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Why Is Yoga Clothes So Expensive

If You Buy Anything Dont Waste Your Money On Their Leggings

Why Are Lululemon Leggings So Expensive?

Like I mentioned before, yoga pants are made from cotton spandex, and in order to make any type of spandex soft and stretchy, they need to use a chemical called Lycra which is derived from petroleum.

The problem with this is that when these products are made in third-world countries like China where there arent many environmental regulations, the runoff goes straight into the oceans/water supply contaminating them.

Why Are There Such Strict Dress Standards

One of the biggest debates in golf is why the dress codes are so strict. Some people say that it is elitist, stopping people from playing in what makes them comfortable. Those who are in this camp believe that these codes could be holding the sport back. If the codes were relaxed, it could encourage more people to give golf a try.

On the other side of the debate, some argue that preserving a strict code will honor the tradition of golf. According to those in this camp, it is a good way to make sure that everyone on the green looks as professional as possible.

Ultimately, where you sit in this spectrum will depend on you. However, there is evidence that the golf dress codes are beginning to change. For example, some clubs allow you to wear jeans or cargo pants. However, this is a slow process so for now its best to stock up on golf clothes.

Is Lululemon Worth The Money

Researches about Lululemon provides that despite their expensive yoga clothes, you get your moneys worth. Many say that Lululemon now tops the market that sells athletic clothes.

Lululemon rarely gives discounts for their products because they know that their consumers are pleased to purchase their products at full price.

Moreover, their clothes, although designed for working out and doing exercises, can also be worn post-exercise and even when not exercising at all, just to lounge around the house.

One Lululemon avid user stated that their products feel better than other brands within the same market. Some say that their yoga pants last for 3 years already.

However, some people say that the price is just too much. Although their products are at the top, it just does not justify the price of every product.

Mind you, their leggings to sportswear shorts range from $90 to $130. According to some enthusiasts, their secret formula for success is their consistent high price in exchange for quality garments.

To sum up, Lululemons price is still acceptable for some individuals but unjustifiable for others. This largely depends on the:

  • interest of a person
  • extent of how influenced they are

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Why Are Yoga Pants So Freakin Expensive

A hundred bucks for spandex pants? Youve gotta be kidding.

In 2020, the year of the great quarantine, is there a more appropriate piece of apparel than what we now think of as yoga pants? Two years ago, these stretchy leggings minus the classic yoga pants flared ends had already surpassed jeans in popularity by now, theyre just dunking ondenim. Its no secret why: Theyre the rare item that both looks great and is extremely comfortable, which is truly a revolution in womens fashion. But why are yoga pants so expensive?

Seriously, its just polyester and Lycra, right? Why do they cost triple figures? Are they really that complicated? What the heck goes into making them? AlongsideAndrea Olsen, assistant professor of outdoor product design and development at Utah State University, whos worked with large yoga apparel and active-wear companies in the past, we get to the bottom of things.

Why Is Lululemon Expensive

Lululemon Astro Pant

One known expensive yoga clothes brand is Lululemon. Lululemon is a Canadian brand that started in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada.

They started as a small standalone store which only offers yoga clothes for women. However, due to good feedbacks and demands, they now offer yoga clothes even for men.

What makes them stand out is that their designers are athletes and people who love to do sweaty exercises.

According to them, Lululemon paved the way for the creation of empowering community that motivates and inspires one another to live a healthy and active life.

Lululemon offers a wide variety of high-end fabrics that suits different kinds of workout. For example, they have the Abrasion Resistant clothes which cater to exercises that are rough and hard.

They use fabrics that mix polyester, spandex, and cotton. They also claim that it is smooth and hugs your body well like a second skin.

They also offer kinds of clothes which are thick but elastic which will enable you to still move in your desired direction.

Lululemon does not only owe their success to the product alone. It also goes with other strategies such as putting inspirational messages on the walls of their stores which creates a non-judgmental space for individuals who are just starting to exercise, and motivational space for people who lost the spark in them for physical activities.

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Construction Cost And Maintenance

Another factor that makes yoga classes expensive is the construction of the yoga studio and the maintenance cost. The construction can quickly go up to $15,000. The cost increases depending on the work that needs to be done, as well as the exterior and interior design.

Once the studio opens, of course, maintaining it is vital. Owners also need to keep the studio in pristine condition, so students will have a conducive space for practicing yoga. They also need to pay for utilities such as electricity.

The maintenance costs of the yoga studio also increase because they need to cover the cost of yoga mats and other props. Yoga students should ideally bring their yoga mats for hygiene reasons, but still, many dont. Yoga mats and other props cost money, depending on the type and brand.

Lululemon Spends On Research And Development Which Means Higher Product Costs

The company devotes time and resources to getting their products right at their Whitespace Lab in Vancouver. Refinery29 says the space is designed to mimic an actual science lab and it has everything developers need to get a product just right, from fabric to fit. That includes sewing machines, exercise machines, humidity-controlled chambers, and dunk pools. The Lab’s goal is simple: to achieve perfection in the science of feel, which in plain speak is how clothing feels on a person’s body. This, the company knows is important, if it wants customers to keep paying close to $100 for a pair of leggings, or more than that for a hoodie or sweatshirt.

Lululemon prices its items high because it also knows its loyal fans will pay the premium to own their clothing, and no amount of scandal including comments made by Chip Wilson who stepped down after supporting child labor and making disparaging comments about women’s bodies seems to be able to shake that . While other luxury athleisure retailers have come on the scene after Lululemon, including Fenty PUMA, Tory Sport, and Versace Gym , the jury is still out on whether these brands will conquer the niche that Lululemon has created for itself.

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Yogalicious Ulta Soft Lightweight Leggings

At a price tag of nearly $80 less than the actual Lululemon leggings, youd be amazed to find a pair of leggings that work as hard as you do. Utterly squat proof, ultra-soft and offering high-waist features similar to Lululemon, particularly its Align counterpart.

The Yogalicious leggings boost of a 4.2-star rating from over 900 reviews and offer over ten color options. See all color and sizing options here. This legging is a certifiable steal!

Why Is There Such A Market For Women Buying Expensive Gym Clothes

Why Is Lululemon So Popular?

Its not like work, going out at night or being out and about during the day where its important to look presentable, there are lots of options, and Im going to be and be seen with friends/colleagues.

Similarly, I dont need to look good camping but I need a very diverse wardrobe where I can be out in rain, hot and cold weather, and can doing a variety of activities like boating, backpacking and chopping wood.

With the gym, Im sweaty and gross looking, and all I need are solid shoes, leggings and a tshirt? Why is there such a huge market for designer gym wear when you kind of look lousy at the gym, nobody looks at you, and your needs are so basic?

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High Cost Of Production

Expensive machines and fabric developing techniques are used in the manufacture of Lululemon apparel.

The company also puts the manufactured products through thorough product testing and quality control to ensure it offers high-quality items to its clients.

The vice president of global product quality once reported that they run 13 to 15 product tests before they proceed with manufacture and that every single fabric has to be tested before leaving the manufacturing facility.

Some of the factors to consider for cost during the entire production process are the price of machines and their maintenance and the human resources required throughout the process.

The machines used must be quality machines and top of the line.

The machines will also, of course, need technicians who operate and maintain them from time to time, which leads to salary expenses.

Each company will also have a large team of executives and different departments.

Just think of the managers, sales teams, marketing teams, procurement teams, and customer support teams.

These teams also require salaries.

On top of all this, the company does not run its own manufacturing facilities and thus outsources production to facilities in Asian countries.

Therefore, there is an added cost for the transport of apparel to the respective stores once production is complete.

Products that are expensive to make are consequently just as costly to purchase since the company has to realize profits.

Why Are Yoga Sportswear Expensive

Let us run down some reasons why they are expensive.

First, the growing demand for sportswear clothes has led to higher prices because producers and sellers think that if people are so engrossed with doing yoga exercises and checking out yoga sportswear clothes, they must take this as an advantage to capitalize on your interest.

They produce a variety of designs and colors that effortlessly captivate your hearts and make you give in to purchasing.

Moreover, the demand increases because yoga or workout clothes are no longer being used only for exercise but also for lounging around the house because of how comfortable they can be.

Next, high-end yoga clothes brands use a different kind of fabric that does not absorb sweat or moisture, hugs your curves perfectly, and moves with your body gracefully into several yoga positions.

Who would want to wear yoga clothes that make you feel gross and gunky after a tiring exercise? We, at the very least, would want to stay in our expensive yoga clothes, take some pictures and just feel the clothes to our body to make the most out of our penny.

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Why Does Material Affect The Fit

Because cheaper fabrics dont hold their shape. Olsen says some brands call this quitting or recovery. For example, if the wearer bends their knee then straightens, yet the fabric remains bent. Or maybe the wearers backside starts to sag after wearing the leggings a while. Thats what shitty fabrics do. The reason why customers rave about how certain brands flatter their figure has a lot to do with the nicer materials they use, so that and the soft finish add a psychological element to the comfort of leggings.

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Yoga Pants

Prana Yoga Outfit_Autumn 2012

Another favorite among fashion lovers and fitness fanatics is these high waisted yoga pants by Colorfulkoala. It has some similarities to the Lululemon Align leggings and the Spanx Look At Me Now camo print leggings.

With athleisure being a trend that is here to stay, youll be able to put the 7/8 length yoga pants to maximum use. It also has side pockets for convenience. Not sure which color to get? I recommend getting these leggings in the army green camo print or mauve-pink colors.

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What Is So Special About Lululemon

The material is moisture-wicking and allows for a four-way stretch. In addition to form and function, Lululemons pants are also renowned for their appearance and have become a fashionable item for some. Unlike with sweats and other workout clothes, women often wear Lululemon gear in casual settings.

Some Come With Lifetime Guarantee

Following from above, to the best of my knowledge, only Manduka offers this. The reason being? This mat is guaranteed to never wear out. According to Maduka: If your PRO wears out from regular use and is no longer able to perform as intended, we will replace it under the Lifetime Guarantee.

One reviewer who used this mat mentioned how tough and durable it is. Indeed, for a dynamic practice like Ashtanga, you want your mat to feel like it is going to last a while!

This is the mat I have and have had for the past 10 years. And indeed, it is a very durable and solid mat, perfect for my Ashtanga yoga practice.

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Thousands Of People Attest To Their Ability To Stay Up The Whole Darn Workout *and* Keep Them Cool And Happy Courtesy Of The Dry

“I was blown away by how amazingly these leggings fit. Im 55 and I typically wear 1820 in jeans, but leggings have always been troublesome for me. They always stretch out and ride down, and half the time they dont even come in my size. They generally make it a pain to work out in . These cover every issue though. I followed the sizing chart and bought a 2X and they fit perfectly. The waist comes in at the top to prevent falling, and the material is super stretchy but retains its shape. Theyre thick enough to wear whatever underwear you want without showing through and offer great support!Eva Pearl

Are Expensive Yoga Pants Worth The Price Tag


You might be shocked by the amount of money some people are willing to pay for their yoga clothes, even in an expensive place such as New York! For the most part, expensive yoga pants will fit better than cheap ones. The difference comes from the power research and development labs at major brands have, such as Luon, which is made by Lululemon.

They have the resources to test a variety of fabrics, learning how they interact with the body of the user as they go through different movements. For example, the fabric has to stretch significantly when you perform a deep lunge. Will the fabric stretch with you during this pose, providing comfort without tearing?

There are other design benefits to note. For example, expensive yoga pants probably will not have outseams. Therefore, you dont have to worry about seams digging into your skin when you lay on your side during a yoga class.

Finally, the waistband and yoke on the back will also be designed better. If these are tailored properly, the leggings will stay in place and sculpt your figure during intense yoga movements.

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Go To Discount Coupon Sites

Discount coupon sites often have discount codes for yoga studios. Here are some coupon sites I use:


Ive seen many yoga studios offering up to 74% discount on their class passes through Groupon. In Groupon, you can find deals on other products and services aside from yoga class passes. You can also usually get more discounts if you buy more than one coupon or pass.

Living Social

The company that owns Groupon also owns Living Social. They have deals on restaurants, spas, automotive services, and yoga studio passes. I also find Living Social to have the biggest travel deals. One time, I discovered yoga retreats at a 55% discount.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is another discount code site you can use to find discounts on yoga studio memberships. While there are not as many deals as Groupon and Living Social, you can use your loyalty awards from your credit card to get discounts through this website.

Lucas Hugh Odyssey Leggings

Launched in 2010, Lucas Hugh is a luxury sportswear label founded by New Zealand-born designer Anjhe Mules that has garnered a yogi following with its stylish yoga pants. The designer was also tasked with outfitting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast with futuristic, sporty threads.

Along with fun, shimmery rainbow details, these pants are designed to give your legs a longer, sculpted appearance. The company claims that its compression fabric provides support and can make you more aware of your movements, which purportedly helps you hold poses.

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Expensive Mats Worth Investing In

  • The Manduka pro mat is a very popular yoga mat amongst Ashtanga yoga practitioners. It is ultra-dense with comfort and cushioning. It has a closed-cell surface that keeps moisture and bacteria at bay, increasing longevity and making cleaning very easy.
  • 2. The Manduka GRP series mat is made from natural rubber is the ideal yoga mat for those who sweat a lot. a very popular yoga mat amongst Ashtanga yoga practitioners. The Manduka GRP yoga mat delivers supreme traction with no slip as it uses a leather-like surface and a charcoal-infused rubber core.

    3. The Manduka travel mat is a Fold + go mat that offers ultimate portability. Fold it and place it in your laptop bag or place it over your yoga studios yoga mat. Its surface texture offers a superior dry grip. It is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents.

    4. The Liforme mat uses a natural rubber base with an added felt portion between the layers that help provide extra support, stability and cushioning. It also has an AlignForMe system that works as a navigational tool for the asana practice.

    5. The Liforme travel mat also uses the AlignForMe system that works as a navigational tool for the asana practice. This is the lightweight, portable version of the Liforme yoga mat. According to Liforme: Our mats are always truly planet-friendly: biodegradable, non-toxic, and PVC-free. Take the Liforme magic with you wherever you go!


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