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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

What Is Included In My Yacep Continuing Education Course

Master Class | Asana, Pranayama, and Dharana

The Golden Class Concept is what you need to become a complete Yoga Teacher with substance and lets you stand out of the crowd of the regular Yoga teachers and or instructors.

The following are just some aspects of the topics that you will cover during this program:

  • The mechanical movement of the body
  • The proper functioning of muscle and skeletal structure
  • Design a Class with the body in mind
  • Muscle Function and how they flow with the motion into an Asana
  • Learn how to give a Blind Class
  • Learn how to give a proper Yoga Nidra class
  • Shoulder-, Hips- and Knee Opening with knowledge and high consciousness

What Is Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance , referred to simply as Yoga Alliance and abbreviated as YA, is the first and largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community in the world with a mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

Many other countries have since established similar Yoga Alliances organization, independent and not affiliated with the Yoga Alliance in USA, based in their own country but with the same name. Examples are Yoga Alliance Europe, Yoga Alliance China, Yoga Alliance International, etc.

Yoga Teacher Training According To Our Philosophy: Privacy With The Master

It is a Workshop for Non Yoga Teacher as well Yoga Teacher who want to understand more about Yoga and its Benefits. The goal is to become a more complete Yoga Teacher with a deeper understanding of Yoga.

This Accreditation Workshop is to upgrade you skill to a new level of Yoga understanding and enables you to talk and teach the theory with authority and ease.

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About Yoga Alliance & Certification

Yoga Vidya Mandiram would like to encourage all students to take the course with a goal to improve their personal practices and not just focused on obtaining a certificate. Yoga has many meanings to different people and each one of us study the arts of yoga with various purposes. No matter the reason behind your interest, the goal of yoga is to uplift your spirits, bring your mind to a higher consciousness and ultimately reach a state of samadhi .

Nevertheless, certificate is important and practical in this modern time if you hope to share your knowledge and experience of yoga. Therefore, a certificate will be handed out upon completion of your course following School Policy and Code of Conduct

To Submit Continuing Education Contact Hours From A Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider :

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Workshop ...
  • Once you are logged into your Yoga Alliance account, click on My Dashboard on the top right hand corner
  • Scroll down to select the type of course or training you completed.
  • If you completed an in-person course with a YACEP, select the In Person with a YACEP option. Then, follow the prompts to submit your course dates, YACEP name, course name, and upload your course certificate.
  • YACEP Name: Yoga Vista Academy and/or Sherry Zak Morris
  • You must have a certificate to submit a course from a YACEP.
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    We Are All Students Of Yoga

    Regardless of how new or accomplished you are as a teacher, desire to learn should inspire continued learning and professional growth. At Yoga Moves we value a lifelong commitment to personal growth and development of talent. That is why we offer continuing education workshops from qualified top notch local and international teachers to support your yoga knowledge and skills.

    Teaching yoga takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of personal practice. Continuous education will support you in your personal development on the mat, as well as your evolution as an inspiring yoga teacher. We believe that all yoga teachers, no matter their experience or knowledge level, stand to benefit from continuous learning and from studying with teachers with extensive experience. Continuing education is important for both teachers and the students they teach.

    When your education is of high quality, your services are of high quality. We want to help you to grow as a human being and to become the teacher you are meant to be.

    Our CE courses range widely from philosophy to advanced asana to prenatal yoga. The objective of Yoga Moves CE is to train teachers with quality, professionalism, depth, safe and knowledge skills. People from all over the world come to study with us.

    Check out our schedule below to see what is happening next!

    How To Log Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours

    If youve decided to join Yoga Alliance , then youll need to log your Yoga Alliance continuing education hours. Once youve completed some of your CE requirements, youll need to log those CE hours as soon as the certificate comes through

    .but the Yoga Alliance website is challenging to navigate.

    So Im happy to help you with this!

    Ill start by answering a couple of common questions to get us on the same page, and then Ill guide you through logging your hours step-by-step.

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    The Best Teachers Are Always Learning And Expanding Their Knowledge

    At Inlet Yoga, we provide a variety of YACEP Continuing Education courses to help you expand your yoga knowledge and education.

    Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements:If you are a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, you must complete 45 hours of Continuing Education every three years, learning something that is new to you. This includes 30 hours of yoga training at least 10 hours must be contact hours with a qualified provider and no more than 20 hours may be non-contact hours. for the current Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements.

    Inlet Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider provider.

    Continuing Education Units And Yoga Alliance

    From Doing Yoga to Being Yoga: Embodying Three Sacred Teachings of our Tradition, Part 2

    Yoga Alliance requires all yoga teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years, with a maximum of 20 hours logged as non-contact hours. Online hours count toward this requirement!

    Hours from all of our course content can be used to fulfill the online requirement. Getting credit for these study hours is as easy as logging into your Yoga Alliance account and entering the hours after youve completed the conference/course. **Please note – if you complete your course offline through a download or USB your Yoga International account will not reflect the progress of the course and will not generate a certificate of completion. Additionally, if you’re experiencing issues with your certificate please use this article for troubleshooting tips.

    Continue your yoga education with any course from the Yoga International library!

    If you are having issues submitting your certificate to Yoga Alliance:We understand that there can sometimes be confusion surrounding how to upload your hours from our courses to them directly, so we reached out to Yoga Alliance directly for guidance on how to best assist our members in uploading their credits. To submit your Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to www.yogaalliance.org and log into your account.To

  • Scroll down to select the type of course you completed.

  • Select In person with someone who is not a YACEP.

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    Continuing Education For Yoga Teachers

    In this vast and ever-changing world of Yoga, it is essential to continue to evolve and learn new ways to enhance your skills as both a healer and a guide. We believe that we are all students first. Students of the earth, students of life, and students of Yoga. We are thrilled to be offering Yoga Alliance Continuing Education courses to keep the students of our world inspired and educated.

    It is a beautiful process of humility to step into the divine presence of being a student. Through our Prenatal, Trauma-Informed, Yin Yoga, and many other Continuing Education offerings we are reminded of the depth and healing potential of the practices of Yoga. We are always adding new online and in-person continuing education courses for our community!

    Some Highlights Of The Material You Will Be Thought

    This Program is designed to not only shed more light, but to actually teach you how to give, explain and understand the Golden Class Concept patented by Yoga Skyros Academy and registered at Yoga Alliance USA.

    Each class has a maximum of ten students. This gives you the opportunity to be closer to your master and to understand not only a commercial approach to yoga but also the essence and transformation of the powerful yoga science.

    Yoga Skyros Academy believes that you have to find balance and harmony even in a city.

    The best way is to study, learn, and practice Yoga in a beautiful and active place. At Yoga Skyros you will feel safe and content allowing you to re-educate your lifestyle.

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    Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Provider Courses

    Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements

    We are all students of yoga. Regardless of how accomplished you are as a teacher, success should inspire continued learning and growth. Each RYT must meet the Continuing Education Requirements on an ongoing basis.

    * Every 3 years starting from your initial date of registration, each RYT and E-RYT must complete and log a minimum of:

    . 45 hours teaching yoga, and

    . 30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of our Educational Categories, of which, at least 10 training hours must be Contact Hours. No more than 20 training hours may be Non-Contact Hours.

    ** Continuing Education hours should be spent learning something new, through research, study or experiential learning, rather than synthesizing or processing prior knowledge.

    One Weekend , 10-Hrs Continuing Education Workshops on offer for Yoga Teachers.


    Yoga University: Continuing Education

    Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Workshop ...

    Yoga from the Heartâs Yoga University is a reoccurring, come-when-you-can program of learning held on the 3rd Saturday of every month during the spring and summer. It is all about inspiring you to go deeper into the many facets of yoga.

    Sessions are designed for students and teachers who are committed to the on-going study and practice of yoga.

    Each Yoga U immersion provides a space for the in-depth exploration of asana, functional anatomy, yogic philosophy, breath work, and meditation.

    Each workshop weaves a philosophical theme throughout the afternoon that invites participants to deepen their understanding of yoga as a path of self-development and transformation.

    The training curriculum reflects thousands of hours of continuing education and on-the-mat yoga training with some of the most renowned teachers in North America. The learning environment is dynamic and interactive allowing for questions, personal attention, and hands on learning.

    Dive into the deep pool of yogic study at Yoga from the Heartâs Yoga University.

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    International Association Of Yoga Therapists

    The yoga4cancer Online Certificate Program have been approved by International Association of Yoga Therapists for Continuing Education.

    Participants that successfully complete these programs can apply for Continuing Education Credits of 25 hours towards their IAYT credentials and CEU credits.

    Learn more here.

    How Many Ceu Do You Need For Yoga Alliance

    The current continuing education requirement to maintain your Yoga Alliance certification is 30 total CE hours every three years for both RYTs and E-RYTs .

    Now, lets get more of the lingo down, shall we? CE stands for Continuing Education and CEU means Continuing Education Unit .

    These units usually equate to your standard clock hours, but note that the amount of credits you get wont always be the exact number of clock hours you spent in the course but it should be close! For example, you might attend a two and half hour workshop and receive two continuing education hours or credits because the last 30 minutes was a question and answer session. Your CE provider will designate how many official CE credits you receive for the continuing education program.

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    Please Note: Most Yogauonline Courses Qualify For Non

    Yoga Alliance currently has two systems for submitting continuing education hours: Through the old system and on their new YACEP system. Please note that YogaUOnline’s courses are not offered via YACEP, so you will need to submit hours through the old system. Below, please find the Yoga Alliance guidelines for this and how to submit your hours.

    The Art Of Teaching Full Course

    CE Workshop | From Doing Yoga to Being Yoga Embodying Three Sacred Teachings of our Tradition

    The Art of Teaching is a 50-hour continuing education program designed for yoga teachers who want to stay on the path of learning and set their classes apart. Each module covers a topic that is key for teachers dedicated to honing their craft, and often missed in 200-hour trainings.

    Modules are delivered once each month over five months. Complete the full program to earn 50 Continuing Education Credits for both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, or purchase modules individually, choosing the topics that will best amplify your own teaching. Youll find details of the different modules and booking options at the bottom of this page.

    Equally important, youll connect with other teachers, grow your knowledge and deepen your impact.

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    What Does Yoga Alliance Do

    Yoga Alliance maintains the standards for yoga schools and yoga teachers to ensure quality and safety of yoga practices around the world.

    1. Registered Yoga Schools under Yoga Alliance: All curriculums of 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Trainings is submitted, assessed and approved by Yoga Alliance. Curriculums follow requirements maintained by YA to ensure quality of training.

    2. Registered Yoga Teachers under Yoga Alliance: Teachers must meet training requirements by completing trainings from a yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance, plus complete any teaching hours , before being eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher . This ensure that yoga teachers, not only complete a certain hours of structured training, but ensures that the training offered by a yoga school with approved standard and that the teacher has required teaching experience before registering as a yoga teacher.

    Therefore, the standards maintained by Yoga Alliance offer yoga students confidence and trust in yoga schools and yoga teachers they are learning from.

    From The Yoga Alliance Website

    Continuing Education Non-Contact Hours consist of learning outside of the classroom or without a qualified Continuing Education Provider present. All hours must be directly related to one of our Educational Categories. A Non-Contact Hour is earned by completing one hour of any of the following activities:

    • Reading a book or article, or watching a video

    • Being a student participant in a webinar or taking an online or correspondence course

    • Receiving remote mentoring

    • Creating class materials for distribution to students

    Registered Yoga Teachers are required to submit a written reflection or evaluation of each activity, to demonstrate what was learned and how it relates to one or more of our Educational Categories.

    Registered Yoga Teachers must ensure they obtain Continuing Education from a qualified provider who meets any of the criteria below:

  • A YACEP whose membership is current, or

  • An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher who is currently registered, or

  • Someone who has both professional experience and substantial education related to one or more of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories. The Provider must be able to document or demonstrate his/her relevant experience and education, and may provide Continuing Education only in their area of expertise.*

  • *Yoga Alliance reserves the right to request supporting documentation from RYTs to substantiate the qualifications of any non-YACEP Continuing Education Provider.

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