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Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

Other Yoga Gear From Yoga Design Lab

The Yoga Design Lab Mat Review

If youre looking for other eco-friendly yoga gear, Yoga Design Lab could be your one-stop shop.

Sweat Towels

These super-absorbent towels are made from the same microfibre as the mats, using recycled plastic bottles and water-based inks.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Design Labs recyclable yoga blocks have a textured pattern for better grip and less slip on those challenging poses.

Yoga Straps

Not only are these gorgeous yoga straps the prettiest ones weve ever seen, theyre eco-friendly and recyclable too. Theyre also super soft, helping you stretch further and hold longer.

I hope this review of the Yoga Design Lab Combo and Travel Mats helps you decide which mat to buy for your next yoga adventure. As always, we only review products we use and love! If you have any questions, please give us a shout.

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Mat Stickiness And Comfort

The slightly fuzzy surface of these mats makes us want to lie in savasana all day long! It feels cosy and gentle to the touch, unlike most mats, which have a hard or rough feel to them.

According to Yoga Design Lab, the mats get stickier when wet, which makes them ideal for hot yoga.

I really liked the stickiness level of my travel mat when using it in Balis moist climate it wasnt completely non slip but it gave enough grip to keep me in place while still encouraging me to engage my muscles.

However, when I brought it back to Canada during winter and tried to use it as an everyday mat, I slipped too much for my liking. In that climate, I have super dry hands and feet and dont sweat at all not what this mat was designed for. I did spritz the mat with water a few times which instantly gave me a stickier surface to work with.

The Yoga Design Lab Inifinity Mat is designed to be sticky in dry situations, so check that out if you want a sticker surface to work with.

Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Mat

If youre looking for a hot yoga mat that combines beautiful design with eco-friendly innovations, take a closer look at Yoga Design Lab mats. We share our thoughts on their yoga mats, for home and travel, in our review below.

The Yoga Design Lab story is one that immediately appeals to us.

The idea for the company came to founder Chad as he was sitting in the back of a yoga class at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. He saw a sea of uninspiring mono-coloured mats and wondered why it had to be that way.

This inspiring moment led to his permanent move to Bali, where he started Yoga Design Lab, with a mission to create beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly yoga mats. The mats are now sold all over the world.

Yoga Design Lab sent us their Combo Mat, a two-in-one mat and towel combo, and their Travel Mat, a lightweight folding yoga mat for travel so we could try them out.

Since we got them last year, weve spent a lot of practice time on both mats.

Read on to see what we think of our mats so far

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Grip Great Grip When Wet

One of my favorite parts of the Yoga Design Lab mat is the incredible gip it offers. Im not sure if you have ever practiced on a yoga mat without any serious grip, but it can be a real pain in the neck.

As you can imagine, having good grip is one of the most important features of a good quality yoga mat. And so I wanted to try out the grip on this yoga mat. In fact, Ive done quite a lot of research on yoga mat grip, so I wanted to see how this mat compares.

Interestingly, most mats tend to lose grip once wet. And yet that is where the Yoga Design Lab combo mat differs.

With the Yoga Design Lab, you will know that once you have started to sweat you will get to experience a superior grip during your practice. However, this is where the main drawback comes into place and is discussed in detail below.

In order to experience this superior grip, you will have to have wet/sweaty hands or wet your mat first.

The reason is that the Yoga Design Lab combo mat comes with an ultra-absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a natural rubber base layer. This means that dry hands will just slide off this microfiber layer. On the other hand, this layer can help offer great grip on wet/sweaty hands.

And this is why this is a great yoga mat for those who sweat a lot or those looking for a great hot yoga mat.

Beauty It Comes In Many Beautiful Patterns

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat Quartz

The first thing to love about the yoga Design Lab combo mat is the beautiful patterns it comes in!

The design of beautiful yoga mats was actually the main purpose of this brand. It all started in 2014 when Chad Turner, the creator of Yoga Design Lab, moved to Bali with the desire to create beautiful visually stunning yoga mats.

And the result is a wide array of yoga mats and accessories that are both eco-friendly and beautiful.

I purchased the Geometric design. I decided on this design as I remember this being the very first pattern I had seen of these mats and I guess it stuck in my mind.

The combo mat comes in 7 different and equally stunning patterns so you are sure to find something you like.

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Our Experience With The Combo Mat

Brandon and I find ourselves in hot vinyasa flows more often than not, so weve had plenty of opportunities to spend some quality time with our new mats. We also had a chance to commute via bike with these mats, giving us a good feel for how they travel. Lightweight and compact, they travel well! The straps that came with it were perfect to use and adjust on our backs while getting from point A to point B.

Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats

Thankfully there are more environmentally friendly yoga mats out there, some are made from naturally occurring materials like cork and rubber, whilst others are made from recycled materials such as soft drinks bottles. There are even companies that have combined the best of both materials, using renewable natural materials and combining them with recycled. Yoga Design Lab is an example of a business which has followed this approach.

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Review: Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

  • No more slipping when wet. The mat grips better the more you sweat!
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles & sustainable tree rubber
  • Water based inks
  • Free from silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates
  • Percentage of profits supports Urban Youth Yoga Programs
  • Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat – Sunset Design – Aerial
  • Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat – Sunset Design – Feet
  • Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat – Sunset Design – Logo
  • Yoga Design Lab – Other Mat Formats

Mat Design For Form & Function

Yoga Design Lab Mat para YOGAð§ð?»â?âï¸?. COMBO MAT MICROFIBRA, 1.5, 3.5 y 5.5 mm ð ð ð

Visual design

Lets start with the obvious. Yoga Design Lab mats are unquestionably beautiful. The come in a range of deeply coloured geometric and photographic designs that are a breath of fresh air among normal yoga mats.

I loved the look of my mat when it first arrived but I didnt expect it to have a noticeable impact on my practice.

However, I was surprised to notice that, during down dog and other poses where my face was turned to the mat, I found myself getting lost in the mats blue and purple hues the design helped calm me and become more deeply absorbed in my practice.

When youre choosing your mat, pay attention to the colours, which could have an impact on your mood as you practice.

Blues and purples may have a calming effect, whereas, if you want to fire up your practice, choose something the gold and orange ranges. Studies on colour psychology show that colour preference is very personal, so the best way to choose is to hone in on a mat design that speaks to you.

Functional design

The mats dont just look pretty, though. They have great functional design as well.

The best hot yoga mats perform well under hot and sweaty yogis!

The Combo Mat features an upper layer of microfibre, that acts as a replacement for a yoga towel. It absorbs moisture and sweat and provides good grip while wet.

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How Yoga Design Lab Gives Back

For every purchase you make from Yoga Design Lab, they contribute $1 towards urban youth yoga programs around the world. Currently, they support:

  • The Earthchild Project, which offers free yoga classes to kids in selected communities in South Africa
  • Success Academies, an American charter school operator, who incorporate yoga into classroom time
  • Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, who offer free yoga to kids in Saskatoon, Canada

Find out more about the programs or reach out about your own program.

Yoga Design Lab Paying It Forward

One notable factor is that Yoga Design Lab gives $1 from every purchase to support urban youth yoga programs in need. Its always a bonus when companies give back to the community.

Overall, if youre looking for a beautiful, durable and eco-friendly yoga mat that is made to keep your grip during hot or sweaty yoga, we think the Combo Mat by Yoga Design Lab is an excellent choice.

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Size Its Narrower And Shorter Than Most Mats

Another disadvantage of the Yoga Design Lab combo mat is that it it is slightly narrower than most yoga mats.

You may notice this from the picture above where I have it sitting next to my Manduka Pro, BYoga, and my Lululemon Reversible.

And so if you like a slightly wider yoga mat for your practice, you may find that this mat is not spacious enough.

Our Overall Rating 9/10

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat 3.5 mm

I love the unique design of Yoga Design Labs mats and couldnt get enough of staring into the misty blue swirls on my mat. I also really like the soft surface, which is comfy even on the coldest, hardest floors.

Also, they are reasonably priced so offer good value for money!

For my practice, the lack of stickiness was a problem, since I rarely do hot yoga and am not particularly sweaty.

If youre looking for an eco friendly yoga mat for hot yoga that is absorbent, grippy when wet, and beautiful, then we can highly recommend a Yoga Design Lab mat.

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

We tested out the mats ability to grip when wet by drenching our hands with water and there was no slippage at all. The Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat actually does what its designed to do. Like the Yoloha Cork Mat we recently reviewed, the more you perspire, the better the grip.

However, if you do not practice hot yoga, have dry hands and feet, or tend not to perspire, youll to have to lightly spray down the mat with water at the beginning of your practice so your downward dog doesnt go rogue.

Even if you do tend to perspire, you still might want to spray the mat at the beginning of practice to keep your grip steady before you work up your sweat. If you sweat a lot and end up with puddles, keep a towel handy to quickly mop up. Thats helpful no matter what mat you have.

You should always be extra careful when practicing with any new mat. But if you practice strictly seated or lying positions, you likely wont need to worry about slippage. You can just enjoy the super soft feel of the microfiber without spraying it down. It actually is so soft and cozy feeling you might find yourself wanting to take an extended savasana with it.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat: Review


We spent a month in Bali last year and it made an impact on us. The majority of our time was spent in Ubud, the epi-center for yoga. When it was time to go, we left the island feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired.

The same goes for Chad, the founder of Yoga Design Lab. After sitting through a yoga class at the ever popular Yoga Barn, he felt an urge to design a yoga mat that was not only aesthetically beautiful, but highly functional for all the various styles of yoga. Not long after he returned back home, he packed up his bags and moved to Bali to follow his dream.

And man, are we glad he did! Weve had the opportunity to practice on this yoga mat and towel set during hot yoga and its been a great experience.

Without further ado, here is our Yoga Design Lab review!


  • 13 Where can I buy a Yoga Design Lab Mat?
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    Collection: Yoga Design Lab

    Designed in Bali and inspired by the vibrancy of nature, Yoga Lab’s collection of beautiful, patterned yoga mats, towels and accessories are the perfect addition to your yoga routine. From tie-dye yoga mats made from natural fabrics to beautiful mandala-inspired props designed to help you delve deeper into your yoga practice, shop Yoga Lab’s patterned… Read more

    Designed in Bali and inspired by the vibrancy of nature, Yoga Lab’s collection of beautiful, patterned yoga mats, towels and accessories are the perfect addition to your yoga routine. From tie-dye yoga mats made from natural fabrics to beautiful mandala-inspired props designed to help you delve deeper into your yoga practice, shop Yoga Lab’s patterned yoga equipment online at Yogamatters.

    How To Clean These Yoga Mats

    Yoga Design Lab 3.5 mm Studio Mat – New Arrival by Xavier Smith Personal Trainer ð

    For everyday cleaning, Yoga Design Lab recommend hand-washing with a wet washcloth and detergent. Then hang the mat to dry completely before rolling.

    If you want a deep clean once in a while, you can throw your mat in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water . I was a little wary of machine-washing my mat but I recently tried it and it came out looking and smelling like new.

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    Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat Review

    People often ask us whats a good yoga mat for hot yoga?. There are a number of options, and much of what is good depends on personal preferences. But the main thing you want to look for is a mat that has a good grip when wet .

    There are indeed mats that are made especially for hot yoga. We recently tried out the Combo Mat by Yoga Design Lab and it really fits the bill. Even better, Yoga Design Lab is a company that prides itself on blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness.

    No Grip With Dry Hands

    A big hang-up with the Yoga Design Lab combo mat is that there is absolutely no grip if you have dry hands. Of course I knew this when I bought this mat.

    I had read that due to its ultra-absorbent microfiber top layer it only offers grip with wet hands.

    And so the first time I practiced on it, it was a cold winter morning. The heating in the house wasnt working. So there I was at 17°C with super dry hands, sliding all over the place.

    I went to the kitchen and wet my hands with tap water. Returned to mat mat and did one successful downward facing dog . But then my hands dried and I was sliding all over again.

    The next day I practiced in the afternoon in my much warmer studio. And that is where I got to finally experience the grip grip I had read about.

    Yes, its true that the more you sweat the more the grip improves. And so I can see this mat as being great for the summer or for hot yoga.

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    What Is The Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

    This mat is the ultimate travel companion. Its a yoga mat and towel in one, eliminating the need to bring both a towel and mat to practice. The top layer is made from microfiber, while the bottom is made from natural tree rubber. Designed specifically for hot practice, this mat/towel combination gets sticky once wet.

    Does The Combo Mat Perform Well

    Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat review

    We love that using these mats eliminates the need to bring a mat and towel to practice. The tree rubber bottom sticks well to the floor so there is barely any movement at all when youre transitioning in and out of postures. Its quite slippery unless its bone dry, so weve found that spraying it lightly with water before class begins works best. Light weight and great for commuting by bike. However, with a light mat comes less padding. It wasnt as comfortable as my everyday mat thats a bit thicker. Its also long enough for Brandons height.

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