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Expert Answers: How Do I Run My Business And Pay Taxes In Slovenia

Yoga and Ayurveda – Dr. David Frawley – India Inspires Talk

Readers question: I was wondering if I could get some advice about being self-employed and living abroad. I want to open a business account as a sole trader in the UK and pay my national insurance and pension to the UK. However, I live in Slovenia with temporary residency, as I am a British citizen. I live here as I got married to a Slovenian. I wanted to know how can I open as a sole trader as I work from home online teaching on a platform based in Asia. They just pay my salary nothing else. What would I have to pay to Slovenia as I live here and would I have to pay double social security? Or claim my benefits from the UK when I need them. Also, would I need a virtual office in the UK? My students, I just interact with them from the website the company provides.

Part Ii Principles Of Ayurveda 2

  • Constitutional Analysis examining all factors of bodily structure, metabolism, disease tendency and psychology
  • Mental Nature according to Three Gunas and Three Doshas
  • The Disease Process
  • 1: Disease and the Movement of Time, Climate and Environmental factors
  • 2: The Six Stages of Disease in Ayurveda, classification and prognosis of disease
  • Examination of Disease
  • 1: Aggravated states of the Doshas, Sama and Nirama conditions
  • 2: Humors and Tissues in the Disease Process, the movement of the Doshas through the Dhatus
  • Diagnosis and Patient Examination: Differential Diagnosis of Disease Syndromes
  • Methods of pulse, tongue, abdomen, questioning and observation
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic Psychology, Spiritual Principles of Ayurveda
  • The Functions of the Mind and our Greater Consciousness
  • The System of Raja Yoga, Ashtanga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Examination of the Subtle Body, Chakras, and Nadis
  • Yoga Asanas and Ayurveda
  • Why A Limited Company Is Better Than A Sole Trader

    When starting a small business, one of the first things to be decided is the legal structure used for the business. It can either be a sole trader or limited company or a partnership. Setting up as a sole trader is the most popular legal structure in the UK, with approximately 3.2 million sole proprietorships in 2021. Sole traders accounted for 56% of small businesses in the UK. There were also 2 million limited companies, making it the second most popular legal structure.

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    Listen To Feedback And Act On It

    Digital technology is all about a constant flow of information which has made it easier than ever to listen to consumers. Social listening has been adopted by most businesses now, but actually using this information to improve products will be what sets smart businesses apart.

    A challenge I would like more businesses to keep in mind this year is to take new ideas about your digital application, and rather than have the usual meeting where you guess what consumers will like, just execute the idea using limited resources. Live A/B tests allow you to see how people respond to new developments and you then have real-time feedback to make much better decisions about future applications and solutions that customers will actually want.

    Biggest Challenges Facing Small Businesses In 2022

    INDIA ABUNDANCE : Yoga &  Ayurveda by David Frawley

    Starting a small business is an exciting, refreshing opportunity and for some it may have even been an idea which was in the making for many years. However, while there are many things that small business owners look forward to, there are also many challenges and pressures that they need to be prepared to deal with.

    Especially in todays competitive marketplace where many businesses have adopted the why you should choose us above anyone else approach when targeting customers. This means that most businesses try to highlight the benefits a customer receives when choosing their services, and sometimes even try to exploit gaps in their direct competitors services.

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    Could You Explain The Concept Of Maya Applied To The 20th Century

    David Frawley: Our senses only show us a part of reality, not the reality itself. We all learn from a young age that things are not always what they appear to be. Even we discover that people are not always what they appear to be. So we gradually learn to look beyond appearances to a deeper reality.

    The mass media provides us an even broader set of misleading appearances through advertising, propaganda pieces and carefully staged news and programs. I call the mass media, the Maya of the Maya. We all know that we cannot trust something as true just because it occurs on a screen.

    To understand the inner truth, we must look beyond and behind these shifting appearances, to the energy and awareness that can never be limited to any form. That is the beginning of our understanding of the cosmic reality. Then we will no longer be deceived by appearances.

    Part Iii Ayurvedic Treatment Methods: Diet And Herbs

    • The Science of the Six Tastes, Rasa-Virya-Vipak-Prabhava
    • Treatment through the Five Elements
    • Dietary Therapy, principles, outline of Ayurvedic Diet, Food Lists per Constitution
    • Food List and Food Type Analysis Fruit and Vegetables
    • Grains, Beans, Seeds and Nuts, Dairy Products, Animal Products
    • Oils, Condiments, and Spices
    • Herbs for Digestion and Elimination
    • Ayurvedic Herbs and Herbal Preparations Study Guide to Yoga of Herbs
    • Ayurvedic Therapeutic Measures: Palliation and Purification
    • Pancha Karma, Tonification and Rejuvenation
    • Ayurvedic Treatment of Disease Study Guide to Ayurvedic Healing

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    More Generally What Are The Vedas

    David Frawley: The Vedas as texts are collections of mantras from the ancient Himalayan seers or Rishis, unfolding the inner meaning of the forces of nature. These texts are very archaic and hard to understand, and usually only available in poor or misleading translations for those who do not know Sanskrit.

    The Vedas represent at a deeper level our connection with the cosmic mind, which follows the language of mantra. Yet the Vedas as texts are based upon the unlimited Vedas who are the wisdom of the spiritual heart that each one of us can access in meditation.

    Note my book Vedic Yoga: the Path of the Rishi, in which I discuss the nature of the Vedas and their relevance in detail.

    Part 1 Principles Of Ayurveda 1

    David Frawley – Ayurveda and Yoga
    • Introduction to the Course and how to use it
    • Historical and Spiritual Background, Vedic and Yogic Science
    • Ayurvedic Cosmology, the Twenty Four Tattvas, Samkhya, the Five Elements
    • The Three Gunas, Karma, Goals of Life, Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Thought
    • Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology in Detail:
    • The Biological Humors of Vata, Pitta and Kapha elements, qualities actions, sites, and aggravation
    • The Twenty Attributes humors, elements, gunas and usage
    • Five subtypes of Vata, Pitta and Kapha
    • Prana, Tejas and Ojas, the Three Vital Essences
    • Seven Tissues , actions, interrelationship, excess and deficiency states, sara condition
    • The Seven Kalas
    • The Three Waste Materials and their conditions
    • Agni and its four states
    • The Fourteen Channel Systems of the Body, their functions and conditions
    • Ayurvedic View of the Organs and their relationship to the Doshas
    • Summary of Medical Systems East and West
    • Enumeration of Ayurvedic Principles
    • Glossary of Terms and Bibliography

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    Budget 2018 Deemed The Most Small Business Friendly Budget

    The chancellor has delivered his most small business friendly Budget to date. The Budget has bought in good news for the anxious small businesses. There is always a nervous environment pre-Budget, and small business owners can now breathe a sigh of relief. From the VAT threshold being kept at £85,000 to the fuel duty to be frozen for the ninth year running, the chancellor has been praised by the small business community.

    Why Should We Read The Vedas And Why Will Certain People Never Understand The Vedic Philosophy

    David Frawley: The best access to the Vedas is through the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. The older texts are much more difficult. Of these Vedic texts, the essence is said to be the mantra OM. You can chant OM to connect to the Vedic vision. A longer Vedic mantra that is helpful is the Gayatri mantra.

    To understand such spiritual wisdom requires some degree of receptivity both to the teachings and to ones own deeper Self-nature, which is not easy for people today. Yet it is something we must come to in the long run and is actually the goal of our soul journey through many lifetimes.

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    Vedic Knowledge Center > >

    What is the nature of the mind? How is it related to our deeper consciousness? And, above all, who are we in our real being? What is our true identity or true Self behind the endless stream of thoughts going on inside us? These have always been the prime questions

    Consciousness and Immunity A strong immunity is the basis for physical and mental health. It has ramifications outwardly relative to our social order and natural environment, and inwardly for our own deeper awareness. This includes karmic factors at individual and collective levels. A good immune system requires an expansive connection

    What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga practices were as obvious and visible as the Sun? The fact is that it is. The Sun, properly understood not merely as an outer but as an inner energy source, reflects the supreme light of Yoga both in our own

    Mahesh Prabhu, Chairman & Founder of Vedic Management Center , along with internationally renowned teacher of Yoga, Vedanta & Ayurveda, Dr David Frawley , have joined hands to establish a new international publishing label VIVASWAAN , in honor of Vedic Wisdom and inner Illumination. This label originally began

    Failures Of Software Or Hardware

    Buy Yoga and Ayurveda: Self

    If there is an issue with the software or hardware that a business uses it can have a serious effect on the ease with which employees can access files. This can be damaging to the productivity of the business.

    Its important that you have a strategic plan in place, to ensure that your business is protected if this type of problem occurs. If you have an effective plan in place, a fail-over should be able to happen straight away, enabling your business to continue operating as it normally does. This type of plan should also enable your business to restore affected data, and continue with production, within a matter of minutes.

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    Top 4 Technology Issues That Are Bad For Your Business

    Information technology is a vital part of any business and it should be treated as a high priority when it comes to protecting it. Issues such as cyber-attacks, viruses and server damage can be a serious issue for any business that has IT infrastructure on site.

    Its essential that you are able to understand the different factors that can result in the loss of data for your business. This type of data loss can also result in a loss of productivity. Many businesses do not realise the vital importance of good backups until it is too late. A business can survive if data survives. You can replace your entire business computers, services, equipment, buildings, and even employees, but you cant recreate lost data without a strong backup strategy and properly working backups. For this reason, IT consultants Computer Geeks recommend taking backups and cyber security very seriously. When creating your backup strategy, you must consider all the potential threats to your data and prepare for the worst.

    So, what are the four top standard technology issues that are hurting your business?

    Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

    Emotional intelligence can have a significant impact in the workplace. It can help your team form strong bonds allowing them to thrive, or the lack of it can create misunderstanding and cause issues. Emotional intelligence is becoming a more prominent topic of conversation when it comes to business leaders and business environments, therefore small businesses need to understand what it is and why it can make a great impact in the workplace.

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    How To Start A Mens Grooming Salon Business

    The mens grooming industry is becoming more and more popular as men are placing more emphasis on their appearance. From hairstyles to facial hair care, to skincare and other types of maintenance services, men in the modern era are beginning to invest more in themselves to help them with their confidence and personal well-being. In a survey conducted by YouGov, it was found that 81% of men felt more confident in themselves after having a haircut or beard trim, just highlighting how important grooming services are for men.

    Success Story: Suzy Pelta Blogger Author And Demo Chef

    Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley – A Book Review

    Suzy Pelta is the latest entrepreneur to feature in one of our success stories. Suzy from SuzyPeltaBakes is a business woman, a recipe book writer and demo chef. After winning Lorraines Cake Club, Suzy transformed her life and took advantage of opportunities that came her way. She discusses juggling being a parent and being a business owner as well as the importance of social media.

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    Employment Contracts A Guide For Business Owners

    If you take on staff to work for your business, you must take on board a number of duties and obligations towards your employees. Here, we look at what employment contracts are, and the paperwork you must complete in order to comply with employment law and avoid being taken to a tribunal by an unhappy employee.

    What Is An Employment Contract

    • An contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee, setting out the employment rights, duties and responsibilities of both parties.
    • The contract becomes binding as soon as an individual accepts a job offer. The contract remains in force until the term of employment comes to an end, or the terms of employment are changed.
    • Interestingly, the contract itself does not necessarily need to be in writing, although all employees are entitled to receive a statement of employment within two months of starting work .
    • Not all contract terms are explicit. Some may be implied, such as via collective agreements, those which are required by law, those which may be reasonably expected , or terms contained in a staff handbook, etc.
    • If your business has an agreement with a union or staff association , details of how the relationship operates form part of the employment contract .
    • An existing employment contract can only be changed with the permission of both parties.

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    What Rates Of National Insurance Apply To Limited Company Employees

    You may not have to pay any NICs at all, depending on the level of salary you decide to pay yourself as a limited company director. The rates quoted here are for the 2020/21 tax year .

    In fact, if you earn less than £169 per week, you are not liable to pay any NICs at all.

    1. Employees NICs

    As an employee of your limited company, you pay Class 1 National Insurance Contributions

    You pay 13.8% of earnings over £169 per week.

    These contributions are deducted via your payroll each month .

    2. Employers NICs

    As your employer, your company is also liable to pay Class 1 Contributions on salaries paid to its employees.

    The company pays 13.8% on income at or above £169 per week.

    Are Vedic Wisdom And Modern Times Compatible If So How

    Yoga y Ayurveda by David Frawley (Spanish) Paperback Book ...

    David Frawley: Vedic wisdom aims at the eternal, which is the cosmic intelligence at the ground of life. In modern times we are caught more in the transient, the daily news and constantly changing outer forms of entertainment and enjoyment. Yet all of us seek something more enduring as well.

    For long term well being, we must respect that our bodies as a creation of nature can only be healed by a life that honors natures rhythms and movements, and which brings in natures healing powers.

    Natural healing and deep ecology are ways in which the modern world needs Vedic wisdom and can benefit from it. Unless we first create a sustainable economic system, which includes a sustainable system of medicine, major difficulties are quite likely and our existing world order may be threatened. Yet, such changes must begin with a sustainable way of life and consciousness for each one of us at an individual level.

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    Doctor As A Spiritual Pioneer How Do You Explain The Role Of Spirituality In Health Care

    David Frawley: Health and well-being eventually much rest upon inner peace. Inner peace is only possible when we have some spiritual orientation and practice in life. Spirituality in health care means consciousness in health care, being aware of who we are, what we are doing, and what forces are there in our environment that we have to work with. Consciousness brings in true caring to the therapist and the willingness to heal into the patient. Wherever there is consciousness, prana flows and rejuvenation becomes possible.

    How To Start A Part

    Starting a part-time small business is ideal if you want the security of employment whilst investing in a side business. Starting a business can come with great risks, and one of the main reasons that potential entrepreneurs are held back is for fear of their business failing. However with a combination of business skills and the right product, you can make your business a success. When running a part-time small business you also dont have the life changing risk of failing hanging over your head, as you still have a steady income through your day job.

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