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Yoga Facial Exercises For Eye Bags

The Face Yoga Poses That Can Improve Dark Circles And Fine Lines

Facial Yoga Exercises to Reduce Eye Bags – Face Lift Exercise for Women

You may have a dedicated yoga routine for your body, but what about your face? Whether its dark circles or fine lines, face yoga promises to address it all. Facial exercises when done regularly help with facial muscles and circulation. They cannot replace good skincare habits, but there are several studies that endorse facial yoga as an effective anti-ageing treatment, says Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Medical Director & CEO, Yavana Aesthetics Clinic. When the muscles are nudged in the right direction, it can prevent sagging, increase blood flow to the face and also improve absorption of any products, adds Vibhuti Arora, face yoga expert and founder, House of Beauty India. Here are Aroras top three facial yoga poses that can be effortlessly added into your skincare routine.

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Know The Causes Of Eye Disease

Eye disorders are corrected with the help of glasses and strong lenses, which correct the refractive errors of the eye. Whereas we must understand that with the help of glasses, mistakes in the eye can never be corrected, glasses are vision aids, their function is only to help see.Therefore, glasses should be used only when absolutely necessary.Some eye diseases are caused by defects in the muscles of the eyes, mainly due to chronic mental state and emotional stress. Face yoga exercises for eyes remove various disorders related to the muscles of the eyes such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

From this we can conclude that eye bags and eye diseases are both caused by eye muscle fatigue

Exercises Targeting Key Areas

The Frown Preventer

A wonderful way to reduce and prevent vertical lines between your eyebrows. It stimulates the muscle, increasing circulation to the area. It also relaxes muscle tension, which is excellent for preventing lines.

Place your middle finger and index finger between your eyebrows. Press the fingers down to the muscle and slightly move the fingers away from each other. Hold for 20 seconds. Release the fingers and repeat twice more, doing 1 minute in total.

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Which Specific Areas Can Doing Face Yoga Exercises Help

Depending on your concerns and goals, Collins says you can use face yoga to target any area of your face. Tension tends to build in your forehead, brows, and jaw. If you have tightness in any of these areas, build your routine around these places. Wrinkles are common around the forehead, eyes, and mouth.

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas, choose massages and exercises that target these places. Or you can choose exercises designed to alleviate specific concerns such as headache, insomnia, or sinus infection.

You Really Need To Try Face Yoga If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Dark Circles

Facial Yoga For Ultimate Face And Youth Restoration: Methods To Get Rid ...

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

Before last week, Id never heard of face yoga.

Downward doggy yoga, yes. Cheek flicking yoga, no.

But apparently, Meghan Markle does it and where she leads, we now must all follow.

And thats how we ended up doing a session of face yoga with world expert Danielle Collins.

Its a combination of exercise for the face, massage, acupressure, relaxation and wellbeing, she tells Metro.co.uk.

The exercise part of it, she explains, is about strengthening the muscles in the face.

We always stop at the neck when it comes to exercising the body but we forget that there are actually 57 muscles in the face those muscles can be strengthed and toned just like in the body.

Face yoga is a practice devised primarily to help lift the skin, and many of its devotees come to it as a natural anti-aging remedy.

Retinol serums and Botox are all very well but if theres a way of stopping the rot before that point, then why wouldnt you give it a try?

Danielle came to face yoga after contracting ME and glandular fever straight after university illnesses which left her house-bound for 18 months, spending up to 10 hours a day resting.

I used to be someone who was really stressed and unhealthy and was never into anything like this before, she recalls.

That was nine years ago and now she trains mainly yoga and pilates teachers how to incorporate her method into their classes.

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Reduce Under Eye Bags Fast Naturally With Face Yoga

Many of us take time to exercise our bodies, but we need to dedicate time to our faces as well. Tired-looking eyes and bags under the eyes are a particular concern for many women and men, too.

The skin here known as the periocular area is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. It is therefore much more delicate and more likely to show signs of aging.

Are you want to reduce under-eye bags fast naturally? So have come to the right place!

Eye bag toner handsfree is excellent for blood circulation in our face and reduces wrinkles.

This is an excellent pose for boosting circulation and rejuvenating the area under the eyes. Watch the video and learn the face exercise withForever Beauty.

What Is Skin Restart Face Yoga For Eye Bags

Due to the excessive pressure on the eye muscles, many people are faced with problems of bags under the eyes, swelling, dark circles and tired-looking eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and needs to be cared for daily in a special way. For those who want to get rid of this problem without resorting to injections or surgery, Faith Yoga offers an alternative method Skin Restart.

Skin Restart is a non-surgical treatment that uses pressure point therapy to relieve bags under the eyes. It is based on the strengthening of the circular eye muscles through special exercises, which allows you to disperse lymph and improve blood circulation in order to get rid of unwanted swelling.

In addition, the Skin Restart exercise program includes therapeutic exercises aimed at eliminating problems such as swelling, bags under the eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and sagging eyelids. Exercising your face muscles will tone them up and allow you to maintain a healthy skin condition throughout your life!

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What Is Face Yoga

Face yoga describes facial exercises that are performed to tone and stretch the muscles in the face, usually in an attempt to fight off signs of aging.

Facial exercises actually have a long history of use in the treatment of certain health conditions that affect muscle control, including strokes and Bells palsy. As such, it seems to make sense that the same exercises would help slow down the look of aging skin, since studies show that age-related issues like sagginess are due in part to muscle loss.

While there isnt a good deal of evidence yet proving that the face yoga method reliably works as well as other interventions like creams and botox, proponents of the practice claim that its benefits can include:

  • Helping smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lifting the skin around the eyes and preventing under eye bags/sagging
  • Toning and plumping the cheeks
  • Tightening the skin around the neck and jawline

Turn Back Time On A Turkey Neck With These Simple Moves

Facial exercises for the cheeks and eye bags -Facial yoga

The neck area can age due to a number of reasons. A reduction in collagen and elastin can cause the muscles to loosen, so they are pulled downwards by gravity.

The constant downward gaze from repetitive phone use can also cause lines and wrinkles.

Reducing and preventing tension in the neck helps relieve tension in the rest of the face, which helps the face look more lifted. And it helps to banish the dreaded turkey-neck, too, where skin and muscles become slack.

Here, are three exercises to help you get a firmer neck . . .

Collarbone press

Collarbone press: Tilt your head back as far as is comfortable and wrap your lips around your teeth. Then bring your mouth into a smile shape, feeling the cheeks lifting

Tones jawline and neck.

1 Tilt your head back as far as is comfortable and wrap your lips around your teeth. Then bring your mouth into a smile shape, feeling the cheeks lifting.

2 Place a hand on to your collarbone and encourage the muscles to work harder. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Take a break and repeat for another 30 seconds.


This is great for toning the neck, jawline and cheeks. With practice, it may tone up loose skin under the jaw and lift skin on the neck.

The Gecko

The Gecko: Turn your head to one side and slightly tilt it back. Extend the tongue and hold for 15 seconds

Helps lift neck and jaw muscles.

1 Turn your head to one side and slightly tilt it back. Extend the tongue and hold for 15 seconds.


Chin finger wiggle


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How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes And Wrinkles

The quickest way to naturally get rid of bags or at least reduce their appearance is to use Tokatsus facial yoga exercise she calls the eye bag toner. It specifically targets under eye bags and wrinkles. The method is a quick, simple to perform and can be done anywhere.

Heres how to do this quick facial stretch:

  • Look straight ahead
  • Open your mouth wide making a long O shape
  • Look upward without moving your forehead
  • Hold the stretch for 5 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Other things you can do to get rid of puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in addition to performing the eye bag toner are:

    • Reduce salt intake

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    Yoga Exercises For Your Face

    For each exercise, work to your comfort level. You may feel warmth or heat, but you shouldnt experience pain or discomfort.

    Always start with clean hands and a clean face. Use an oil, serum, or cleansing balm so your fingers can glide easily over your skin without it being too slippery. Massaging oils or serums into your skin can help the product penetrate your skin for deeper absorption.

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    Face Yoga For The Cheeks

    Start with a relaxed smile and your lips closed. Suck in your cheeks towards your teeth and try to hold this position for 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat this facial exercise 10 times.

    Sit in front of a mirror and smile broadly, keeping your lips closed. Next, wrinkle your nose to move your cheek muscles upwards. Keep this position for five seconds and then relax your face. Repeat this movement 10 times.

    Best Face Yoga Exercises And Their Anti

    Beautiful Facelift Yoga Workouts To Look Younger And For Face Firming ...

    By Jillian Levy, CHHC

    Theres no shortage of different yoga styles to choose from, but heres an emerging type you may have never heard of: face yoga.

    In addition to potentially having anti-aging effects, yoga for your face might help you relax and relieve tension, such as in the muscles around your temples and in between your eyes.

    And thats not all.

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    Is It Worth Trying

    Anti-aging procedures, like neuromodulaters, fillers and lasers, are the standard in dermatology when it comes to improving appearance of the face and reducing visible signs of aging because they have been proven to be safe and effective, Alam explains. And theyre not going away anytime soon.

    But facial yoga is non-toxic, non-invasive and safe for anyone, plus its inexpensive and you can do it on your own time, he says. There does not appear to be much to lose.

    Theres not much to lose: Facial yoga is non-toxic, non-invasive and safe for anyone, plus its inexpensive and you can do it on your own time.

    Except your time, that is, notes Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, a cosmetic and medical dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, who was not involved in the study. This was a highly motivated group of middle-aged women who were willing to do 30 minutes of facial exercises daily or every other day, she says.

    She says she would recommend it for some patients, but she would caution those people and others looking to try it: In order to see results, you have to be consistent and it takes time.

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    Benefits Of Eye Yoga And Face Yoga

    Facial exercises like face yoga are gentle, daily face movements designed to strengthen the muscles in the face and improve circulation. It is thought that working out these muscles could build their strength so that the skin on and around the eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead maintains a smoother, more youthful appearance.

    Other benefits of eye yoga are:

    • It is thought to relieve eye strain from frequent screen use
    • It is cheap and requires no equipment
    • It is quick to do and can be done anytime
    • It is accessible to all ages and genders

    The only downside of practising facial yoga is that some people notice that they start to break out when they first start facial exercise. This is because the skin produces more oil in order to become more supple.

    As your skin adapts to doing regular facial yoga workouts, youll find that your oil levels quickly balance out.

    In the meantime, you can help to minimise your risk of spots by washing your face with our anti-blemish Foaming Face Wash and applying our skin-balancing Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask weekly.

    This skin-detoxing face mask is enriched with Alpine Willow which balances oil production by moderating sebum production and controlling acne bacteria.

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    How To Manage And Treat Dark Circles

    There are a number of treatment options available to remove dark circles. They include home remedies, cosmetic products, and modern treatment techniques like laser resurfacing and chemical peeling. Facial exercises and simple yoga postures on a routine basis can also be effective in reducing dark circles.

    Exercise is a natural way to reduce and get rid of dark circles. Exercise also promotes a youthful glow to the skin. Certain facial exercises stimulate blood circulation and tone the muscles under the eyes.

    Facial exercises that lighten dark circles

    • Exercise 1: The first exercise to remove dark circles is a simple eye massage, which is beneficial for the lower eye area. To do this, all you need to do is pat the area around the eyes gently with the fingertip of your index finger. Dont exert too much pressure and do this smoothly.

    Yoga Postures to Treat Dark Circles

    • Hastapadotasana: In this posture, you need to stand straight and stretch your hands upwards. Start bending slowly until your palms manage to touch the floor and your head touches the knees. It helps to stretch out the muscles of almost all parts of the body, revitalize the nervous system, and increase the blood flow to your face.

    Performing these yoga postures and facial exercises on a regular basis can help brighten the under-eye dark circles and also rejuvenate the skin.

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    Which Types Of Yoga Might Be Better For Your Face

    Noting the benefits of yoga asana, traditional ways of sitting during yoga, Collins explains: Forward folds bring fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, which promotes a healthy glow. Backbending poses tone and firm the front neck muscles, while twists firm the side of the face and release neck tension.

    Slower types of yoga that involve holding poses for extended periods may give you more of an opportunity to bring this awareness to your facial muscles. This includes Hatha, Yin, or restorative yoga. You can also work on relaxing your face muscles during your mediation, pranayama, or yoga nidra practice.

    Work on bringing awareness to your face during traditional yoga postures. Observe if youre holding onto any tension or making facial expressions. Notice if youre concentrating on relaxing your face so intently that you end up furrowing your brow or lifting your eyebrows.

    Some teachers cue the Buddha smile or Mona Lisa smile to indicate a relaxed face with the corners of your mouth turned upward slightly.


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