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Yoga Alliance Children’s Yoga Certification

This Is What You’ll Learn:

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training online: Details of the Yoga Alliance kids yoga teacher training 2021
  • How to introduce Yoga and Mindfulness to children
  • How to plan and teach children’s yoga classes, units and a year-long program
  • Yoga for Self-Regulation: calming and energizing yoga practices for children
  • How to support kids Social and Emotional Wellbeing with Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Yoga and Mindfulness practices at home and in school to help kids focus and learn
  • How to teach kids yoga in-person and online
  • How to establish and run a successful Children’s Yoga Business

For Certified Yoga Teachers and Certified Childrens Yoga Teachers , our training modules offer a great opportunity to earn your Continuing Education hours!

Yoga Education Institute’s Online Kids Yoga Teacher Program

The Yoga Education Institute is a registered Yoga Alliance School. Many of their courses guide students through the requirements for becoming a registered yoga instructor. They do have digital and in-person requirements to become a registered kids yoga teacher.

If your goal is to be a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, their Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program is the perfect first step.

Their kids yoga teacher training program can be completed completely online, but they also offer in-person workshops, and modules students are welcome to incorporate into their course.

Benefits of this course include:

  • Budget-friendly price with a money back guarantee after two months
  • Includes continuing education credits along with the certificate of completion
  • Accredited by Yoga Alliance

If youre interested in what yoga instructors out in the real world have to say about LFY, you can look at what past graduates have said after completing this course here on their website.

A Kids Yoga Training Unlike Any Other

The YogaKids Kids Yoga Certification Program is the first kids yoga training of its kind. YogaKids founder, , revolutionized the way yoga is taught to kids. Marsha, influenced by educational theorists such as Howard Gardner and, created an educationally-based program. Because of this, a YogaKids class is not just a kids yoga class! A YogaKids class integrates music, art, science, literacy, and so much more. Above all, a YogaKids class makes yoga accessible to kids of every learning style!

Save over $1000 when you purchase Full Certification as a bundle.

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Module : Marketing Your Business

  • How to promote yourself as a yoga teacher

  • Communicating the benefits of childrens yoga

  • Yoga teacher ethics

  • Creating an ethical social media presence

  • How to approach schools and studios

We recommend completing our Advanced course in 2019 to receive a full 90 hour Teacher Training Certificate. Children’s Yoga Tree full 90 hour Foundation and Advanced courses provide an intensive and thorough understanding of teaching yoga to children, including class planning, managing behaviour, anatomy, mindfulness, special needs, working with schools, yoga philosophy, family yoga and more.

Because Our Youth Deserve Dedicated Knowledgeable Yoga Instructors That Know How To Manage And Support Their Ever Changing Bodies Minds And World The Rcyt 95 Hour Teacher Training Will Provide You The Comprehensive Knowledge To Care Create And Support Our Youth In A Variety Of Settings For Maximum Success

Yoga Alliance

This in-depth training is for people who know that they want to be a fully certifiedChildrens Yoga Teacher by a nationally recognized organization, Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is the only nationally recognized certifying body for yoga schools and teachersin the United States. In 2015 YA outlined new requirements for RCYS and RCYTs and is no longer recognizing grandfathered training and teaching hours.

These requirements then gave rise to the new, stronger, and more comprehensive teacher trainings that are working to elevate the teaching practices and execution of the childrens yoga industry.

Right now, you CAN work as a childrens yoga teacher with a weekend intensive training.

And yet, after taking a weekend intensive and having taught childrens yoga class, I know that Im excited, interested, and eager to learn so much more. I want to be a RCYT!

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Learn More About Yoga Break For Children Training And Resources

Learn how to do effective yoga practices with children to teach them essential self-regulation skills for a healthy and successful life. Receive ready-to-use, year-long children’s yoga program.

Choose a Full Course orIndividual Modules

54 cards organized into 7 themed practices. You can use these cards to lead yoga breaks in the classroom, teach complete classes in a yoga studio, do yoga and play games at home.


Receive ready-to-use kids yoga lesson plans and worksheets organized into themed monthly units! It is for children’s yoga teachers, educators, parents or anyone doing yoga with children.

50% OFFSelected Units & Bundles

Yoga Alliance Professionals Peace Of Mind

We understand choosing the right Training Course is a big decision. To help give you peace of mind we partner with Yoga Alliance Professionals an independent professional body for Yoga Trainers and Teachers globally.

Being a member verifies that:– Our Training Courses meet the highest standards.- Fully qualified Senior Teachers lead the Courses.- Graduates receive a globally recognised teaching certification.

Additionally you can:– Read genuine reviews from our past graduates.- Talk with our past graduates via private message.- We do NOT see these discussions so you can ask anything you want.- Qualify for Trainee insurance if domiciled in UK or Eire.

Our training course comes complete with FREE access to the Yoga Alliance Professionals Trainee portal.

It enables you to network with other Trainees worldwide and receives regular inspiration and hints and tips to support you throughout the course.

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Learn More In This Chat With Jenn

Is the course live-streamed or recorded? This is a self-paced course with approximately 20 hours of content. There is no set timeline for completion youll have ongoing access to all of the course components including lectures, practice videos, worksheets, and more.

Is this equivalent to your in-person Level 1 training?Yes, this is an online version of our L1 training , and can be applied to our LFY Certification.

Are there any requirements prior to taking this training?This training is open to all. No previous coursework or certifications are required.

What will I learn if I take this training? Will I be able to teach right away? This course covers the most essential aspects of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children safely and effectively, in a trauma informed manner. Youll learn our five element methodology of connect, breathe, move, focus and relax, and how to use practices within each of these elements to cultivate self-awareness, resilience and joy in children and teens. We also cover compassionate classroom and behavior management, which is an essential part of teaching young people. This course will give you the tools you need to start teaching right away, in a variety of settings including schools, studios, and private sessions.

Can I earn Continuing Education credit?Yes, this course qualifies for 20 hours of CE credit with Yoga Alliance.

Will I get a Certificate of Completion? Yes. Were happy to provide certificates to anyone who requests one.

Taking It A Step Further Earn Your Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher Certification With Yoga Alliance

Yoga Kids Teacher Training – Certified by YOGA ALLIANCE

Program for Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher Now In-Person and Via Zoom

For current yoga teachers who want to earn the more advanced RCYT distinction with Yoga Alliance, we offer additional in-person training in the Los Angeles area, as well as via Zoom. Completing both the self-paced online program and in-person program fulfills the requirements for the Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher distinction with Yoga Alliance

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Whats Included In The Online Yoga Training Program

  • Kids Yoga Overview and Teaching Principles
  • Child Development and Anatomy of Movement for Kids
  • Breathing Physiology and Kids Yoga Breathing Exercises
  • Warm-Ups and Sun Salutations for Kids
  • Standing and Kneeling Postures for Kids
  • Yoga Games and Partner Postures
  • Sitting and Lying Yoga Postures for Kids
  • Relaxation and Meditation for Kids
  • You also receive sample lesson plans, as well as a copy of our kids Yoga DVD

New Our Specialized Mirador Kids Yoga Mindfulness & creativity Coaching Teacher Training For Romania Is Now Online

Copiii de azi au nevoie de încredere de sine, de dragoste, de comunicare deschisi de resurse speciale care s le susin interesul i atenia pentru a crete fericii. Mirador Yoga & Creativity School RCYS din Canada te invit la Cursul Online de Certificare Instructor Yoga & Mindfulness & Creativitate pentru Copii cu acreditare internationala prin Yoga Alliance USA. Cui se adreseaz acest Curs de Certificare? Acest program online este un Curs de 97 de Ore cu Certificare Internaional autorizat Yoga Alliance USA i este potrivit pentru cadre didactice, prini, terapeui, psihologi, life coaches, profesori de yoga…i oricine care are pasiunea de a ajuta copiii s-i ating potenialul cel mai înalt de exprimare emotionala si creativa. Cursul are c scop instruirea copiilor de la vârst de 2 ani i pân la 16 ani. Aceast certificare împuternicete adulii pentru a crea atmosfera perfect ce conduce spre descoperirea i creterea potenialului copiilor .Unde? Când? Cum? Chiar daca nu putem sa ne intalnim in persoana in Bucuresti … acum avem UNICA Posibilitate de a completa acest Curs de MIRADOR de Certificare in ritmul propriu din comfortul de acasa pana pe 31 DECEMBRIE 2021. Pana cand trecem toti prin aceasta tranzitie cu Covid, ne bucuram de aceasta oportunitate sa practicam kids yoga, mindfulness & creativity coaching skills impreuna din comfortul de acasa. OUR TEACHER Video Testimonials

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Can You Get Certified To Teach Yoga Online

The short answer is yes, you can get certified to teach yoga online. But there are a few things you should know before you get started with an online kids yoga teacher training.

Yoga for kids training courses are widely available and can usually be completed at your own pace. I recommend Pretzel Kids Certification Course+Pretzel Kids Teacher Association .

The Yoga Break For Children 95

The Who, What, Why and How of the Yoga Alliance
  • Six Themed Modules

  • You can take them individually and learn how to do kids yoga and mindfulness based on your interests, or register for our complete 95-hr training and become a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, RCTY!

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each of the 6 trainings if you’re taking them individually

  • Each two-day training is approved by Yoga Alliance for 16 CE hours for RYT

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Understanding The Developing Child

In this module youll dive into the key pillars of child development and gain an understanding of the science behind adolescent learning.

Well cover developmental milestones that affect the way children will process and react to the yoga classes youll teach them.

  • Gain an understanding of child language + communication development and how important it is for you to adjust your communication style based on the age and developmental level of the children youre teaching.
  • Learn about cognition and the importance of helping children develop a healthy mind and memory through creating an environment to help their brains develop in a healthy way. Well talk about executive functioning and the ways that yoga will help teach children to manage stress and develop healthy lifelong habits.
  • Break down the key benefits of establishing physical movement skills at a young age and how it can directly affects the muscles and bones as children grow. Youll learn about how movement is directly related to confidence and positive self-worth and how yoga is a great way for students to engage in physical activity.
  • Demystify Social and Emotional Learning so you can understand this key concept used to help guide anyone working with children. Well dissect this in easy to grasp terms that will enable you to apply developmental milestones to creating your yoga classes.

The Course Is For Anyone Who Loves Children And Has A Passion For Yoga

Parents attending the course can find new ways to connect with their children, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity with their families.It is ideal for anyone who wants to expand a current related profession or learn a new one!

Please note:You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the course, but you must have 2 years yoga practice.

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What Is The Difference Between Ryt 200 And Ytt 200

RYT stands for registered yoga teacher and YTT means yoga teacher training.

Despite the difference in name, these 200 hour courses are quite similar. The main difference is that an RYT-200 signifies that a teacher has completed a 200-hour course and then registered with the Yoga Alliance.

To put it shortly, someone that is registered as a RYT isnt necessarily a better or more qualified yoga teacher.

Something to note is that in order to keep your registration with the Yoga Alliance, there are a few things that youll need to do. For starters, youll need to abide by their Code of Conduct and follow their established behavioral policies. You will also have to take a short continuing education course every three years. You can learn more about fitness and yoga CECs or CEUs here.

In a nutshell, continuing ed courses can range from kids yoga to adaptive yoga to senior yoga. Pretzel Kids is a good example of a YACEP course .

What Is Childrens Yoga

Making Your Yoga Class Accessible to Amputees

After gaining an understanding of the science behind child development in Module 1, youll spend Module 2 learning how childrens yoga is the perfect way to enhance and support healthy growth in kids.

  • Understand the modern child and the ways that modern lifestyle can have an effect on childrens brains and development. Plus, youll learn how to use yoga to help balance the constant stimuli that children face on a daily basis in our modern world.
  • Distinguish between childrens yoga and adult yoga classes. While the history and philosophy of yoga are principles that support childrens yoga classes, the approach to teaching them needs to change compared to teaching adults. Youll learn how to make these changes and understand the key differences between the two.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of childrens yoga including how it affects physical health, mental health, and cognitive development. In this lesson youll also learn the studies and research behind these benefits so you have a foundation rooted in the scientific research to support the teach of childrens yoga.

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Yoga International: Yoga For Kids Certification Course

Yoga International provides a variety of content catered to anyone passionate about the yoga community. They offer online yoga classes taught by expert instructors, many of whom focus on a specific niche like vinyasa, meditation, or restorative.

They aim to provide an inclusive community for anyone looking to grow in their yoga practice. And that also includes offering a variety of training courses for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher.

They offer a Yoga for Kids course where you can learn how to teach yoga to kids in many different age groups, from how to teach 3-year-olds to 14-year-olds.

Here are some benefits of taking the Yoga for Kids training course with Yoga International:

  • Only takes 4 hours to complete
  • Budget-friendly at $129
  • Taught by passionate Yoga International professionals
  • Unlimited access to course even after completed

This course is great for anyone who doesnt have the time to spend on a 30-hour course but still wants a quality program taught by professional yoga instructors.

Another large benefit is becoming part of the Yoga International community. With so many amazing teachers, the content available, and a strong mission and values, youll be gaining even more by learning how to teach kids yoga through this online course.

The wide range of ages youll learn to teach will also give you an expansive education so that you can teach more students of all ages.

Learn What Being A Childrens Yoga Teacher Is

You love working with children, either others or your own, and youre passionate about teaching them tools that will positively impact their lives forever. You believe that social and emotional learning are the key to healthy adolescent development AND you think it can be fun to learn along the way. Youre also passionate about yoga and believe that its the key to raising healthy, happy kids.

Whether youre a

  • a yoga teacher whos looking for another type of yoga to add to your teaching toolbox so you can grow your business and create more income
  • an educator who wants to find ways to bring yoga into your classroom while learning the scientific proof that it helps with healthy child development
  • a parent or caregiver who knows you want to find a more holistic and effective way to help your kids cope with the challenges of adolescence.

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Training Course For Children For Only 620

Best and most inspirational method accredited by Yoga Alliance. It is a complete guide from the basics of yoga to delivering a fun, unique and uplifting children’s yoga class.

Online & In-Person Training

Be a part of the exclusive training course and start your career in teaching yoga to Children. BEAM ACADEMY offers live online & in-person training.

Yoga Alliance Accredited

Join our 40 Hours Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course and you will get a full accreditation from Yoga Alliance you can add to your training hours.

Online Community

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are deeply curious and seeking to explore children’s yoga practice. Say hello, share stories, and be inspired by others.

Santosha’s Online Children’s + Teen’s Yoga Training Course

Online Yoga Teacher Training

The Santosha Yoga Institute has provided classes, trainings, and retreats for almost 14 years. Theyre dedicated to making yoga certifications and teachings fun and fulfilling for everyone whos passionate about yoga.

Thousands of yoga teachers have graduated from Santosha Yoga Institute and gone on to find success.

The Childrens and Teens Yoga Training Course by Santosha teaches students the yoga postures, meditation practices, and teaching skills youll need to help your future students feel safe and have fun during their yoga class.

Youll also learn how to plan out your future classes with a flow of sequences as well as other teaching methods that are appropriate for different children of all ages. This is an interactive training course that helps you connect with the mind and attitude of a child so that youre able to lead them through a yoga class with confidence and joy.

Here are some benefits of getting your kids yoga teaching training at Santosha:

  • Take the class online at your own pace
  • Taught by yoga experts with a high level of teaching experience
  • Includes interactive workshops and classes

Make sure to check out what past students have appreciated about Santoshas kids yoga teacher online course here. You can also check out the modules and checkpoints that will make up the curriculum of the training.

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