-Requisite: Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training*

Next Training: Begins January 21, 2022

Let Your Yoga Dance® for Special Populations is a unique combination of yoga, qigong, breath, embodied positive psychology, dance, and music which brings inspiration and celebration to heart and mind. The result: Healing through Joy.

Let Your Yoga Dance®Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training for Special Populations will teach you to:

  • Serve people who need and want to move their bodies but are hindered due to illness, pain,lack of mobility
  • Study, practice, and teach appropriate pranayama-breathing techniques for this population
  • Discover creative ways to dance your yoga in chairs and to teach it to your students
  • Heighten your sensitivity to the emotional and mental needs of special populations
  • Understand the power that Music has upon the Brain
  • Practice-teach and mentor fellow participants in the dance of yoga
  • Practice-teach with visiting special needs students

A Brief History Of The Origins Of Let Your Yoga Dance For Special Populations:

et Your Yoga Dance® for Special PopulationsLet Your Yoga Dance®Let Your Yoga Dance®

12 years later, medical research is demonstrating consistently that dance, yoga, qigong, breath, tango, cycling, spirituality offers important benefits for every population desiring to maintain physical health, brain health, heart health, and soul health. Let Your Yoga Dance® – Gentle Style offers all these elements and more. The teacher training gives you a great opportunity to bring this healthful practice to those needing it most. Now there are special populations instructors around the USA, Canada, and abroad.

Let Your Yoga Dance is the gift that keeps on giving! I am blessed to teach elders in my community! They always tell me how my classes are the best part of their week, and they always go home feeling happy and healthy! – Elayne Goldstein, Special Populations instructor

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Can Yoga Help Parkinsons Disease

Yoga has built a reputation worldwide for giving physical and physiological health, mental peace, and emotional and intellectual clarity. It involves therapeutic asanas and modulation of breath to achieve the goals trying to be met. Within the last several years the popularity has becoming increasingly popular because of its therapeutic benefits. Parkinsons disease affects the way that one moves his or her body. It occurs when there is a problem with nerve cells in the brain. Although there has been no medical proof that yoga can help to cure Parkinsons disease it certainly has shown some control of it.

Practice can certainly help a patient gain more control and better endurance. One thing that is very important for someone with Parkinsons disease to do is to constantly keep the body moving on a daily basis. However, exercising to the point of exhaustion is not recommended.

Balance Training

Choose A Schedule That Works For You

Yoga for Parkinsons Teacher Training Workshop

There are all types of training schedules for yoga teacher training, so youll want to choose one that works for you.

If you are going over to Bali or currently live there, you may already have a job. Is it flexible or a strict schedule? Depending on that, youll want to look into the schedule.

Or maybe you have all the time in the world, but the schedule for the training is rigid and you know you need more time to digest. Are there breaks in the schedule to practice and commit it all to memory?

Ask these questions before committing to a program.

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Adaptive Strategies For Those Serving Clients With Parkinsons Disease

Professionals, are you a:

  • therapeutic yoga instructor noticing an increase in the amount of your students facing a diagnosis with PD ?

  • health care provider or wellness coach yearning to incorporate complementary and therapeutic practices

with your clients living with PD?

  • yoga instructor, fitness coach or Carepartner seeking specialized therapeutic yoga programming at your center?

Hosting a YogaReach Mindful Movement for Parkinson’s Disease Professional Workshop will help you gain useful skills for your own practice as well as inspire attendees to reach within and strengthen their abilities!

Our talented YogaReach Instructors will train workshop attendees to lead their own Mindful Movement classes for clients with PD and to incorporate adaptive therapeutic yoga practices into work with a multitude of clients.

To share these life changing techniques with others serving those living with PD, Char now offers the YogaReach Mindful Movement for PD Professional Workshop.


1. Acquire and understand the definition of Parkinsons disease and explain how its diverse symptoms affect people differently.

2. Learn to recognize motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinsons disease and how

mobility changes lead to sensory nervous system challenges.

3. Learn how neuroplasticity may have a positive mind-body effect when people diagnosed with Parkinsons combine cognitive and movement exercises.

This Workshop Is Part Of The Parkinsons Movement Initiative

American Dance Festival is proud to offer our NEW Parkinsons Movement Initiative classes in partnership with NC Dance for Parkinsons and Poe Wellness Solutions and supported by a grant from the Parkinsons Foundation. Through funds raised by Moving Day® North Carolina, a walk for Parkinsons, all classes offered through the Parkinsons Movement Initiative are free for people living with PD and their caregivers.

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Here Are 9 Reasons Why People With Parkinsons And Special Needs Benefit From Let Your Yoga Dance:

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® breaks the isolation of being alone with a progressive disease. People in need of extra care and their caregivers come together in a safe, gentle environment to learn to dance their yoga.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® increases flexibility and strength, helping people with special needs to safely practice repetitive movements while sitting in a chair, standing, and moving.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® stimulates not only the mind by engaging in simple and challenging movements throughout the body, but also the emotional body, bringing endorphins to the brain and joy to the spirit.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® activates all the senses through deep breathing simple movements and postures.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® increases body awareness and the ability to live more consciously inside it, resulting in more confidence in walking, moving, and dancing.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® plays with all kinds of musical rhythms which are stimulating to the brain.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® includes constant focus on the breath. In the time-honored practice of yoga, breathing exercises naturally activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the relaxation response in the body. Deep breathing fosters deep relaxation which is essential for anyone with special needs.

  • Let Your Yoga Dance® is an express route to joy! This practice brings a natural merging of yoga, dance, and movement, along with the use of wonderful music from around the world.

  • Yoga For Parkinsons Disease Teacher Training Accredited C

    Teaching Yoga for Parkinsons and Movement Disorders: Studio safety

    This 4-month online course provides training for yoga teachers and yoga therapists who want to broaden their knowledge and develop a specialty working with clients with Parkinsons Disease.

    Youll go deeper into learning about PD and modifying your yoga teaching to improve the lives of those suffering from Parkinsons Disease. This certification training will expand your knowledge and expertise, enabling you to apply a specialized therapeutic yoga practice for specific symptoms and individuals. With live online guidance from an expert, you will create PD group classes, engage private clients, and strengthen your business.

    • Examine the disease process & symptoms
    • View recorded sequences
    • Gain 1-year access to course material
    • Attend live-streaming webinars
    • Receive mentoring while working with clients


    Theresa Conroy, is a Certified Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. She has worked closely with healthcare professionals and The Parkinsons Council over the past decade to develop and fine-tune her Yoga for PD classes.

    Important Dates TBA

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    Yoga Poses For Parkinsons

    Yoga stays with the breath through asanas, or poses. When moving, for example, into virabhadrasana any one of the warrior poses our breath leads the motion. Our awareness is right there, too. The inhale invites us in with it as muscles release, joints open. The exhale lets us settle in further. It doesnt matter if your version of a warrior resembles a knight or a pawn. Feel the flow, watch the rigidity loosen, notice both the softening and the strengthening. In a study on yoga and Parkinsons at Kansas University Medical Center, Yvonne Searles, PT, PhD, said, I think I was most amazed by the visible reduction in tremoring and improvement in the steadiness of gait immediately following the yoga sessions.

    If your mind wont follow your breath inside because its too busy focusing on staying upright or listening to a screaming muscle spasm, consider changing classes, teachers, videos or routines. I often open a class with a reminder that when we feel our breath is strained, our body is, too. Remember, we can control our breath. Notice when the strain happens and bring yourself back to where your mind can join your breath.

    I couldnt do that pose. But I can do others, and I can do yoga. I can benefit from all it offers. You can, too.

    This April , Im reaching out to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga practice for those living with this disease. Im also joining APDA in their efforts to Find the Cure.

    Yin Yoga For Parkinsons: Flexibility And Letting Go

    This 90 minute workshop is part of the Parkinsons Movement Initiative and will include a bit of lecture and a lot of practice. Participants will learn and experience the benefits of Yin Yoga: greater flexibility, relaxation, increased energy, improved self awareness, and more.

    Yin yoga is a slow practice that makes heavy use of props and blankets to assist in achieving a comfortable pose. All exercises are performed on the floor and poses will be held for several minutes each.

    I have enjoyed teaching Yin Yoga for 3 years. Its a different approach to exercising your body and mind. Instead of pushing and stressing the body, you relax into your muscles, wake up connective tissues and become more aware of physical sensations. Exercises are held for several minutes so you also become very aware of your busy thoughts and mind. Meg

    All exercises are performed on the floor. No experience is necessary. Lets all learn together!

    About the instructor:

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    How Can It Help With Parkinsons Symptoms

    Lots of research is being done into how yoga may help with the physical and non-physical symptoms of Parkinsons.

    So far we know that yoga can help lessen slowness and stiffness, improve balance and flexibility , and increase muscle strength and power. It can also relax blood pressure, help control weight gain, and increase breathing strength and lung capacity.

    Many people also report having better mood and sleep, while going to group classes is a way of meeting others and being more socially active.

    Neuroplasticity Exercise And Parkinsons Disease

    Yoga Therapy: Relief from Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease ...

    The big change here is that we used to think once youve lost it, its gone, Reif says of the new prognoses for those diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. In literature from even a few years ago, youll see doctors saying, The brain cant repair itself. Well, now we know that with proper stimulation, the brain can create new pathways.

    It is now known that the neurons in our brains do regenerate: Brains continue to make adaptations, remaining changeable throughout adulthood. There is evidence that even in those with neurological diseases such as PD, the brain continues to repair itself. The brains ability to rewire itself is known as neuroplasticity adaptations may include the regrowth of new neurons and alterations in neural networks and in brain chemicals.

    What sparks such repair? Hearteningly, for yoga practitioners and teachers, exercise has been shown to lead to neurogenesis and is thus a simple means to maintain brain function and promote brain plasticity. The more intense exercise is, the better for the neuroplasticity and motor performance of those with early-stage Parkinsons disease: Studies are showing that participants with early-stage PD who undertake high-intensity aerobic exercise experience significant improvements in motor and cognitive functioning.

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    Dance & Parkinsons Movement Classes

    The Mason Gross Dance Department continues to partner with the New Jersey Parkinsons Disease Information and Referral Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital to present a series of movement classes for people with Parkinsons disease.

    Spearheaded by Mason Gross Dance Department faculty member Jeff Friedman, the program is supported by a Community Grant from the Parkinsons foundation and funds from the Kenneth Aidekman Family Foundation. Fall and spring sessions include 20 classes that take place on Saturdays at the Mason Gross Performing Arts Center on the Douglass Campus. Instructors guide participants through a series of gentle stretches, posture supports, and joint articulations, as well as balance, stability, and locomotion activities that are meant to be both challenging and fun. An annual schedule of classes is planned each academic year, beginning in the fall.

    Under the supervision of director Thomas Lennon, students at the Mason Gross School of the Arts Documentary Film Lab created a film that explores the program and its participants. This film has been accepted for presentation into three national film festivals: the 2020 Utah Dance Film Festival, the 2020 Dance Camera West Film Festival , and the 2020 Dance on Film Festival in Austin, Texas. If you have any questions about the series in person or virtually, please email , Director of Rutgers Dance & Parkinsons.

    Fall Series

    With Natalie Schultz-Kahwaty

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

    Unfortunately, we have had to reschedule the start of our February Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training due to the challenges of Covid.

    The positive news is that this gives us all a bit more time and space to prepare for the training, dive into some online practice and studies, and, for new registrants a new date for early bird savings!

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    Teacher Training With Peter Lynch E

    Parkinson’s Disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimers. The most important thing a person with PD can do to combat its progression is to move their body!

    This workshop will teach you how to provide the benefits of yoga to people living with PD. We’ll learn about the causes, symptoms and variety of issues faced by people with PD and other movement disorders, and how you can support them with an array of effective yoga practices.

    The composition of symptoms in each person with PD is highly individual. We will learn techniques to meet our students where they are and still provide challenging, safe and life-affirming yoga. Mindful practices of breathing, body awareness, strength, flexibility, mental focus and self-compassion are key tools to provide folks living with these kinds of disorders.

    In 10 hours of lecture, demonstration, discussion and practice you will:

    • Learn how to set up a safe space for people with a movement disorder, what movements and poses are most potent, and techniques to engage students with cognitive issues
    • Get the chance to design yoga sequences for all levels of students with PD, plus hands on practice teaching students with PD
    • Explore diverse techniques to adapt and modify a class so that everybody can get the chance to experience what we all know as teachersthat yoga is for every body!
    • Learn how these techniques can apply to folks with stroke, MS, and other movement disorders


    Parkinsons Patients Turn To Yoga And Meditation

    Yoga Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

    At first glance, it looks like a regular Yoga class. Four men sit on floor cushions while following the instructions of their teacher, heads bowed.

    But as the class progresses at the University of Miamis Max Orovitz Laboratory, the instructions from graduate student and teacher Nick Cherup seem to be much more elaborate than a regular yoga class.

    Close your eyes and think of what it will feel like to move into the warrior pose.

    Imagining what your body may look like, travel to the front of the mat and do a full body stretch.

    Where is your pelvis in relation to the rest of your body?

    This is Yomed, a blend of yoga and meditation, which is at the core of a study headed by Joseph Signorile, a professor of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences, that strives to help Parkinsons patients improve their balance and proprioception .

    Parkinsons disease is a non-curable neurodegenerative disorder that affects nearly 1 million people in the U.S. Patients with the condition suffer from rigidity of the muscles, tremors, and walking and balance problems. April is Parkinsons Awareness Month.

    We start off with the elements of yoga but then we are adding two different elements designed to improve their balance and proprioception through mental exercise, said Signorile.

    We are not treating the disease, said Signorile. We give them the intervention that will give them better balance and a better understanding of where they are in space.

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    Time To Choose Which Program For Bali Yoga Teacher Training Is Right For You

    So youve narrowed down where you want your location to be for your Bali yoga teacher training. You know in your heart where you want to be. Youve looked into the credibility of each and know your schedule going into the training.

    Youve narrowed down your focus and priorities, and now youre ready to pick the training program that is right for you!

    If that sounds like you, then it is time to apply for your 200-hour yoga teacher training! You can pick the dates that work for you, and before you know it, youll be teaching your very own yoga classes!


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