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Which Yoga Poses To Avoid When Pregnant

Any Balance Pose That Could Put You At Risk Of Falling

Yoga Poses : Yoga Poses to Avoid While Pregnant

We all wobble and bobble in balancing poses like Tree Pose and Ardha Chandrasana from time to time. You dont have to take them all off the table just because youre pregnant.

Try this: On those days when youre feeling super off balance, its a good idea to set up next to a wall juuuuuust in case.

That also means that pregnancy is not the time to start a practice of inversions like Handstand and Headstand especially in the middle of the room. This group of poses is almost impossible to learn without a fall or two, and when your center of gravity is shifting daily as your baby grows, well why risk it?

Prenatal Yoga: Poses For Pregnancy Benefits Safety Tips

Prenatal yoga is a gentle form of exercise that focuses on stretching, mind-calming techniques, and deep breathing especially designed for pregnant womens bodies. It improves the babys health and prepares women for labor.

Pregnancy changes a woman, both physically and emotionally with so much going on with the hormones leading to leg cramps, backache, fatigue, mood swings, and what not that too for complete nine months. Besides these, it is the most crucial time to take extra care of yourself for the sake of a new life growing within you.

The best possible way to stay healthy and prepare the body for the journey of nine months and even during delivery is opting for prenatal yoga classes.

How To Practice Savasana

  • Lie on your back on a duvet or yoga mat.
  • Allow your hands to rest on the sides of your body and be completely relaxed.
  • Turn your palms up and ensure that all limbs are positioned in a natural position, often slightly distanced from your body.
  • Close your eyes
  • Take the time you need to relax each body part, starting from your toes and working your way up through your body and to the top of your head.
  • You can perform Savasana on a yoga mat with or without pillows to support your neck and legs or on your bed at nighttime. Due to the deep feeling of relaxation it offers, this pose is ideal to start getting sleepy.

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    Lord Of The Fishes Pose

    This pose is a must when we talk about avoiding postures while being pregnant. It is complicated and demands some serious twisting. It is done by placing one foot flat on the floor outside the opposite leg, and your torso twists toward the top leg. It is easily understood that someone with a bump in front of them should not turn this way.

    Modification: Revolved Easy Pose / Easy Seated Twist

    It can relieve the tension in your back, and it is safe. All you need to do is sit on the floor with legs crossed. In case you feel uncomfortable, sit on the blanket to raise your hips. Place your right hand flat on the floor behind you and your left hand on your knee. As you inhale, elongate your spine. Move deeper into the twist as you exhale and look over your right shoulder. Do the twist this kind only while it feels comfortable.

    Bonus: 6 Upward Facing Dog

    yoga poses you should avoid during pregnancy dc ...
    • if your belly is getting to the point where it is touching the ground, you can add blocks underneath your hands to perform upward facing dog.

    • If you feel an uncomfortable pull in your core as you pull up to upward dog, do not fully extend and keep a bend in your elbow . You never want to feel uncomfortable or pushing yourself too far.

    I hope you found this informative and helpful! staying active during pregnancy is so beneficial and balancing it with yoga will set you up for success. Keeping you and baby safe with these simple modifications can help you feel confident that you are doing what is best for both of you.

    Check out my blog series on exercises in each trimestereven through the 4th and postpartum!

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    Fast Flowing Poses Or Jumping From One Position To Another

    Conception is followed by a whole whirlwind of events to form complicated organ systems and body structures. In the first trimester, the upward moving energy gets disturbed and many women experience nausea.

    During this time, avoid doing yoga asanas or sequences quickly. Grounding and more restorative postures are better for supporting the growing fetus and will help with the complications that could arise during this time.

    Centering poses will balance and regulate the bodys energies to move in their appropriate directions.

    Poses;To Avoid/Modify:;Fast flowing or jumping from one pose to another.

    Safe Yoga Poses When Pregnant

    1. Easy pose

    Prenatal Yoga exercise Easy Pose Sukhasana

    Sukhasana Benefits

    a. Strengthens muscles of the back

    b. Improves body posture.

    c. Relaxing effects on mind and body.

    d. Works as a preparatory pose for more difficult meditative poses.

    e. Builds physical and mental balance.

    f. Reduces stress and anxiety.

    2. Standing forward bend
    Prenatal Yoga Standing forward bend, Uttanasana

    Paschimottanasana Benefits

    a. Helps relieve stress and mild depression.

    b. Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings.

    c. Soothes headache, anxiety and reduces fatigue.

    3. Cat pose

    a. Stretches the back torso and neck

    b. Softly stimulates and strengthens the abdominals.

    c. It opens the chest, encouraging the breath to become slow and deep.

    4. Cow pose
    Prenatal Yoga exercise Cow Pose Bitlasana

    Cow pose Benefits

    a. Stretches the front torso and neck.

    b. Provides a gentle massage to the spine.

    5. Warrior I, Virabhadrasana I
    6. Warrior II, Virabhadrasana II
    7. Chair pose, Utkatasana
    8. Extended side angle pose, Utthita Parsvakonasana
    9. Extended triangle pose, Utthita Trikonasana
    10. Tree pose, Vrksasana
    What if I am New to Yoga?

    If you are new to yoga, you find that the right class will allow you to enjoy a slow pace while gaining the required guidance as you work your way through the foundations of yoga.

    Beginner classes will help you improve your strength, flexibility, and de-stress your life.

    What can you expect from a prenatal yoga class?

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    What Is The Risk Of Lying On Your Back During Pregnancy

    Lying on your back during pregnancy can be problematic if it puts pressure on the vena cava. The vena cava is your body’s largest vein. The vena cava’s purpose is to transport blood from your body’s extremities back to your heart.

    Normally, lying on your back would not put excessive pressure on the vena cava, but a pregnant person has the weight of her unborn baby, placenta, and extra uterine fluid sitting right atop the vena cava if they lies on their back. This amount of pressure can decrease blood flow to the uterus and the brain, which could make you feel dizzy or even affect your baby.

    During the early stages of pregnancy lying on your back should not be a problem, as long as your doctor gives you the OK. Exactly when it becomes unsafe will vary from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy. If you prefer to follow a rule, stop lying on your back after 20 weeks of pregnancy. If you feel uncomfortable or lightheaded when you lie on your back, you should stop these positions.

    Supine poses can be modified by turning onto one side or the other often with the use of pillows and bolsters. Keller advised, “Instead of lying on your back in savasana, try propping yourself up into a reclined cobblers pose or;reclined goddess pose.”

    If You Comfortably And Easily Performed A Full Wheel Before Pregnancy Feel Good About Still Doing It Through The First Trimester If It Feels Good

    Yoga Poses : Yoga & Pregnancy: Positions to Avoid

    Never mind if its early pregnancy, yet it can still cause damage. So hold off on jumping back to chaturanga for now. Not all women will experience these symptoms, but their presence during a pose is a clear indicator that you should come out of the pose and avoid it in the future. And, certain belly down poses like cobra might be fine as long as the lower belly is not compromised. Yoga should obviously help, but you need to keep it in check so you dont overdo it and affect your health in turn. Avoid these types of yoga poses during pregnancy: It is best to favor low impact exercises especially walking, yoga, swimming, and water aerobics during this time. From yoga sadhana for mothers: Practicing yoga during the first trimester is not recommended, and women are encouraged to avoid taking unnecessary risks during this important time. The first three months of pregnancy are a time of major changes in your body and practicing yoga can help you navigate this time both physically and emotionally. Avoid or modify poses that compress the belly. Shared experiences of ashtanga yoga, pregnancy, birth & motherhood by sharmila desai and anna wise: You can still practice sphinx pose, and cobra pose in the first trimester, but you should avoid it after that.

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    After growing a baby and giving birth, you’ve accomplished quite a lot, mama. And trying to heal while feeding and caring for your new baby is round-the-clock work. So finding your balance in your new role might not include having sexeven well after the 6-week “go-ahead” from your doctor or midwife. You might feel fine about this , but you might also be thinking, “Nope. Not gonna. Don’t wanna… What’s wrong with me?” *Sigh.*

    There’s nothing wrong with you, mama. Having a low sex drive for a period of time postpartum is a normal evolutionary adaptive response designed to ensure that you survive to continue to reproduce.

    Practice Can Help You Tune In With Your Body

    Indeed, Harvard Health Publishing mentions that yoga practitioners are more tolerant of pain and better understand their bodies. This, along with the fact that this practice has been seen to increase mobility and lower discomfort in individuals with chronic pain diseases, shows suggest that practicing yoga during pregnancy can make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

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    Good Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy

    Undesirable pregnancy symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath and frequent urination, will make it difficult for you to keep up with a regular exercise routine. And, when you are pregnant, taking up or continuing your yoga classes is great as, aside from alleviating some of these discomforts, it will also make your body flexible and strong. While this complete workout for the body and mind can work wonders for your health during pregnancy, you might to make some changes in your yoga sequences to ensure your safety and of your baby. This means that you should avoid some poses during your practice, especially the following:

    What Yoga Poses To Avoid In Pregnancy

    Best Exercise Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, women go through a sea of changes within the body as well as in the mind. This can be a time of extreme joy as well as apprehension for the new life to come. At this time of pregnancy, women can turn to yoga for their physical and mental upkeep. This ancient and holistic science has many levels of postures and practices suited for various levels of practitioners. Yoga is a great tool that can be used for healing and therapeutic purposes along with fitness. Yoga asanas, meditation techniques, and breathing exercises are recommended during pregnancy as they are proven to eliminate stress reduce anxiety and help keep women calm in pregnancy and labour.Also Read Yoga For Digestion: 5 Asanas For Strong Digestive System

    Yoga poses and practices can be gentle on both the mother and the baby. It is vital that you practice yoga under the guidance of an expert. There are certain postures that need to be avoided during this time which include inversions, supine stretches, backbends, abdominal twists, and intense asanas.Also Read Mira Rajputs Fitness Routine Will Make You Jump Out of the Bed and Hit the Gym!

    1. Sukhasana

    Feel free to use the support of cushions pillows and other props to sit down. Stretch your legs out forward and gently fold your right leg and your left leg crossing them at the ankles. Keep your back straight and gently close your eyes. You can place your palms on your knees facing upward.

    2. Marjariasana

    Beej Dhyan/ Aarambh Dhyan

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    Avoid Applying Pressure Directly Onto Your Lower Belly

    The first trimester of pregnancy has the greatest risk of miscarriage. So, of course, you want to avoid movements that may contribute to that.

    As your body works hard to implant the fetus, avoid putting deep pressure directly on your lower belly. This means avoid postures like Dhanurasana and Salabhasana , which put unnecessary pressure on your uterus.;

    Any Pose Where You Lay On The Ground Face Down

    These poses are actually fine early on in pregnancy because the wee one is tucked in and protected by the bones of your pelvis. However, once that cute little baby bump emerges, youll want to skip poses like Dhanurasana , Salambhasana , and Bhujangasana unless youre modifying them somehow to avoid putting your weight on the baby.

    Try this: A bolster under the hip bones is a lovely modification for these postures , and so is taking a more mild version of these backbends on hands and knees.

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    Foam Roller For The Spine


    This manoeuvre promotes myofascial release and feels really good on the muscles that support the spine, similar to the benefits of massage. For more information on foam rolling check out our posts Should you be foam rolling? and How to foam roller your IT band to relieve tension and knee pain.


    Myofascial release involves placing pressure on the fascia, the bodys connective tissue. This type of work is said to help reduce stress, work out adhesions, release tension and improve circulation. Enjoy the pleasurable feeling of the pressure on your back body, similar to a massage therapists hands pressing into your back.


    • Place the foam rollerhorizontally on your yoga mat.
    • Lie down on top of the foamroller so that the lower back is supported by the foam roller with your feetapproximately hip width apart, all ten toes pointed forward, and the kneestracking toward the second and third toes .
    • Gently open your arms so that yourfingers are supported by the floor.
    • Begin to roll slowly up anddown on the foam roller.


    If you would like this gentle movement tofeel more like a restorative yoga experience, consider diffusing eucalyptus oilin the room. This will instantly invite the feeling of a spalike experience asyou open your sinuses while massaging your own back.

    If Youre Hoping To Rev Things Up Or Just Looking To Take A Little Time With Yourself Explore The Vulva

    Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy

    Most of us would admit to experiencing frantic, middle-of-the-night thoughts while we were pregnant in which we questioned our choice to become parents, or wondered whether wed still be the same person after becoming a mom. Those of us who planned on pursuing careers after giving birth might also have agonized over whether we would be as committed to our jobs.

    When singer and songwriter was pregnant, a fan expressed this worry for her, wondering whether Palmers career would suffer after she became a mom. She was concerned that the artist wouldnt be able to produce songs of the same standard. When you have this baby, she argued, either him/her/it will suffer, or your career will suffer.

    In her response via an open letter on Medium, Palmer expressed her own nervousness about her possible loss of identity as an artist when she becomes a mother. She wrote about concerns that had plagued her when she was deciding whether to have a child: If I had kids, she mused, would I turn into a boring, irrelevant, ignorable artist? Would I suddenly start writing songs about balance? Would I become that annoying person who is so enthralled with their child that its impossible to have an intelligent conversation with them about art because theyd rather show you iPhone photos of their kid drooling out a spoonful of mashed carrots?

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    Meditation Walking & Abs Exercises

    It is important to remember that it is not just your body that had the experience of labour and delivery. It was your entire being, including your mind and your heart. Desi writes in her book about some amazing and inspirational birth stories from the thousands of women shes worked with. But some experiences left the parents feeling disempowered. Desi advises that you take a moment to tap back into the tool of meditation and check in with your innermost self.

    Walking is also important. Walking is one of the basic movements that the human body can perform. A great way to begin your reentry into movement is a simple walking schedule that includes an a.m. walk and a p.m. walk. Inside Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy this is explained further.

    Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy also has a belly blaster with some great and fun exercises you can do with you newborn baby.

    Forward Folds With You Feet Together

    Normally, you hold your feet together in seated forward folds and at hip-distance in standing forward folds. However, during pregnancy, youll find that itll be rather impossible to do so without compressing your growing belly.

    What to Do Instead?

    Avoid placing your feet too close together in standing forward folding yoga poses when pregnant. Widen your stance. Use blocks to prop your hands if that feels more comfortable.

    In Seated Forward Fold, widen your feet and lower down witha flat back. You can also sit up on a block or a blanket if that feels easieron your lower back.

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