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Yoga Classes In The Bronx

I Am A Beginner And Have Never Done Yoga Can I Still Come

Welcome to Bronx Body & Brain Yoga | Welcome to the Center

Absolutely! Everyone here has been through their first class and it is an extremely supportive environment. All of our classes are open to beginners . If anytime during the class you have any difficulty, just take a break: leave out an asana and be still, focus on your breath, sit if necessary and join back in when you are ready. It is a judgement-free zone. Sometimes taking a break or backing off the depth of a posture can be a good thing, learning to listen to your body will help you pace yourself in future classes.

Yoga Instructors In Bronx New York

Ramakrishnananda Yoga is based on the teachings of Swami Ramakrishnananda and in accordance with the ancient Vedic tradition.The classes are aimed towards the development of higher awareness through the practice of asanas , pranayama and relaxation.Hatha-yoga is a non-competitive practice that prepares the practitioner for dhyanam – meditation. It also rejuvenates the body and is beneficial to ones overall physical and mental health.The body and its senses are God opening orificesin order to observe Himself… Swami RamakrishnanandaSmall groups and personal guidance.All levels of experience are welcome.Schedule:FIRST TWO CLASSES ARE FREE…

Currently in OM Yoga’s 500Hr Advanced Teacher Training. Completed Sonic Yoga’s 200Hr Teacher Training. Registered with Yoga Alliance.Recently Completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Benner and Prenatal Teacher Training with Bec Conant. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and Artist….

Master teacher offering private and group classes at your home. Fully insured, professional instruction. Owner of #1 regional studio! I work with all shapes, ages, and abilities. Call me any time to schedule an appointment. , or email me at

A great resource for clear information about the different styles of yoga, and yoga in general. Great for beginner and advanced students!

Courses Tailored To All Levels

Our courses and teachers have adapted their programs to meet your level whatever it is, beginner, advanced or expert.

They will accompany you in the most consistent way possible to help you progress in this sport with personalized follow-up during and outside of lessons with the video exchanges included in our services.

Yoga teachers

  • A sweater and socks for relaxation
  • A towel

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Minutes $30 90 Minutes $40

60 or 90 Minute Power Vinyasa yoga class catered to you and your partner., You get the benefit of individual instruction as you both grow and practice together.

What does $30.00 get you?

– Free Mat rental

– Free use of all Blocks, Straps and Bolsters

– Free Bottle of Water

All of your needs are covered, come as you are. You WILL be challenged, because you CAN do hard things!

Reviews For Gymnastics And Tumbling

Outdoor Yoga in the Bronx

Sonia M.


We loved the mix of structure and free play! The instructor did a great job keeping the kids attention and teaching them important basic principles of tumbling


Based on 38provider ratings

Jenny J.

There needs to be better enforcement of masks for children in the class.

Open Play
Location:FunFit Kids

Response from FunFit Kids

Hi, thanks for feedback, we follow CDC & local govt for our mask policy which recs wearing masks for kids 2+ years. We checked ages for this Open Play session & most kids were under 2. The rest had masks. As mentioned on ur call before attending, we allow kids to take mask breaks while separated 6 ft. We messaged you directly to discuss as we want all to be comfortable in our space

Eileen B.

Open plat area is cleaned and well maintained. Classes are capped to avoid over crowding.

Open Play


Active Play Inside and they do a great job of mixing it up so kids do not get bored. If the weather is nice play is at the park is always done. The staff does a good job of maintaining a good atmosphere always. Both my boys love FunFit. Its hard to look for other programs because the kids love it so much. What more could you ask for!

Holiday Camp | Full Day | 3.5-8 Years

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South Bronx ‘yoga Desert’ Gets New Studio With Dance Classes

CONCOURSE About 25 years ago, Yosara Trujillo attended a yoga class with her aunt in Manhattan, sparking a longtime interest in the discipline.

After graduating from Ohio State Law School in 2011, Trujillo, who was pregnant at the time, decided to turn this passion into a career that would give her more free time as a new mom, opening up a yoga studio in the South Bronx.

“When I thought about the type of business that I would want to do, I wanted it to be a business that I was happy doing, that I would enjoy doing and that I would be passionate about,” she said. “And this is the business that I chose.”

Sweet Water Dance & Yoga, located on the spacious, sun-drenched second floor of 876 Gerard Ave., by Yankee Stadium, had its first full day on Monday, joining the nearby South Bronx Yoga, a small organization with no full-time staff, in an area that is otherwise largely bereft of yoga studios.

“This neighborhood has nothing anywhere near like that,” Trujillo, 43, said. “In fact, The Bronx is pretty much a yoga desert.”

Sweet Water offers classes including hot yoga, Pilates, Egyptian belly dancing, tango, flamenco and meditation.

The studio offers children’s classes as well.

“We’re hoping that the minute that things get up and running really well, that I can subsidize neighborhood kids and do scholarships and things like that,” she said.

“I want them to come here and just feel comfortable, feel like this is their second home,” she said.

Yoga Classes In Bronx

YogaClasses in Bronx New York
Greg O’Donovan
Tel: 718-515-0755
Greg O’Donovan earned his Yoga Certification under Swami Kripalu at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires. He’s taught throughout the tri-State area, including to inmates at a New York City prison. Classes are Sat. 1:30 PM, Sunday at 3 PM, Monday at 6:15 PM.
Tel: 646-571-9500
In Light Yoga and Health offers Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Wednesdays through Sundays as well as private group classes. Services include Ra Sekhi Energy Medicine, Reflexology and wellness workshops.
447 Willis Avenue, 2nd Floor Bronx, New York 10455 Email
Tel: 6462382277
Bronx Yoga Hub offers Yoga classes for the South Bronx community. Located in Senshi Okami, a wonderful Martial Arts centre a few blocks down Willis Ave from the Hub. Our Yoga classes here are open to all. Yoga can help you get fit, healthy, strong, flexible and help you destress after a long day at work in the hustle and bustle of the city. Drop in Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm $12 drop in.
Tel: 7187585901
Yoga at New Settlement Community Center is a partnership with two professional yoga organizations, Sweet Water Dance and Yoga and everyBODY yoga.
Tel: 7187585901
We are a community center that partners with other yoga companies to bring yoga to the highbridge/Mt. Eden neighborhood in the bronx
YogaClasses in Riverdale New York

4.06 Miles Away

YogaClasses in Whitestone New York

5.03 Miles Away

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Peek Inside Naked In Motion A New York City Naked Yoga Class And Studio

Naked in Motion is an all-nude yoga and pilates class in Chelsea near Penn Station which aims to provide a save space for people to get comfortable with their own body, and get to know it in ways that provide a positive body image regardless of shape or size.

Willow Merveille has been teaching naked yoga classes in New York City and Boston for the past two years. As the founder of Naked in Motion, a naked yoga studio, she touts an inclusive, body-positive space for a diverse clientele, where payment is even accepted on a sliding scale. Merveille lets us into one of her classes where we witness how baring it all is a radical act of self-love, compassion, and for some intense personal healing.

Learn more about Naked in Motion in this short video from New York Magazine.

Yoga Classes In Midwood Brooklyn Flatbush The Bronx Ny


Yoga classes: the selection of your yoga clothes should depend on your comfort

Like meditation which is a great method of relaxation and finding ones self, similarly yoga is another great way that relieves stress and helps building flexibility and strength of the human mind and body, thus boosting our physical, social and mental well-being. But, how will you be able to know whether you are picking the appropriate types of yoga dress that you are supposed to wear before going out for yoga classes at CoreWalking in New York? It depends upon the type of yoga you are practicing and the selection of yoga clothes should depend on your comfort. Some types of yoga, like- walking therapy are energetic which needs to dress in something made of cotton fabric to retain sweat while other types of yoga are done in heated rooms, which requires less clothing to be put on.

Yoga Clothing

Zobha Womens Perfectly Draped Tunic, White, X-large is an imported, moisture-absorbent clothing item with one-sided stitched that contains 97% tinsel and 5% Lycra and is shape retention, even if it is washed with cold water in a washing machine. The costs of this yoga dress are mainly governed by the ingredients used.

Prana Mens Solo pants are standard fit, flexible black trousers that consists of 87% nylon and 12% lycra. It is 32 inches or 81.3 centimeters in height with sides on seam pockets. It is mainly meant for people who play and parties hard and also travels a lot.

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Tell Us A Little About Yourself How Long Have You Lived In Rockland County

My husband and I moved to Rockland County about 2 years ago from NYC. We currently live in a tiny town called Sparkill. If you blink you’ll miss it! We just purchased our first home in Upper Nyack and will be moving this summer – we’re really excited. We are both originally from New Jersey and very excited to now be Rockland homeowners.

We absolutely love where we live in Sparkill. There are 2 new restaurants that just opened: D’vine Bar and Roost. If you haven’t been yet, check them out – they’re both delicious. We also love going to Nyack to walk around, sit by the water and to eat. We love 8 North Broadway, True Foods and Hudson House in Nyack. I love to stop by Sweat Pea’s for lunch during the week and for any health food items that I might need.

Interview With Soul Flyte Antigravity Yoga Studio In Nyack

I’ve always been amazed by photos posted by Soul Flyte on their facebook or instagram account. Doing yoga while hanging upside down? It is a privilege that I finally get to interview the owner of Soul Flyte, Shira Turkl-Rubin, about yoga while hanging in a hammock, starting her own studio, and being a proud Rockland County citizen.

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I Am Not Accustomed To The Heat Can I Leave The Room To Cool Off

Acclimating to a heated room for yoga is a process. The heat adds an extra challenge by increasing your cardio capacity but also has extra benefits such as allowing the muscles to warm up faster and have more elasticity. This helps you to go deeper in posture without injury than you might otherwise. If your body initially has trouble in the heat, we recommend that, rather than leaving the room, you sit on your mat and focus on your breath or listen to the instructions and visualize your body moving through the steps this has its own benefits. Then when you are ready you can join back in. If you leave the room and then come back in the acclimation process starts all over again, so it is less beneficial to leave than to just sit and breathe.

Where To Take Yoga Classes At Nyc Rooftop Bars And Breweries

Vibrant Awakenings: Vinyasa Yoga Class

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These yoga classes are really hopping.

Instructors are bringing classes out of the studio and into rooftop bars and breweries this summer.

What I love about it is getting people who wouldnt necessarily always go to a yoga class, said Leanne Maciel, a health coach and yoga instructor who started yoga classes at Bronx Brewery in the fall. I like to really make it fun and balanced, which is kind of my approach to wellness in the first place we should be enjoying all the things that we love, whether thats yoga or beer.

Maciel used to work in the beer business, doing marketing at Heineken. Shed usually follow yoga class with a drink with friends, so when she became a yoga instructor herself, she wanted to pair the two. Classes at Bronx Brewery was a natural fit her husband, Patrick Libonate, is the vice president of marketing there.

Beyond beer, Maciel also does yoga classes followed by wine tastings in Central Park during the summer and, come fall, yoga classes in coffee shops.

The brewery class draws a mix of locals and tourists and sometimes the odd brewer looking for a unique experience and to socialize.

Yoga and beer both have similarities in that they build community as well as rituals and balance, said Maciel.

From Bronx Brewery and beyond, heres a look at where to take yoga classes in bars and breweries in NYC.

Bronx Brewery

Strong Rope Brewery

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Yoga Classes In Marine Park Midwood And The Bronx Ny

Stay Calm And Take Yoga Classes

Have you ever wondered what are the real benefits of yoga classes? First of all, yoga helps you turn off the rambles of the mind. Thus, this apprehension that we cultivate in the yoga studio can serve us in our everyday life.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu spiritual art and discipline founded on a balanced system of evolution for body, mind and spirit.

Taking yoga classes will lead you to a sense of peace and prosperity. It will make your body flexible and muscular and it will also improve the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems.

Yoga practice can help us connect to self and life and awaken our own consciousness, including tantra, mantra, laya, bhakti, karma yoga, and so on.

The essential props youll need if you decide to take yoga classes are blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters. Props can be used in different ways. Your yoga instructor will help you choose the right ones and teach you on how to use them correctly.

Yoga originated in an ancient language from India, called Sanskrit. Every yoga pose has a sanskrit name and an english name. Each Sanskrit name ends in -asana, and generally represents the name of an animal or something in nature cobra, fish, dolphin, dog, tree, mountain.

Always keep in mind that if your pose doesnt look perfectly accurate, its fine! Over time youll learn to focus and balance everything youve learned.

How Much Water Should I Drink

Remember, true hydration begins the day before. If you plan ahead and come properly hydrated you will have a better experience. While drinking in class may be necessary it is not a replacement for regular and proper hydration prior to class. Drink plenty of water or fluids with electrolytes before coming and if/when you do drink in class small sips are better than big gulps. If the water is sitting in your belly it can make you as uncomfortable as eating too close to class.

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What If I Cant Do A Pose

Remember, yoga is not a performance. It is a journey and every body is different . If you are not able to fully execute a posture, just work to the best of your ability. Starting small and focusing on proper alignment will help a lot more than trying to contort your body into a posture it is not ready to go. Remember to give yourself time and have patience. Each day will be different and as your body develops strength, flexibility and stamina you will be surprised at what you can do.

Should I Eat Before Class

Open BXRx Tuesday | Bronx Yoga Lab

Each body is different. We recommend not eating within a couple of hours from the start of class if possible, sometimes when you do a forward bend, inversion or compression posture it can be uncomfortable with a full stomach. That said, you dont want to be without fuel or energy so if you have to eat we recommend something easy on the stomach like a banana or toast with almond or peanut butter something that will give you energy without causing discomfort.

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What’s The Difference Between Soul Flyte And Regular Yoga

At Soul Flyte we practice AntiGravity┬« aerial yoga and fitness. We use much of the same breath work and meditation techniques that you would see in a regular yoga class, however we take you off the ground. When you practice in the Harrison Hammock, you’re able to go deeper into stretches.The best part about it is that we can invert with zero compression on the spine, which helps to lengthen and release tension in areas that you might not have even realized you were holding!

We are always adding classes on the schedule, but if you’re a newbie we always recommend coming to either a Fundamentals, Restorative or Soul Flow class. Soul Flow is similar to mat yoga with an AntiGravity┬« inversion at the end of class.


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