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Women’s Yoga Harem Pants

Tree Of Life Destiny Harem Pants

Funky Yoga Namaste Basics Viscose Harem Long Pants |

We like these cosy pants because of how simple and versatile they are. Theyre available in black only, meaning they are going to go with pretty much anything you feel like putting with them.

They come with a high, ruched waistline, which can be folded up or rolled down, depending on how you want to wear them theres also lots of small pleating which flow over the silhouette stylishly. The elegance that you get wearing these is pretty cool.

Then there are the pockets: these seamlessly flow with the cut of the pants themselves. You can stroll around with your hands in your pockets looking cool and casual we mean, who doesnt like pockets, right?

The gathered cuffs of the elasticated ankles make getting them off and on super easy, and make them look extra cute when worn with a pair of strappy sandals for casual beach days. But it isnt just about the beach days these all-black harem pants are dead easy to dress-up for when you feel like heading out for a night out, or splurging on a fancy dinner.

Otherwise, theyre ideal for what boho pants like this are made for: chilling out!

The company, Tree Of Life, is actually run by authentic, old-time-y hippy travellers who set off on their journey hitchhiking across the world in 1968 . But now the Australian brand is doing well with its Sydney-based store and with more to follow.

Naturally, these harem pants are ethically made in India and are made with quality materials, the Destiny Harem Pants being 100% cotton.

Womens Yoga Harem Pants

Bohemian Island Blue Blossom Harem Pants

Take one look at these harem pants from Bohemian Island and tell us they dont look like the best hippy pants for women to you. These things are vibrant as anything: think ornate yellow, red and purple paisley patterns on a wild electric blue backdrop.

Theyre pretty psychedelic, but not overly wild. They look just as good paired with a plain casual t-shirt, white crop top or something like that, for laid-back daywear. That said, put them with a smart top, even a crisp blouse, and youll be ready to head out for an evening. We love how versatile these are because sometimes harem pants just wont cut it in more formal settings.

The fit is great: the smocked waistband means that they can be worn high or low waisted, depending on what youre feeling like . The elasticated ankles are perfect for a flowing silhouette and the baggy, loose fit means that these Blue Blossom harem pants can fit various shapes and sizes.

Theres a pocket on one side, which is great for anything from your phone to, well, anything else lets be honest though: its going to be your phone, isnt it?

The material? 100% cotton. That means theyre breathable, natural and feel great to wear. The people over at Bohemian Island even say that if these arent THE most comfortable harem pants youve ever worn, then you can send them back. We like that style.

Another plus point: this company donates 10% of its profits to the Soi Dog Foundation, which is dedicated to helping Thailands stray dogs.

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Baleaf Joggers For Women Yoga Harem Pants Workout Loose Pajamas High Waisted Boho Meditation Dance Scrub Cargopockets

  • These women joggers feature lightweight and non see through fabric, perfect for hanging around the house or going to yoga. Bought these to have a non-skin-tight option for yoga classes
  • Our harem pants for women come with wide and very stretchy elastic waistband to ensure a comfortable fit with these womens sweatpants. Suitable for home wear, sleep wear, indoor or outdoor exercise
  • The yoga workout pants have the elastic ankles, helps the legs stay put when doing inversions, cuffed ankles ensure a comfortable and secure fit
  • Our pajamas feature the big side pockets to conveniently store your valuables
  • These loose boho pants ideal for yoga, dance, running, fitness, workout, pilates, zumba, beach parties, or just lounging around the house in style
25.4 x 22 x 4.19 cm 340 Grams
Manufacturer reference
Comfortable, thin and soft fabric, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
Workout and training, Exercise & Fitness, Women’s Athletic Pants
Batteries Included?

Leafy Souls May Womens Harem Pants


A stylish modern twist on the classic boho pants, these cool harem pants are easily the coolest ones out there. Minimal in design and minus the paisleys, elephants and bright colours of some of the definitely more hippy-fied options, this Leafy Souls offering is a great option for any fashion-conscious traveller.

The simple, striped fabric, combined with a sophisticated silhouette three-quarter length and bunched in at the ankles makes for a stylish alternative to what you may be used to in the gipsy pant department. Even the big square pocket on the front looks cool.

The loose, broadcloth material makes these harem pants wearable in hot temperatures , but equally perfect for colder climes: just throw on a pair of long, woolly socks, boots and a thick jumper and these are perfect for crisp, winter days.

Fear not: fashion-conscious doesnt mean theyre not eco-friendly. The material used in the May Womens Harem Pants is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

These arent the most expensive item on our list of the best harem pants this year, but they are a little more pricey than some other options that said, theyre still very much affordable and wont make a difference if youre looking for chic, very wearable harem pants.

Size-wise, they run from size S to 5XL, meaning most people will be able to find something that suits them.

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Short Yoga Harem Pants Off Black

Looking for a light pair of yoga pants for warmer days or places? The short yoga harem pants Dharma is your new bestie! The Dharma yoga harem pants are a short and modern version of the yoga harem pants that you can adjust on your calves. Wear them longer as 7/8 yoga pants or shorter as ¾ yoga pants. The crotch of the Dharma pants is lowered, but you can still easily do all asanas.

The Dharma short yoga harem pants have a soft elastic waistband , keeping the pants in their place. You wear the yoga harem pants a little lower on your hips, making it a nice combination with a yoga bra top or a yoga tank top with a little knot. And whenever youre not on your yogamat, you can style the Dharma yoga harem pants for a casual day in town or on the beach.

Active Roots Harem Pants

If youre looking for the best overall harem pants out there, that award has got to go to Active Roots. Specifically, were talking their Lavender Striped Harem Pants.

These things tread a balanced line between comfortable chill and fashionista chic. Minus the ubiquitous elephant print , which you may not want on your loose flowing and lovely harem pants, these feel more neutral and low-key than others which brighter and bolder.

Dont get us wrong though: these arent no plain Janes. These harem pants have a delicately stylish print which adds a subtle aesthetic, perfect for anything from a red-eye flight, to a yoga getaway , to a busy local market.

Theyre not so crazy that youll feel out of place in urban situations either. The lack of elephant prints or anything overtly travel-y means that theyre casual enough for a lot of situations. And yes, of course, you can wear them lounging around on a bamboo platform over the Mekong if thats where you are in the world.

Material-wise, the Active Roots Harem Pants are made out of 100% bamboo rayon, its lightweight so it wont add any pounds to your backpack, and will be quick drying. With its high-waisted elastic waistband and two sizes , these babies offer a comfortable fit no matter what youre up to.

Another added detail of these top harem pants is that theres a pocket on each side. This is a total bonus as harem pants arent usually renowned for their pockets . We love em.

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What Is The Difference Between Harem Pants And Tracksuit Bottoms

Harem pants are often confused with tracksuit bottoms because of their loose and baggy design. Tracksuit bottoms were originally created as athletic clothing for joggers and athletes but have since become casual fashion staples worn by men and women throughout the world.

Rather than featuring panels or layers, tracksuits typically include an elastic waistband that cinches around the body to provide comfort without extra bulk. The style may be made up of one main color or multiple contrasting shades it is customary to match either the top or bottom of a two-piece tracksuit to the rest of your outfit.

Tracksuit bottoms were initially created as athletic clothing for runners and athletes, but the style is now becoming a unisex casual fashion staple worldwide: they can be worn as part of sportswear or used to dress down almost any outfit.

The main difference between harem pants and tracksuit trousers is their construction: The harem features multiple panels while tracksuits employ elastic waistbands. Harem pants are made with flowing, loose and oversized silhouettes, while tracksuit pants tend to be much more form-fitting and streamlined.

Eco And Fair Trade Credentials

How to style Thai harem yoga pants

These days, eco-credentials are very important when it comes to buying new clothes. Were not complaining at all: its something we should all be on the look-out for, to be honest .

You should look into everything from the fabric used, to the employment conditions of the people who are actually involved in actively making the harem pants you want to buy. Cotton is one of the worlds biggest polluters, for example, and needing TONS of water a cause of many droughts in Central Asia.

Thankfully, many of the companies out there, making harem pants especially many of those on our list are pretty woke in terms of their eco-friendly mindsets. This means they use things like bamboo fibre to create rayon, vegan-friendly materials and recycled cotton.

Another thing: who is actually making these harem pants? Are they getting a fair cut? If the company you want to buy from can actually tell you those details , then thats a very good sign.

Lets be honest, you can buy a pair of these trousers for $5 or less in Southeast Asia. But consider how theyve been made, and what from? As long as the people making harem pants are getting a fair deal, that sounds good to us.

Another good sign is money being put back into worthy causes, like social projects or initiatives created to help animals at risk in different parts of the world.

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Which Celebrities Wear Harem Pants

Harem pants are also known as wide-legged, baggy, or elephant pants. They are characterized by their shapelessness and can be worn by both women and men. Harem pants were initially designed for the harem of the Ottoman Empire however, they quickly gained popularity outside of that culture.

Some celebrities who wear harem pants include:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Lady Gaga
  • Bob Marleys son Rohan Marley
  • Paul McCartney

However, there is some debate about whether or not Sir Paul actually wore them or if he just posed with a pair on to make marketing more effective for Adidas Original Socks.

Harem pants do not have a very positive stereotype. Because of their loose-fitting style, harem pants are often associated with the poor and unsophisticated. This is why people think that celebrities who wear them must be either poor or unsophisticated, which isnt necessarily true.

Sometimes people choose to wear harem pants because they have been influenced by hip-hop culture, which shares a history of being associated with poverty and crime however, just because someone wears a certain type of clothing doesnt mean that they approve of everything related to it.

In actuality, Sean Combs used his influence in the fashion industry to promote harem pants as a stylish item among the upper-class youth of America.

What Are Harem Pants

Harem pants are an ensemble of loose-fitting pants consisting of three parts:

  • Upper garment: which is usually a long shirt and which flares out to form a skirt.
  • Waistband: sits on the hips and through which a drawstring may be pulled to cinch in the fabric that forms the legs.
  • Leggings: which are worn underneath.

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Why Harem Pants Are Best For Yoga

Harem pants or trousers are baggy pants caught in at the ankle or slightly above the ankle. They are sometimes referred to as sarouel pants or Aladdin pants and are inspired by the Eastern wear Dhoti, long worn as a traditional men bottoms. Over many years, Dhoti went through several evolutions and one of these variations became Harem Pants. These pants were mostly worn by women of middle-eastern tribes, but now they are getting increasingly popular in Western culture too. They are notably used in hippie circles and boho culture.

These clothes dont only represent bohemian or hippie fashion, but also make great apparel for practising Yoga. Here are a number of reasons why harem pants make the best yoga pants ever:

Perfect Length & Style For Yoga : Buy 2018 Yoga Pants Printed Loose Harem ...

The first thing that sets harem pants aside from other yoga pants is their length and style. Harem yoga pants come in both capri-length and full-length, which makes it easy to choose one according to your preference. Also they are little baggy, which means they are not sticky and, instead, quite flowy to keep you comfortable throughout your yoga practice. They are closed around the ankles making sure they dont move out of place when you put your legs up in the air!This means you can ease yourself into these pants effortlessly and complete your entire practice without facing any hindrance from your outfit.

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Comfortable And Breathable Material

Harem pants are usually made from breathable and soft fabrics to make sure that your pants do not rub around your skin and cause irritation or rashes. Here at HippiePants our yoga pants are either made from 100% light-weight cotton or bamboo rayon, renowned for its soft touch and naturally silky feel. All of the materials used are highly breathable and therefore sweat-free. Our pants are designed notto stick to your skin and will stay loose and flowy during your entire yoga practice to make sure you are comfortable at all times. You can do as much as stretching as you like with your harem pants on while keeping your body relaxed and comfortable.

Fitglam Womens Harem Pants

A great mix of yoga-style pants a nice bit of stretch going on and classic harem pants, this item comes from online retailer Fitglam and is probably the cheapest option on our list. If youre on a budget and you feel like saving money on a new item for your travelling wardrobe, you cant go wrong here.

Even better is the sheer amount of colours that Fitglam have provided these pants in. Theres a veritable rainbow on offer: from bright yellow to casual green, and low-key grey , theres something to suit anybodys personality.

Since theyre relatively cheap, you could easily purchase 3 or 4 pairs to make sure youve got harem pants for every travelling occasion: yoga, exploring local markets, hanging out in beach bars.

The loose-fitting design is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, meaning that theyre not only stretchy but breathable, too. Aside from travelling, wed say these are a good option for gym classes whilst youre out travelling: theyre not overly loose, so you wont look like a lost hippy bumbling into a gym class!

The waistband on these harem pants is pretty fashionable its wide and elasticated without any ruching, making them fashionable and comfortable.

Theyre also fairly thin, which is great if your travels take you to hot countries where you may need to cover up. Not just for religious sites, but at dusk when the mosquitoes like to come out: having your legs covered will save you from days of itchiness.

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Yoga Pants Vs Harem Pants

When it comes to workout gear, everyone has an opinion. Some insist on the latest hi-tech clothing, while others argue that an old pair of shorts and a T-shirt do the job just fine. No matter your preference, ensuring your active wear fits you well prevents skin irritation, painful chafing and allows freedom of movement is paramount. This is particularly important for activities such as yoga or Tai Chi where freedom of movement is essential. There are a myriad of styles and designs out there which can make choosing a challenge. Do you want to look good or just be comfortable? Will that expensive workout gear actually make a difference to your workout? So with this in mind, here is a little pants information for your consideration..

Yoga Pants

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you know that you need to be able to move. Yoga calls for a lot of physical movements and flexibility, and so you need clothing which allows this freedom of movement. Even if youre not into yoga, you will have noticed that these days yoga pants are being worn just about anywhere! Sports, martial arts, dancing, Pilates, aerobics classes, worn casually at the office, when travelling, out to brunch or just to hang out! You may even be guilty of wearing them yourself, yet you’ve never even stepped foot inside a yoga studio! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Yoga pants are comfortable, versatile and these days, stylish.

Harem Pants


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