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Where To Learn Kriya Yoga In India

How Do You Learn Kriya

How To Learn kriyayoga In English

The Path of Kriya can be studied in a few different ways in-person, online, or through home book-study. If you are near one of our Ananda Centers, we encourage you to learn the techniques in-person. If you are not near an Ananda Center, they can be learned very effectively through Anandas online classes. We also offer a home, book-study program for those who prefer that method of learning.

Regardless of whether you choose to learn in-person, online, or through home book study, you will receive personal spiritual support, resources, and ample opportunity to ask questions of our experienced meditation teachers. After learning Kriya Yoga, Ananda continues to offer ongoing support and guidance in your spiritual practices. Learn more.

Preparation For Kriya Yoga

The Preparation for Kriya course includes instructions in the AUM technique of meditation and further prepares the student for Kriya Yoga initiation. This course is available by permission from the Ananda Kriya Sangha after completion of the first three steps of the Path of Kriya, and completion of the ceremony of discipleship mentioned above.

One: Lessons In Meditation

Learn techniques in the path of Kriya Yoga including:

  • Yoganandajis Hong-Sau technique of concentration, which he called the baby Kriya
  • Yoganandajis Energization Exercises, a unique system of exercises for controlling and increasing your energy level and overcoming fatigue
  • Developing a daily, consistent habit of meditation

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History Of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique of pranayama, also known as breathing control practice, Kriya Yoga was unknown to humankind for several centuries before it was taught in 1861 by the highly revered yogi, Mahavatar Babaji, to his beloved disciple Lahiri Mahasaya.;

It is mentioned in the records which document Babajis conversation with Lahiri. He states that the use of Kriya enabled Jesus, Kabir, and other prophets to materialize and dematerialize their body as they pleased.;

He further added that the gift of Kriya is to be passed on to the world in the 19th century. It is only a revival of the same science that Krishna bestowed Arjuna with. Later, it came to be known by sages like Patanjali, St John, St Paul, and even Christ.;

In fact, Kriya yoga has been mentioned in Bhagavad Gita twice by Lord Krishna, the greatest prophet of India. Lord Krishna mentions that it is only by securing an additional supply of life force, a yogi can control the decay of his body.;

Withdrawing from external factors via meditation and by neutralizing the life energy and flow within his nostrils and lungs has several benefits. In this way, a sage can not only control his mind and intellect but also reject fear, anger, and desire.;

It was only then that Lahiri preached the discipline to Sri Yukteswar. After years of practice and dedication, Sri Yukteshwar passed on the learnings to many of his disciples. These disciples also included the imminent Paramhansa Yogananda.;

The Different Paths Of Yoga

Learn what is pure, authentic Yoga. Pure, authentic Yoga ...

If you pursue the path of gnana yoga, your mind will become sharp as a sword. But your energies will not be a major tool you can use.

If you pursue the path of bhakti yoga, your emotions will rise to such a peak that you simply want to dissolve into the beloved. You dont care about anything else.

If you pursue the path of karma yoga, your ability to do and accomplish things in the world will be great. But you wont be able to do so much with your own self.

But if you pursue the path of kriya yoga, you can gain full mastery over your own energies and self, as well as do a huge amount in the world.

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What Are The Benefits Of Kriya Yoga

The benefits of kriya yoga are many:

Kriya yoga helps in calming the mind and gaining full control. This quietness helps in better absorption of oxygen and quickly decarbonate which helps in the general well-being as well as prevents many psychosomatic diseases.

It also helps in self-awareness and mindfulness. You are able to free yourself from negativity and falsehood and dedicate yourself to positivity, truth, and divinity.;

Meditation & Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga, controlling the mind directly through the life force, is the easiest, most effective, and most scientific avenue of approach to the Infinite. In contrast to the slow, uncertain bullock cart theological path to God, Kriya may justly be called the airplane route.

Paramhansa Yogananda

Ananda Sangha Mumbai teaches the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. Meditation is a state of intense awareness achieved by stilling and concentrating the thoughts. It is a journey to the center of our own being, a process so perfectly natural that we dont have to learn how to meditate. Rather, we have to unlearn those habits and attitudes that keep us from experiencing our natural state of expanded awareness.

We offer regular How to Meditate workshops, and daily morning and evening group meditations at our center. Group meditations are especially helpful for those who are new to meditation, as the energy of the group supports and encourages them in their efforts. Once a week, every Wednesday, we have guided meditation for beginners.

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Is Kriya Yoga Dangerous

Any practice can be dangerous without proper knowledge and preparation. Many kriyas include mudras and may require knowledge of the bandhas . Many kriyas are built upon more advanced practices, so learning the proper techniques often requires personal instruction.

Furthermore, kriya yoga is a powerful practice that allows practitioners to work with energy directly. Some kriyas require great preparation before practicing as well as grounding and integration after. This is why it is so important to find an experienced kriya yoga master or guru to guide you if you are new to this ancient yogic practice.

If you are a yoga teacher interested in teaching kriya or any style of yoga, I always recommend to the students in my online YTT programs to embody any practice for a measure of time before teaching.

What Are The Techniques Of Kriya Yoga

Learn Nauli– Yoga Teacher Training in India at Shivayogapeeth

As mentioned above, kriya yoga is an ancient discipline of yoga which predominantly revolves around the inner energy. This ancient method of spiritual meditation has been defined as the process of balancing your life energy in a manner that it not only heals your mind and body, but it also elevates your consciousness to a level that culminates in self-realization.;

Yogananda explains that if one and a half minutes of one kriya practice gives you a years worth of spiritual evolution, then a thousand kriyas rehearsed in eight hours of a single day brings you a thousand years of natural evolution or 365,000 years of the same in only a year.;

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Is Kriya Yoga The Same As Kundalini

Although both kriya and kundalini are referred to as the Yoga of Awareness, they differ from each other in their purpose.

As mentioned earlier, kriya yoga is a term first introduced by Paramahamsa Yogananda and represents a style of yoga advocated by him.

Kriya yoga aims at the attainment of spiritual growth. Through pranayama techniques to regulate the breath, kriya yoga allows practitioners to accelerate spiritual growth.

Kundalini yoga is a more physical and mental practice that aims to purify the body and mind as a means to achieve a state of spiritual absorption.

Finding an experienced teacher online or in-person is your best bet to learning Kriya Yoga techniques safely. If youre interested in kriya yoga and want to get started, check out my 40-day kriya class and workshop to learn more and get started!

Kriya Yoga A Powerful Way To Walk The Spiritual Path

Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, looks at what kriya yoga means, and what it takes to walk this path and explore the very mechanics of the life process.

Sadhguru: Fundamentally, kriya means internal action. When you do inner action, it does not involve the body and the mind because both the body and the mind are still external to you. When you have a certain mastery to do action with your energy, then it is a kriya.

If you do external activity we call it karma. If you do internal activity we call it kriya. In a way, both are certain kind of karmas or both are certain kind of kriyas. But traditionally, or in the general sense of the term it is understood like this: karmas are those which bind you, kriyas are those which release you.

Whatever we do with your body, your attitudes and your thought, for example today your thoughts may go in one direction. Tomorrow if another person comes and influences you, they will go another way. Similarly, whatever we do with your body, your body is well today so it likes asanas. Tomorrow morning if your body is stiff, you will hate asanas. Your emotions are not at all reliable. At any moment they can shift from this to that. But your energies are different. Once we start working with the energy in a certain way, it has a different kind of depth to life. Suddenly, there is a different dimension to every aspect of your life because your energies have been touched and activated in a completely different way.

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Features Of The Course

Your Guru will be Mahavatar Babaji as these kriyas belong to Him. 100% authentic.

You dont have to travel too far in search of Guru this will save your time and money both.

Here you will learn practical way of learning kriya yoga to gain direct experience of Divine within you. Regular guidance from Guruji for lifetime. You can anytime send your query on e-mail. Guruji will answer within 24 hours.

By regular practice of these kriyas you will develop a healthy body, which is in a constant rejuvenative mode.

Your mind becomes inspired, guided and powerful.

You will be blessed all the time and will grow positively on physical level, mental level and spiritual level.

You will be free from all type of negativity, depression and other evil things as you will be under protection of Babaji and Divine.

You will come to know what true joy is but for this you need to practice regularly with faith and devotion.

You will be taught by videos and written material which is very easy to understand. As these kriyas are blessed by Babaji everything will be fine even if you do it wrongly Babaji will correct in his way. So no need to worry. You will feel his grace when you practice with devotion.

This course is divided in 6 levels of Kriyas. These are all scientific kriyas. Our sages were masters of this science. There are four knots in our nadis which prevent us to merge in our true nature, which is satchidananda .

These knots are:

What Happens After I Take Initiation

15 Days Kriya Yoga Meditation and Yoga Retreat in ...

We hope that during the time of preparation before Kriya initiation, you become involved in the many aspects of Ananda Portland and come to feel that you are a part of a supportive spiritual family. Discipleship and service to a line of Self-realized masters will change your life, but your life is a unique expression and wont look exactly like anyone elses. Kriya is a deep blessingif it is used. We are here to support your ongoing spiritual journey.

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The Technique Of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is so effective because it works directly with the source of growth the spiritual energy deep in our spines. The Kriya technique is much more direct. It helps the practitioner to control the life force by mentally drawing it up and down the spine, with awareness and will. According to Yogananda, one Kriya, which takes about a half-minute, is equivalent to one year of natural spiritual growth.

The technique itself is taught through initiation. As Yogananda said in his autobiography, Because of certain ancient yogic injunctions, I cannot give a full explanation of Kriya Yoga in the pages of a book intended for the general public. The actual technique must be learned from a Kriyaban or Kriya Yogi; here a broad reference must suffice.

You can learn more about the technique by reading The Science of Kriya Yoga in Autobiography of a Yogi.

Practice Kriya night and day. It is the greatest key to salvation. Other people go by books and lesser practices, but it will take them incarnations to reach God. Paramhansa Yogananda

The Science Of Kriya Yoga

from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. The life force, which is ordinarily absorbed in maintaining the heart-pump, must be freed for higher activities by a method of calming and stilling the ceaseless demands of the breath.

One thousand Kriyas practiced in eight hours gives the yogi, in one day, the equivalent of one thousand years of natural evolution: 365,000 years of evolution in one year.Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda

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Kriya Yoga Downloadable Courses

Two courses on Kriya Yoga are available for download. The 11-Hour Kriya Yoga Training Course explores the fundamental principles and techniques of Kriya Yoga practice. The 26-hour Kriya Yoga Sutras Training Course;explores how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. In this course we also examine the entirety of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

How Do I Get Initiated Into Kriya

Learn AGNISARA Kriya Step-By-Step Explained By Bharathji In Mysore India.

You can visit the website and sign up for an upcoming Kriya Yoga event/retreat or you can write to us at and we would be happy to facilitate your request at the earliest.

We would wish to inform you, that unfortunately due to the Covid-19 situation at hand, all events currently stand postponed or subject to being rescheduled. We are closely working on updating the schedule the soonest.

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Four: Preparation For Kriya Yoga

This is the final step of preparation toward initiation into the technique of Kriya. This step can only be taken after completing the first three steps.

Contact us to receive individualized personal guidance on taking the Kriya Yoga Home Study Course.

One thousand Kriya practiced in eight hours gives the yogi, in one day, the equivalent of one thousand years of natural evolution: 365,000 years of evolution in one year.Paramhansa Yogananda

Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2.1 defines three types of kriya :

The yoga of action is: asceticism ” rel=”nofollow”>tapas), recitation , and devotion to Ishvara .

The Yoga Sutras are generally viewed as a compendium of multiple traditions of yoga. According to Feuerstein, the Yoga Sutras are a condensation of two different traditions, namely “eight limb yoga” and action yoga , the description of the eight limbs being an interpolation into the text on kriya.According to George Feuerstein, kriya yoga is contained in chapter 1, chapter 2 verse 1-27, chapter 3 except verse 54, and chapter 4. The “eight limb yoga” is described in chapter 2 verse 2855, and chapter 3 verse 3 and 54.

According to Miller, Kriya yoga is the “active performance of yoga”. It is composed of part of the niyamas, “observances”, the second limb of Patanjali’s eight limbs. According to Miller, Kriya yoga is a threefold discipline, involving ascetic practice, the study and chanting of sacred hymns and syllables, and dedication to god.

Miller also notes that some commentators regard the first five limbs together as kriya yoga, but that Patanjali himself states kriya yoga to be a subset of the second limb.

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Ashram And Center Code Of Conduct

All schools, ashrams and centres will have their own Codes of Conduct and manifestos which will have been developed over years of teaching and learning.; In general, you can expect some or all of the following: A dress code:;this usually includes loose-fitting, comfortable clothing which covers the legs and shoulders at all times No alcohol, drugs or smoking on site No meat or certain animal products on site A commitment to the classes and practices in your schedule The observation of silence during certain times of day:; often between dinner time and the end of breakfast time Respectful behaviour and language at all times, towards staff, teachers, visitors and fellow students;

What Does Kriya Mean

About Babaji

Simply put, kriya implies internal action. When you perform any action that doesnt involve your body and mind, it is kriya. This is because all these actions are external to the self.; Kriya is when you have the control to perform actions only with your energy.;

The principles of kriya are contrasting to karma. Karma takes into account an action that is performed by including the mind and the body. Both actions can be kriya at one point and karma on the other. However, there is an easy way to differentiate between the two. Karma is what binds you and kriya is what liberates you.;

Whatever you choose to do with your body and your thoughts are ever-changing. One day, your thoughts may be in one direction and another day, it could be somewhere else. But working with your energies is different. It offers a very distinctive kind of depth to your life. You feel a sudden change in the dimensions of every aspect of your life. This is because of the way you have activated your energies.;

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