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Yoga For Beginners Amazon Prime

Yoga For The Inflexible

Day 5: Gentle Yoga | 30 Days of Yoga for Beginners with Ritesh Sheth

I feel like this Amazon Yoga series was made for me. Like many others, flexibility is one of my struggles when it comes to yoga, so I often like to try routines that focus on improving it. These videos from Julia Maria are a nice length, perfect to add into any workout routine to stretch, improve flexibility, and release tension. She offers four routines: Spin, Chest & Shoulders, Legs & Hips, and then a general Energize routine.

These yoga classes are great for beginners or as an add on to other routines for a little extra flexibility work.

Length: 4 Episodes, 15-22 Minutes Each

Full Body Flexibility Yoga

A lot of adults struggle with flexibility and a lack of it can cause body pain and make some yoga poses difficult. This three part series focuses specifically on boosting mobility and improving your flexibility with the end goal of doing splits. Kristen Scott is an informative instructor who gives all the guidance beginners need to improve their flexibility.

Even if you dont care about being able to do the splits, these flexibility classes are a great workout and good to alternate with yoga classes with other focuses to give you well-rounded fitness.

Length: 3 classes, 20-30 minutes long

Where Can I Find Yoga Classes Taught By Black Teachers

You can, for example, check out Yoga Green Book. It has the biggest yoga video library by black yoga teachers. Their network even includes a yoga instructor all the way from Helsinki, Finland. Yoga Green Book has a few free online yoga videos for you. While their classes are not free, they do offer a free 14-day trial.

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Bikram: Yogi Guru Predator

This narrative is about Bikram Choudhury who started Bikram hot yoga. He was a prominent name in the world of yoga because of his leading-edge instruction.

Regardless, he also became the hot item of harassment and offensive allegations. The story accounts for his successes and failures and how influential he was.

Lets Start Yoga Flow For Beginners By Alo Yoga Watch Yoga For Beginners

While this 30-Minute yoga class is geared towards those new to yoga, the pace and amount of instruction might be challenging for newbies. This sequence moves through various sun salutations and other fundamental poses that you will encounter in a Vinyasa style of yoga. If you are up for a challenge or wanting to practice the transitional movements between the poses.

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Have Some Fun While You Get Fit: Zumba Fitness Concert Live

In this fun video, Zumba creator Beto Perez guides you through 70 minutes of dance moves that are easy to pick up and will torch a ton of calories. You’ll be surprised how fast the time flies when you’re having fun learning the 16 different routines. If youve always wanted to try Zumba, but dont like the idea of paying for a class , this is an excellent way to try dance-inspired cardio at home in the privacy of your own living room.

Corepower Yoga On Demand

Featured in Mens Journal and Shape, CorePower Yoga boasts a community of almost 200 yoga studios. To access their collection of more than 300 yoga and meditation classes, you need to sign up for a subscription. Though, CorePower Yoga also offers a few free yoga classes. These prerecorded classes range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

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Best Yoga Videos On Amazon Prime Buying Guide

At the time of writing, all these programs/series are included with the prime membership, although the packages can change over time. Because that element is unpredictable, our only budget-focused tip here is to select purchase options and go for the cheaper, SD version of any series or program which isnt free on Prime.

Hopefully weve helped to highlight some of the most popular yoga videos on offer. If you get through these quickly and youre looking for more variation, then here are some honorable mentions to check out:

Flexibility Yoga 30 Minute Workout To Boost Mobility Julia Jarvis

Relaxing Yoga for Beginners with Eliz Day 1, 30 Day Yoga for a Calm Mind, Pain Relief, Sleep

Okay, so here were moving from wakeup calls to repair work on the body.

If rest, recuperation, and regeneration are what you need, then this is an excellent one-shot program to gently improve your flexibility without eroding your energy levels or putting you at any risk of aggravating an injury. Its suggested that you do this a couple times a week to build on the flexibility benefits.

Her approach focuses on opening the hips and realigning the spine to dispel much of the tension that gathers in situations of ongoing stress or chronic pain.

What viewers like about her presentation style and pacing are that its easy to follow her instructions even with your eyes closed. This is just as well given the focus on the downward dog, which is not really compatible with keeping your eyes on the TV for the next change in movement.

The half-hour slot is good for the morning or evening with a neutral presentation which is neither aimed at waking you up or winding you down for bed.


  • Experienced instructor with calming voice
  • Video leaves you feeling refreshed
  • The flow improves strength in your legs and hips over a course of weeks


  • She doesnt spend much time explaining how to modify difficult poses
  • Several poses are not very friendly for people with poor balance


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Sarah Beth Yoga Full Body Yoga For Flexibility And Strength

This 25-minute video is ideal for everyone as it instructs viewers with less strenuous practices, so its enjoyable. It trains all the muscles fairly, without feeling some pains afterward.

Meanwhile, you might also want to check out this YouTube video about a very relaxing yoga for beginners. Its a 30-day yoga session to attain mindfulness, improve sleep, and relieve various body pains.

Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

You won’t slip on this yoga mat thanks to its textured surface. It’s soft, has high elasticity, and won’t crack. A review reads, “After about 10 yoga sessions I can honestly say that I really like this yoga mat. I have always used a mat that was extra cushioning. I was worried that this was going to be too hard but I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a good mix between cushioned and firmness. My old yoga mat used to stretch way too much when I was in downward-facing dog. This one does not stretch which is a very good thing. One of its best attributes is that it is really grippy both to the floor and to my feet and hands.”

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Are There Any Short Online Yoga Classes For Free

If you are hard-pressed for time, Sarah Beths short yoga sessions are great. Her guided sessions range from rigorous workouts to meditation exercises. As she has a background working as a chiropractic assistant, she also ensures that functional movement is incorporated into all of her sequences. Moreover, she even has an app with 400+ videos!

Yoga Sweat: Beginners Power Yoga Watch Yoga for Beginners: Meditation

If working out and losing weight is a priority and you want to maximize your time, this Power Yoga workout will be great for you. Its targeted at beginners and is slowed down so you can focus on technique, but it will still make you sweat. The instructor walks you through each pose, but the poses are intense. This is not a gentle yoga routine! It quickly takes you into chair and plank, so your muscles are working.

Since this is a 20-minute routine, its easy to incorporate into your daily routine so you can get your exercise in without the time commitment of a full-length yoga class. This video is also a lot more masculine than many other yoga videos, with a male instructor and a dark gym set. If youre trying to get a male partner into yoga, they may take it a little more seriously if you show them this routine.

Length: 20 minutes

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Days Of Yoga With Jess Timisit

If you have a hard time forming a yoga or exercise habit, doing a 30 day program like this one led by Jess Timsit can really help kickstart your practice. Targeted towards beginners, this series features 30 classes of 20-30 minutes each breaking down foundational poses and building upon them as the month progresses. Jess is a positive and upbeat Yogi who brings a great energy to her videos and gives clear instructions practitioners at any level can follow.

Even if you dont complete the program in 30 days , working through this series of yoga videos at your own pace is a great way to get fit and create a yoga habit.

Length: 30 classes 20-30 minutes long

Cardio Strength Fusion Workout

If you feel like you need a little more cardio in your exercise routine, try this video out. Blending yoga and pilates moves with cardio and strength exercises, this routine gives you a little more of a workout that many traditional yoga routines. This is a great step up if youre feeling bored with yoga or it makes a good video to alternate with gentle yoga flows and stretches.

All of the exercises rely on your body weight so you dont need any props or gym equipment to get a full-body workout. Its fast-paced and works your core, arms, and glutes throughout.

Length: 45 minutes

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Gentle Yoga 7 Beginning Yoga Practices For Mid

Winning trainer on the tv program The Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels shows a new yoga workout to burn calories. Its a combination of dynamic training techniques and difficult yoga power poses to reduce weight fast. It promises to help you lose 65 pounds per week.

This particular yoga video on Amazon prime contains two levels. Level 1 demonstrates quickly flowing yoga routines to burn unwanted fats. Level 2 brings more twists and balance poses to burn more calories. Each level is about 30 minutes long so you can do it in the morning or after work.

  • The repetitions dont put much pressure on joints
  • Each posture is clearly explained
  • Only takes 30 minutes or so
  • The gym set may be too bright to see
Best For:

Yoga Meltdown is ideal for those who want to lose weight. The yoga poses work out your muscles and make you sweat. Its also good for experienced yogis who want a different type of hard-core yoga routines.

This Yoga Body Workout Series features 17 episodes of different yoga routines. Each episode is shot at different settings inside the house and outdoors. The instructor is yoga trainer Julie Marie.

The Morning Yoga helps you prepare for the day. If you have a habit of slouching, try the Shoulder Mobility episode for 30 minutes. The next episodes are Happy Hips Flexibility , No Pressure on Wrists , and Relaxing Bedtime .

  • Some moves are a bit challenging
Best For:

Plan Ahead According To Program Times And Moods

Day 2: Vinyasa Yoga | 30 Days of Yoga for Beginners with Ritesh Sheth

As above, if you are not a morning person , then some workouts are just not going to hit the spot before 7am. Figure out how much time you have, and look for series which give a good range of episode lengths.

Yoga practitioners who are time-poor sometimes download entire 30-day challenges simply for the benefit of being able to choose 7-minute or 33 minute bursts of activity. If youre a little experienced already, then youre absolutely not committed to redoing a whole series in the correct order. Nobody is going to tell on you.

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Gentle Good Morning Yoga Flow

If you like to rise with the sun and get your workout done first thing in the morning, then this is the video for you. With two different routines, these morning flows focus on waking up your body and preparing it for the day. Instructor Nikka Nadia has a very perky personality to her instruction, so if youre not a morning person you may find it a little bit grating, but many will appreciate her happy and fun instruction.

If youre worried these workouts are too gentle, dont be. While the flows are careful to slowly wake-up your body and muscles, you will get your heart rate up doing these routines.

Length: 2 classes, 30 minutes long

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Short Beginner Yoga Videos

These beginning yoga videos are great to use if you are short on time. You can quickly check out these short yoga videos to help you refine what you enjoy and find helpful in an online yoga class. Once you are comfortable with these short videos, continue and explore the medium length videos next to build up towards a more challenging and fulfilling practice.

Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge

Watch Yoga for Beginners: Standing Poses

This yoga series from Julia Maria is perfect for newbies and anyone else who needs to get back into regular exercise after feeling frustrating with previous attempts at yoga. Structured as a 14-day challenge, this is a two-week course to help you build confidence in your yoga practice. At the same time, youll become stronger and more flexible as each episode slowly increases in difficulty. Julia is great at providing thorough instruction and giving specific tips on common problem areas.

If youve tried other beginner programs and failed, give Couch to Confident a try and it may be exactly what youre looking for.

Length: 14 episodes, about 30 minutes each

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The 9 Best Yoga Workouts You Can Stream

Sometimes you dont want to go to a yogaclass.

Whether its because you dont want to be right next to other people, or youre intimidated and arent confident in keeping up with the poses, there are a handful of reasons you might be skipping it.

But thats a shame because yoga can be a great way to build strength, torch calories, and beat stress. Here are some of our favorite yoga workouts you can stream online, from YouTube to Amazon to other services, that you can do all by yourself in your own living room.

For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more,

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

Get Into The Swing Of Strength Training: Classic Strength Training With Jenny Ford

Strength training is something that everyone should incorporate into their fitness routine a few times per week. However that does not mean you have to start pumping huge amounts of iron at the gym, as this video series from personal trainer Jenny Ford proves.

Ford’s videos guide you through the basics of strength training to help you learn the right way to perform exercises, which will reduce your risk of injury and give you a solid foundation to build upon. Her workouts require just a set of dumbbells and a mat and the routines are easy to follow.

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Yoga Sweat: Beginners Power Yoga For Weight Loss

We often think of yoga as a range of gentle movements, and it certainly can be. However, its also a great workout, and some practices can really get your heart pumping. Yoga Sweat offers a power yoga routine for beginners, so you dont need to be a human pretzel to do it. Youll transition through poses faster to get your heart rate up while also learning how to breathe through the motions and their more challenging moments. The instructor also provides modifications so you can adapt the session to match your skill level. Plus, its not too long youre in and out in less than 30 minutes.

Yoga Therapy For Back Pain

Yoga for Weight Loss Julia Marie: Boost Metabolism & Lean Muscle Cardio Workout Beginners | Day 3

Back pain is a common complaint among adults, especially those who work in offices that lead to poor posture and other issues. Instructor Kanta Barrios leads you through a gentle routine to help relieve back pain and also relieve stress. This routine will lead you through a warm-up, some hip openers, leg stretches, and then specific poses for back pain.

The audio quality on this video is not as good as some of the other videos, but if that doesnt bother you then you will be able to get a lot out of this yoga routine.

This video does require some yoga props including a blanket, block, bolster, and chair. You can substitute with items around the house if needed.

Length: 59 minutes

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Is Brett Larkin Good

Brett Larkin is one of the top yoga influencers on YouTube and an award-winning yoga instructor. She boasts over a decades teaching experience, more than 400,000 subscribed students on YouTube and over five years of experience in leading live online training. As she has already been teaching online for more than five years, she has already refined how to teach yoga classes online.


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