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Yin Yoga Training Los Angeles

Deepen Your Practice And Teaching

30min. Yin Yoga “Relax and Restore” with Travis

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The history and evolution of yin yoga, from its roots in martial arts to present day applications.
  • The science of yin yoga including the 3 Laws of Yin Yoga, the role of hyaluronic acid in longevity, and the physical effects yin has on the body’s fascia and connective tissue.
  • The energetic benefits of yin yoga, and the fascinating implications of Modern Meridian Theory.
  • Review of over 30 yin poses, cues, and applications.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • An exclusive downloadable Yin Yoga Manual
  • 7 themed yin yoga practice videos, including “Healthy Hips,” “Sleep Well,” and “Yin Yoga for Athletes,” all led by yours truly
  • 5 fully sequenced yin classes, ready for teachers to print out, practice, and share with students
  • Discussion forums, where you can ask questions and connect with other yogis around the world
  • BONUS VIDEOS: Once you get your Certificate of Completion, you’ll unlock 4 bonus yin yoga practices!
  • Check out the FAQs to learn more!

Yin Yoga Teacher Training / Student Intensive

Session One, 4-5 hours THE FIVE ELEMENTS BIRTHING CYCLE Topics:

  • The Five Elements: Theory, Energetic qualities, The cycle of transmutation
  • Philosophy of Taoist yoga- the concept of non-interference
  • Relationship of the microcosmic self to the macro-cosmic universe
  • The natural breath cycle and the circulation of energy
  • Taoist meditations for grounding and relaxation

Session Two, 4-5 hours THE FIVE ELEMENTS YIELDING CYCLE Topics:

  • The Five Elements: The Yin and Yang aspects, Health and balance of the emotions and internal organ
  • The Taoist way of spontaneity and receptivity
  • Being in harmony with our individual Tao
  • Relaxing the thinking mind to awaken to our primal and intuitive natures
  • How to grow the body supple
  • Taoist visualizations for deepening your practice

In this Yin yoga teacher training workshop we will explore

Yin Yoga- Postures of stillness for promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation.

Yang Yoga- Postures for developing core strength and muscle tone, balance, and stamina.

Yin Flow Yoga- Including both Yin and Yang yoga, Taoist Flow is more than just a sequence of postures. In Taoist Flow the process of transition from pose to pose is as integral to the practice as the postures themselves. Taoist movement incorporates continuous, smooth and circular motion that promotes ease, fluidity and grace in the body.

Email Reading / Writing assignment to

Sampoorna Yogas Refund Policy

  • I understand that the initial booking amount of 400 is non-refundable in any circumstances whether its due to travel restrictions, lockdowns, or any similar or non-similar reasons due to covid or anything else of the similar nature, any act of god or any other unforeseen circumstances by either parties.
  • I understand that even if I have to cancel or reschedule my participation in the training or the event I have signed up for, my initial deposit of 400 will always be safe with Sampoorna Yoga and I can use it anytime in future for any in-person or online courses offered by Sampoorna yoga.
  • I understand that the initial 400 also covers the cost of the pre-study non-contact hours training provided by Sampoorna via online module. Which means that with the initial deposit of 400 I am not only confirming my place in the course but also getting an online course in return.
  • I completely understand that the full course fee is non-refundable if I am choosing to pay the entire course fee now to avail the special flat discount of 500 before the advertised date.
  • Balance course fee: The remaining fee which is towards the in-person training in Goa is be paid upon arrival to Sampoorna Yoga, Goa by Card/Cash.
  • I understand and agree that once I have joined the course physically, Sampoorna yoga is not be liable to refund me the course fee if I chose to drop-out of the course due to my personal reasons or circumstances.
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    Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Classes In Santa Monica Brentwood & West Los Angeles

    Laughing Frog Yoga offers Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes at our beautiful westside studio, is conveniently located to serve Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles. Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga Classes are offered multiple times weekly.

    Book Your Next Class: Visit our Schedule Page to view class times.

    Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga emphasizes a deep stretching of the muscle tissues with the help of blocks, bolsters and straps. This lovely stretching allows your joints to decrompress, open, and exhale a sign of relief. Featuring yummy massage every Friday Night!

    Restorative Yoga: Deeply relax and release tension residing in the mind and body with this replenishing and nourishing experience. You will hold passive poses for longer periods of time with the support of bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. The perfect way to set yourself up for a rejuvenating nights sleep, easing the mind, body, and spirit.

    + Certified Since 2009

    I will be teaching a yin class today at 4 @yoga_pointe ...

    Become a yoga teacher with our 200 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, CA USA certified by Yoga Alliance. This course will give you all the required skills and confidence as well as an internationally recognized certification to teach worldwide. The course is held at our neighborhood studio and provides training and certification accredited by European Yoga Association, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation, CRKBO and Yoga Alliance. The course in Los Angeles is taught by expert teacher Nathan Anderson under the training and guidance of Ram Jain and the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training program.

    This course is offered as a non-residential, 10-week course. Classes are held on weekends for those who cannot take a full month away for a Yoga Teacher Training.

    Friday Evenings 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

    Saturdays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

    Sundays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

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    Yoga Alliance 50 Hourinternational Recognized Certification For Continuous Education

    Our 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Alliance® USA. This is an international body that sets international standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

    Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive a certificate from Viva La Vida Lifestyle for 50 hours of Yin Yoga Training.

    Positive Aspects Of Yin Yoga In Los Angeles California Through Pranayama

    Yin Yoga can augment your psychic functions. Yin Yoga training sessions in Los Angeles California even can help to integrate our mind and being and this deep awareness of ourselves develops a holistic experience of well being. Regardless of what Yoga schools you go to in Los Angeles California be sure to dress yourself in appropriate clothing which enable free movement. Within our Los Angeles California courses we offer you precise directions for Pranayama in the course of Tantric Yin Yoga routines. Yin Yoga seems to have a reviving impact on people. More crucial may be the positive factors of alleviating depression symptoms and tension complaints which unfortunately can wind up into harmful physiological health risks. The psychic benefits of Yin Pranayama training are furthermore more than you know.

    You never hear too many individuals in Los Angeles CA look at Yin Yoga simply because they don’t know what it is. And the irrefutable aspect remains that by taking instructions in balancing Pranayama our vitality levels are improved upon and daily living achieves a spiritual significance. The intention of Yin Yoga is to create stability in the mind, body and heart by centering your thought an bodily powers on a greater intensity.

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    Sampoorna Yoga And Goddess Garden Terms & Conditions And Liability Statement

  • I voluntarily and willingly choose to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training, course, yoga retreat, or any similar yoga-related event, that includes, but not limited to, Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Chanting, Philosophy, Hands-on adjustments, and any other yoga-related class, exercise or activity , hereinafter referred to as Yoga Classes, offered/held by Sampoorna Yoga.
  • Applying for this course means that I -the applicant agree to release all the teachers, staff, organisers of Sampoorna Yoga, The Goddess Garden and Yoga Alliance from any and all responsibility for any injuries, sickness, diseases or any other type of emotional, physical or mental losses which may be sustained during or as a result of stay, classes or program sessions.
  • I recognise that the Event and the Yoga Classes in which I will be participating may require physical and mental exertion. I further understand and acknowledge that, despite the great amount of care that Sampoorna Yoga and its staff is taking, the Event and the Yoga Classes may expose me to many inherent risks, including accidents, injuries, illness, and so forth. I assume all risk of injuries associated with my participation in the Event and the Yoga Classes, including but not limited to injuries, strains, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather , contact with nature/animals/insects, local food, and all other such risks being known and appreciated by me.
  • Yoga 108 Namaste Studios La

    60min. Yin Yoga “Complete” class with Travis Eliot

    Yoga 108s teacher training program focuses on educating their students on the meaning of the tradition of yoga, celebrating the lineage of past gurus, and growing their physical practice while honing the skills needed to become the best teacher you can.

    This program aims to blend the philosophy, theory, and technique of the yoga tradition while fostering a very meaningful and dedicated practice. Yoga 108s extensive curriculum covers the body aspect learning, teaching, and adjusting asanas with focus on correct foundation and alignment, and a variety of breathing and meditation techniques.

    The course will take place over 10 weekends allowing you to have the time to get deeper in this science.

    • Price: $ 2300 $2500

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    Durga Excursions Offers One Seva

    Should a resurgence of pandemic occur, this training will be postponed to a later date. Participants will have the option to either

    a) receive a full refund minus 15% processing fees

    b) transfer your credit to the postponed date of training or

    c) select a different Durga Excursions training or retreat to transfer the funds to.

    “This training has deeply touched my soul in ways I will forever appreciate!” – Practitioner, Yin TT, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Los Angeles

    “I feel connected to myself and inspired after the training. I feel like this was the beginning of a new journey to the self and in the world.” – Practitioner, Yin TT, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Los Angeles

    “The main thing is being able to integrate the meridians and elements into yoga classes. I’m really excited about this! You also gave us effective and fun ways to increase our awareness about cueing language and the importance of articulation. I also have a whole new understanding from an experiential standpoint of pratyahara. Wow! Thank you! “- Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

    “You two are the perfect balance. Keep spreading your love and light” – Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

    Follow Your Dreams On A Yoga Teacher Training In Los Angeles Ca

    Its safe to say that Los Angeles is every yogis heaven. Not only is Los Angeles abounding in great yoga studios, it is also home to some of the most fascinating cultural landmarks and hip beaches in California. Take your yoga practice a step further and finally become the yoga teacher youve always dreamed of becoming. Book your spot on the best yoga teacher training in Los Angeles and prepare to live the dream!

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    Yoga Daya Teacher Training

    Yoga Daya is dedicated to offering you comprehensive yoga teacher training, whether you want to become a yoga teacher or are attending to deepen your yoga practice. Their programs are Yoga Alliance approved and will focus on the basics of hatha yoga and vinyasa flow with the special focus on alignment.

    They have a three-month mentorship program specifically for graduates to help you on your journey as a teacher or mindful practitioner. You can expect to be assisted with opportunities for teaching at the studio, guidance with sequencing, and feedback on developing your teaching style.

    You can choose to do your training over 4 months with dedicating your weekends to the course or you can do a one-month intensive course that will require you to participate in classes every day.

    • Price: $3150, early-bird discount available
    • Duration: 4 months weekends OR 1-month intense
    • Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa

    Lead Facilitator Kali Basman Yin & Restorative Yoga

    SHIELD Women

    International yoga teacher Kali Basman enriches the paradigm of Yin Yoga to integrate distinct aspects of Self into an innate wisdom practice to awaken a rich inner life and radiate with ritual. Her offering honors Yin Yoga as a tool to surrender to our intrinsic wholeness.

    On the textured path of mindful healing, Kali is celebrated for her integration of the 5 Elements and Chinese Meridian Theory with self-inquiry, embodied Anatomy, Buddhist Philosophy of Equanimity, and sharp intellect.

    Kali offers classes, teacher trainings, and workshops around the globe from Envision Festival in Costa Rica to Healing House in Sacred Valley Peru, Detox Retreats in Tulum, and more. She is always happy to return to her potent homebase sanctuary at the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, California.

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    Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Looking for an opportunity to take your Yoga practice and teaching to a deeper place? Then our Viva La Vida Yin training immersion is something for you!

    This training comprehends an integral education in the practice of Holistic Yin Yoga, providing students in-depth knowledge of the human body, ranging from a fascia and nervous system perspective to a subtle energetic approach with meridian theory, allowing students to experience the different layers of the practice and teaching methods

    Our course gives you a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin Yoga.

    You will learn how Yin Yoga poses work along the bodys meridians and about the effects on the biomechanics of the body including how the poses work on the fascia and connective tissues.

    You will also explore how Yin Yoga works on deep energetic levels. And how you can use it to still your mind and balance your emotional body.

    Our training will provide you with a clear understanding of the beautiful power of Yin Yoga, to deepen your own practice, or/ and to share this with your students.

    Yin Yoga Is The Fountain Of Youth

    I can personally attest to the power of Yin Yoga.

    “After an accident left me with a painful knee injury, not only did this practice heal me, but Ive actually been able to experience a whole new level of health and mobility. And now after the success of my DVD, The Ultimate Yogi, I have professional baseball players, football players, Triathletes, MMA champs, and celebrities who have raved about how Yin Yoga has helped their performance, career longevity, and overall health!”

    Travis Eliot

    About Travis

    After surviving a near death experience in Kauai, and another during the Thailand Tsuanmi of 2004, Travis Eliot dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of yoga and meditation to as many people as possible.

    Travis has become a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher and author. He teaches his signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and in workshops, festivals and retreats around the world. His style is intensely dynamic and has inspired many of today’s top athletes, celebrities, and entertainers.

    He is the host of The BE ULTIMATE Podcast, creator of the groundbreaking programs The Ultimate Yogi, Yoga 30 for 30, along with many other best-selling yoga DVDs.

    A Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 instructor, Travis has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health, Mantra magazine, Om Yoga magazine, Conscious Lifestyle, Asana Journal, Self, Fitness Trainer, Access Hollywood, and The Huffington Post.

    Emma Butterworth
    cathy mcquade

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    Soul Balance Yoga Training

    This Yoga Alliance-approved training is designed for serious students interested in becoming teachers, current teachers wishing to deepen their craft, or students wanting to expand their practice and understanding of all aspects of the practice of yoga.

    At Soul Balance Yoga you can expect to be introduced to a rigorous curriculum, to have homework assignments after each session, to start teaching the first weekend. With the knowledge of safe and effective demonstration techniques and verbal cueing you will be given the confidence to become the best teacher you can be.

    The timeline of the course will require you to dedicate 10 weekends to the course over 4 months.

    • Price: $3000 $3200
    • Yoga Style: Hatha

    Online Yin Yoga Training

    30min. Yin Yoga “Courage” with Travis
    Yin yoga is more needed and in more demand than ever.

    After all, who doesn’t want greater flexibility and less pain? An increased range of motion and less inflammation? If you or your students don’t practice yin, you’re missing out!

    Here’s how the course works:
    • There are 7 modules, and you can complete them at your leisure.
    • Each module has one lecture, based on an exclusive downloadable manualthat’s yours to keep.
    • You’ll also do a complete thematic yin practicein each module, so you can experience all the benefits, techniques, and transformation in your own body.
    • At the end of this online training, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.
    • If you’re a yoga teacher, you can use this for 15 Non-Contact Hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

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    Ytt Los Angeles Schedule 2022

    Our Hatha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles is offered as a non-residential, 10 week course. Classes are held on weekends for those who cannot take a full month away for Yoga teacher Training.

    Arhanta Yoga Los Angeles in California, USA hosts three Yoga teacher training courses per year. The upcoming Los Angeles training course dates are:

    Winter Session: Now Booking

    Course: January – March 2022

    Starts on: January 7th 2022 | Ends on : March 13th 2022

    This course is offered as a non-residential, 10 week course. Classes are held on weekends for the convenience of those who cannot take a full month away for Yoga teacher training.

    Friday Evenings 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

    Lecture, Discussion, Pranayama Practice, Meditation and Chanting

    Saturdays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

    Satsang, Asana Class with Pranayama, Asana Training, Teaching Practice, Workshops, Special Topics, Meditation and Chanting.

    Sundays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

    Satsang, Asana Class with Pranayama, Asana Training, Teaching Practice, Workshops, Special Topics, Meditation and Chanting.


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