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Yoga By The Beach San Diego

Trilogy Sanctuary Teacher Certification

Yoga for Surfing | Surf Warm Up Flow | Mission Beach San Diego California

Trilogy Sanctuary located in the heart of San Diego is a vibrant yoga studio, wellness & vegan community center that aims to nourish and heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Trilogy was born from a desire to share passion and knowledge and help to spread health, joy, good food, positive spiritual practices, and yoga to the world.

If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher The Trilogy Sanctuary vinyasa yoga teacher training is our choice. This is a comprehensive program and unique curriculum that goes beyond Yoga Alliance standards due to thousands of hours of teaching experience, numerous combined yoga certifications, and unique perks such as a certified naturopathic doctor, physical therapist and vegan chef!

  • Time Commitment: 3 x days a week for 3 months
  • Price: Super Early Bird $2550 USD / Early Bird $2700 USD / Full Tuition $2900 USD
  • Yoga style: Vinyasa

Rancho Bernardo Yoga Instructor Training

The Rancho Bernardo Yoga offers practitioners of all levels a welcoming, safe and sacred environment to support awakening and personal empowerment through the practice of Yoga. The vision of RB Yoga is to be a Yoga home where the teacher knows your name.

This yoga studio is serving the local community and continues to be dedicated to the study and practice of Yoga with classes in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic methods. Their teachers have all been carefully chosen for their amazing, steady hearts and their commitment to be of service, to hold space for you as you courageously break open to the beauty, magnificence and peace that is within you.

The intensive program of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is led by Jeanne Stone in an intimate and safe setting, as space will be limited. This course will provide you an opportunity to deepen your personal yoga practice while developing a solid foundation of teaching Hatha Yoga. This program is designed for serious students interested in becoming teachers as well as for current Yoga teachers who want to refine their understanding of the infinite depths of the basics by gaining proficiency in a broad range of asana.

  • Price: $2495 USD
  • Yoga style: Hatha

Yoga Tropics Instructor Training

Yoga Tropics located in Encinitas welcomes students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds who are seeking hot yoga classes to restore detoxify and revitalize every cell in their bodies. Encinitas Yoga Tropics offers warm vinyasa, sculpt, or family yoga classes and the most unique Bikram-style hot yoga teacher training in San Diego.

The Bikram style Hot yoga teacher training of Yoga Tropics is registered with Yoga Alliance and is led by experienced 500 E-RYT level yoga teachers with extensive knowledge and expertise, who are available to answer your questions and guide you in your development as a teacher.

During this 200-hour program, you will be learning about the many health benefits of the basic beginner Hot Series by Bikram that has helped millions recover from a multitude of health issues. You will get confident in how to lead students in a safe yet challenging class. You will also study the basics to teach Vinyasa which means to flow with breath, you will become flexible in different styles of yoga and various techniques of teaching.

  • Time Commitment: 10 weeks
  • Yoga style: Bikram

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What You Can Expect

ItineraryNo Yoga experience necessary! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, we can all gain a sense of peace in our hearts and calmness in the mind through yoga. This yoga experience will guide you through a fun and energetic flow while finding your personal mind-body connection. From our meeting point, we will walk together to a more quiet and secluded area on the beach. We’ll begin with a brief meditation to quiet the mind. In this idyllic setting surrounded by palm trees and the gentle, soothing sound of the waves, you’ll feel all your cares start to melt away as we dive into a blissful hour of yoga, custom-tailored to your needs and experience. The session will conclude with an optional Lavender Essential oil forehead and temple massage, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Balboa Park Yoga And Live Music On Weekends At 10 Am

*Tuesday Yoga at Kate Sessions Park*

Balboa Park is a great place for nature and yoga. In addition, there is live music that keeps you meditative as you go through this hour-long vinyasa flow. Feel the zen with others in this massive park right in the heart of San Diego. ALL Levels are Welcome!! If you are staying at ITH CoLive Balboa Park, you can walk to the class in 5 minutes.

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Meet A Few Of Our Instructors

Allie Maher

Allie first discovered her yoga practice ten years ago as a means of injury prevention while running cross country and track in high school. Once she began college, the time spent on her mat became much more about easing anxiety and cultivating a headspace filled with peace & self-love. Allie enjoys practicing a variety of different styles, primarily Vinyasa and Sculpt. In 2017, she pursued her dream of completing her RYT-200 Vinyasa Flow training in Ubud, Bali. This enlightening experience left her with an entirely new approach to her role both as a student, and as a teacher. Allie is passionate about the benefits of incorporating meditation within oneâs practice, while staying committed to bringing a strong power flow. She aspires to provide a class that shares her experiences, positive energy, and fun music with hopes to bring happiness, healthiness, and mental clarity. Allie strives to ensure that you will leave her class feeling rejuvenated, grounded, and lighter in your head and your heart.

Shelley Dodgen
Britt Thomas

San Diego Hot Yoga Classes

Hailed as the perfect catalyst for removing toxins from the body, hot yoga cranks up the room temperature to trigger detoxification at premium levels. Through sweating, increased breathing, and high levels of active cardio movements, this perfect catalyst gives your muscles and your systems an effective, intense, beneficial workout that youll keep coming back to Yoga Box for!

A variety of yoga poses at a high activity level create the foundation of San Diego hot yoga youll achieve postures more effectively in our heated environment a little heat goes a long way to get muscles to stretch further and work harder. Push for a greater range of motion and improve flexibility and stamina with more heat, too, jump starting your body to burn calories at a higher rate than with traditional yoga.

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Play Yoga Studio Teacher Training

PLAY offers a variety of Yoga and Movement Classes for all levels of practitioners, in a playful and nonjudgmental environment. Jessica McGimsey created the Play yoga studio with the mission to bring peace, love, and yoga to your life. This is a place to retreat and get away from the stresses of everyday life. At PLAY you will find Hot Yoga Classes, Ashtanga, Anusara, Jivamukti, a variety of non-heated Vinyasa Flows, as well as other creative movement classes, workshops, and events as well as 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher training programs.

The 200-hour PLAY Yoga Teacher training course was developed to take you on Journey to a deeper understanding of yoga. This high-quality, well-rounded program led by Jessica and other experienced yoga teachers of PLAY will help you develop confidence as you will study over 60 poses, detailed alignment, Sanskrit, energy points , sequence a class, hands-on assists, and much more. PLAY believes anatomy is a key tool to understanding asanas, so you will be learning anatomy throughout the entire program.

This training is a uniquely valuable experience at an affordable price and you will come out feeling confident to begin your teaching journey.

  • Time Commitment: 25 days
  • Yoga style: Variation

Spirit Yoga Studio San Diego

Gangstar Acro Yoga Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

The Spirit Yoga was established in 2013 by Brad Hylton originally as a donation-based studio with the idea that Yoga classes can be high quality, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Their vision helping humanity become more conscious didnt change. In this studio where everyone knows your name, cares about you and helps you develop you will fully enhance the union between mind, breath, and body to find a greater sense of peace, health, and happiness in life off the mat. A wide range of their services includes also a comprehensive yoga teacher certification course that is one of the most sought after in San Diego.

This 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will invite you to engage with your yoga practice in a way that invigorates your body, sharpens your mind, and ignites your spirit. Experienced instructors of this studio will show you how to intelligently and skillfully guide students through an all levels of yoga asana practice and how to encourage people to connect with themselves in a more meaningful way. Of course, you will also be given the tools that can enhance all aspects of your own life.You can choose the three-month winter training session held in the evenings during the week and on the weekends OR the summer intensive course, which is a condensed course with classes six days a week.

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Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

The name says it all. Sunset Cliffs is San Diegos top spot for sunset activities of all kinds, but especially yoga. Flow through a relaxing Vinyasa routine or sit in quiet meditation at one of the best natural yoga studios on the planet and for free! Try out the spot at the intersection of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Adair Street, right near the beginning of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

The Best Hot Yoga In San Diego

Hot yoga has become one of the most popular types of yoga in San Diego and for good reason. Its designed to help you burn calories and improve your hearts fitness and function its also powerfully effective at increasing your bone density and improving flexibility, too.

Our yoga studios in San Diego provide the ideal environment to sweat it out to start your day feeling recharged, full of energy, and free from stress and anxiety. Hot yoga is awesome for revving up your body to maximize caloric burn, reduce blood sugar, cleanse your skin, and improve your circulation.

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Prana Yoga Center Teacher Training

The Prana Yoga Center was founded in 2001 by Gerhard & Alexandra Gessner in La Jolla & San Diego. This yoga studio has established one of the most reputable and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs in San Diego and Southern California. Prana Yoga Center is known for its non-dogmatic approach to Yoga, recognizing that each body is different and everyone is welcome.

Prana Yoga offers 200-hour program developed & taught by teachers teacher Gerhard Gessner E-RYT. This comprehensive course registered with Yoga Alliance® is a premier foundational program known for its excellence in curriculum and teaching faculty. It is ideal for aspiring teachers and students wishing to deepen their practice and learn more about the ancient art and wisdom of yoga.

Study includes principles of hatha yoga, vinyasa flow & intelligent sequencing, alignment-based yoga asana study, the yoga sutras, and yoga philosophy, introduction to meditation as well as the art of teaching yoga plus hands-on adjustments.

As a student you will join a limited class size with individual attention, so you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the life-changing benefits of Yoga. You will discover its elements of physical practice skillfully woven together with meditation, breathwork, and self-exploration. You will emerge with the confidence and tools to begin to teach what you love.

Ginseng Yoga Teacher Certification

Things to Know When Planning a Yoga Retreat in San Diego

Ginseng Yoga studio was opened in the summer of 2002 in the charming South Park neighborhood of San Diego. The studio where you can join daily yoga open classes, wellness services, workshops offers two styles of Yoga Teacher Training programs.

The Integrated Yoga Teacher Training program offers a 200hours Hatha YTT course and an advanced 250-hours Kundalini YTT course. The Hatha program includes all 8 limbs of yoga fundamental teachings to an authentic yoga practice as prescribed by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This course designed in Hatha Vinyasa philosophy for those who want to prepare to teach Hatha Vinyasa classes includes basic energy anatomy, sanskrit mantra, Ayurveda, physical alignment, sequencing, modifications, props, and hands on adjustment.

The advanced 250hours Integrated Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program with proficiencies in Hatha Vinyasa gives you the opportunity to learn Hatha Yoga principles listed above in conjunction with Kundalini Yoga from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Osho. This course includes the teaching of kriyas , Ten Body System, advanced energy anatomy, advanced Pranayama , mantra, humanology, introduction to Tantric Numerology. This advanced training option gives a graduate many tools and techniques to choose from to create unique, dynamic, and inspiring yoga classes.

  • Time Commitment: 10 weekends

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Yoga One Teacher Training

The mission of Yoga One is to help you enjoy a healthier, happier life! This yoga studio is open since 2002 and has enhanced the well-being of thousands of San Diego residents, visitors from around The World, local businesses and schools, and much more

The Yoga Ones comprehensive 200-hour Yoga Alliance Affiliated Teacher Training course offers each student a deep understanding of yoga and its transmission. You will be guided by highly experienced teachers who are professional, inspiring, and embody a full range of yogic knowledge. This program focus on posture practice , breathing , history, philosophy, and mindfulness in daily living.

As a student, you will receive personalized attention thanks to the limited class size. This training offers tools and building blocks so you can grow and evolve in your own unique way both as teachers and as individuals. In addition, to deepen practice, you will also learn how to lead safe, well-balanced, and inspiring classes much more than memorizing scripts and following a set format.Yoga Ones graduates are successfully managing their own yoga studios, leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats, as well as teaching in top yoga studios, gyms, corporations, and private clients worldwide.

  • Time Commitment: 8 weekends
  • Yoga style: Hatha/Vinyasa

Waterfront Salutations To The Sun

Deeply entrenched into the San Diego lifestyle is a love for healthy living, the great outdoors, and finding balance between work and play. Whether you are interested in learning how to meditate, wanting to de-stress, or hoping to discover the best spots for downward dogs, San Diego has plenty to offer. And, with San Diego’s gorgeous weather, you can practice your sun salutation in soft sand or on a grassy lawn in the park year-round.

Here are some places that welcome guests to work out the kinks of long flights or to slow down and breathe deeply.

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Yoga At The Beach San Diego

Welcome to Yoga at the Beach San Diego!This meetup is dedicated to providing studio quality yoga classes for students from all backgrounds of experience. Our classes are a vinyasa style, breath to movement format in which variations and modifications are offered throughout class so that you can practice at YOUR own pace, and feel comfortable doing so. Our year-round classes are held at amazingly gorgeous locations throughout La Jolla and San Diego , where we can breathe deeply and connect with Mother Nature.

Below Are Several Paddle Board Bliss Reviews Found On Yelp:

Paddle Board Yoga Mission Beach San Diego

I had a wonderful experience as a first-time paddleboarder, but I can say I cant imagine using any other service. They have a friendly staff who are superb at giving instructions. I am looking forward to trying yoga next time and Im also excited to try paddle boarding at Laguna as well! Michael S.

I was visiting San Diego and looking for something fun to do during the day, gave Paddle Board Bliss a call and 3 hours later on was Stand Up Paddle-boarding for the first time. This was the perfect activity to do to enjoy the great San Diego weather and get an awesome workout. My instructor was Taylor she was very friendly and a great coach. We started off by covering some of the basics and before I knew it I was off on my own. The price was very reasonable compared to some of the other companies I checked out. I paid $50 for 1.5 hours, which is the perfect amount of time because its a workout. I definitely recommend this company if you are interested in trying SUP Matt F.

You can find Paddle Board Bliss here:San Diego: 858-215-3661

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Sunset Cliffs Yoga On Tues Thurs & Weekends At : 30 Am

First, you must head to Sunset Cliffs for a natural cliffside experience overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy the calming rhythm of the ocean and the beautiful view overlooking the cliffs as you ground into breathwork, meditation, and asanas that focus on strength and flexibility. Get centered in your body and mind, enjoy the negative ions of the ocean, and find your inner peace.

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“What a great COVID friendly outdoor space for yoga. I’ve always loved both Riffs locations for an occasional drop-in class, but since the start of COVID I’ve really appreciated this Bird Rock Studio. I always find street parking, and I usually like to get there a little early to take a quick walk down to the beach before class. You enter through the front and give your name to the usually very friendly front desk staff. There’s blocks, blankets and bolsters, and you then walk to the back area which is a beautiful outdoor space, enclosed by trees and space heaters. I love the slow flow classes, there’s usually a live guitarist. Such a great space to practice.”

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