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Where To Buy Yoga Equipment

Yoga And Pilates Equipment

Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Yoga and pilates is becoming increasingly popular in recent years and without appropriate equipment it is very hard to fully practise this discipline. Whether you are just starting out or you are a studio owner who is looking to add to your existing collection, you can be sure to find a wide selection of yoga and pilates equipment to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a mat for either yoga or pilates, you can find mats for yoga and pilates equipment in a variety of materials and colours. You can even find yoga and pilates mats in travel versions as well, making them ideal for holidays or festivals.

If you are looking for a yoga and pilates mat, then why not add a mat strap to your list of yoga and pilates equipment. A strap is designed to make carrying your yoga or pilates mat much easier. The strap is essentially like a harness and the loops can be attached to the ends of your rolled-up yoga or pilates mat and the straps will tighten as you pick it up. This can be an effective alternative to a yoga mat bag and can be useful if you are going on holiday or are exercising outside.

If you are looking to really amp up your pilates workout, then why not consider a pilates machine ? This provides a full body workout plus cardio and most pilates machines come with a corresponding DVD that allows you to effectively utilise the machine to its full capacity.

Yoga Mat Carrying Straps

Are you heading to the office after your yoga class? With a simple strap, you can keep your hands free while youre carrying your yoga mat on your shoulder with ease. A carrying strap becomes particularly handy if you choose to ride your bike to and from the yoga studio or enjoy your takeaway coffee before reaching your destination.

If you are looking to buy a carrying strap for your mat, there are many options available. Before choosing what colour or pattern strap to get, its important to give some thought to its functionality. Wed recommend looking for carrying straps that are made from materials which appear sturdy and reliable and that dont seem to break easily. This is important to consider especially if your mat is made of rubber and is therefore heavier than plastic yoga mats. If you have the opportunity to test the strap in store, wed definitely advise doing so.

Also check that the strap youre looking to get is wide enough to sit comfortably on your shoulder in a way that doesnt leave a mark on your coat and doesnt require you to keep switching the mat from one shoulder to the other due to discomfort. In this case wed advise against thin straps or those made from a simple elastic string.

How much you need one:6/10

Alternative until you decide whether to get one:A DIY carrying strap that you can create at home

Balance With A Lighter Footprint

At Ekotex Yoga, from our Scottish home, our family company stay closer than close to the way we design and make our products. If we cant be grateful for an element of the production process, we dont use it. Your yoga feels even better when your whole practise is in harmony with your ethos.

Together, let’s yoga more lightly on this planet!

zero plastic packaging

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The Yoga Accessory Everyone Needs: A Great Mat

Many people choose to buy this one yoga accessory so that they gain more control over the quality and cleanliness of their workout space when at the studio, or to get the right support when they exercise or meditate at home. A strong suggestion for anyone who wishes to begin or upgrade their practice is to get a grippy and comfortable yoga mat. In other words, out of all the yoga gear available out there, its important to invest in a good yoga mat even if that is the only piece of equipment you ever purchase for your yoga or Pilates sessions.

Plenty of people think that when taking up yoga there isnt much to know before signing up with their local studio. The reality is that certain mats can actually make or break your routine even from the very beginning. Get a mat thats slippery and youll find yourself focusing a lot on not falling and paying little attention to how you feel in each posture and where you need to take your practice. If youre too focused on not slipping, which often happens when using regular studio mats, you may even end up not hearing what the teacher is telling you or missing that theres been a switch to a new pose especially if you become sweaty and your palms tend to slip on your mat more.

Next, I’ll lay out some features to consider when investing in a good quality yoga mat.

Yoga Equipment For Beginners 101

KAIZEN DÉCOR YOGA MATS: Buy Online at Best Price on Snapdeal

First of all, remember that you dont need to stock up on everything at once, especially if youre not sure about practicing any type of specialized yoga in the long term.

Still, we will walk you through the basics of a special type of yoga as well, after we cover the list of essentials for yoga beginners.

However, to start practicing yoga as a fitness routine , these essentials are more than enough.

The initial yoga equipment list you will need:

  • A yoga mat: this needs to be stretchy, comfortable but also reasonably sticky, so you dont slip while stretching
  • A yoga mat bag: for carrying your mat around without it losing shape
  • A water bottle , ideal for keeping your supply of fresh water or even lemon water on hand
  • A yoga towel: no matter the type of yoga you practice or how peaceful it looks from afar, yoga is still a workout and I can promise you will sweat, especially if you sign up for Hot Yoga
  • A yoga strap: this is a piece of equipment you will use for wrapping yourself up tightly to deepen the effect of some of the stretches, or you will use it as a prop for certain exercises to make them a bit more challenging and so on.

Extras to consider:

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Feet Up Yoga Trainer/inversion Yoga Stool

The Feet Up yoga trainer is a piece of yoga headstand equipment, which is designed to teach you how to do headstands and can also double as a yoga chair too.

To use it, you simply place your head into the hole and use the base of the trainer to support yourself whilst you push the rest of your body vertically upward into a headstand.

The headstand is one of the most common poses used in rocket yoga.

This process is a little more complex than it sounds, but the great thing about this piece of yoga headstand equipment is that it comes with its own unique set of benefits.

The first and most obvious being it teaches you how to do a headstand, one of the trickiest poses to master. Due to its complexities, wed recommend this for beginners who really want to challenge themselves, if you feel you wouldnt be able to perform it safely dont take that risk.

However, another benefit of the Feet Up Yoga trainer is that its easy to use for those who have had shoulder injuries in the past. When using the product, once your legs are fully extended in the air, there is zero pressure on your spinal cord, relieving any pressure from your neck and shoulders.

In unsupported headstands shoulder injuries could cause the person to collapse, however with the added support that the Feet Up Yoga Trainer offers, inverting has never been easier.

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    Buying Guide For Best Yoga Aerial Equipment

    Yoga helps people feel grounded and centered, which inspires some practitioners to take their practice to the next level. Thats where yoga aerial equipment enters the picture. These mounted systems of fabric and straps deliver a weightless experience so you can stretch, relax, and explore new poses. Theyre affordable and easy to install, so you can enjoy aerial yoga, inversion therapy, or relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

    Yoga aerial equipment is versatile enough for all levels and types of training. For traditional aerial yoga, also called trapeze yoga, youre able to try new techniques with traditional poses and experiment with new ones. The straps and main sling, called the hammock, are fully adjustable to accommodate your ability and comfort level. You can also use yoga aerial equipment for inversion therapy if you experience pain or discomfort from stress or chronic conditions. Its also ideal for simply relaxing unwind and enjoy the weightless feeling of lying in a cocoon hammock.

    Yoga Aerial Equipment Prices

    Where to Buy Accessories for Yoga | Handmade Macramé Twisted Cotton Yoga Equipment Must Haves

    Yoga aerial equipment sets cost between $50 and $150.

    Inexpensive: At the low end of the range, between $50 and $75, youll find sets made of mostly parachute fabric or nylon tricot that come with extension straps.

    Mid-range: Sets that cost between $75 and $110 have quality construction, including well-made handles and tight stitching.

    Expensive: High-end sets, priced between $110 and $150, are studio- and performance-quality equipment. Theyre made of unique silk or nylon blends and often come with a full hardware and installation kit.

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    Where To Buy Yoga Mats

    As yoga becomes more popular an increasing number of retailers are selling mats, including both generalists and dedicated yoga shops. Popular shops that sell yoga equipment include:

    Find out how popular retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis and Sports Direct, performed in our survey of the best and worst shops.

    So Who Is Healthylifecycle

    HealthyLifeCycle also referred to as Healthy Life Cycle is the culmination of a collaboration by a bunch of like-minded people who truly believe that we are all capable of making healthy changes in our lives – and we have a passion for making these changes easier and more accessible to everyone.We manufacture and distribute the popular Yogavni yoga product brand as a yoga accessories wholesaler, yoga store and yoga online retailer, over and above other ranges of environmentally kind, top quality meditation and yoga aids, accessories and props we offer.

    Lets face it our world today is a strange and uncertain place, full of stress, distress, disease and conflict, but if theres one thing we can all agree on: we need to strive for better health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually now more than ever!

    At HLC, we are as passionate as you are about living ahealthy life in every way we can, and constantly look out for the best quality products from around the world that are kind to you and the environment, are free from harmful substances and have undergone strict quality control processes.

    It sounds like quite a stretch, we know and those cynics amongst us can dismiss these concepts as airy-fairy new age hippy claptrap* but we at HLC firmly believe in the proof-positive sharing of centuries-old wisdom and traditions from all over the world, which have helped generations and millions of people achieve a healthier state of being

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    A Final Note On Durability

    Something to consider when purchasing any type of equipment for your workout is whether the item is durable enough so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come and throughout multiple practice sessions. Exercising requires, by definition, dynamic movements where you repeatedly apply pressure on the gear you use, so its absolutely impossible to exercise effectively when you constantly have to be careful not to break or deform your props.

    Unfortunately, a lot of waste is created when buying products without giving much thought to their overall quality and then disposing of them when they lose their grip or when they break. Purchasing lower quality gear without considering its lifespan is something most of us have been guilty of at some point in our lives. Therefore, with any new decision over what to buy, its good to think whether you are truly investing in something of quality, as well as if there might be an opportunity to re-purpose or recycle the item at the end of its useful life.

    This decision would be helpful as a way to spend less money on having to repeatedly purchase the same thing over and over. It will also benefit the environment and contribute to your overall satisfaction when you get to regularly use something that brings you joy, adds value to your life and benefits you in the long run.

    Why Use Yoga Aerial Equipment

    YOGA Accessories 1/8

    Aerial yoga: Also called trapeze yoga, aerial yoga is a completely different experience than floor practice. It incorporates inversions and extensions into the flow in a fun, intense workout. Youll be able to get in touch with yourself to explore poses, balance, and focus in a whole new way.

    Inversion therapy: Inversion therapy is easily identifiable by its upside-down poses, which aim to place the heart higher than the head. Some of its reported benefits include improved circulation and cardiovascular function. Its also believed to be beneficial to those who suffer from osteoarthritis, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. Prior to beginning inversion therapy, its recommended that you consult with your doctor to make sure its a safe option for you.

    Relaxation: Pure and simple, some people enjoy the relaxation aspect of using yoga aerial equipment. The hammock, also called the main sling, offers the ability to cocoon yourself for a nap or mediation. The airy, effortless suspension delivers a calming, de-stressing experience.

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    Yoga Equipment For Specialized Types Of Yoga

    Of course, if you start practicing different types of yoga, you may need special equipment for those, too. Still, you can rest assured that the basic equipment that you already invested in will still be useful. Youll only need a few extras depending on the type of yoga you start practicing.

    The yoga trainer you will be learning from will have their recommendations and requirements, so you will find out more about the necessary equipment when you start going to classes. But, in a nutshell, this is the yoga equipment you can expect needing.

    1. Yoga Equipment for Aerial Yoga

    Aerial yoga is something else: halfway through suspension exercise and classic asanas, this yoga style can give you a good workout and make you feel relaxed at the same time. This amazing combination of physical fitness and head-in-the-clouds feeling is one of the most coveted benefits of aerial yoga.

    To get started, this is the equipment you will need:

    • A beginners yoga hammock
    • An aerial hoop
    • An aerial double point
    • Rigging hardware and accessories for securing the aerial hammock to your ceiling, according to the instructions for installing the hammock and the double point.

    Remember that these are only necessary if you plan on installing an aerial yoga studio at home.

    For attending classes, you will only need the basic yoga equipment consisting of clothes, a water bottle, and a yoga towel.

    2. Yoga Equipment for Acro Yoga

    The Best Guide To Yoga Equipment For Beginners

    The go-to resource for planning your yoga retreats & holidays. Find all you need to know about destinations and take your practice to the next level.

    Are you just picking up yoga and wondering where to start?

    Practicing yoga is an effective way to keep yourself healthy, and it might even become a life-long passion.

    The only downside is that beginnings can also be confusing and can make you wonder: Where to buy my yoga equipment? What equipment do I need for yoga? Am I over-doing this?

    All these questions are normal curiosities when youre just starting yoga but they can chip away from the fun and amazement of it all. And, after all, learning to fret less is one of the chief purposes of yoga , so lets get these doubts out of the way.

    In this article, we will walk you through the best answers to these questions and more.

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    Yoga Gloves And Socks

    These are well-fitted, breathable gloves and socks that should be lightweight and provide extra grip for your hands and feet.

    If you get the right pair of gloves they can also provide support in positions that put pressure on your wrists, such as plank.

    You can get a set for as little as £10.

    Most yoga brands will sell these online. You can also buy sets from .

    Versatile Multipurpose Yoga Mat: Lulemon Reversible Mat

    The Best Yoga Mat to Buy – How to Choose
    • Price: £58
    • Thickness: 3mm
    • Size: 180cm x 66cm

    You can use this mat for a variety of yoga types. One side has a polyurethane top layer, which offers the grip needed for hotter, sweatier workouts. The other, smoother side is more suited to restorative or yin yoga. The Lulemon Reversible Yoga Mat comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

    Lulemon also offers thicker and bigger versions of its reversible mat, with higher price tags.

    View or buy theLulemon Reversible Yoga Mat.

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