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Yoga Bag For Mat And Blocks

Weve Sussed Out The Most Durable Comfortable And Convenient Yoga Bags On Amazon To Make Getting To Class A Breeze

How to Sew YOGA MAT Bag

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Few things bomb your calm like juggling a yoga mat, blocks, towel, water bottle, and other paraphernalia into the yoga studio. Theres a certain calm that comes from having your yoga gear organized, with everything easy to transport and to find. Enter yoga bags, designed to accommodate yoga accessories, including mats, which typically dont fit in ordinary gym bags. Weve sussed out the most durable, comfortable, and convenient bags on Amazon to make getting to class a breeze.

Most FlexibleThe YogiiiTotePRO The YogiiiTotePRO is a roomier version of the original YogiiiTote, fitting two mats instead of one. And while many yoga bags are limited to mats 24 inches wide or less, the YogiiiTotePRO stows mats up to 28 inches wide. Youll even have space left over for a towel, change of clothes, and water bottle. A large outside pocket stores wallet, phone, and keys, and the durable, lightweight canvas tote is easy to wash . Another plus: There are no buckles or zippers, so you can just toss in your things and go. On the flipside, things can fall out if you overfill or capsize the bag. BUY NOW

Best DuffleKindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Best ValueELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Easiest to CleanPeace Yoga Large Yoga Mat Tote

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For Sturdy Straps Full

Looking for yoga mat bags? You’ve come to the right place. Dedicated yogis everywhere depend on our affordable, high-quality gym bags and yoga bags for excellent performance and durability. Here are some key criteria to consider when shopping for the right bag.

The Basics

  • Sturdy straps – This will make it easier to tote your mat. Make sure your bag’s strap is solid, so it doesn’t rip after the first tug.
  • Full-length zippers – You don’t want to have to fuss with storing or removing your mat. Drawstring top-loading mat bags are also easy and great to use. Just roll it up and stuff it in!
  • Breathability – You’ll want a bag that promotes good air flow, especially if you sweat on your mat.
  • Washable – Make sure your bag is made of a material that’s easily washable. No likes a stinky exercise bag.

The Perks

  • Roominess – Do you need your bag to hold anything beyond the mat, such as blocks, straps, or mexican blankets?
  • Extra compartments – A smaller pocket for keys and a mobile phone are handy. This makes searching for them after practice much easier. Pouches make life easier.
  • Long life – If you own a high-performing mat that’s expected to last for many years, it deserves a reliable bag to match.

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack

This is a good mat for those who ride a bike.

Any one who rides a bike or motorcycle knows the importance of keeping things balanced. If something is off kilter, then youll be fighting the whole time.

This backpacks bottom straps allow you to slide your mat through and find the perfect balance. The bag itself has plenty of storage for anything else you may need for class.

Over 1080 Ratings!

Your simple solution for a standard yoga mat.

If you want a bag to keep your mat inside with a small pocket for your personal items then this carry sling will work perfect.

If you use a pilates style mat thats half an inch more or thick then it simply won’t fit. Mats less than 2/5ths of an inch or 10mm will slide in just perfect.

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Measure Your Yoga Mat

Most of the yoga bags in the market will fit standard-sized yoga mats .

That said, don’t be lazy. Check the measurements of the carrier you set your eyes on so that you wouldn’t sweat trying to squeeze your yoga mat into it after the class or when in a hurry.

Those who have extra thick or extra long yoga mats should be even more attentive as many bags are just not sturdy enough to carry a heavy mat, such as Manduka Pro XL. They will either break soon or simply won’t fit it in.

Sustainable And Ethical Yoga Mat Bag By Bagmaya

Yoga mat bag Block Bag Extra Large

If you are looking for a beautiful and practical yoga mat bag that has also been ethically made from sustainable materials, then the Pushkar Yoga Mat Bag from Bagmaya is your best bet. Handmade in Nepal with natural hemp, this comfortable yoga mat bag will allow you to go anywhere hands-free, thanks to its backpack-style design.

It also features an external pocket for a reusable water bottles, plus one external pocket and another internal pocket for your valuables. Its large enough to fit your yoga mat plus other yoga accessories like yoga straps or small towel. On top of that, the guys at Bagmaya will plant a tree with your order, and your yoga mat bag will arrive in plastic-free packaging.

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What Size Is Your Mat

The order of operations is nonnegotiable: First, buy a yoga mat that fits your needs. Then, buy a bag that your yoga mat can fit inside. Doing it the other way around obviously limits your mat options.

Ready to stop talking about yoga mat bags and start buying? Heres our list of the years best thats inclusive of all styles, price points, and sizes.

Buying Guide For Best Yoga Mat Bags

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, carrying your yoga mat to and from class shouldnt be a balancing act. Rolled up yoga mats unfurl easily and are bulky to carry, especially when you have other yoga gear to tote. The last thing you want to do is arrive to a vinyasa or power yoga class with your arms already tired!

Yoga mat bags solve these and other issues in a number of ways. Minimalist strap-style carriers keep a rolled up mat contained in a sling over your shoulder. Duffel-style yoga mat bags hold your clothes and personal items as well as your mat. Some sling-style bags hold the mat vertically over your shoulder and protect it from the elements, while other styles attach the mat to the outside of the bag, either horizontally or on the side.

There are a plethora of great yoga mat bags on the market, and were here to guide you to one that checks all your boxes. For in-depth information on the various styles and features of yoga mat bags, including a peek at our favorites, just keep reading.

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Yoga Mat Bag Features


Pockets are a desirable feature that can be internal or external, depending on the size of the yoga mat bag. Pockets eliminate the need to carry a separate purse for your personal items and help you keep your belongings organized. An open water bottle pocket, usually situated on the bags exterior for easy access, is also a nice feature of some yoga mat bags.


If your mat has a width of greater than 26 inches, chances are it wont fit most standard yoga mat bags. For instance, a rolled-up yoga mat that is 28 inches wide will need a longer bag. Yoga mats that are thicker than average also require larger bags.


Arriving to class with a mat wet from rain or snow is not only a nuisance, it can make the yoga floor dangerously slippery. Protect yourself and your mat on your walk or ride to class with an enclosed bag made from water-repellent materials, such as treated canvas or polyester.


Some yoga mat bags have special designs, fabric patterns, or even illustrations, such as a tree or a traditional lotus. Whether youre going for a modern look, a yogic look, or a minimalist look, there are great options from which to choose.

New In: Yogamatters X Bespoke Binny

Level 1 – Beginner Yoga – mat, block and straps needed

Our latest collaboration is here! Together with London-based print homeware maker, Natalie Manima, founder of Bespoke Binny, we have created the Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny African Print Collection: a range of modern African print bolsters that not only make a perfect yoga prop but also look beautiful in your home.

  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Blue Record Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Turquoise Waves Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Red Waves Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Red Record Bolster
    Sale price

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Kindfolk Yoga Bag Duffle Yoga Mat Bag:

This carry-all duffel is designed for your mats plus blocks, a strap, and a yoga towel for the experienced yogi. Suiting mats under 26 inches wide, this duffel is great for thicker mats because it has a spacious interior. With 4.8 / 5 stars and 477 positive reviews, this bag is an Amazon favorite. In addition, Kindfolk yoga mat duffle bag donates $ 1 for every bag purchased to the A21, a nonprofit dedicated to ending slavery worldwide.

This pick from Lululemon, a fitness-wear elite retailer, for a luxurious, stylish matte bag cannot be beaten. The wide opening allows you to easily slide your mat in and out, and a special pop-out pocket provides space for your water bottle. For hot yoga fans, this bag comes with a sweaty gear compartment, allowing you to keep your post-Bikram-class clothes separate.

  • An added bonus: the carrying strap separates and doubles as a stretching strap.

Yoga Evo Yoga Mat Bag With Open Ends Mobile Pocket And Water Bottle Holder Keeps Your Mat Dry And Odorless

Yoga mats are important when you are doing yoga as they essentially are your workout machine. After a session of yoga you might notice your yoga mat may be sweaty just like you are. If you do not want a yoga mat that has a strong odor you want to try this mat bag.

The design of this mat bag was specifically created with keeping your mat odorless in mind. It has open ends to keep your mat dry and odorless. It also contains a mobile pocket to hold your cell phone with ease and a water bottle holder to assist you in carrying everything you need. This bag is lightweight but it does contain shoulder straps so you can adapt it to your liking.

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About Dusky Leaf Yoga

Dusky Leaf is a boutique manufacturer and wholesaler of yoga supplies based in Canada selling high quality, durable accessories which are sensitive to the environment.

Our clients range from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and studios.

Dusky Leaf advocates a return to nature through the practice of yoga and inspires people to achieve this change with its line of responsible yoga supplies.

    Customer Service

Xl Yoga Mat Duffel Bag

Yoga mat bag Block Bag Extra Large

The Extra Large Duffel Bag is Kindfolks largest and most roomy bag. It will hold a combination of multiple yoga mats, blocks, and towels, the perfect duffel to let you bring everything you need with you to the studio or gym.

This XL Duffel features one exterior lined pocket to secure keys, phones, and other valuables and large straps to make throwing this over your arm easy and comfortable.

Like all Kindfolk products, these duffels are vegan and environmentally friendly, using only faux leather.

Available in multiple bold patterns, these duffel bags are sure to bring on the compliments.

  • Kindfolks Largest Bag
  • Can Fit Mat, Two Blocks, Towel, and More
  • 26″ x 10″ x 10″
  • 1.3 LBS
  • Will Hold Mat Up to 26 Wide
  • Exterior Pocket for Phone or Other Small Items
  • Yoga Mat & Accessories Not Included
  • Vegan and Environmentally Friendly
  • Empower Women around the world with Every Purchase

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Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag

Our Rating

Mandukas Go Play bag is for the yogi on the go. It wraps around mats of any size, features buckles to quickly release your mat, its water resistant and has one 5 x 8 inch pocket. The pocket is only big enough to fit personal items like your wallet, keys and phone so you will have to carry other items you bring.

The strap makes this a quick and hands free way to grab your mat, throw it over your shoulder and go! Think of it like a yoga strap, but with a pocket. Its not a great option if you need something to carry your yoga blocks, towel, water bottle, etc. but if all you need is a durable mat carrier with a pocket, this is a great choice.


  • Eco-friendly materials are used in all of Mandukas products so youre supporting the environment
  • Weather and water resistant just in case it starts raining on your way to class
  • Quick release buckles so you can get your mat out and get down to business faster
  • Currently offered in 6 different colors / styles so theres likely one youll like
  • Long strap so you can be hands free and carry the mat over your shoulder


Faq Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Mat Bags

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml What are the best yoga bag mats?

    A high-quality yoga mat bag should be all three: lightweight, durable, and functional. If either one is missing, youll find yourself contemplating purchasing a new one sooner than anticipated.

    Here are our personal favorites:

    Read full reviews of each yoga mat bag on DIVEIN.COM by clicking the links above.

  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml How do you travel with a yoga mat?

    There are generally two options for traveling with a yoga mat: you can either check it in or bring it with you as a carry-on. Both options are valid, but with the second one, youll be better off if you pack it in a yoga mat bag. This way, youre increasing the chances of your yoga mat arriving at the destination intact. Some yoga mat bags are better suited for traveling than others because of their size and the amount of pockets for useful items. Check our comparison best of guide to find the right one for you.

If you already have a yoga shoes or you just bought one, leave a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with it.

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Fremous Yoga Mat Bags:

Not only is this yoga mat bag the lowest price in our roundup, but it is also Amazons choice. With 21 colors and patterns to choose from, it is easy to find something in your style. Full-zip over the mat, so it will stand up to inclement weather.

A tester also called this bag perfect because it is super durable and has a fine pattern. Note that this bag will not hold a mat more than 25 inches wide or 10 mm thick This is a great pick for a small, thin mat. And with a 100% guaranteed return policy, theres no harm in trying it out.

Best Yoga Mat Tote Bags And Carriers

Yoga Mats and Yoga Blocks by Dusky Leaf
  • doesnt cover the yoga mat entirely
  • no closure

Forget about toting several bags around the town. Zenifit yoga mat carrier is so roomy that it can hold almost everything you might need for your practice a yoga mat, a yoga block, a small towel, a water bottle, and even a set of shoes or clothes. Spare the yoga accessories, and you’ll easily fit a pair of notebooks or other daily essentials.

The owners of thick yoga mats will be pleased as well. Not only is it super easy to slip your mat inside, but the bag also comes with a set of free elastic straps that help keep it from unrolling.

This tote bag is strong enough to serve you for a long time. ‘If your shoulder can handle it, so can the bag,’ Zenifit founders assure.

Made of thick, yet soft cotton canvas, it features reinforced stitches and a comfortable wide carrying strap. And if that’s not convincing enough, the company is offering a lifetime guarantee for their product.

Zenifit yoga mat bag is machine washable but, as any cotton-made products, is prone to shrinking. Wash it inside out in cold water and air dry to enjoy this stylish yoga accessory for a longer time.

  • doesnt cover the yoga mat entirely
  • no closure

Yoga Sling Bag offers an inexpensive and stylish solution for toting your yoga mat around the town. Its made of durable canvas and is available in 6 different color schemes.

  • non-adjustable shoulder straps
  • hard to navigate through the crowd due to the horizontal rectangular shape

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Compact Yoga Mat Bag / Stylish Efficient & Lightweight

A smaller yoga mat bag may be the solution for you. If you are looking for a compact small mat bag that will carry everything you need without being bulky this may be the one for you. This bag is full of pockets to maintain your belongings safe. It also has an adjustable strap to hold your mat in place on the exterior of the bag.

This gives your yoga mat room to breathe and causes less odor as well. If you happen to carry additional bags with you as well. This is a great small bag that holds the little essentials you need to workout without overwhelming or too much of a big addition to what you already carry.

I’d Like To Introduce You To Our Awesome Yoga Prop Bag And The Reason I Designed It

I was tired of taking two bags to the yoga studio and the gym. One bag for my mat and one for everything else. Plus I was carrying my purse – now that was THREE bags I had to carry with me. I felt like a bag lady.So my mom and I worked together to figure out how large we could make a bag without it being way too big. We ended up with a bag that is 28″ wide by 18″ deep. It’s wide enough to hold a Long & Lean Bolster or mat lengthwise along the bottom and tall enough to add extra goodies like a change of clothes, more props or whatever else you need. This bag is huge when it needs to be, but because we use softer fabrics, it can also feel compact if you choose to only carry your mat and water bottle inside. We designed it so that it doesn’t have to be massive unless you stuff it completely full.There are three pockets. One has a zipper to hold your cell phone, wallet and keys to be easily found without having to dig through the bottom of your bag. The other two pockets are perfect for your water bottle and small towel.

We sew in durable Ribbon Ties so you can close your bag without loosing the space you need for all your restorative yoga props.

Like all of our products, the Yoga Prop Bags are made using repurposed fabric, so you’re doing the earth some good. They are machine washable & dryable, which makes them super easy to care for. And all products are 100% guaranteed to last! If something were to rip or break with normal use, we will fix or replace your product.

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