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Yoga Anatomy Course Online Free

The Best Teachers Are Life

Learn the Art of Assists with Dylan Werner (Yoga Teacher Training)

Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews are recognized world experts in integrating the deepest principles of anatomy with the practice of yoga.

Whether you’re enrolling in this course to enhance your personal practice, or to sharpen your skills as a teacher, you will love the community and cultivate your curiosity.

Who This Course Is For:

  • Many yoga teachers say this one course taught them more than their entire 200 hour teacher training did. It’s a super-booster of incredible new information for any yoga style.
  • This course is fabulous for yoga teachers and yoga students of all styles and levels.
  • If you want to understand more fully how your body works in ways that will surprise you, and be able to gain more mastery in your yoga practice, this course is for you!
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 39,519 Students
  • 7 Courses

Sadie Nardiniâ is a Yoga E-RYT 500â, and is Harvard and Stanford Certified in musculoskeletal anatomy and exercise physiology.

She is the founder of âCore Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, âan anatomy-enhanced yoga style, âand The Yoga Shred®, âa joint-safe HIIT + Yoga fitness style. âThese two styles are designed to give you more whole body fitness results in half the time of most regular classes.

Her signature Somatic Stretch Sequence style uses neuromuscular science to re-train the brain and release muscles more gently and quickly than common static stretches can!

Sadie is also the author of “The 21-Day Yoga Body” and âThe Road Trip Guide to the Soulâ .

Due to a severe spinal injury in her teens, Sadie now uses her expertise to create fresh and engaging online yogaâ /â fitness âprograms ââwith a focus on âjoint safetyââ so we can move strongly, but with fierce compassion.

Prefer To Learn On Your Own Time

During the 500HR yoga teacher training program, our teachers gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology interwoven with concepts from Eastern and Western medicine. Teachers gain the ability to use these modalities together to deepen the therapeutic effects of a yoga practice. Our 500HR teachers are trained to work one-on-one with their students to personalize the practice to suit the needs of the student on a more therapeutic level and are trained to work with healthcare providers to enhance healthcare. This training prepares our teachers with the information needed to serve their community and to become a registered Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist.

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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We’ve Walked In Your Shoes And We’re Here To Support You Every Step Of The Way

When you enroll in Fundamentals, you’ll receive immediate access to Digital Versions of:

  • A members-only website
  • Course Videos – Stream from the site, or download to your computer
  • Audio MP3s – Great for review
  • Full Text Transcripts – Perfect for note-taking or ESL students
  • Fundamentals Guidebook PDF – You will LOVE this – it’s your journal, study partner, and smart best friend all rolled into one
  • Frequently Asked Questions on every unit – Learn from your peers, and submit your own questions
  • Earn Your Certificate of Completion – To submit to the Yoga Alliance or other professional organization
  • Real Live Human Being Support Team – We are yogis too, and we’ve got your back!

Plus Bonuses:

  • Surprise bonuses, extras, and clinics, in addition to the content in the syllabus
  • Access never expires + FREE Upgrades every time we update the course

This Course Is 100% Online And Self Paced

Yoga for Body and Soul

This course makes up for 30 hours of our Online 200hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. To know more about our 200hour Online YTTC click here.

If you are already a certified yoga teacher, this course will help you freshen-up your Anatomy knowledge without any pressure of time as you will have a lifetime access to it. This course can be taken alone or bundled with others continuing education trainings.

This 30 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course is led by our senior teacher Gwendoline Ferreira . Once the course is completed, and if you are a 200hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, you will gain 30 continuing education credits. These credits can be added to your Yoga Alliance account if you are registered with them.

In order to continue growing as a teacher, all Registered Yoga Teachers must complete 30 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years.

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Yoga & Anatomy: How To Learn Anatomy In 10 Key Steps

  • Get down to basics. This means outlining why you want to learn anatomy for yoga in the first place. While it seems obvious, identifying your goal from the start is key.

  • Dive into how we apply anatomy to yoga. This would include identifying things like anatomical position and why thats a central part of learning anatomy for yoga.

  • Identify the key parts of the body youll study. There are many parts of the bodys infrastructure. Its important we look at just what parts well study.

  • Look at muscles in poses. This is where things start to get real, as we take our knowledge from the above step and we look at muscles at work within yoga poses.

  • Identify ways to share anatomy with your students. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the time to apply what we know by sharing anatomy, through the cues we use and through the supporting information that comes from our knowledge of anatomy.

  • Help your students by providing them with corrective cues to get them out of red flag alignment. With your new anatomy knowledge, youll be better able to distinguish between things that can be overlooked and actions on the mat that need to be addressed with corrective cues.

  • Reprinted with permission from BareBones Yoga.

    And This Course Is The Result

    Since then, the Fundamentals online course has been shared in over 200 Teacher Trainings worldwide.

    Our graduates are teaching in the professional yoga world, working with private clients, and expanding the horizons of their own practices.

    Every day, we get notes back from them about how this course has changed their lives for the better, and opened their eyes to a broader set of possibilities than they’d ever considered.

    They tell us that because of this course, their teaching is grounded and flexible.

    And their practices have grown more personal, nuanced, and alive.

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    Isn’t There A Way I Can Move Better

    This is the question I asked myself more than 30 years ago, and Ive never stopped looking for new and more ways to make it happen ever since. Whether youre a teacher or a beginner, I want to connect you with everything you need to discover how your body really can and wants to move.

    Yoga anatomy education that is accessible for everyone

    Taking a yoga anatomy course is a simple way to truly embrace better movement and posture. The prerequisite for learning yoga anatomy is having a body you like to move.By connecting you with the unique world of fascia anatomy and the insights it offers, the courses are designed to give you an easily understandable new outlook on how postures are supported sustainably, and how your body moves. These courses offer continuing education, and learning how the body really wants to move and can stay injury free.

    Yoga Anatomy Courses

    How Can Online Courses Help You Learn Anatomy

    Why Anatomy Training is Essential for Yoga Teachers

    Anatomy courses available through Coursera provide multimedia libraries of anatomical models and materials, helping learners better understand the topics. Lessons show how to recognize and apply basic anatomical concepts, and learners can view videos, lectures, and illustrations of anatomy provided by physicians and directors of major universities.

    Some courses on Anatomy offered through Coursera involve learners in rich online discussions, engaging them on anatomical and clinical problems with peers and experts. In these discussions, learners also receive guidance in exploring anatomical information. For learners interested in how exercise impacts our physiology, one course offers a weekly yoga exercise in addition to optional discussions.â

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    What Makes Us Different

    Yoga Anatomy Academy is helmed by a doctor of physical therapy, who has treated thousands of patients 1-on-1, has taught yoga for more than 21 years and studied multiple yoga traditions.

    Get nuanced, accurate information right here in a supportive, live, community with direct access to a trained medical professional who started her career in yoga .

    Embrace This Dynamic Transformation And Start A New Life As A Professional Yoga Instructor

    • 100% self-paced and flexible
    • 50 hours of High quality pre-recorded video modules
    • Learn in-depth about shoulder mobility, hip mobility, spine mobility, wrist-ankle-knee protection, core stabilization, fascia, and how to work with injuries
    • Receive a comprehensive introduction to the anatomy of bones, muscles, and bodily systems
    • LIVE Zoom sessions with your instructor where you can ask about any of your own, or your students’ anatomical challenges you may be dealing with
    • Access to our past live recordings
    • 24/7 student support service

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    How Is This Different Than Leslie & Amy’s Other Online Courses

    This course, Fundamentals, is a 20-hour course, co-taught by Amy & Leslie, and supported by the Support Team.

    Leslie’s other courses: Principles and Practices, and Amy’s other courses: Bones and Muscles, are much longer courses, designed for advanced professional training. Each of these other courses is about 70-hours each.

    What You’ll Learn In This Course

    • Introduction to yoga anatomy
    • Basic anatomical terms, the basic functions of the muscio-skeletal system, and the properties and characteristics of the skeleton, connective tissue, muscles, and fascia.
    • The names of the most frequently referred to bones, joints, and muscles.
    • Learn how the shoulder works, as a joint, the muscles involved, and the most common tensions and strains that occur in this area.
    • The fundamental functioning of the hips and the complexity of their available movements
    • How to work with injuries
    • Learn about skeleton system, muscular system, connective tissue and joints
    • How the spine, breathing, and body position are all fundamentally linked across various bodily systems.
    • Types of movement, planes of motion,
    • Shoulder mobility hip mobility
    • How to work with injuries, adjustments, sequencing, meditation and pranayama.
    • Class design and teaching methodology
    • How to register with Yoga Alliance when the training is completed

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    Yoga Anatomy Certificate Course

    This is the course for yoga practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting to develop their movement practice. Learn modern fascia-based anatomy with the new science based functions and possibilities, because today’s practice can’t rely on yesterdays anatomy understanding. This course offers certificates and continuing education credits.

    Why Is This Course So Much More Affordable Than Leslie & Amy’s Other Courses

    Two reasons:

    • It’s quite a bit shorter than the other courses .
    • Instead of a QA forum directly with Amy & Leslie, they’ve designed a step-by-step Fundamentals Guidebook to help you work through your own experience and become your own best teacher.

    What does this mean?

    Leslie and Amy regularly travel the world teaching, and their in-demand schedules mean that their rates for personal mentorship are extremely high. Also, the longer courses have mentored homework on each and every lesson, making them much more expensive to support.

    These longer courses are very special. But the high costs of running them means that we can’t share them with as many yogis as we’d like.

    With this course, Fundamentals, our goal is to make these valuable teachings available to the most students possible.

    Direct Q& A and mentorship by Amy & Leslie is available in their larger professional training courses, , or per hour in private sessions.

    Our intention with this course is to bring the most value to the most people as possible. We are so excited to welcome you to the family!

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    New Fascia Of The Respiratory System

    Discover and improve your breathing potential through the interconnections of fascia. Learn everything from breath expansion to vagus nerve influences and improved organ functions with this comprehensive 3.5 hour course. Designed for practitioners and teachers of yoga, martial arts and other movement styles who understand the importance of breath and want to build their practice and knowledge.

    This eight-part video course helps you improve your ankle mobility.- safely increase your ankle mobility- learn about the mobility elements of your ankle- practice possible ankle movements- understand the reasons for change in ankle mobilityIncluded in this course are five really simple and effective exercises to improve your posture, balance and ankle mobility.

    How Do I Know If Learning Anatomy Is Right For Me

    Learn to Confidently Cue your Students with Briohny Smyth (Yoga Teacher Training)

    Anyone who wants to learn more about the human body for personal or professional purposes should consider studying anatomy. Learning anatomy can help prepare you for a role in a medical field, whether you simply work in a doctor’s office or hospital or you actually work one-on-one with patients. Some people choose to learn anatomy for artistic purposes, such as painting or drawing. If you’re an athlete or coach, it can help you improve your performance or the performance of your team. It could help you create an exercise routine to improve a certain part of your body or help you prevent or manage an illness. If you have a health problem, it can help you understand it better, as well as help you understand the treatment your doctor provides.â

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    Unmatched In The Industry Our 90

    We understand that a commitment like this is a big one, so we offer an unconditional guarantee. If you enroll yourself, preview the material, and decide it’s not the right fit for you, we’ll send you a full refund.

    If you’re not absolutely thrilled with this resource, please take every single penny back. While youre taking this course, we will personally make ourselves available to help should you have questions or troubles…

    If it turns out that the course isnt the right fit for you – for whatever reason – simply let us know within 90 days of purchase. Well promptly process a full refund. To help us figure out what we can improve on, well hop on the phone with you to get your feedback.

    So whats the risk? There is none. Youve got 90 days to try it – not just 30 or 60. Thats a quarter of a year!

    Try it. Get help if its not working for you. And if it just doesnt work out, get your money back.

    Your Yoga Practice Always Has To Be A Little More Clever Than Your Habits ~tkv Desikachar

    Depending on your history, this course might be…

    • A Foundation
    • A Brush-Up
    • A New Lens Though Which to Explore Familiar Terrain

    … But no matter how much experience you have under your belt, we assure you there will be plenty to learn. No one approaches this material like Amy & Leslie.

    “Best in class”

    Gary Kraftsow

    Founder, American Viniyoga Institute

    “When I wanted to upgrade the anatomy portion of our trainings, I turned to Leslie and Amy. My students love this training. It is the best course of its kind available to teacher trainers today.”

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    Course Curriculum & Other Details

    This is a basic refresher just in case you forgot what you learned in your first TTC or if you are new to the anatomy world. In these classes, there will be a discussion on the basic anatomical terms, the basic functions of the muscio-skeletal system, and the properties and characteristics of the skeleton, connective tissue, muscles, and fascia. You will also learn the names of the most frequently referred to bones, joints, and muscles.

    In these advanced yoga anatomy sessions you will learn in-depth on: shoulder mobility hip mobility the spine and lower back ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows foot and bow anatomy the nervous system the nature of fascia the functional anatomy of a handstand functional yoga anatomy practices.

    In these previously recorded live webinars, you will discuss evolving topics of yoga anatomy and alignment and hear the answers to commonly asked questions from yoga students and teachers from around the world.

    To support your learning ULU Yoga provides you with complimentary readings and multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered.

    As a special bonus you will receive one free month of ULU Yogaâs daily live classes via Zoom. Classes are a mix of Q& A and physical practice covering all subjects from the 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training: anatomy, philosophy, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and teaching methodology. There are two classes a day and times vary week by week.

    How To Make Learning Anatomy Easy

    9 Revision Tips to Pass Your Yoga Anatomy Exam

    In the over 10 years Ive been leading anatomy trainings, Ive devised a blueprint for learning anatomy. This step-by-step process promotes learning at a pace that allows for an understanding of each step. Because each step builds the necessary knowledge for the one that follows, it cuts overwhelm. The blueprint is targeted at understanding anatomy for yoga teaching. While it seems obvious it is worth noting, as many trainings and educational materials for teachers go deep into subjects that have little relevance to the main thing theyll be doing: moving people through a sequence on the yoga mat. While having deep knowledge can be helpful, its not critical. For such a broad subject with lots of complex parts, its important we focus on the key things to make learning it more reasonable.

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    Online Yoga Anatomy Course Free Burn Challenge

    The yoga burn challenge includes a free presentation which explains a full yoga program which you can do at home to master you. It’s specially designed for women where you can be guided by an online trainer. It is a brilliant routine that will help you burn much calories and fats thus managing your weight and shape over the time. Yoga burn challenge helps you set principles which you have to observe to achieve your weight loss goals. It has been used by many women over the past few years where most of them have recorded success.


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