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Yoga For Beginners Online Course

Im Finding It Difficult To Concentrate What Should I Do

Beginner Yoga (Slow Flow) – FREE Online Yoga Classes!

Yoga takes practice not just because you may not be flexible or strong enough for some poses, but because your mind may be distracted, too. In the 21st-century world, were not accustomed to sitting and standing in one place for 30 minutes. Were not used to shutting our minds off for a while. So yoga takes practice, right? Part of the method is learning how to concentrate, to be silent and still for long periods.

If youre finding it difficult to concentrate, there are a few things you can do. First, you can find shorter yoga videos that dont require your entire attention span and then some. Find a ten- or 15-minute video, then work your way up from there.

If thats not working, choose a quick-flowing class, a class that doesnt give you time to think too hard, like Vinyasa. Some yoga styles emphasize meditation less than others, and those are the classes that cater to an easily-distracted mind.

If that doesnt work, dont underestimate the power of attending one or two in-person yoga classes. Sometimes its much easier to focus on something when other people are doing it too. Once you feel that focus is becoming more natural, youll have a simpler time focusing on your yoga videos at home.

Who Should Take Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is a low-impact activity that is appropriate for most people. However, if youre new to this exercise style or youve never taken a class, its a good idea to start with a beginner flow sequence regardless of your fitness level. This will allow you to learn the basic principles and cues the instructor will use at higher levels. A skilled instructor will be able to offer modifications and alternatives to certain poses. They will also teach you how to incorporate props such as a yoga block, bolster, straps, or blankets to make the practice safer.

What Style Of Yoga Is Right For Me

Everyone has a different body and preferred style of exercise. Yoga is in a constant state of evolution, and yoga styles change with it. Below, were going to explain the different types of yoga. That way, youll find for yourself what kind of yoga suits you best.

Hatha Yoga Hatha is the umbrella term for physically focused yoga. Like many imported terms , weve corrupted the term Hatha Yoga in the West. Today, Hatha Yoga refers to classes that are paced slower than other yoga styles, concentrating on breathing and asanas.

Iyengar Yoga Iyengar focuses on alignment and precise movements with meticulous breath control. Typically, youll hold your asanas for a long time while adjusting tiny parts of the pose. Iyengar is a workout but not as demanding as Vinyasa classes.

Kundalini Yoga Equal parts spiritual and physical, Kundalini focuses on the energy trapped in your lower spine. Kundalini classes focus on your core, breath, and spine, and they often involve quickly moving asana sequences.

Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga caters to yoga experts. Its physically demanding, and it requires the memorization of Ashtanga poses. Dont try Ashtanga until you feel confident and strong enough to handle the intense workout.

Vinyasa Yoga Generally speaking, Vinyasa is the most demanding yoga style. It concentrates on quick, flowing asana sequences that challenge your body, mind, and breath.

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Strala Yoga 1 Live Yoga Classes

Strala Yoga and Tai Chi offers a variety of free and paid-for yoga and tai chi courses, as well as training and retreats. What makes Strala Yoga different is that they combine the movements of Tai Chi with their online yoga courses to help you relieve your stress better and move effortlessly through the moves. They offer a variety of class options:

  • Live classes
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Ten-minute practices

Strala Yoga offers an impressive number of live yoga classes, which give you the opportunity to join an actual class led by a professional instructor. Strala offers hour-long classes and gives two options 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. so you can either start your day with yoga or finish with a live course and help melt your stress away.

These live courses are perfect for gaining a healthy balance of mobility, strength, and calmness. The topics range from strength, to energy, to de-stressing and have both gentle and workout options. If you get on their schedule of taking these hour-long courses at least once a day, you will gain lasting benefits from a live class in your home.

Yoga For Beautiful Strength In Body & Mind

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence For Beginners

Join the growing group of people learning how to practice yoga at home without the stress of a group setting in this beginner level instruction that will ease you into some of the core disciplines and basic poses. 2,200 students have already enrolled.

You will be led by an expert yoga teacher, Eva Shroeder. Eva has five beginner yoga online courses that you can follow for an excellent beginning to your own yoga journey.

This online course is considered week 1 of the five weeks of beginner yoga instruction and is about 1 hour of on demand video covering topics such as focus and breathing, warm up and core, Half Surya Namaskar, cool down, Shavasana Bliss, and a class project. There is a class project, class discussion, and access to downloadable materials.

SkillShare is where you will find this course and the other 4 that make up the 5 weeks. SkillShare is a great place to find continuing adult education on a wide variety of subjects from business to fun. Check out their free trial!

  • Beginner level
  • 1 hour on demand video
  • Taught by yoga instructor
  • Part of a 5 week course
  • Class discussion

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Hold On: Im Neither Strong Nor Flexible Can I Still Do Yoga

Many beginner yogis have the same doubts as you. They dont think theyre strong enough, skinny enough, hip enough, or flexible enough to do yoga. Look, maybe youre not strong or flexible enough to do headstands and superhero-level stretches, but thats a very slim segment of yoga.

Everyone from children and bodybuilders to amputees and retirees can participate in yoga. Will you immediately be able to go into crow pose? Maybe, maybe not. But you can start with a beginner-level class. If that class is challenging enough for you, dont feel pressured to advance before your body is ready.

If you do feel ready to advance, though, go for it! While yoga is about strength and flexibility to some degree, its more so about confidence and comfortability. With that said, you have to build confidence and comfortability. So get on that mat, keep going, and soon enough, youll be showing your geriatric friends your crow pose.

Breaking Yoga Postures Down For Beginners And First

  • teach simple and practical tools for stress management.
  • guide you step-by-step through easy but fun yoga poses to help you stay fit.
  • answer your questions and doubts so you will feel supported all the way!

Feel empowered to continue your yoga journey even after finishing the course because you will already know exactly what to do and how to do it right! You only need enough space for your yoga mat and youre good to go!

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Premium Online Yoga Classes

Full length yoga flows, short workshops, and all types of online courses in between are offered on this web portal for finding yoga instruction in all levels of expertise.

The instructors come from a huge pool of yoga and fitness trainers across multiple disciplines, each of them experts and certified to teach.

A small sample of the type of online on demand courses are deep release, breath to motion, yin for anxiety, and beyond the Barre.

You access the course by means of low cost subscription membership programs and you also receive all the extras that are included in each online course. Try out a full class for one day for only $5!

  • All levels

Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification By Online Yoga School

Yoga for Beginner Classes | 20 Min Beginner Yoga Class

Yoga is popping up everywhere: new studios, new styles of yoga, new yogis. Its a beautiful thing to see and be part of. Do you want to get up there in front of the class, teaching new yogis and watching them flourish as they learn to be fit, mindful, and peaceful?

Online Yoga Schools 200-hour YTT offers you self-paced training compatible with any device. Youll learn about yoga history, philosophy, the role of the yoga teacher, and how to teach yoga for 200 hours of excellent content. The course costs $385, making it one of the most affordable YTTs in the world.

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What Are The Benefits Of Yoga

Too often, catchphrases like yoga balances the chakras or helps me tap into my energy fields can be intimidating and even prevent people from beginning a yoga practice. But beyond the woo-woo, yoga has some proven benefits to consider:

Increases flexibility

Improves muscle tone and balance

Teaches better breathing

Fosters a sense of peace and well-being

Increases self-awareness and self-confidence

Improves joint health and mobility

Corrects posture

Increases blood flow

Boosts immunity

With so many benefits, this low-impact practice is one of the easiest all-in-one fitness regimens to incorporate into your life, regardless of age or ability.

Modern Yoga In The West By Yogic Studies

Our world is more globalized now than ever. You can eat dim sum by day, shawarma at lunch, and Thai food by night. Sometimes we dont notice the beautiful, complex exchange of cultural goods and values, but its fascinating. Likewise, yogas arrival to the West, its evolution, and its practice in the present day is a compelling story.

In Modern Yoga in the West, youll gain an understanding of the development of modern yoga in the West from the mid-nineteenth century up to the present day. Youll read about large-scale historical narratives and key figures in the development of contemporary yoga in the West. And youll gain a greater understanding of yogas position in the Western world.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Pose Chaturanga

This short video provides some tips to think about when you are doing Chaturanga.

As part of the yoga for beginners videos we have provided a selection of short videos breaking key poses down, whilst also offering a collection of photos to outline key aspects of a wider number of yoga stretches.

Throughout our yoga for beginners videos we offer various modifications that maybe particularly helpful for you. For exmaple, in chaturanga , you may want to bend your knees, placing on the floor to reduce weight on your shoulders and upper body.

In other positions, we may offer modifications suggesting slight adjustments to the positioning of your left foot or to keep your leg straight.

The aim, throughout, is to offer insights into each pose, so you can feel confident that you are doing them correctly and safely.

Many people start yoga later in life because their physio recommended them to improve core strength and improve flexibility. But some may see those Instagram pics of beautiful bendy women and feel daunted.

In previous years, yoga teachers have been quite stringent on adjusting people into poses that might not be suitable for everyones body. There is no wrong way to do a yoga pose. Teachers should ensure that people move in and out of yoga stretches safely. Keeping pressure off the knees and lower back is paramount, as we dont want anyone to get injured.

Learn Yoga From Absolute Basics To A Solid Foundation For Daily Practice

Vinyasa Yoga Classes For Beginners

Classical Hatha YogaBuild firm foundation in hatha yoga rooted in the Sivananda Yoga tradition, while learning the importance of deep relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation for your physical and mental well-being.

Experienced TeachersClasses are taken by teachers with years of experience in teaching yoga to people from across the globe, both online and offline. Our approach is gentle, traditional and holistic.

Interactive ClassesKeeping the class size small, gives us the flexibility to offer you individualised attention during each class and each step of the way. Any questions you may have will be answered personally during the sessions.

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Best Online Courses For Yoga

Relax and breathe: were offering you the 30 best online courses for yoga.

When you hear yoga, what do you think? Long, endurance-testing stretches? Godlike flexibility? Sure, yoga is an excellent and popular posture-based physical exercise, but theres a lot more to it than that. What we know of as yoga in the western world body postures that flow together in a single session is only one small part of yoga. Curious about the rest? We bet. Thats why were bringing you the 30 best online courses for yoga.

Build A Well Rounded Practice With Our Yoga Videos For Beginners

Our lowest intensity level requires little to no physical effort. You’ll find slow-paced beginner yoga classes featuring long holds, restorative poses, and gentle stretches that are designed to relax the body and release tension.

Our moderate-level beginner yoga classes are for those who are new to yoga but have experience with other types of fitness classes. Learn the basic poses and techniques while enjoying the physical benefits.


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What Is An Online Yoga Class Like

There are many different styles of yoga, so theres no one-size-fits-all formula for a classwhether youre taking one online or in-person. That said, most yoga sessions tend to start with a quick warm-up . Then, youll move into the workout itself. Youll usually end up moving through a series of postures, doing static holds of postures, or some combination of the two. Then, youll get a quick cool-down, which typically involves stretching, light movement, and meditation.

How Does Zoom Work

Beginners Online Yoga Class – Classes of 20 Yoga postures

You will need to download the Zoom app so you can take the live online yoga class. Once you have booked and paid for your class, youll get a confirmation email with a Zoom link to your class. Download and install the Zoom app on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. Youll also get an email from Zoom with details of the booking and links.

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Im Not Flexible Or Athletic Can I Still Do Yoga

Lack of flexibility is one of the central myths that people cling to as an excuse for not starting a yoga practice. Years of seeing images of yogis who can contort themselves like pretzels have conditioned people to believe they need to be an acrobat to take up yoga.

The truth is that flexibility is not a requirement of yoga, its a result of practicing yoga. All poses can be modified to help you hold them correctly, and with time you will grow more limber.

Sometimes All You Need Is A Cheerleader

  • Passionate people who want to learn about more than just Asana.
  • Yoga Enthusiats who want to take their practice to the next level.
  • Busy people who love the idea of training at their own convenient pace.
  • Commited people who want to truly embrace the whole journey.
  • Individuals who would like to be apart of a global community.


“This course is the best yoga teacher training course I have ever invested in. The community, the knowledge, the kindess of students and teachers is just incredible. This course will enrich my whole life, forever. “

We are committed to protecting precious rainforests and endangered wildlife with Rainforest Trust UK

Every 200, 300 & 500 Hour course sold will save 3 acres of rainforest.

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Plank Modified On Knees

Many people find plank to low plank difficult. Sometimes people dip the bottom downwards and flop on the floor, which can potentially hurt the lower back.

Modifying the pose is better than risking your lower back health. Full plank to low plank can come later. Just be patient.

For plank, allow the knees to drop to the ground. Place the tops of the feet on the ground. Lengthen spine. Tighten abdomen. Try to keep the bottom lifted slightly.

Short Beginner Yoga Videos

Morning Yoga for Beginners

These beginning yoga videos are great to use if you are short on time. You can quickly check out these short yoga videos to help you refine what you enjoy and find helpful in an online yoga class. Once you are comfortable with these short videos, continue and explore the medium length videos next to build up towards a more challenging and fulfilling practice.

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Engineering Health: Introduction To Yoga And Physiology

Offered by NYU via Coursera

This comprehensive 54-hour course hosted on Coursera is taught by three NYU instructors and is our favorite choice for free online courses for learning yoga. Its intended to introduce students to all of the body systems from a health and wellness perspective. The focus is on yoga plus meditation and mindfulness as a beneficial therapy for chronic and long-term health issues.

Students will progress through six weeks of lessons, each focused on a particular area of the body. The goal is to help students understand how yoga can reduce stress and aid in healing. It is suitable for college students, medical practitioners, yoga teachers, and others who are interested in the healing arts. The modules cover:

An introduction to yoga and physiology

The cell and homeostasis

A perfect introduction to the human body systems

Flexible start and stop times

Practice yoga as you progress


Graded assignments are not part of a free membership

My Vinyasa Yoga Practice Introduction To Yoga

My Vinyasa Practice is a little different from other online yoga sites in that you pay by the class or bundle instead of a monthly or yearly subscription. In addition, the site offers personalized support with mentors and will give you individualized feedback about your progress.

For example, their Introduction to Yoga costs $79 and includes beginners to the world of yoga. It is specifically targeted to the individual who has not been able to find time for exercise due to work, children, and other life responsibilities. It is a great way to enter into the world of yoga and offers some of the following:

  • 12 basic yoga postures
  • Introduction of basic yoga terminology
  • Learning how to come in and out of postures safely
  • Building confidence and empowering ones mind
  • Calming the mind and strengthening the body

The course includes a comprehensive booklet that contains all the lectures, recordings of the asanas for practice, and even a question-and-answer period about the materials each week. It is perfect for beginners who are interested in learning yoga the correct way.

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