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Yoga Classes In Decatur Ga

We Like To Say When You Hold A Baby Goat To Your Heart It Melts The Broken Pieces Back Together

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Take the widely-known stress-reducing and mind-body-connecting benefits of yoga, and couple that with the joy, silliness, and unpredictability of hanging out with goats and voilĂ , the bliss train has arrived. Megan was already a certified yoga instructor when she became a goat mom, so naturally people started to ask if shed consider doing Goat Yoga she and Jason are happy to be able to bring this practice to Atlanta! What started as a viral fad, turned out to be one of the most stress-relieving, therapeutic, FUN ways to practice yoga.

The Benefits Of Power Yoga

  • Building strong bones and more defined, stronger muscles
  • Increased energy levels throughout the entire day
  • Strengthens the heart and lungs
  • Improves blood pressure control and cholesterol level
  • You can enjoy a higher quality of sleep at night
  • Helps control blood sugar levels

The environment of our power yoga classroom is meditative and relaxing. Designed to minimize distractions so you can focus on your practice, youll find stress melting away as your strength improves. The room is heated to 96-98 degrees to encourage calorie burning and muscle flexibility. It also encourages sweating and more breathing, both of which aid in your bodys ability to detoxify itself.

If youre interested in what power yoga classes in Phoenix at Yoga Box have to offer, start by signing up for three free classes with us!

What Is The Class Format

To make this class accessible to as many people as possible, we are offering gentle, all-levels class. We are currently trying out two formats:

  • Family-Friendly: We start with a playful 45 minutes of yoga, followed by a half an hour to meet the goats, ask questions, get snuggles and selfies. Tickets are required for all children older than 2 years old.

  • Yoga+Goats+Wine: This 21-and-up class offers a luscious, stretchy hour of yoga, meditation and breath work, followed by 30 minutes of relaxing goat selfies, snuggles, and a “wind down” with chocolate and either wine or mimosas. For the weekend warrior looking to hit the reset button on stress and find some bliss!

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Yoga Instructors In Decatur Georgia

Mechelle offers private and open class sessions.Yoga, Meditation, & Reiki-Reflexology. For that person on the go with a hectic scheule or that traveler…..Mechelle’s the person to call. Together we work out a time that’s right for you.Mechelle caters to the mature audience that enjoys being reminded to “be kind” to yourself.Experience my one-on-one wellness services. such as Reiki- Reflexology.Mechelle has healing hands, words and actions that touches the soul of your heart….

At Bend, there is the belief that yoga is an unbeatable way to achieve a fit, happy, healthy body and mind, without competition or pressure to be something you aren’t. You might find a little peace in your day here, too. You will experience a no-nonsense approach to yoga that combines a friendly approach and atmosphere in a cozy, bright and peaceful studio and instruction to suit every body- flexible or not….

I am a 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. In our fast busy world, it’s so important to take time for ourselves. If you are not flexible, that is ok! We will start right where you are. I have experience in working with athletes, cancer patients, injury prevention, power, hot, restorative, stand up paddleboard yoga, and vinyasa flow. Yoga has many many rewards but it also can be fun. I would love to meet you and help you integrate this wonderful practice into your life….

Tough Love Yoga Has Made Its Mark In Atlanta By Providing Affordable Accessible And Expertly Taught Yoga Classes To Students Of All Ages And Experience Levels Founded By Neda Honarvar Tly Delivers Engaging Alignment

Apr 15

Simply put, we offer yoga of all levels for yogis of all ages. We believe in the transformative power of yoga and its capacity to challenge and inspire every kind of student, which is why we offer community-focused programs for metalheads, arm-balance addicts, runners, athletes, beginners and everyone in between.

Tough Love Yoga was born in 2010 in the gallery space of Young Blood Gallery and Boutique. We practiced among inspiring works of art that changed monthly and even had a three-legged cat friend named Jolene to keep us company. Our initial offerings included beginners classes and yoga boot camp and soon after, we introduced the concept of Metal Yoga. Our unique approach quickly set us apart from traditional yoga studios. As we grew, we listened to our students and curated unique classes around their interests and needs.

In 2012, we moved into the studio space of our dreams, which we affectionately call “Cobraville.” Shortly after, we became a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and launched Tough Love Yoga Teacher Training, which offers 200 hour and Advanced 300 hour Alignment-Based Hatha Yoga programs through which we have trained over 100 yoga instructors. In 2014, with the blessing of Darren Rhodes, we introduced yogaHOUR® to our lineup of offerings and have integrated this teaching methodology into our teacher training program. We are proud to be the first Official yogaHOUR Studio in the Southeast.

Tough Love Yoga at our new studio aka “Cobraville”

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Power Yoga Sessions In Phoenix

Power yoga is focused on building strength and is also designed to relax, open, and fortify your body and mind. Yoga Box offers power yoga classes in Arcadia that include 20 minutes of warming up, 30 minutes of building power to promote endurance, strength, and stability, and then ten minutes of cooling down with postures to counter and complete your practice.

Taekwondo For Kids And Adults

In todays world, it is more important than ever before to actively relieve stress, pursue health and wellness, and strengthen your mind and your character every day. Thats why Taekwondo is an ideal solution for men, women, and children of all ages. Taekwondo regularly involves every part of the body for jumping, running, stretching, kicking, and punching, all working together to provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Try a class today and feel the difference for yourself!

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Welcome To Vista Yoga

Our intention is to provide an environment where you can learn and grow strength, flexibility and wisdom, in a community of teachers and students that embody practices which renew body, mind and spirit. We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and trainings, as well as private yoga, Reiki and massage sessions.

Our classes range from beginner to advanced, gentle to vigorous. We encourage exploration through breath, asana and somatic play to allow you to discover your whole self. It is our commitment to provide safe, intelligent and fun yoga classes for people of all levels of experience.

Please read our protocols here.

Now Offering

What Our Students Say:

Hotlanta Yoga | Group Fitness – Yoga in Atlanta
  • I go to All Life is Yoga because I consider it the premier studio in Atlanta for alignment-based yoga practice. This yoga is not just about the physical postures, but about all of life. This is a diverse place that honors all people, regardless of age, size, ability level, or flexibility, and we all practice together. Clare Allah
  • Rutu Chaudhari is one of my mentors. Her sincere, dedicated practice always inspires me. Practicing with her teaches me new things about myself, creates more space in my body, opens me up to new perspectives, and shifts things slightly to move me more in the direction of my heart. Letitia Walker
  • Rutu is an amazing listener and observer. She has a powerful ability to sense what her students need, while gently guiding them toward their goals. Her deep understanding of yoga as a life practice seems to inform her grasp of the postures, allowing her to explore and integrate creative ideas based on a student’s needs. If you are looking for a true expression of all that is good about yoga, look no further than Rutu Chaudhari. Whether in group or private sessions, her depth and love shine through. Michael Valverde

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Upcoming Public Goat Yoga Events:

Saturday 10/12 3:30pm – All Ages Family Goat Yoga Party

Saturday 10/12 6:30pm Sunset Mini Session with Wine and Chocolate, 21 and up

Saturday 10/26 12:30pm Halloween Goat Yoga for all ages

Saturday 11/16 10am Meet & Greet with the Goats at for Kids Recycle Day

Meet the instructorCo-owner of Red Wagon goats with partner Jason Lewis, Megan Kibby did her yoga teacher certification at Kashi Atlanta in 2014, and now teaches at Metropolitan Studios in EAV. She brings a playful, dance-inspired approach to yoga, with a foundation rooted in body alignment and spiritual lineage. Her mission is to create a body-positive yoga experience for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Megan is a freelance graphic and web designer by day and is active Atlanta’s burlesque community.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Joe Johnson

Basketball Player, Atlanta Hawks

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done!”This has been everything on the court, as far as, mobility and for Hoopers to stay youthful, physically, and to keep playing.Hot yoga helps to keep the range of motion in the body, the heat and humidity has been key for the joints, bones, and muscles. There is nothing like it, nothing compares to it.


Musician, The Biters


Retired Physician, 76

“This studio has many different teachers, each of whom brings their own approach to practice and each has an area of interest that they stress in particular postures. I have greatly improved my fitness and have lost more than 25 pounds with this practice.”


Dancer, Choreographer

“SHY is a wonderful place to study and practice. There is a sincere welcoming at the studio. Time to speak and get to know the instructors, chat with newly made friends and get your YOGA ON!”

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Arcadia Power Yoga Classes

Taking these classes is ideal for everyone from beginners to the advanced yogi. Anyone who wants to improve mental focus, flexibility, posture, and stamina will benefit from our power yoga classes. Our Power Flow Vinyasa classes offer a unique way to blend power yoga and Vinyasa yoga to create the opportunity to increase mobility and flexibility as you focus on your breath to movement flow. Your body will work harmoniously at its optimal physical and mental capacity.


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