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Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Health Benefits Of Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain Relief – Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga for lower back pain not only alleviates the pain but also strengthens the muscles. Here are some benefits you can get from performing yoga for lower back pain: Improves body postureIncreases body flexibilityBetter body alignment and stabilityIncreases body awareness Releases mental stress and tension

Back Pain Relief Through Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve your back pain naturally. If you practice it on a regular basis, you’re bound to see an improvement in strength, flexibility, and back pain. Since there are countless yoga poses out there, we’ve compiled a list of the one for back pain. Fortunately, these are fairly simple so you can try them even if you’re a beginner.

What Are The Yoga Poses That Are Best For Lower Back Pain At Home

There are various yoga for lower back pain relief that can be done at home. Since these yoga poses do not require any special equipment, the efficiency of these yoga exercises for lower back pain remains the same whether you do them at home or at any other place. Here is a list of the best beginner yoga for lower back pain:

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Yoga For Back Pain Poses

It is important to remember before you start these back pain relief stretches to ensure you are in a healthy condition. Consult your doctor or practitioner if you are not sure of your physical ability to do yoga.

You can also use yoga modifications and yoga blocks to help you stretch safely. Yoga poses should never hurt or be painful. Never continue a yoga stretch if you feel pain.

Also, be sure to read about basic breathing techniques to assist you in your yoga practice. Breathing exercises can deepen your stretch while increasing oxygen in your blood to enhance your yoga experience.

Now, lets go over some popular yoga for back pain poses.

What Is Lower Back Pain

Things You Need to Know About Yoga and Low Back Pain ...

The lower back is the region of your back that starts below the ribcage. In medical terms, this region is called the lumbar region. Sometimes, you start feeling pain in this region. This type of pain is called lower back pain. The intensity of this pain can be mild or severe depending on the cause of lower back pain.Most adults experience lower back pain once in their life. If it happens once in a long time, it shouldnt cause you any worry. However, if the problem persists for a long time or the pain is very sharp, your back pain can cause problems in your daily life tasks. If you do not control your lower back at the right time with the help of medicines, exercise or yoga, the pain can further complicate other problems.

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Half Lord Of The Fishes

Come on baby, lets do the twist! This twisting position radiates energy into your spine and back. Its also a good stretch for your hips, neck, and shoulders. If youre feeling fatigue, this pose will help alleviate that pain.

  • Get yourself into a seated position on the floor, bringing your right foot in toward your body.
  • Bring your left foot around to the outside of your right leg.
  • Stretch your spine as you twist your body to the left.
  • For needed support, place your left hand on the floor behind you.
  • Bring your right arm across your left thigh as you twist.
  • Keep hips square.
  • Hold for 1 minute then repeat sides.
  • What Is Yoga For Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain can be treated with a number of options. A natural option with the least number of side effects is doing yoga asanas for lower back pain. Yoga is actually a therapy that involves the mind and body to treat body problems. The lower back is one of the problems that can be treated with yoga. Doctors often suggest people to do yoga poses for lower back pain.If you do the appropriate yoga stretches for lower back pain, your body relaxes that helps in treating your condition. Apart from that, yoga also makes your body more sensitive and aware. This awareness can help you in knowing what causes tension and stress to your back. This way, yoga asanas for lower back pain can help you in finding the cause of your problem. Apart from back pain, you can also do yoga for weight loss. There are many people who do morning yoga like the Surya Namaskar for meditation.

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    An Upward Forward Bend Releases Tight Hamstring And Back Muscles

    Sometimes called a forward fold, the upward forward bend stretches the hamstrings and back muscles while providing a release for tight, tense shoulders.

    Try it: Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart and your knees loose, not locked. While you exhale, hinge at your waist and bend forward, reaching toward the floor. Dont worry if you cant reach all the way to the floor at first just stop wherever your hamstrings feel a comfortable stretch. Repeat the pose five to seven times. On the last bend hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths.

    Forward Fold On A Chair

    Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility, Beginners Level Workout

    Another option you can do is a seated forward fold on a chair.

    Sit again with your feet planted and your sit bones on the edge of the chair. Then start bending forward slowly, starting from your head.

    Slowly roll down vertebrae by vertebrae until your upper body lays on your upper thighs and your hands are hanging loosely. Relax here for one or two breaths and then engaging your belly muscles slowly roll back up. Again, move slowly and roll up vertebrae by vertebrae.

    Do this a few times. And again, you will feel instant relief.

    Because it is so easy, you can do this every day at the office. And who knows, maybe youll get some coworkers in on the fun?

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    Bending The Spine Forward And Backward

    • Breathing out, stretch your hands out to the front.
    • Breathe in and as you now breathe out, stretch forward from your lower back.
    • Breathe in and as you exhale, turn to your right side. Ensure that both the hands are parallel to each other and stretched equally, else gently correct the posture.
    • Breathing in, return to the center.
    • Exhale and repeat the stretch, turning to the left.
    • Return to the center as you breathe in, and slowly bring your arms up.
    • Unlock the fingers and stretch back.
    • Inhale and come back to the center. As you exhale, slowly bring your arms down from the sides.

    How does this back stretch help? Gives a nice massage to the lower back.

    What Is Back Pain

    It is the pain felt at the back of our body. It is divided into 3 parts – neck pain, middle back pain, and lower back pain or coccydynia .

    The lumbar region is the most commonly affected area of the back as it is responsible for supporting most of the upper bodys weight.

    Back pain can be acute or chronic depending on the condition of the patient and the duration of back pain.

    A person suffering from back pain may feel extreme pain, burning sensation, piercing pain or dull aches. There are different types of back pain such as slip disc, sciatica, cervical spondylosis, and muscle spasms.

    The pain can reach the arms, hands, legs, and feet. It may cause numbness and weakness in the entire body below the lumbar region . In severe cases, surgery may be required for the treatment of back pain.

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    Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga For Back Pain

    A slipped disc can be cured by therapeutic yoga treatment, the treatment of Yoga for slip disc is assisted by a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. With the help of yoga for slip disk, you can easily get relief from slip disc pain and save yourself from complicated surgeries.

    If you are waiting outside an operation theatre, then please stop for a while and try our Iyengar yoga treatment for the slipped disc to save your precious health along with your time and money.

    As slip disc patient is not in the condition to practice asanas. But with us, with our Therapeutic Yoga method, you can do this. Lets take a look at Therapeutic iyengar yoga for slip disc which is performed with the help of props for the treatment of slipped disc. With the use of props, anyone can perform even the most difficult Yoga for slip disc within minutes.

    Props are effective for beginners, people above 40 years of age, less flexible people, children, people with some disease or disability but strictly need a certified and experienced Therapeutic yoga teacher for the supervision.

    Some common slipped disc yoga exercises or asanas which can be performed by slip disc patients are:

    Heal Your Lower Back Pain With These 5 Yoga Poses

    Yoga for Back Pain Relief  Your Lifestyle Options

    For relief from lower back pain and tension, do these yoga poses explained and shown in the videos daily or at least after your workout.

    In the United States lower back pain is one of most common complaints. The Mayo Clinic states that most people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is experienced by sedentary people as well as highly-trained athletes.

    In the United States lower back pain is one of most common complaints. The Mayo Clinic states that most people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is experienced by sedentary people as well as highly-trained athletes.

    In the United States lower back pain is one of most common complaints. The Mayo Clinic states that most people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is experienced by sedentary people as well as highly-trained athletes.

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    Legs Up The Wall Pose

    Courtesy of Claire Grieve

    Legs up the wall pose, also called Viparita Karani, is a rejuvenating restorative pose that will allow the tension to drain from your hips and lower back. This pose is also great for grounding tense or anxious energy.

    • Lie on your back with your tush up against a wall.
    • Your legs will rise up the wall creating an L-shape with your body.
    • Breathe deeply and relax here for up to 10 minutes.

    Happy Baby is a beautiful stretch for releasing tension in your lower back and hips.

    • Lie flat on your back and begin to take deep breaths.
    • Bring your knees to your chest and grab onto the outside edges of your feet with feet flexed.
    • Inhale and exhale deeply, feeling more tension release each time you exhale.
    • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

    So Does Yoga *actually* Help Back Pain

    Studies have shown that yoga can in fact be beneficial for back pain.

    In a 2017 study, a small group of 320 adults were assessed to see if yoga was as effective as physical therapy for treating chronic lower back pain. Participants in both the yoga and physical therapy classes showed similar improvements in their pain levels.

    Another study found practicing yoga decreased pain levels by a small to moderate amount over a short period of time. While this research is helpful to see the benefits of yoga, more research is needed to know exactly how beneficial practicing yoga is for back pain.

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    Dont Slump Over Your Desk

    When sitting in an office chair, use the same good posture techniques you use when standing. Its critical to keep good posture and support your back when sitting down, especially if you do it for several hours per day. Choose a quality chair that provides firm support for your lower back, and make sure your knees are a little higher than your hips when you sit.

    What If I Have Upper Back Pain From Yoga

    Yoga for Back Pain Relief | Back Stretches with Kelsy

    Unfortunately, it is possible to get upper back pain from Yoga, instead of finding relief through it.

    If that happened to you, there are a couple of common causes:

  • Youve over practiced strenuous Yoga poses, for example, Chaturanga Dandasana. While this is an amazing Yoga pose to build strength, you can easily overwork your upper back and shoulders.
  • Youve overstretched. This can even happen through the Yoga moves for upper back pain described here! You never want to feel pain when stretching!
  • In both cases, the remedy is as simple as it can be difficult: Take it easy! Give your body some time to rest, and make sure to always listen to its signals.

    You can also keep practicing the above-described yoga exercises for upper back pain, but be very careful to not overdo it again.

    Again, with Yoga you never want to feel pain. Its about release and opening, not about forcing anything.

    If your upper back pain from Yoga doesnt go away, even after some rest, make sure to see a doctor about it.

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    How To Improve Flexibility And Strength

    There are lots of simple stretches and exercises you can do to improve flexibility and strength in your lower back.

    Focus on lengthening and extending the spine. This helps to relieve compression in the lower back. Stretching the hamstrings is also beneficial.

    In addition, you should choose exercises that focus on working the hips, core, and gluteal muscles.

    Doing daily activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga is recommended. Put forth dedicated effort into being active as often as possible. Consistently doing exercises and activities to loosen up your lower back will usually yield positive results within a few weeks.

    Here are nine exercises you can add to your daily routine to help strengthen your lower back and improve flexibility.

    This exercise increases flexibility, relieves tension, and helps to loosen the lower back and hip muscles. You can also engage your core muscles if comfortable.

    Muscles used:

    • erector spinae
    • pelvic muscles
  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips and your hands on your hips.
  • Start by gently moving your hips from side to side.
  • Then slowly rotate your hips in one direction, making big circles.
  • Do at least 10 circles.
  • Repeat in the opposite direction.
  • Lie on your back with both legs extended.
  • Lift your right leg up so its as straight as possible, keeping a slight bend in the knee. You can bend your left knee and press into your foot for support.
  • Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat on the left side.
  • Risk Factors Of Back Pain

    Some common risk factors of the back pain are:

  • Age
  • Tough physical exercises without proper guidance
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Uncontrolled bowel movements
  • Numbness around buttocks, anus, and genitals.
  • We have an easy solution for your back pain, you can try our Iyengar yoga for back pain relief, a therapeutic treatment which helps in removing the back pain within a few days and gives you a formula for healthy living.

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    Child’s Pose Elongates Your Back And Relieves Stress

    It may look like youre resting, but Childs pose is an active stretch that helps elongate the back. Its also a great de-stressor before bed at the end of a long, exhausting day.

    Try it: Start on all fours with your arms stretched out straight in front of you, then sit back so your glutes come to rest just above but not touching your heels. Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, and repeat as many times as needed for a good, soothing stretch.

    What Actually Hurts When We Have Lower Back Pain

    Yoga for Back Pain Relief, 9 Best Poses

    Your lower back consists of the five lumbar vertebrae at the bottom of your spine . The lumbar vertebrae are the largest when compared to the rest of your spine and help support your upper and lower body, allow you to twist and move your torso, and protect your spinal cord. There is also a complex network of ligaments, muscles, and tendons here to help everything move properly and stay in place.

    The lumbar region handles high stress and heavy loads when youre walking, running, lifting, carrying, or doing just about anythingwhich is why its no surprise that lower back pain is so common.

    There are a few issues that can cause lower back pain. A bulging disk happens when the cushioning between your vertebrae gets compressed and cant do its job properly. Herniated disks can cause pinched nerves. But often, lower back pain is a symptom of a strain or tear that occurred as a result of weakened muscles.

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    Yoga For Back Pain Online Videos

    When I began focusing on yoga for back pain specifically, I found some YouTube videos to get me started. One short practice I liked was Esther Ekharts Hatha Yoga Routine for Lower Back:

    Its about nine minutes long and is low impact, instructed with live cuing . The instructor explains the poses well. However, she only demonstrates a couple of repetitions and then suggests how long to do each exercise. With this kind of instruction, you either have to pause the video or memorize all the moves to do the exercises fully.

    I like Ekhart and her teaching style, and practiced her routine a few times. However, I prefer to follow an instructor that goes through the complete number of repetitions, as if it were an actual class and not just a demonstration for me to do on my own later.

    Also, the production value is basic and fine, but theres only one angle to see the positions. It helps when there are multiple angles, especially if you are unsure how to properly do an exercise.

    Another YouTube video I found helpful was Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain and Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman:

    The video runs about 14 minutes, but the instructional part runs only about 11 minutes. Its a series of slow stretches and postures that if done daily will help relieve lower back strain. After practicing this series of moves a few times, I actually did start to feel some relief. I think the stretches helped release some of the tension I was holding in my back and gave me a bit more flexibility.


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