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Yoga Classes In Freehold Nj

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

New Jersey’s first AntiGravity Yoga class flies above the rest

What are some popular services for yoga?

Some popular services for yoga include:

  • Virtual Classes

  • What are people saying about yoga in Freehold Township, NJ?

    This is a review for yoga in Freehold Township, NJ:

    “This local yoga studio is a community jewel. Friendly, experienced teachers who offer creative, spiritual classes for beginners through expert levels. So lucky to have it right in the neighborhood. From the moment I began taking classes, I felt I found a yoga home. Thanks to owner Donna Mezzina for bringing top notch yoga to Manalapan!”

    What To Do When School’s Out Ten Fun Places For Kids

    During the one-hour class, pre-schoolers and young elementary schoolchildren also became eagles, cheetahs and twinkling stars. They took turns pounding a drum and chanting affirmations . And they rested in Relaxation Pose. The youngest ones rolled up into their mats, resembling little burritos.

    “With the children’s classes you have to be on your toes because as soon as they get distracted or the moment right before they’re about to you want to catch it and re-set with something new,” Balzarini said. “So a song, a book, a different story with yoga poses, maybe even relaxation just always keeping it exciting for them.”

    With its cheerful orange walls, Coba Yoga, owned by instructor Lili Avery, is a warm and welcoming place. The studio offers classes for adults, parents and babies, and for children alone.

    “I think that currently in our society, our values are a little bit skewed right now,” Balzarini said. “So, just as much as we can, starting out with kids, learning that their true worth and beauty comes from within, and also connecting with that stillness within, which feels peaceful and beautiful, is comforting, and hopefully they can kind of take that into their lives as adults.”

    Arthritis Foundation Exercise Class

    Class length: 55 minutesLed by a certified Arthritis Foundation instructor, class emphasis is on improving range of motion in joints, strength and balance.


    Class length: 55 minutesFor those looking to do yoga but cannot lie on the floor. Improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance along with some relaxation. For all levels.


    Class length: 45 minutesPerfect for the active senior that is looking to improve muscular strength at the next level. Major muscle groups and the core will be targeted. All exercises modified to meet your fitness level.


    Class length: 45 minutesLow impact aerobics fused with light weight training and balance exercises. Open to all ages and abilities.


    Class length: 45 minutesThis stimulating workout is perfect for the active senior that is looking to improve their workout at the next level. Major muscle groups and the core will be targeted. All exercises modified to meet your fitness level.


    Class length: 45 minutesWeight-bearing and balance exercises to combat osteoporosis, lengthen muscles and improve mobility. Open to all ages and abilities.


    Class length: 45 minutesDesigned for people with movement disorders such as Parkinsons, arthritis and MS. This class uses large random movements of arms and legs to help combat the symptoms of tremors, stiffness, falling and rigid arms and legs.

    All levels.

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    Free Yoga Class At Yoga Solace Club Of Freehold

    Premium Yoga Studio located within Club Metro USA. Experience a full yoga program with 25 classes a week… and more to come! Classes being offered are Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Basic Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Your membership to Yoga Solace Club allows you access to all of our locations you will get 3 studios for one great price! The concept of offering a full yoga studio environment at a cost much lower than other studios while offering amenities such as child care, sauna, steam room, and gym access was the Yoga Solace Club’s vision. We intend to bring affordable yoga to the community in a more serious and dedicated fashion. When introduced to yoga in this way, you will grow in your practice and appreciate its benefits.

    Print out your free pass at:

    Welcome To Our Studio

    About Our Yoga Classes &  Studio

    A Yoga Studio in Freehold, NJ, Elements of Yoga offers a variety of classes in warm yoga, hot yoga, hot vinyasa, power flow, warm slow flow and yin yoga/stretch classes for beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts. Our Pilates and Barre fusion classes are designed to strengthen your core. Massage and Reiki services are offered as well as Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, foot reflexology and cupping.

    Elements of Yoga is more than a yoga studio. Here you will find a diverse community of welcoming friendly students and advanced yoga instructors. Our services are designed to help you face the challenges of everyday living, boost your energy levels, strengthen your body and relax your mind.

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    What Our Community Says

    • Honor Yoga helped me find my truth. All experience levels are welcomed and the community is real. We practice because of our challenges and triumphs, and we are stronger for it! I went on to become a teacher because of the support I feel here, and their safe response to COVID. Ashley Rose, Honor Yogi

    • I have taken dozens of Livestream classes with teachers of all levels, and it has challenged, supported, and strengthened my personal practice. Online Yoga has been flexible enough to become a strong part of every week, and that is why I stay with the Honor Yoga community and plan to bring my friends and family in too in 2021 Nancy

    • After trying in-studio and digital studio classes, having never taken a class before Honor, I can officially say Yoga has benefited me in so many ways. It has improved my focus, discipline, self-care routines, emotional intelligence, and patience. I look forward to trying more styles and classes with Honor and have gone from by 1st class to hopefully my 100th class by the end of 2021. Daniel

    Welcome To Honor Yoga Manalapan

    Students come to Honor Yoga day in and day out, from beginners to seasoned Yogis. We are judgment-free yoga and meditation and encourage you to release expectations and embrace yourself, and the truth of who you are and how you show up for the world at this point in your life. We don’t have mirrors in our studios on purpose . Our wonderful teachers and class options function as a workout of the body and mind, and allow you to set intentions that work best for you.

    Come connect with your community, lean into mindfulness, and leave feeling restored.

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    Yoga Classes In Freehold

    YogaClasses in Manalapan New Jersey
    Yoga for Life yoga for all ages and body types
    Manalapan, New Jersey 07728
    Tel: 732-685-5432
    Offering yoga for all, beginner to advanced practices. Yoga is for everyone. Specializing in classes that can adapt to any special needs. We also offer private classes that nurture & replenish the mind, body, and spirit related to each individual’s requirements.
    YogaClasses in Englishtown New Jersey

    5.83 Miles Away

    Tel: 201-213-2347
    YogaFlow Body & Mind Studio is now offering live classes online from the convenience of your own home. Gail Maheshwari Cristelli is the owner and offers weekly classes, private Yoga Therapy Sessions and Training including 200 & 300 hour Teacher Training and CEU workshops for Yoga Teachers. She also offers Yoga and Nutrition Workshops to all levels of students. She is a certified Yoga Therapist with Integrative Yoga Therapy at the 1000 hour level and C-IAYT, International Association of Yoga Therapy, and a Certified Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition . Gail’s main focus during each class is to teach safe movement through proper alignment, breathing techniques, and allowing the practice to be a meditative healing experience. She encourages her students to honor and respect their body mind and spirit while bringing joy and lightness to the heart. Visit her web-page to read more about the services she offers and her most recent ZOOM Yoga Class Schedule.

    The Best 10 Yoga In Freehold Township Nj

    New Jersey Yoga Instructors
  • Yoga

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    wonderful workshops on the weekend too. I highly recommend Beacon if you’re looking for a yoga studio in the Freehold/Monmouth County area!

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    I’m so glad I found this little studio in Freehold. It’s basic – just a yoga room without a fancy

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  • Matawan

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    Today I did “THE HOT 26 ” with Angelina Mannino I enjoyed every minute of the 60-minute

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    to stop charging her. However, they refuse to refund any money. Don’t do business with Honor Yoga- should really be Dishonor.

  • New Brunswick

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    I recently purchased a gift basket for my sister in law to Garden of Healing Yoga and Wellness

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  • Yoga

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    when we were generously invited to join a yoga class in the library. Our boys joined (we did too

  • Shrewsbury

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    I came to this studio as my first time ever doing yoga. I was very intimidated at the thought

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    What In The World Is A Cat Cafe Your Kids Will Love To Visit

    Power advises teachers and parents to keep yoga time “short and lively” in order to maintain kids’ interest in the poses. She suggests incorporating games or other forms of play into a pose: Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” while holding Boat Pose, or, with a group of children, have one child do Table Pose while the others surround the “table” while in Chair Pose.

    The author, who lives in California, also encourages parents to enroll children in yoga classes, as well as as practicing yoga at home.

    “The way I’ve kept up my practice is that I have a routine,” Power said. “I do it on my own, but also like the group energy of a class. You get benefits from both.”

    Balzarini said that teaching yoga for kids has been beneficial for her as well as her students.

    “For myself, I try to make the world a better place, just in my daily, everyday life,” she said, “so this is a great avenue for that, because I’m helping the children to help find words, to express themselves, to be loving toward each other and the Earth that we live on. They use their breath to regulate their emotions, the yoga postures bring about body awareness, and we have fun in yoga class.”

    Here are some area studios that offer yoga classes for kids:

    Freehold Freehold Yoga Center, 3 West Main St. 732-462-9642 or freeholdyogacenter.com. Sessions for ages 6 to 11 and 12 to 17.

    Jackson Honor Yoga, 21 South Hope Chapel Road. 732-994-3787 or honoryoga.com. Yoga and aerial yoga for kids.

    The Best Yoga Studios Near Marlboro Nj

    Exercise is important to maintain a good body and a healthy lifestyle. However, you dont have to go to a stuffy gym and feel inadequate with the loud grunting and the sound of weights dropping every minute. You can relax and get the exercise you need with yoga. To help you start your yoga journey, weve done the research and found some studios that you should check out. This is our list of the best yoga studios near Marlboro, NJ.

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    Scroll Down To See Our Different Pricing Options And Specials

    Here are the steps to sign up for LIVE STREAMING:

    1. Sign up for the LIVESTREAM class option like you would regularly do through MindBody.

    2. Download the free ZOOM Cloud Meeting App on your phone, ipad, computer or any other device.

    3. You will receive an email with a login link via ZOOM at least 15 minutes before class starts. You must sign up on MindBody at least 30 minutes prior to class. Please make sure your email in MindBody is updated and correct.

    4. You have the option to turn on or off your camera from your end, but please mute your microphone from the tool bar on top of the screen.

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    About Our Yoga Classes &  Studio

    Teresa Anne Power went through childhood without yoga. She began practicing yoga as a way to cope with the stressful curriculum at law school, and found yoga so beneficial that she eventually chose it over her career in law. As a yoga teacher to pre-school and kindergarten students, she soon realized that yoga is even better when you learn it as a child.

    “Yoga helps kids focus and concentrate,” Power said. “It helps stretch their muscles, and it hooks kids in a different way than other exercise does.”

    Today’s children, Power believes, need yoga more than ever.

    When Power wrote her best-seller, “The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids,” smart phones were still a novelty.

    “Not everyone had cell phones in 2009,” Power said. “But adults were already getting stressed out from technology. In the past seven years, because of the increase in technology, it’s really hard to get away from it, and kids are getting crazy from it.

    “I go to a yoga class every day because I feel taxed out and need to clear my mind,” she said. “Schools are also incorporating yoga and mindfulness more than they ever did because we’re getting so inundated with technology.

    For example, Power said, “Make it a game. When the children go into Dog Pose, have them make dog noises.”

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    Best Yoga Studios Near Freehold Nj

    If you’re looking for a way to let go of stress and rejuvenate your mind and body, then yoga practice could be a great option for you. You’ll build lean muscle and endurance, empty your mind, and feel refreshed and calm.

    Here are our picks for the best yoga studios near Freehold, NJ, each with their own approach to the practice.


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